What criteria is the new marketing

With the rapid development of global economy, increased competition in the market from product competition to brand competition, the company's marketing problems more prominent, the traditional marketing theory already outdated, integrated marketing has become a trend, then the new era of marketing which follow criteria?

Currently, marketing 'diversification, integration, personalization,' a new era of marketing is already the norm. As said, 'East West does not shine bright' as marketing and brand strategy planning should stand in height from four dimensions 'demand, competition, quality, brand,' look at new marketing, whether it's marketing is more crying. I think, at least in line with the new marketing following four basic criteria, we welcome the discussion:

First, the marketing of 'consumer demand' as a criterion.

Recently, our market research and found that many companies are no longer marketable product, the main reason is to study the serious lack of consumer demand. Either too fashion design, advanced, or simply not target the real needs of the consumer mind, so that the products and demand out of line, how to sell products go? So, what is the key to marketing? Of course, consumer demand, which is the core element of marketing, if there is no demand, even the best marketing strategy, execution will not go.

As we all know, the traditional 4P marketing theory 'product, price, channel, promotion,' is standing marketing theory point of view put forward by business managers, it is suitable for 'seller's market.' In 1990, 4C marketing theory Lao Telang proposed that 'demand, cost, convenience, communication,' the first time 'needs' as the core principles of marketing, from the consumer point of view he, marketing innovation theory, which is adapted to 'consumer-centric' and 'buyer's market', is currently the theoretical basis of marketing. However, as 'Globalization, information, intelligence,' the rapid development, as well as consumers, 'fragmented, interactive, personalized' trends, marketing innovation after another, innovative marketing theory must advance with the times, and 'down to earth' manner, the challenges of market competition.

For example, the famous brand Apple phone, it 'consumer demand' for the core principles, with great concentration on consumer demand for more than twenty years, the development trend of mobile phones which uses intelligent, grab consumers' interactive, convenient 'and' pain points demand 'from the products' design, production, sales and experience' in every aspect, is designed around the consumer. When you walk into the Apple store experience, all reflect humanity, in the 'simple, comfortable and spacious' environment, it is to let you everywhere 'fumble' and with the 'words and deeds' type of professional service that truly embodies the ' experience connotation marketing ', no wonder Apple phone quickly swept the world.

The second is marketing a 'competition-oriented' as a criterion.

Some people say that 'competition can only expand the market,' it is true. We often see, there are some bosses to 'exclusive' complacent, proud of what they do? Perhaps this is the result of monopoly thinking fermentation. In the information age, market competition will become increasingly fierce, the marketing should be a 'competition-oriented' as a criterion, only full competition, consumer demand will erupt, the market will be bigger and bigger.

Now, I have a friend who is doing a tissue vending machine operation and management of more than two decades, the company has monopolized the local market, but unfortunately, still not grow, why? Because the market there is no competition. In other words, a piece of money to buy a packet of tissue paper business, competitors simply can not survive in this market, only the exclusive, it can barely survive, indicating that this market is very small.

For example, the famous 'Wong Lo Kat' brand, previously positioned as 'herbal tea', the market has remained several hundred million sales, mainly in Guangdong and the surrounding area, is a typical regional brand. It does this by repositioning after 'prevention lit drink' market 'barrier' immediately opened a short time, sales rose rapidly to billions of dollars. The past three years, 'Wong Lo Kat' JDB lawsuit against the company, coupled with the 'JDB' was renamed the event, as well as its active participation in competition in the market, 'Wong Lo Kat' brand market share, not only did not decrease, but sales continue to rise to several ten billion yuan to stimulate consumer demand out the achievements of the 'Wong Lo Kat', 'JDB' and other brands. Visible, marketing a 'competition-oriented' as the criteria continue to expand the market share of charm.

Third, the marketing of 'quality improvement' as a criterion.

We all know that 'Quality is the life.' However, changes in consumer demand in the fast-paced, marketing to the 'quality improvement' as a criterion in order to meet consumers' needs perfectly. ' Only through constant communication with customers, continuous improvement products, improve quality, holding satisfy consumer curiosity, novelty, so that products constantly rejuvenated, whether the person is difficult to retain consumers.

Currently, many companies continue to introduce new models, especially digital products, is particularly evident, it is to 'quality improvement' for the purpose of maximizing marketing. For example, the famous mobile phone brands Huawei, on the basis of P8, P9 launched a new mobile phone; Apple 4S, 5S, 6S, 7S ...... series phones, are 'quality improvement' for the marketing guidelines, to achieve market share maximization.

For this reason, once the product type, as well as successful marketing model case, the marketing of 'quality improvement' as the criteria continue to launch the so-called 'new', continue to meet consumer demand, until the market becomes saturated, or can not expand the market space has been made it is indeed a good way of marketing victory. However, the product improvement and upgrading, is based on the technology and talent, and if companies do not have such strength, then marketing can open up new trails, even so, marketing is also always inseparable 'Quality comes first 'soul.

Fourth, the marketing of 'brand value' as a criterion.

We know that the ultimate goal of marketing is to become a strong brand, for every marketing, we should 'brand value' as a criterion, to make the brand value addition, and try not to hurt the brand.

Throughout Chinese brands, many enterprises lack the brand strategic thinking, in order to complete the sales, even unscrupulous, really 'for marketing and marketing,' not to mention 'brand value' concept, this brand to eat 'Viagra' marketing behavior abound, it is very distressing.

To me there is a case in point. There is a famous 'XXX' clothing stores, because I work every day passing by the shop door, often find it almost every day in the promotion, or 'loss clearance', '70% off the full amount' or 'lease low,' 'Buy one get two' and other promotional, let me laugh and cry, this 'do not speak tricks undermine brand' of the long-term promotion, the brand 100 victims without a profit.

As another example, we have known for centuries Tongrentang drugstore brand, business is booming why has it? We rarely see it promotions, what it such a success? As it says, 'The first quality, the second is word of mouth, the third is brand', indeed.

Therefore, we developed a Marketing Plan, it should height from brand strategy to achieve 'professional, systematic and scientific' policy decisions, any marketing activities, all to 'brand value' as a criterion, after long-term marketing overlay, may become a hundred years the brand is not difficult.

In short, in the Internet era, new marketing tools have mushroomed continue to emerge, such as blog, micro-channel, Taobao ...... and so on, it will have a new marketing model, all of 'consumer demand, competition-oriented, quality improvement, brand value 'criterion for the new marketing will change the fate of companies and brands!