Seven steps, good industrial brand

As we all know, consumer marketing and brand building theory and method development for nearly a century, it has been very mature and refined, and marketing and brand building theory and methods of industrial development in the country for nearly a decade it can be said that just started It remains to be a lot of practice to perfect.

Bo Yang industrial brand marketing team is marching domestic industrial development path of brand building, and grow along the way. After ten years of exploration and thinking through hundreds of industrial enterprises brand marketing case of actual combat, we summarize and gradually mastered a set suitable for the majority of domestic industrial enterprises in brand building methodology, which we call good industrial brand of 'seven-step method.' Below, we briefly introduce Zhang Dongli is how the process is implemented.

The first step: do market research and brand.

The task is to work, research and analysis of industry, competition, customers, the enterprises themselves, to find out the status of the brand, the brand found the opportunity to seek brand positioning, make the necessary intelligence gathering and analysis for the next brand strategy development.

In consumer goods companies will market and brand research and brand marketing planning as an essential work, industrial enterprises seldom do the job. Most decision-makers in industrial enterprises, referring to market competition and customer demand are confident that their own industry, competition, customers very understanding, do not require special research and analysis. Is this right? You really know your customer? After we do research for a number of industrial companies, we found that was not the case! When we survey the results back to the decision-makers, they are often very surprised that they did not think on many issues, the customer's actual perception as much as expected such a big difference. In fact, this is not difficult to understand, because of the relationship between business and the interests of customers, that is the same for the parties, it can not rely on their own objective and neutral understand the customer's real thoughts. Only through research with the client disinterested third party to complete.

This work, Bo Yang industrial brand marketing team is mainly face to face in-depth interviews, a questionnaire survey and supplemented by telephone to conduct the research. Simply put, in-depth interviews objects include enterprise core team, the typical customer executives, procurement and technology layers, industry experts, media experts, as well as agents, Design Institute and other four categories of stakeholder body objects. Questionnaire survey is to expand the sample size and the other is the research object in-depth interviews and a telephone survey of objects other than issued as reference information; phone research is to expand the sample size in-depth interviews and in order to reduce the high cost of face to face in-depth interviews , taken research methods.

As for how to do face to face in-depth interviews, Zhang Dongli read the book 'How to make the brand of industrial enterprises', 'How to do business research in-depth interviews,' on pages 36, not repeat them here.

The second step, to develop brand marketing strategy.

In the first step we have done market research and brand work, has received the necessary information needed to develop brand strategy, we enter the second step: to develop brand marketing strategy stage.

This phase of the mission is up to undertake the business strategy and marketing objectives, responsibilities assumed clear brand marketing, brand-building to develop an implementation roadmap.

Brand marketing strategy is important, is that it review by the external environment, resources and capabilities of their own reflection, depth profiling of customers and competitors to find opportunities brand survival and development; and by setting the target brand configuration, optimization of resources, the development of a viable brand growth path, detours, to obtain sustainable development.

Devising ways most brand marketing strategy, brand unilaterally by external consultants on the basis of research on the first step, and then the program will be described manner, so that decision makers agree finalized. Zhang Dongli believes that in this way because there is no full participation of customers in the senior team, leading the program there must be one-sided, and their core team lacks sufficient understanding of the strategy, which is bound in the implementation of the lack of enthusiasm and intensity.

To solve this problem, Bo Yang industrial brand marketing team to explore an effective method, namely closed mode brand marketing strategy seminar to enterprise level backbone personnel involved under the auspices of external consultants.

The advantage of this approach is that, under the auspices and guidance of external marketing consultant, corporate senior personnel mobilized, let them speak their minds, brainstorming, they will be at their disposal adequate information sharing, professional guide and through external marketing consultant professional conference process and equal discussion, brainstorming, develop as the core team and key employees accepted and viable brand marketing, strategic planning, as well as the effective implementation of the strategy, implementation and positive feedback has created extremely favorable conditions for the formation of a strategic develop virtuous cycle strategy implementation, strategic feedback, strategic adjustment. .

The third step is to establish full awareness of brand marketing and management.

After the second step to develop brand marketing strategy, we need to brand marketing strategy throughout every employee's heart and daily behavior, to every employee attitudes, behaviors and brand image are included in the scope of management, so that each employees have become the ambassador of brand communication.

