Product marketing plan is the first step, can you?

A lot of people already know me Shen Kun, Kun Shen I know twenty years ago, has already begun to explore the lateral thinking, lateral thinking and the use of innovative ability of Chinese traditional marketing were breaking up, today I want to talk to you about this basic subversion of lateral thinking on innovative marketing strategies of traditional marketing practices, I want to say most of the existing marketing theories are ignored or not appreciated, but after my 20 years of marketing real discovery, but it is in marketing play a huge role in innovation policy, although I have mentioned in the course, the fact that I also use a marketing plan in practice, but has not formed a system of articles, so I think the way a series of articles, I will systematically marketing innovation content and process eleven written down for everyone to share, because I firmly believe that: any powerful advanced theories are flawed in certain ages, for an innovator who, to update or improve the more scientific approach to subvert the traditional theory, Shen Kun is my mission!

The first article I want to say is the first step we started marketing: creative product name or category name. If I say the brand name, we may be well understood, but I'm talking about today is the product name, I believe most people would sound so confused? What is the product name? I say this not think we do not know what is the product name, but we never this 'thing' investment is too think, basically think of doing when the product already has a name, so we will ignore this very severe pre-marketing strategy process, is also for this reason that we Chinese business today exist various product names, almost all followed the tradition comes, rarely obtained through innovation.

Product name, also called the product attribute name or normative terms, this is a product born of natural titles, such as toothpaste - liquid paste for cleaning teeth; kelp - a growth in the ocean algae food; moon cake - a special family reunion when the autumn to eat pie. Once a product name convention, it naturally becomes a category name, usually difficult to modify, or that we have never thought of going innovation changes. However, because some of the product was born, our minds are too poor, so the original name of the product bears the scars are a given period and the presence of defects in marketing.

For example, kelp, because it is grown in the sea, like a shape of a belt, so we call it 'kelp'; and toothpaste, but because of its shape is a paste, and is designed for cleaning teeth, they address him its toothpaste; moon cake, because in the autumn when the family reunion full moon pie taste, ever since the name is meant to call down the moon cake; pillow, apparently to sleep pillows, pillow so directly to the verb, a noun pillow. Seen in this light, our ancestors at the time of a name for the product did not have any marketing ideas, direct and easy to remember named.

In marketing competition, to attract the eye caused interest is always our important goal, in accordance with the truth, we should first and later in the product name is necessary to work hard, because some products have been improved and innovative technology sector, its performance has gone far beyond the traditional similar products, such as sea kelp with shallow and deep-sea kelp, both the cost of breeding, sale price and nutritional value, as well as eat different, but because the called kelp, which gives our consumer are difficult to distinguish the quality and value of cognitive, enterprise product marketing is even more difficult to achieve a breakthrough.

And our businesses, before you start marketing, has never been this serious thought, people will focus most of us habitually think on the rear end of the marketing, we do not think, just as long as the modification of a traditional inherited product name, you can make your own business to get a new market category, but a lot of companies, in that a lot of 'experts', 'masters' who flicker after, will spend heavily on 'positioning' fuss , that as long as there is 'positioning magic', we can be successful, but they do not know how their new product ideas a category name, this does not need to spend money, but it can bring big things for his future career prospects, but we seriously neglected!

Innovative marketing, it is necessary for their new product ideas a new attribute name, or modify the traditional names have been prescriptive; such as rice, we call the rice, then topped the northeast front, Wuchang, Thailand, the organic logo of Conceptually, this multi-Lei Ya, you are not only tired, more tired consumers, how they know the difference between the quality of Thai rice and rice Northeast? How do they distinguish the real difference Wuchang rice and organic rice? So, if I do the rice Shen Kun planning, first of all I would give the industry or enterprise customer service I created a brand new product name and registration protection, through the dissemination of rice into a new category, the first place so that the achievements of the industry.

In 2008, I will be one kind of culture in the deep sea kelp creative Japanese small cross a new attribute name 'Haijiao blue', and applied for trademark protection, because it is a nutritional value, color, and even the price of the product much higher than traditional novel small kelp seaweed, is in the deep culture, because of the high costs, product pricing is high, if it is called kelp, consumers will compare it with other seaweed, which for us is very marketing unfavorable. Unfortunately, however, the enterprise was not accepted, we still choose another name 'deep small kelp,' Obviously, this is a common name can not be registered to protect competitors can also use the unique nature and category of their products rights can not be protected.

We now understand that creating a new product, its name is not able to determine the achievement of a new category, if you still use the traditional name, then you have to give up the right to exclusive category, and in this point, we did not mention the theory of marketing, our business and marketing experts will not regard the formation of strategic thinking, such as Wong Lo Kat herbal tea is done, but then the business, such as its positive and (brand name on enough of the SB), and even directly follow the herbal tea, you say you silly not stupid? Change the name of a product, it means for their own created a new category of new products, which is of much value it!

