Product trends, you know?

The annual spring rum, in the beautiful city of Chengdu leisure came to a close, the rum and remarkable achievements, according to official data, this rum trade turnover amounted to 23.02 billion yuan. Among them, the total turnover of 11.87 billion yuan liquor, food and beverage turnover amounted to 8.71 billion yuan, condiments turnover amounted to 1.39 billion yuan, food packaging machinery and turnover amounted to 1.05 billion yuan.

I probably figured, from the fall of 1993, Shijiazhuang rum start to this spring of rum in Chengdu, a total of 26 sessions of rum, I participated in the 6th spring, autumn 8th, that is a total of 14 sessions of rum Council also considered over half of people it regarded as a food. Even that does not participate in the sessions, it also very concerned about, after all, has become an annual rum food industry leader, whether it is business or dealers, will find their own direction from the last stage of development in this industry event and short board; rum each year has become the enterprise and between enterprises, between dealers and distributors, communication and exchange between companies and distributors of the bridge, of course, for all food employees versa; of course the annual rum has become the best place in the food industry forums related to each platform for training to learn.

In addition to the author each time communication, exchange and learning, of course, is most concerned about the benchmark, which is the product of the author population trends often mentioned. Hsu Fu Chi crisp candy heart hottest time, the author; Yake V9 hottest time, the author; the hottest time of the golden monkey toffee, author; Golden Delicious brown sugar plum hottest time, the author; spicy little prick Article fire, the author again. A lot of people say good luck author, what products the fire, the author just in the company, it seems I have to buy a lottery ticket. Is this really true? Wrong, all because I good at grasping the trend of products with them. I have been a business owner to say: 'I was a good product, and you do this sale does not matter if I do not have such a good product, you can make such a big sales right now put your sales staff full cut? out, I called a dozen orders of 20 calls to Miss, 'he said simply:'? If I did not fancy this product that has pushed the value, I can come to you in this business it ' we should understand, and I saw the trend is the product, know what is the potential of the product, through our use of reasonable marketing tool, able to get this product made explosion models, this is the importance of product trends.

And the spring of rum in Chengdu gave us food employees what inspired him? That is the trend for each category of products, what is the situation? The author said this about, inappropriate, please correct me, also welcomed the tile.

Let us talk about the wine, the wine is annually one of the largest share of the rum category

Liquor has a long history in China, Chinese people like to drink liquor is also known, has been said that Chinese people drink liquor every year the equivalent of a West so much, specific data are difficult to trace, but illustrates the liquor in the country sales or amazing. Winery is a dime a dozen, some wine-producing provinces in almost every prefecture-level city has its own winery. A few years ago liquor prices soaring, sales of large amazing, the past two years due to the impact of national policies, the liquor business of the stock market down steep turn, do wine dealer days year after year, and some directly to do other.

The Chengdu rum, wine prices are obviously looking for opportunities to do wine dealers especially, about liquor've one by one, but the highlight of the liquor is still not a lot of people are talking about online fire up, Chongqing is limited to the line of white river, in fact, take a look at the sales of white River, 13 years 50 million a year to double their boss say, 15 years of sales should be 200 million for the country's 800 billion liquor market, only a drizzle, the reason for all the major wine prices eyebrows, or because the glue to the Internet, and now hear all companies on the Internet Mongolia circle, can be understood.

A closer look, go white river is the largest single niche product line, using the Internet fame, our big wine prices were a few years ago is lying count money used to it, what was the national policy to fight Mongolia , and I believe that wine prices should adjust policy, from the past to go high-end, multi-brand, multi-price band play, to the low-end brands, the low price band over. White River is for after the 80/90, while consumption is relatively low-end, on the other hand there are personality, playing the personalized marketing, targeted consumer groups, consumer groups play suitable for target marketing approach, which is the line's main strength, the Internet can be nothing more than +, Luzhou 'Lu small two' Langjiu 'crooked mouth Boy' is not just a play on easily over one billion? This is the big brands, the low-end, low-price band.

Except for 80/90 after this group, a large wine consumer groups or after 50/60/70, this part of the population, most of the consumption of liquor price acceptable independent should be 50 - 200 yuan, in particular, we should focus on the 50-- 100 yuan, the price is often those who love to drink and drink groups are accepted. Since a few years ago liquor consumer education, so that most people have accepted such high prices good wine consumption concepts, so liquor prices if too low, consumer, I am afraid it is difficult to accept, so a hundred dollars to buy two bottles of liquor should consumers would like to see, at the same time, the wine prices, the profit margins are also acceptable. Great wine prices with the price of this product should be in focus as the big brands, low price band, then in terms of quality, to make the taste level, why should we worry not sell it?

Case of beer, wine, wine are rather special, not here enumerate, have the opportunity to single theory.

Say that beverages are second only to the proportion of white wine

600 billion beverage market, so a lot of food companies rushed up, but because of the beverage operations require a large capital investment, operating practices and is a type of food industry the hardest, so drink once made, will be on business a big step, if you do not make or dead, that companies basically it down. Although Chengdu to see the addition of several functional drinks like Red Bull, and there is no comparison highlights of drinks, but according to the development trend of the past two years beverage point of view, light beverages will be nearly two years of fighting and chasing category, following uniform sea of words, after Coca-Cola's water Powerade fire sale, pulsating with Wyatt, Suntory Qin Ping water, Wahaha through small lemon, Qin era Want one after another out, it is said Nongfushangquan will also launch water lychee series light drinks, so many big flame which shows a light beverage has been unstoppable.

