Take a trotter will be able to return the money and grain warehouse full?

Brothers hard to do marketing, your wife or girlfriend stalls you is not easy. Today to talk about the piece, the brothers take to coax his wife happy.

FMCG industry a few years ago, Coca-Cola's direct control terminal mode, Master path precision farming model, Wahaha distribution consortium, are the industry benchmark once, attracted numerous enterprises learn to imitate.

Many second and third tier brands spared no expense hired senior professional managers from the above business models, companies are trying to come up with their own 'distribution of the Commonwealth' or Coke '101 mode'. There are many consulting firms, these companies learned from the routine, changing the pattern of selling these so-called 'marketing system', many followers.

In these learners view, this is Wahaha cola Master's unique Cheats, canon, as long as cited knife from the palace, according to practice, naturally Chiaki Wanzai dominate the political arena.

Sad reminder that all follow-up to imitate these 'marketing system', almost only one end - a waste of resources! Even leading to the maintenance team and sales network is too large, the business is difficult to gauge dimension.

North a giant instant noodles, and later also made drinks, has been studying Master good example. He has hired a general manager of a subsidiary of the Master, allegedly in addition to a few million annual salary, but also with a set of luxury apartments in Beijing as a performance incentive.

Unfortunately, the senior managers from Taiwan, proven market experts, also had to leave less than six months.

Many people attributed this to 'airborne' the agitated, idea or not, give directly to get the corporate culture so tall on the level go up. Perhaps some truth, but the corporate culture old seedlings did not understand, or say good piece from start to tear it.

Warring States period when the words of a man called Kun, is a politician and thinker funny scripts to force the hand, Qi people (by, a place with old seedlings). A very fast hardware man, not even a name of the eight children did not come down.

Kun is a penalty, cut beard, Kun mean is, that name Chunyu was cut beard boy. It is estimated that this man someday play big, but funny forced sin to death, and he is really talented, cut this kid beard, apply discipline only.

Of course, as the history of the cattle funny force, it is to be the whole into Chunyu Bin (Sun Bin has been crying halo), Chunyu Palace, also character does not change, this is not chance.

There are times to attack Qi Chu, the king asked him to Zhao Ban Jiubing (Weiweijiuzhao know the story, right? That's helping Qi Zhao, Zhao Qi is a pair of good-based Friends of the Warring States period), with a gift gold pounds, Sima car ten.

Kun hear back laughing, laugh very exaggerated, the strings of the hat laughed off. At that time the gentleman is very focused on grooming, especially the hat has a strong symbolic meaning. Confucius' disciple Zi Lu comrades in the struggle with people hang up, dying to being a positive die before they agree to his hat.

The Department hat laugh off the tape, if put now, it exaggerated the degree equivalent to a person in front of you rolling on the floor laughing.

The king of Qi Kun in the heart of the palace a hundred times, strong patience and said: '?? Mean ah you, Mr. Mao is not too little with a gift ah'

Kun from the ground up (this does not seem to plot) said: Your Majesty dare laugh ah, my body some organs would also like to use a few years yet. Today I hit the east and saw a village rather Well, there is prayer, prayer own grain harvest high ground, depressions crops filled the car, at home five full barn, food everywhere he quickly becomes high enriched Cock wire counter-attack Shuai. But his sacrifice was only a trotter and a glass of white wine over blending. This guy is too pulled, 'held by the person who is seeking narrow and luxury' ah, take a trotter own money and grain warehouse full of hope, although he ugly, but he thought the United States ah, I was laughing the township Well ning it!

Sales executives can expect to dig their own to establish a proper marketing system, put forward path expect precision farming, direct control of the terminal will be able to win the market, it is a typical 'narrow and Suoyu held by those extravagant.'

Perhaps you say, This is wrong ah, not on top of your old seedlings dug Master said a company executive, under the original capital it?

Well, Nazan another position and then tear.

Cattle Yeh said: a business requires two distributors, one for the product placed in front of consumers, a responsible product into the minds of consumers.

Those who have been regarded as a treasure of the so-called 'marketing system', whether 'path precision farming' or '101 model', are actually more effective tool for the consumer of the product placed in front of, at most, you better swing of it. Coke or, Wahaha both mean some brands in the minds of consumers, they play so good and natural.

What is the greatest shortages of second and third tier brand? Most lack of communication with consumers. Do not tell me the product on display is to communicate with consumers, not to chase in front of the beauty Akira how many times less than bubble. Lack of consumer brand communication stack will fall in front of consumers, and could be counterproductive.

Rich handsome confession that can be called confession, Cock wire confession can only be called harassment.

Lack of marketing can not be offset by strengthening sales. A consumer did not enter the heart of the brand, even if only in front of the consumer, the cost is very high.

The terminal has a large variety of charges, a brand of low cost and high output, high cost of second and third tier brands, but output is low. Although there is no small terminal 'robbery charges', but also high cost, if your product is not 'shop to the consumer mind', and that a large area of the terminal will be difficult to see into the small, fixed set point people do given area given route terminal management, sales management will pay a high cost. At the same time, due to the lag marketing efforts, a single store output will be low, sales management costs can not be assessed.

More severe and more common situation is that if there are problems with the consumer communication terminal to do better, the higher the exposure, the product will die sooner.

Road do makes my heart pull cool arithmetic problems.

A file campaign, P & G only need to be able to get low-free special display and DM, Shulei may need to pay 500 yuan / file, we may have some three-line brand 1000 / file, but also make low-priced spread.

More sad reminder that, P & G may increase a million sales may increase Shulei 5000, while sales increased three-line brands may be 2000 or less.

It appears to be the same battlefield, in fact, different in different brands compete with the platform. Strictly speaking, these are not even the competition, the big brands of second and third tier brands slaughter.

The right to speak is in the hands of the victors. Old seedlings of a conspiracy theory: the big brand advocacy channel is king winning end, is the use of second and third tier brands, 'Trotter wanted to take a land tax warehouse full' mentality, bring them to an open ground, then carrying the brand submachine guns, these unarmed brand fire, and they are defenseless. Anyway channels manufacturers and retailers like to do, happy to chime in.

Many people would say that doing so is to 'losing money earned crying,' 'in order to build brand first loss' and the like, or is it self-deception, or else by retailers Fudge 'lame.' Brand is by doing it to make money, not lose money by doing together.

Older marketing people know that when the brain gold drained, the surface is a giant building led to funding strand breaks, and more fundamental reason is that the brain of gold, not the giant fertilizer terminal 'three battles' has failed. Shi Yuzhu do eat the loss of melatonin on more intelligent, wearing sunglasses drilling community, all day dealing with old Granny, do communicate with consumers thief slipped results we know everything.

Event of the year, our old friend Yake 'Changbai Oasis' on the market. Product Naming of resources from occupation, to obtain various international awards bottle design, to the strategy and the right price. 'The first morning cup of water,' the scene of communication, to communicate with consumers Yake attention is unusual, there are map with the truth. But in the channel, has chosen to focus on regional breakthrough, it is to see these things too thorough.

Do not expect to do the channel and the terminal building, will be able to communicate with consumers in place, then take a trotter with hope their home land tax warehouse full of nothing different.

The goods in front of the shop to the consumer is important, but more important is the shop to the consumer mind. If marketing is war, do not choose the wrong battlefield. Battlefield in the consumer mind, not in the channel, but not in the terminal, otherwise it is practiced Dang Bazi to take people submachine gun, would not injustice zai?