Tomatoes are fruits and vegetables, annual or perennial herb native to the junction of the South Manchuria in China, we call it tomato, apparently identity tomato vegetables, so it has been at the farmers market. Later, there is a hybrid high yield, taste sweeter, but grow up tomatoes was born in the north, most of petit tomatoes or tomatoes, but in the south, it has a beautiful name, 'cherry tomatoes . ' Moreover, it is far away from the low-level farmers market into the advanced fruit shop, the price is several times the conventional tomatoes!

Our thinking is influenced by traditional logical thinking, so we have a serious lack of creativity. Pressure cooker, pressure cooker is a strong seal, with power in the future, we are simply in the original name plus a 'power' word, which is the electric pressure cooker. Handheld prevailed when Henderson Albert companies have creatively renamed Pocket PC for business people dedicated 'GUIDEC', by then spread directly on dry dead 'PDA' achievements 'GUIDEC' category two ideas, decided two marketing results.

Hong fluttering the tea cups made of reconstituted product can be, so we naturally called 'cup of tea.' Although it looks nothing wrong, but I got the feeling Shen Kun very funny, just for us 'great mind' pay homage, you also changed shape, food also changed the way, why can not impart a more creative cool more fashionable name it? Since innovation does not change, then either cup of tea or, directly or call tea or my gifted musicians United States can be used, Lipton also be used, you can not do exclusive category, even if you continue to tell others burn : you are the founder of this category, but useful? Chances are you lost! Shen Kun if I do this planning, it will not be called 'tea', but rather to create a cooler and more stylish than the milk product name, a new beverage category!

Such as this because they do not attach importance to innovation and product names are missing a lot of categories of business opportunities, and create a category of nine positive Soymilk is a typical tragic hero, as long as consumers keep in mind that it is equal to nine Yang milk on OK-- That's who SB SB party positioning point of view! The question is, the United States also launched Soymilk, who considered equal to nine positive Soymilk refuse beauty? If Siemens Soymilk it? Consumers will think they are not as Nine Yang it? SB Marketing will give you leave a time bomb hidden, now nine positive Soymilk restrain fundamental position, we can only begin to do other small appliances the ......

Instant noodles, is the birth of a new era of convenience boiling water surface, it has changed the traditional method of eating noodles need to cook, such a use is 30 years! I do electricity supplier brand instant noodles 'Wizard 12 meal', I would not want to use this apathy instant noodles traditional product names, because I create a higher nutritional quality than conventional instant noodles instant noodles, if it is called instant noodles, then I do not have the opportunity category, so I creatively instant noodles to 'show meal surface', show diners, also eye candy; the show, but also a strong feature of the Internet age; another meaning show meal surface , is the quality and nutritional ingredients plane reached an advanced point; show, meaning it is a woman, and 12 beautiful elf form a brand value chain.

I have been trying to create a new product category for enterprise customers. Health wine is already a common name for the entire industry, and general marketing plan will not change the product category title to think about things - they are logical thinker, not far from the energy of my arrival lateral thinking. But I was ambitious to want to change the health wine industry normative appellation, I named 'Zheng wine - conquerors in the journey special wine,' I wine is sold to entrepreneurs, most entrepreneurs are man, they are conquerors career goals, they go every day in the journey, the wine, naturally, should be called wine collection, a 'sign', which will be the traditional 'health liquor' in the name to par , let this man strong sense of strength-based health wine to life again, the brand will naturally become China 'sign wine' category of the pioneer!

I often say in a variety of classroom training, product name is the first step in marketing, but our business and marketing experts, but never so thinking, they will only focus on so-called 'positioning' and spread, it was not what plan? Clearly find fault with the yuan! Shen Kun Tip: follow the traditional generic product name, your marketing success will be very slow, let alone have the opportunity to exclusive category; and if the creation of a unique product name, there may be exclusive first taste of the soup category pioneer, you marketing investment is lower, the success will be faster in the future may also have firewall protection category! ~

Whether you call Ye Hao air purifier, home water purifier worth mentioning, or tea, masks, eggs, and other popular dishes one will understand the product name, there may be modified or subversion, as long as you dare to do, you there will be opportunities. Before may not know, because all the marketing theory there is no mention of this problem, and now those experts and gurus everywhere flatter ourselves will not tell you this, it's just I found Shen Kun, Kun Shen is my exploration results. But from now on, I Shen Kun've secretly made public, so I hope you wake up, whether it is your own plan, or hire a professional planning company, if you can not create a new product name for your new product, you can not let your name is equivalent to a category, you wait for it to burn or failure!

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