Over the years, tea drinks, juice drinks dominate the world, finally has such a light drink beverage category a little gimmick to kill the incoming indeed brought a breath of fresh air, but then it should be bloody, it will also be most eliminated, leaving one or two brands of products Swordsman.

And mineral water, you have to talk about Yake Changbai Oasis, the author is more respected, the reason is very simple, Yake Changbai Oasis launch timing is just right, before a variety of high-end mineral water have been fighting for a long time, especially the constant Great ice fountain turned out, the waves continue to make high-end water market, Yake Changbai Oasis this time to introduce completely make the Jin Qiao, with the Hengda ice fountain spent a considerable price to buy things: 1, consumers are aware of different mineral water and purified water. 2, consumers are aware of the Changbai Mountain water is good water. After borrowed Dongfeng, the Changbai Oasis price set at 3 yuan this consumer can fully accept the price, with the success of 'The first morning cup of water' concept to guide the consumer, this is a classic occasion to marketing, Changbai Oasis hot rum degree in the field of further indicates that judgment before the author of this product.

Candy, chocolate, jelly can not be ignored is still a large category

Year rum, chocolate candy exhibitors there will be a lot, but very few bright spots due to the large corporate participants, so the rum, not a lot can be found, according to the author many years of experience, as consumers changing tastes, as well as public opinion misleading to consumers in terms of candy, candy sales overall result this year has been in decline in the candy business innovation also some stop, brown sugar plum after the fire had basically no features candy out . Dealers or agents consider the large number of traditional candy brand safer, such as Sister Ma, Yake, Golden Delicious and so on.

Chocolate is different, the annual growth remained at above 10%, on the domestic market, due to the exit Le Conte, golden monkey was acquired, the low-end chocolate market competition will be more obvious, chocolate companies can consider first of these missing gaps the first occupation of the market, and then gradually enter the high-end chocolate market. Qiao Luo online brand in the high-end chocolate has been doing well, such as the low-end down into the start line to start, and then snatch the high-end market, it should have a good performance, especially his 'poo' handmade chocolates, and Dove silky par, taste sweet but not greasy, very good. Another brand Black Edition 'riddles', currently doing well in the market, product packaging, quality is very good, the chocolate market is a strong contender.

Jelly, the author more optimistic about Yake drawing jellies and Chibi Maruko konjac jelly seaweed, drawing Jelly Yake key innovation is the jelly, jelly when the inlet zone can stretch silk with real fruit taste and chewy, it like eating real fruit, like; and Chibi Maruko konjac jelly seaweed, not only special characters, no water out, no dirty hands when eating, but also lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, weight loss and constipation and other functions.

Baking, followed by a burst section of a category explosion models

Starting in 2008, he began to fire up the baked product, or a product almost a year or two, is almost a product will fire a year or two. Third-wind from wheat French bread, bread Daly Park, Hunters soft cake, Dan Fu waffles, muffins meat Friends Hill, Port Wing steamed cake until the various brands of steamed sandwiches, a fire product a year or two, basic will soon be replaced because of bakery products low entry barriers, but also susceptible to explosion models, so the past few years baking enterprises mushroomed after another, bakery also has a long shelf life to a short shelf life stepped into, but really be able to settle down few products, the second half of last year and out of a pocket bread, this year should be a short burst models of products, because the product itself is easy to hot hairy defects, hard to say what this summer will not be a problem, so, Related companies should make the necessary preparations in advance.

Snack food, which is nearly two years, the hottest category

Snack foods in this category covers a broad basically the previous product 'snacks' in a generic meals outside are considered, based snack foods in bulk, of course, including some quantitative equipment products, the taste should be, here are a few of the above categories are considered excluded from the snack food.

Now changing consumer tastes, preferences before eating single sweet, like candy, ah, ah jelly, biscuits ah, etc., things are different now, like multi-flavored mix, salty sweet ah, ah spicy flavor, hot and sour taste ah, etc., so that together like this more flavor snack food is the current trend. Especially in recent years, every day in public opinion pressure, there is no national standard, has been in circulation in the market and spicy vegetarian meat strips. Spicy sweet and salty in one of the hot strip, so that consumers eat also want to eat, like meat is not meat, vegetarian meat, eat food for thought. Food Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Henan gifted, brave provoked before changing consumer hot strip 'unsanitary, unsafe' view of the burden, through self-built factory covers an area of 600 acres, the introduction of standard operating automated production lines to produce the 'little prick' hot bar and the 'wheat Xiao Dai' very vegetarian meat in the rum fame, money orders flocked to the scene to fight. According to business owners Lu Xinan said: We want safety, health products, changing everyone's hot strip poor understanding, our aim is to do --- to the family to eat, to make their own food. This is our main reason for a product so popular, the other main reason is delicious, me and our general manager of marketing for debugging taste and design packaging, spent more than eight months, how do we deal with, product how it will return to the consumer, how will we return.

Additionally, lo snack food products is a bright spot, lo, lo Henan, Sichuan and Chaozhou lo will have to the national market, these products have a salty, sweet, hemp, spicy, sour, sweet and other tastes integration, in line with consumer taste, which is what I call the trend of products, we are tend to look at the product is not in line with the trend of consumer spending, if it is, that such a product by clicking on good marketing operation You will be able to explosion models.

Yake Chen of snack foods have had a summary, it simply is 'four modernizations': portable, instant-oriented, kind of, of the often long. This 'four modernizations' it is good enough for the author, gave away the product of a method to determine the trend, before the 'three' is well understood, often mean long of long-life at room temperature, and the author of this short phase protection product view consistent. That is, at least the next decade, in line with which the 'four modernizations' products, you can boldly to operate, it is possible to operate in a longer period of time, do not worry in 2012 was eliminated because it is the product of trend.