Industrial enterprises are full with special emphasis on brand marketing, is that the point of contact with customers and more business is composed of various functions or aspects of personnel. For example, the pre-inspection reception, tour of the plant; the medium-term program development, demonstrate exchange, signing; logistics late delivery; and after-sales service, training and maintenance, etc., constitute a complex web of long chain. On each node of the chain, in fact, a standing employees, and each employee in the brand experience for the customer is responsible, or strengthen or weaken.

Industrial enterprises to build brand, definitely not a department or corporate executives or a few people do, but every employee in the enterprise business. Every employee behaviors are different aspects, different angles and different depths, the impact of different points of contact to the outside view of the business, affecting the enterprise customer trust and brand experience. Thus, every employee in the enterprise, the highest decision-makers, executives of various departments, the next to the driver, front desk, security, needs to have a high degree of brand marketing sense.

This work was supported by Bojan industrial brand marketing team for the full implementation of brand marketing, corporate management training and advocacy, combined with regular internal documents of brand-building activities, to jointly promote.

The fourth step is to build brand visual identification system (VIS).

Promote the brand marketing strategy, brand necessarily involves the dissemination of information to the target audience, and scientific research shows that the target audience perception of external information, 83% of people reach the mind through the visual channel. In other words, is the acceptance of external visual information is the most important and the main channel.

In the era of information explosion, the bearing capacity of the mind of the audience increasingly inadequate information, lack of squatting down and therefore, require a certain visual information standardization and harmonization of communication, otherwise chaotic visual information, the audience can not form the impression, therefore, brand planning and implementation of visual identification system becomes especially important.

Specifically, industrial enterprises to establish brand visual identification system meaning is:

First, establish a clear brand identity system that is unique in the peer among many enterprises, help customers in the shortest possible time to find their own trust and willing to cooperate with companies and brands. Establish brand recognition system, the first step is to clearly guide customers towards the brand awareness.

Second, to establish brand visual recognition system, enterprises to enhance overall brand image, pool, for the process of brand trust, is confirmed by the customer brand brand awareness, brand reputation, brand loyalty and other intangible assets and accumulated precipitation ongoing process.

In short, distinctive brand visual identity system is the tool for enterprise manufacturing market segments, thereby leading to create and maintain brand image, and can lead to better customer loyalty and brand reputation of the association, to create brand value.

The fifth step, the point of contact to manage the brand.

After the establishment of the brand visual identification system, and it needs to be applied to the import of industrial enterprises each brand touchpoint. Brand contact points, it simply means the customer has the opportunity to face a brand message context (or opportunities for contact). Because every customer experience is or contains a series of brand touch points, while each brand touchpoints are more or less influence the buying decisions of customers. Therefore, industrial enterprises must brand touchpoint comprehensive and effective management, good key management that can directly affect the brand image, or to bring customers a better experience, as well as increasing sales of 'critical' brand recognition.

Brand industrial point of contact is extremely complex, essentially by the product itself is highly complex, highly technical, the purchase decision-making process and length of the decision.

A potential customer Search by experienced, comparison, selection, final decision-making process, we have industrial brand contact points divided into the following four categories:

The first category: the search for information related to the contact points. Including Web search, search exhibition, acquaintances and so on. Such behavior on the spread of brand contact points, mainly through corporate web sites, web reputation and image for the exhibition.

The second category: sales staff visit or meeting related to the contact points. Including sales staff image, promotional materials, sales and other props. This type of point of contact most industrial enterprises attach great importance, willing to spend energy and budget to manage and upgrade. Because these contact points can be the first to receive customer feedback to business owners to direct pressure.

The third category: the relevant point of contact with the customer level study visits. Mainly refers to the brand management of high-level visits customer sites. Including factories, workshops, offices, business exhibition, research and development, sales and other visual management area with the corresponding arrangement. The importance of this type of contact point is easily overlooked by businesses. Such is the point of contact of industrial enterprise brand management weaknesses, need special attention and strengthened.

The fourth category: the business-related contact points. Mainly referring to invite customers to participate in the annual meeting, customer appreciation, technical seminars, industry summit, a variety of forums. It should be noted that these activities, the participants tend to be high-level customers, therefore, the management of the contact point is particularly important.

For different contact points, to make the audience a clear and consistent brand identity and feel the brand's core values, leaving the audience in mind rich brand association and unique brand personality, brand communications to improve efficiency and support market behavior.

