Suma people on things

Recently sultry climate, rare spare time to accompany children to read, the emotions, and pillars in exploring Mr. Yangming said 'people Suma on things,' the mood and its practical significance.

We look at the text:

[Sic] from 'The Complete Works of Wang Yangming' One P87, bindings Bureau Edition

(Lu Cheng) asked: 'When Yijue quiet good sense, they differ only failing, how?' President said:. 'Is the only known time resting rather than self-denial are so temporary thing, it shall be poured on the matter grinding, can only stand before; before being quiet also fixed and moving also fixed. '

:( Mr Lu Cheng) asked: 'quiet time, they feel calm mood, but encountered a thing, not the same feeling, and how to do it?' Wang Yang Ming said: 'This is a resting know, do not know except g selfishness time's sake, so that to treat things, the mood will be back and forth. discipline in the matter must go, when in order to have stability and quiet, but also stable when change. '

Try to analyze several columns from the perspective of it, hope you correct me.

1. Why should the man do wear?

Factors There are many successful people, but encountered teacher is definitely one important factor, especially guidance of a young and confused, the teacher will have a sobering effect. That teacher wisdom How to Make? Basic features intelligent people I have ever seen is: can toss through, weathered many storms, honed experience, insight into human, equal treatment, there is a peak experience, calm personality wise, needed to develop these characteristics in common practice: experience things, constantly tossing. As you can well and this world, others, yourself time to get along, you can probably say you are after something honed people, so the heart can only be, in case of a major event and not panic.

Only the process of doing things, you can truly appreciate the joy of learning, the joy of success, adversity is a blessing experience difficulties in life is the best gift, especially youth get a chance to suffer even more rare kind of wealth. Work was difficult when a person is most improved stage, only twelve pay effort in your heart tired Exhausted, God will come to help.

Life down on the need to do something, to experience something, like it or not, and strive hard to do, one thing is to make notes, 'the establishment of self' the best means.

2. What is the purpose of discipline?

The real estate industry, said 'real estate hacker' Sun Hongbin following passage:. 'People could have a good life, you can not take risks, but because the choice of a dream, but will suffer hardship and failure, although Chinese people speak winner takes all, but in order to dreams and ideals and hard work, even if not successful, and worthy of all respect. 'in pursuit of the ideal process, is a display of self, awareness of the I, to no my process.

Mr. Yangming goes: to know when things really are, namely, the true colors of the Confucian said conscience, conscience is the heart of the body. I would like to hone ultimate goal is so right! Chinese well-known business leaders Mr. Li Ka-shing is over 80 years old and still working more than 10 hours a day, he graduated from Shantou University in 2016 lecture 'The future is now,' the reference to 'the establishment of self-pursuit without me' is indeed a bit earnest ardent teachings of the elderly, I hope everyone can pursue the ideal, the pursuit of the super-ego, the process in a variety of scenery is our best nutrition, to inspire us to achieve 'no', 'conscience' of the realm.

3. How to do things? How hone?

Failing afraid, do not panic, do not worry, do not impatient, soldiers to be blocked, the water to soil cover, there are monsters who wore long. If there was really suffering in case of things, just stuffy heads intention to do, since there will Clearing the air date. I have twenty-five times in the IT industry practitioners, went to the capital to open a branch in Central, the business partners were reported competition, collusive an inspection agency seizes equipment and personal freedom; colleagues in Western cheated device also falsely accused Council house into extortion, finally paid large amounts of money just to get out, and so on, but everything over, and did not hurt anything, but has become a rare life experience. Southland has a saying goes: Life is nothing more than the poorest beggar, immortality will eventually succeed one day.

I remember saying: Reading Dr., Dr. no business, business is actually doing the score, to meet the needs of human emotions. Understand the human machine is the best variant of the accumulation of life. In fact, work is always a man, treat people the best opportunity to hone Mind, you will be exposed to a variety of different types of people in the process, Weirdo curious thing, so I recommend to a lot of young people have the opportunity to work to serve class job training, especially in sales, customer service, sale and other customer-facing positions.

Many domestic enterprises respected Japanese artisan spirit advocated by the recent major domestic companies are implementing to follow. In fact, Mr. Yangming long argument, put forward 'but only fine,' one said, but only fine order. Work only in-depth study, an in-depth, self-wisdom will grow, things have encountered analogy as famous Japanese entrepreneur Inamori JAL ripe old age then reappear as chairman, completely unfamiliar with the industry, but by virtue of their proposed reconstruction mission, leadership reconstruction team amoeba mode while it back to normal operation, to create a miracle business management.

Thus far, pillars tears have stayed. If I had seen these words before the work process experienced good times such as: proud, praise, get achievements, continuous promotion, etc., such as the face of adversity: difficulty, wronged, misunderstood, malicious slander, etc., not just through the process 'thing '? These should be the best gift to hone concentric Oh! So would not blame others have held flinch when puzzled, I do not know when you will not be proud of themselves in good times, you will not encounter sinister Shaw hours and avoid concessions, will follow the heart in the face of major decisions, Rain or shine, the courage to act; thus I will always maintain a humble, moderate Santa Claus, frustrated forget blogs, proud not carried away.

Tempered hope for ever; as I believe, please believe.

Stay tuned for the next column brother 'on the unity of knowledge'