Can not be ignored, tricyclic marketing

30 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has maintained rapid growth. At that time, as long as possible the avalanche of advertising, your product will soon enter millions of households; or long Yishenshidan, daring to dare, you need not too much of the marketing mix and marketing wisdom, will be able to build very welcome from the sales network of contacts, products will be successfully sold to different places. In these 30 years, most of the rise of the brand famed market is mainly to win time, winning a head start, a good grasp of the trend of China's economy enjoyed unprecedented growth dividend. But a few years, you may feel the traditional style of play from the previous single use, and to maintain youthfulness old brand products, to create a new brand a success, more and more a test of our marketing wisdom.

We often say 'success is in the details', and it is these details, only to grow into a real product brand, and in their own way in the Evergreen category. Many products are competing to imitate the success of the brand's market operations, but most learned, seen, learned only the tip of the iceberg in terms of critical details of the operation, often overlooked or simply not catch, so there is little to learn a to make.

Face more fierce market competition environment and development trend of economic downturn, a large health and medicine for the FMCG industry enterprises, whether you are operating heavy reliance on advertising, or bias in the channel operation, accounting for opportunities to win, to win market a solid job of commercial companies and chain pharmacies (super), store three aspects of publicity, promotion, promotional activities and interests chain construct, playing the 'three-ring marketing' portfolio, your products and brands in the market success the odds of getting higher and higher.

NO.1: propaganda

The first ring: Commercial Company

In addition to television, Internet and other mass media to promote its altitude, the commercial aspects of publicity can not be discounted. Alternatively publicity will be more, as can negotiate commercially official micro regularly promote your products, some commercial distribution will issue a number of magazines available to discuss your product to do a special edition or on the cover, back cover, etc. a prominent position. The other is the office space, the Treasury and other conspicuous location, conditions permitting, you can set up billboards, in policy areas such as commercial distribution vehicle play on the better your product ads. If these customer intelligence is good, almost do not need to spend much money, money is also very necessary.

Second ring: drugstore chain (super)

Everyday life we often receive drugstore chain (super) distributed by DM, member handbook, and some drugstore chain (super) even issued subscriptions consumer press. With the rise of Internet commerce, many chain pharmacies (super) also opened its own online sales portal, to build and operate their own official micro These are very rare propaganda platform, be sure to pay attention to. Even put a little more, we must do everything possible to do, because this part of the propaganda mainly for consumers. The best setting to discuss their products and brand display area, plus a wide flat hard selling soft paper or promotional information can be combined with propaganda.

Third ring: stores

To store, display your goods directly to consumers, this eye-catching position is to promote the products move off crucial part. Promotion of traditional stores Duitou display, empty boxes show, KT board, POP post, explosion stickers and other diverse, some products also occupy the street windows, curtain curtains, in-store display wall, display settings and so on, Pitt students slimming products operation many pharmacies in the country have also put the entrance weighing weighing meter, these impressions are subtle impact on consumer purchase. If you look carefully, you will find a lot of big-name products walking down the street, into the store will see a display boxes, posters and other very prominent publicity, when you come to the same shelf life, it is often also the most vivid display prompts introduction, and eventually you will see it to the cashier to pay brand tips. Walking down the street to attract you, you walk into the store to attract and went shelf appeal to you, you are prompted to pay the cash register, visible brand owners in the store to promote its intentions matter.

NO.2: Promotion

The first ring: Commercial Company

Commercial companies to promote this ring, two main considerations. First, how to promote your products and business. Drugs or FMCG major professional investment promotion websites, magazines and other publications, trade show promotion, as well as the team with the ground, around the goals listed business details, by forming teams to go house to house to discuss. The rise of micro-channel and the emergence of a number of community medicine distributors, companies must pay attention to such a convenient and efficient way to promote communication, careful planning and good intentions customer follow-up; the second is how Collaborative Commerce will promote your products to distributors or chain pharmacies (super). Many large business customers are often called downstream distributors ordering promotion will be held, and commercial customers tend to sell hundreds of varieties, to ensure a good effect of your product orders, the best companies directly involved in the promotion, the promotion of the channel and the working sink. Furthermore, some companies announce their new product investment area when advertising is a good way to promote a propaganda +.