The sixth step, brand marketing tool.

In industrial marketing, emphasizing the importance of the sales team is in no way an exaggeration. But with the sales team only after a brand of powerful marketing tools in order to become more, to play a greater combat effectiveness.

What is industrial marketing tool? Simply put, industrial marketing tool is to help salespeople deal of various documents, data, display space, sound, image or multimedia communication carriers.

Powerful industrial marketing tools represent a strong fighting force. Hundreds of people cold weapons, it is difficult to resist the modern weaponry of a special forces. Only difference lies in the different operations tools. Powerful industrial marketing tool redefines the human factors in industrial marketing battlefield, if your marketing tool is not strong enough, then you will be more dependent on individual ability to play the sales staff, companies and therefore face more risk and uncertainty.

In the long run, if not powerful marketing tool, then the cost of sales staff in marketing costs in the proportion will gradually increase, and even become difficult to control. Only by creating a powerful business marketing tool, in order to obtain a stable performance improvement.

So industrial sales tools specifically include?

1) Business Gifts: contact feelings, a message of friendship

2) Business supplies: strengthening brand recognition, enhance brand image

3) corporate brochure: establish a brand, to create the image

4) product samples, sample technology: the establishment of professional products and technology dominance

5) a company or product presentation (PPT): Bidding tool

6) Enterprise website: Enterprise window, a comprehensive display of the brand image and product technology

7) business or product announcements: resonate enhanced appeal, impressed

8) technical animation or multimedia presentation sheet: visual display technology, impressed

9) trade magazine advertising: the establishment of industry leading brands

10) Social Media include: micro-channel, microblogging, customer relationship management ties

Brand marketing tool that is planning a marketing tool always inject the concept of brand, and actively build brand image and create brand differentiation, from the perspective of brand communication, to plan and creative marketing tool. Industrial customers often heard to say, 'Our products are better than foreigners is poor, but the sample site and right thing to do, products do not sell on price!.' This is indicative of this, the essence of brand marketing tool is part of the product, can add value to products, generating premium.

Seventh step, to develop annual brand marketing plan and budget.

Domestic industrial enterprises generally lack the concept of brand marketing communication plan and the annual budget. They said program and budget, most systems do not, no goal, the lack of policy guidance, with sales basically provide support tasks. For example, the need to prepare brochures, samples, videos, require revision website, need to participate in several exhibitions, the need to open several technical seminars, etc., can not be called a systematic brand marketing efforts.

There are a considerable number of industrial enterprises, marketing sales almost holding his nose to run, what needs to be ready to anything, a passive response. Their branding work without planning, budget formulation is temporary and can not be considered a comprehensive one-year mandate, the lack of brand marketing objectives and priorities, blind completely passive position.

Most of these problems stem from the brand marketing plans and budgets lack of deep understanding, do not realize the importance of this work.

Good budget brand marketing plan, first, help strengthen the purpose of brand marketing efforts. Make plans and budgets early to focus on achievable goals to expand. As a result, virtually the purpose of strengthening the brand marketing efforts.

Second, it helps to improve the systematic brand marketing efforts. No annual plan and budget of brand marketing, is bound to be fragmented, unsystematic and ad hoc, not to mention effective. By doing brand marketing plans and annual budgets, we can clarify ideas, to systematize the scattered and enhance the effectiveness of brand marketing efforts.

Third, it helps sustain brand marketing. Industrial brand building, not overnight can be effective, with a profound knowledge of the properties, and therefore brand marketing efforts must continue. By doing brand marketing plan and the annual budget, to help prevent brand marketing work is canceled or interrupted short-sighted decision-makers.

Fourth, help to assess the effectiveness of brand marketing. Apparently, no plan and budget ideas will not be able to achieve this goal. Industrial brand into how to evaluate the effect of, has always been to make policy-makers a headache problem. While the industry has not been scientifically proven method, but can not deny that the assessment must be based on quantifiable and systematic, continuous promotion on the basis of good brand marketing through the annual plan and budget, help to solve this problem.

These seven steps, rigorous logic, interlocking, real and strong, many customers Bo Yang brand marketing and services industry has been in use, the effect is very significant. I believe, with the promotion of the seven-step method and more and more industrial enterprises to use, there will be more companies benefit from it.