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Difficult to find nowadays all kinds of management training in the sand, all kinds of marketing course like a fashion women's clothing as stunning eyes.

What is the story behind so many management companies who bow in homage? Marketing is what occult? One year spent similar, each year is different. Management and marketing as well every year can listen to the masters of the wonderful speech, every month can feel the sound of gunfire from the front line call. Innovation and change for every enterprise as attractive as piercing howling in the open field, lend me lend me a pair of eye and let me see a clear plainly genuineness. In fact, all the problems are problems not a problem, in fact, the seemingly contradictory statements are not contradictory. Like traditional Chinese culture, like yin and yang, yin yang, yin yang. Everything has two sides, accumulated to a certain extent inevitable mutual transformation. This phenomenon can also be understood as economic dialectics, marketing management and scientific dialectics dialectics. Then go theme, marketing management Ye Hao worth mentioning some of the issues we've encountered and discovery, like a mirror problem is not a problem. You smiled at him in the mirror also smile for you, you glared at him, he's a natural unceremoniously. All this problem from occurring must have specific reasons, said bluntly that historical issues (like a sick person, like the calendar after a very long period of time, accumulated to a certain extent to the outbreak of the light and will be easy to see clearly ). We all understand very difficult to change habits, like smoking is harmful to health all know this can be chosen to get rid of all understand. When hobby becomes a habit, the same as food and clothing becomes natural.

How to change bad habits, I think eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom to understand each person's different the results are not the same. But there is a law of nature Chunsheng Xia Zhangqiu received Tozo, doing what the season, it rains an umbrella, to keep out the cold winter. Understand this theory is no longer tangled, Chinese proverb says: day line, ten days ten-wire, wire sawing off, dropping water. As long as ideologically attached great importance in their daily lives every day program regularly will slowly change. Change the mentality change consciousness, consciousness change the behavior change, behavioral change is the habit of change, change habits change the character, personality change fate is changed. How to change? How change?

Do not forget the early heart, square was always

Marketing management is advocated continuing continuous learning progress, new things must have a very sensitive sense of smell and co-operation of the team. Like the vast expanse of wilderness, a pack of wolves marching snow in search of prey. They are most commonly used as a way to travel is to travel single, one endure a. Lead wolf maximum physical exertion, it is the first in the snow rushed to open a path, so that after the wolf to save energy. When the lead wolf tired, I will let aside and let the Wolf followed behind successor to its location. Which along with the tail, relax, recharge your batteries, to meet new challenges. Marketing management team needs to wolf spirit, they not only have a sensitive sense of smell and target precise judgment. There is more teamwork wolf (leadership) with the members, understand their roles clearly its position to know when to do something. Never complain and never sad only know what they want to know what they do not know is a failure again and again to go all out, they never give up their strong mission. In many enterprise marketing management often plan out an ambitious blueprint, goal setting is too long. Referred to justify precautions be aware of precisely this tall on the theory and imagination for the future of the Imagination is too idealistic. For the moment negligence management and combing, etc. and fly by fast and uncertainties both on the inside. Like a long time the opportunity is gone, run fast easy direction deviation. Marketing and management to know how to control the pulse of the trend, as ballroom dancing slow three-step and three-step fast to Tazhun node. The buildings and cover the same reason most basic to do real, solid foundation earth was moving. Have a solid foundation, the problem is not in the perfect plan. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, a year ago who you are, who you are even yesterday, is not important. It is important today, who you are and who you will become tomorrow.

Shiwuzhangshi is the master

In this era of rapid development in this era of rapid. In this era of knowledge explosion, all people are teachers in this era. Everything is changing, everything is in development. Marking time and this is clearly anachronistic, step by step and strive to stabilize thinking is suicidal. Before we go to school and one is the one that is two, nail nail riveting is riveting reading and learning from small to large are a continuation of this pattern, we still rest on our laurels after work feel good about themselves. I feel that they bided omnipotent, invincible armed with diplomas. Self-deception did not know what to eat bowls of cooked rice, the whole world who look just like the emperor has no clothes Alwutech as absurd and ridiculous. Education is very important learning ability is more important, a man obsessed with the past are doomed to detours, sooner or later to be eliminated. For example: Are you in first grade when your teacher to teach you the knowledge, if you have graduated Ph.D. Your teacher gave you talk about one plus one equals a few, I would not mean much. Parents all know to educate their children, such as young children to do wrong things parents blame the child, strict time will take some radical moves. Now the child has graduated from college and married, parents or their children, such as taking a child's parenting style is certainly somewhat awkward. Marketing and management, too, you set the so-called pattern-take decades certainly not. So we can do it is always self-learning, learning is no fixed pattern. Learning can learn from books, learn to network, learn from colleagues, but also to ordinary people can learn. A kind of a lifetime to experience certain aspects of farmers is definitely better than a graduate school agronomy students rich, so no end to learning. Book mountain road ground for the tracks, Boundless Learning bitter for the boat. To cherish the good times, refrain white boy. Only to learn faster than the rate of change in order to keep making progress, only the division long division can not grow to master. (Haijun) personal micro letter: yidianchuanmei

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