2012 China gift industry marketing model of great change


Domestic supplier of gifts and gift industry is currently about 3,000 or so, annual sales of about 200 million gift service providers around 20,000 yuan, the annual sales of about 30 billion, mainly sub-business gifts, welfare gifts, promotional gifts three blocks. expected annual domestic market demand for total gift 8 000 billion.

China gift industry's growth and drive mode summarized as

Industry-driven, flat growth, industry concentration is low, is still in the competition's first stage.

Industry changes in the environment:

2012 international and domestic economic uncertainty, is greatly increased.

Great gifts begin tough demand environment, and now the government centralized procurement management detail-oriented, long-term remediation of treasuries, the official property management of severe, gifts levy income tax, extension of product quality and Responsibility. Has focused on national regulations and policies of the gift industry, the impact . Shanghai policies issued in November, beginning of another .11 on 16 March the first instance by the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress <<Shanghai Product Quality Regulations (Draft>>, the quality of products to expand the statutory requirements applicable to object to the gifts, prizes, explicitly promotional items, prizes associated with the main responsibility extended to the merchants from the factory .11 21 State Council <<Government Offices Administration Regulations (draft >>,<< draft>> clear that the government centralized procurement of goods and service prices should be lower than similar goods and services and the average market price of regular public .11 23, Ministry of Commerce issued <<single-purpose prepaid cards business management practices (draft>> for public comment. for single-purpose commercial to regulate prepaid cards.

Changes in the industry point of consumption:

Have been drastic changes in the gift market, surging, the original Chinese, Maotai, melatonin tripod pattern has been broken. IT products, green products, precious metal collection, the pattern of mutations in the gift market, meaning that 2012 gift from single to multi-market trends, to health, fashion, the appreciation of the diverse needs of transformation.

Consumer awareness of the changes:

Brand power, convenience, experience a sense of price and other factors, to varying degrees, influence consumer choice of gifts.

Chain changes:

Vertical integration of industrial chain gift the gift in all aspects of the industry chain has a relatively large issue, gift supplier of brand, technology, creativity, channels, production, logistics, there are many problems. Would be to have a core resource model and business The industry is changing focus mode, the upstream gift wholesalers sell no scale, no voice, no premium downstream capacity, no loyalty, no kernel mode, there will be an extension of the brand and category .. gifts for service providers primarily in purchasing, kickbacks, three types of communication will be refined to those customer needs, to explore, consultants, designers, product evaluation and effect of those changes in the direction. the industry chain will appear in 2012, the depth of the horizontal and vertical integration. will one line to three lines under the form of the whole industry chain.

Industry consolidation is about to begin:

Industry consolidation currently late gift of reason in other industries generally have the following points:

1, consumers Origin: gift industry, consumer demand caused by the origin, the author of the origin of this different from other industries, summarized, diversification, hidden, discrete nature, characteristics, this feature has led to industry consolidation consumer gift origin who is very difficult, and its management to match the extension and integration of industrial management and marketing capacity and extremely difficult, gift industry includes almost all of the marketing model.

2, inadequate protection industry: innovative companies and products are not laws and regulations related to conservation and sustainable interests, so that drivers can not drive innovation and core business and industry, in the experience of the product associated with the highly emotional gift industry, product innovation stifle, directly resulted in the differentiation, concentration, the three basic competitive cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy should take most of the gift industry, has moved toward the cost of the leading mode, the entire industry is the low level competition.

3, the drive has not stopped the industry, as well as flat growth opportunities, the core competitiveness-driven growth model of the vertical driving force is not strong.

4, no one has capitalized, there is a clear business model and core competitiveness of the integrated power company with an integrated group appear.

Ke Nier on the industry life cycle and integration of empirical studies have shown that the law, an industry from production to centralized, the industry equilibrium, there will be about 20-25 years, while the advent of the Internet industry, information symmetry, together with the mobility of capital is increasing, leading to the acceleration of industry consolidation.

Gift industry in terms of industry consolidation cycle perspective, is the relatively high gross margins (30%, or the speed of access in terms of free capital, industry consolidation are that began 2-5 years, 2-5 years, gift industry will be The first round of shuffling and industry consolidation. grim industry environment, resulting in the extrusion industry space, in the case of the relative decline in the value of good business opportunities for the use of industry consolidation will increase the absolute value but, after this round of shuffling, a with a clear business model, and the driving force of the core group of emerging companies, gift industry rules of the game in five years, a revolutionary subversion.

In the context of industry change, disruptive change as the most sensitive areas of marketing, gift industry in 2012 began marketing model will be changed dramatically.

Services Marketing:

Depth is the essence of service marketing to meet consumer demand, stimulate consumption demand from the potential, with the service system, the formation mode of the firewall, extending from the supply chain to demand chain, to establish contact with consumers. Production enterprises should be further extended value chain, gift enterprises to sell products to be sold from the past service.

Viral marketing, integrated marketing, media 2-D code, catalog marketing, database marketing, direct marketing, re-examination, and a variety of marketing around the target groups and target sites, at some point, the integration of three-dimensional attack, including integrated marketing in almost all marketing of the gift industry, much to offer.

Cross-border marketing, cross marketing, cross-border surface of the product, the core is the same to meet the different needs of target groups. Generated by the integration of resources and generation of resources on the different behavior of displacement and integration in the diverse needs of the gift industry will shine .

Looking at many national industry marketing category, has gradually shifted from 'brand derived category' to 'category to support the brand' era of transition, brand, category, product and market the logical relationship between the marketing has undergone profound changes. The essence of marketing gift category companies to explore their own unique advantages (such as creative product development strengths, precise niche market positioning, and in the customers mind to occupy a place of their own. In fact, the construction of each category of goods, on behalf of a consumer demand established way of life to adapt or change.

Competitive Marketing:

Strategic direction, from product-oriented to customer-oriented, competition-oriented perspective to the qualitative structure of the existing products, improve business exhibits structure, determine the brand, product profits, cash flow products, blocking products, and other qualitative and then to match the orientation of the resources , and pattern matching, for example: sniper products, cost-sharing can only be completed. In the production design aspect. Does not require fine just can not weaker than the opponent, mainly through cost leadership and clear the field campaign. Margin products: niche marketing, the consumer behavior chain analysis, product design, high-margin, pattern matching, by product, time, space, pattern, three-dimensional set up a firewall.

Custom Marketing: custom creative core is a powerful force with the resources to integrate services with the extension of the way, become rivals barriers, custom will generally go through three stages, the efficiency of customized, large-scale customization, personalization stage.

Experiential Marketing: As competition intensifies, consumer products and the relevance of the information needs to be competitive amplification, experiential marketing as an important means to intercept the market, especially the feelings associated with particular emphasis on the city gift industry. Experiential marketing will become an important marketing tool. traceback system and business model will change

Internet marketing: Traditional marketing is characterized by information asymmetry, and the Internet age of information based on the breadth of information and information symmetry, development of the Internet from the consumer information discovery, collection, and to reach and delivery experience. Will have radical subversion, while traditional products can not be replaced the original experience, but also because of the Internet in recent years completely virtual enhancement technology, and three d technology improvement and subversion.

2012 change to grasp industry trends, changes in use of marketing models, the industry collapsed in 2012 started to make us wait and see industry-changing gift.

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