Second ring: drugstore chain (super)

On the one hand it is the leading manufacturer, jointly conducting outreach chain. Such products into the shop goods after staff training, a period of time after the sale questionnaire also organized and planned to carry out chain procurement, management, operations, marketing and other topics move to promote training, enhance the chain's soft gravity. Case of advertising products, but also consider contacting local media, the joint chain jointly launched a series of theme activities so under their own brand online and offline interaction together. On the one hand is involved in chain phased campaign theme. Usually the chain will be combined with holiday themes or disease, to develop their own annual, quarterly or even monthly operating outreach programs operate as brand enterprises should actively participate as much as possible, do everything possible to make their products by focusing up and down the chain.

Third ring: stores

Mainly clerk how to sell consumer goods promotion. First talk about the store promotion, joint staff training in the factory chain headquarters outside the organization, to the clerk, 'one to one' propaganda will have to make, especially if you want a standard technique, easy to remember, the shorter the better, twelve minutes Note by selling products; also a small range of flexible organization of staff exchanges to promote, and develop your products and store brand promotion propaganda team; in addition, the factory shop from time to time to organize some events and public spaces and community outreach activities, pharmacies , consumer stores drainage is also important.

NO.3: Promotions

The first ring: Business

Promotions can bring short-term surge in sales, many companies often use. But the focus of commercial use in the distribution segment, mainly booked, with a good distribution of ordering promotional incentives policies, especially during the peak season to intensify, would do well to promote sales. Some companies focus on the marketing aspects of the business from getting goods manufacturers, such as 'business delivery ten, giving a' profit or attract a lot of commercial goods, but how the distribution business after getting goods but no matter, so the vast majority of the actual donated goods business will get 10% of the normal sales profits, market expansion basically no effect.

Second ring: chain (super)

Mainly chain stores from headquarters ordering promotion policy. And in this regard to strengthen the chain of communication and negotiation, for at least a quarterly or even monthly To set up the store to purchase promotional incentives. In the specific promotion policy settings only way to be flexible, and standards have a degree, you can analyze statistical products chain store sales flow, then sales of the stores are classified, and then a phased jump jump, reach it sales standards, and focus on building a number of dynamic sales model shop, model driven, point to an area to promote the entire chain store sales continue to improve.

Third ring: stores

Store promotions directly benefit consumers, your brand will do the 'rich and famous.' There are points to buy gifts and promotional gifts and other means. The focus here talk about buying gifts, especially the gift issue. Some companies a number of high-quality products, but with the low-end gifts, brand Injurious great, very desirable; some companies as gifts in kind, but often near lifetime, leaving the customer with the product unmarketable bad impression; there is one point as in-kind gifts, marked with the words gifts as possible, to avoid traffic and sales channels will not apply to gifts disguised promotional links, making business promotion failure.

In addition, if you want to build a famous brand, rather than short-term products sold commercially pure upset selling interests in business, chain (super), to build on the interests of the chain stores have to move enough mind, the general principles to be 'upside down 'who is the closer a box of goods to consumers, sellers who later obtained the greater the benefit. On the commercial chain stores Cascade interest policy design and implementation, to grasp and control in accordance with this principle, the terminal will be able to implement the thrust will make your product more solid base terminal, market operations more robust.

Essence FMCG and OTC sales of named consumers buy in the commercial chain (super), store three links publicity, promotion, promotion, consumers from more recent, the more you should pay sufficient attention to the more increase policy tilt, the more we should do everything possible to work hard painstaking, and practical, to make results. The only way to get your products effectively support consumers become loyal consumers trust the brand. Hope 'tricyclic marketing' bit by bit, you can have some inspiration and help to promote your products to lead the growth category, leading the industry's excellent brand!