How to write a customer satisfaction plan corporate image feature films

Do not know what the first feature film, when shooting, do not know which the first feature film business. With the birth of multimedia technology, information dissemination is more diversified, more intensive information transfer. Let the people in the visual, hearing has a whole new experience. With the variety of TV and TV programs, companies see the use of more that television to promote themselves.

According to the author's experience, less exposure to the feature films are the following: corporate image feature films, feature film investment, product feature film, image films, TV shopping and so on.

Corporate image feature films main role is to demonstrate corporate image, overall strength, and promote product sales, increase their visibility and reputation. Investment feature film role is to demonstrate the strength of enterprises, investment policies, products, and other advantages to the overall strength to achieve the purpose of investment success, the product can be divided into special product promotion and product feature technical presentations, mainly to show the practical value of products and practical methods of science can be made into a feature film nature of the product, so that is more acceptable, city image film now abound, because the city also needs marketing, especially on tourism-oriented city especially, the city's image chip is a need to show the city's human, natural, scenic, historical and cultural essence of a unique city, to show the charm of a city. TV shopping is the essence of a TV promotion in fact, it uses various means to attract customers, but with extensive spread of the network, the TV shopping market will become increasingly smaller, does not have the farther future development .

This will be the corporate image feature, for example, explain how to plan to write to customer satisfaction that corporate image film.

The basis of business is television feature film, is the perfect combination of sound and image. Now, more and more companies took note of the enterprise feature film role. Corporate feature films, publicity companies can make vivid, more intuitive, more of appreciation , more makes it easier to accept. whether in the show, or the investment will, negotiation, bidding, reporting medium for all occasions, corporate feature films could be seen on the scene. because a well-made feature film company, allowing sales staff save a lot of unnecessary tongue, more like a business to show customers a comprehensive image and strength. a well-made feature films, not only allow companies with counterparts clear distinction between the level, but also allow companies the image of the industry is more prominent, and allow enterprises to show their own strength and personal charm, better promotion of product sales, expand market share.

So, how can customer satisfaction planning to sell businesses to write feature films it? I believe that a planned feature film to be the perfect business with the following six areas:

First, the overall layout of the boom to be imposing

In my contact with many customers, their requirements are requirements of corporate image feature films to the atmosphere. I believe that customers that demand absolute right. Because the corporate image of the show is to make people feel big business image and large comprehensive strength.

So, how special the atmosphere, in a word: the overall layout of the topics to be magnificent. Should be reflected in the main pattern of the atmospheric degree! How to do this, it is necessary to see the plan's foundation friends.

Pattern, the mind is the first thing people should plan to vision, from the customer to plan the industry's highest customer image feature films.

Atmospheric level, is to write a customer in project planning time, must reflect the customer enterprise status in the industry, even if the customer is not the first in the industry, but also make the customer first corporate planning as has the industry's tolerance and height. Because enterprise development, and no one can never be the first enterprise customers can catch up.

Second, the opening must be God

What is the feature film's opening? Bizhegenju experience that: the opening business is very important topic, which must be God. That God is what? Is the spirit of enterprise must be inside.

Only in the opening in the enterprise of "God" fullness of the show, giving a glance of the image, to make feature films quickly attracted the attention of the audience, to let the audience interested in the next time, full of enthusiasm, full with emotions to enjoy the company of the feature film. Only in this way, the cost of our customers do and it did not feature in vain, the only way that we can maximize customer business information delivery to the audience, and in the pleasant atmosphere of subtle acceptance of the audience, which The secret of success is also a topic.

Third, the soul of the whole chapter should be

Company feature film Soul of condensation in the soul of the name of feature films and various chapters in the subtitle. How to write feature films suitable business name and subtitle of each chapter is a key to the success of feature film business.

The name of the feature film business to guide the real topics, so it is the soul of the whole topic, but also reflects a summary of client companies.

Write the name of the feature film business to follow the following principles:

1, the project title must reflect the customer's industry position and a high degree of business

2, the project name must be to unite business and cultural content

3, lean topic name must be short, easy to remember

4, the topic name must be with the echoes of each chapter headings

5, the name reflects the contents of the project must be able to penetrate into the whole project going.

Soul of the topic is a topic of eye problems, it is the memory of a special point, because the topic of the event, after all, is very long, people's aesthetic is tired, so after playing the entire project, people can remember things very small. As long as customers can remember the topic grandmother name of our project is successful, we can see, how to write the name of a suitable enterprise project how important it is.

Fourth, the overall style must have industry characteristics and business characteristics

Feature film is to style. I said, the style is not only writing the style of planners, the author said, the overall style is the business enterprise project must have the customer's own characteristics and the characteristics of their respective industries. It is very important. Because Only special things to brighten, and only special things to make people easy to remember, only the special things in it have the breadth of the spread of power.

Style theme design must follow a principle: that planning can not cover people's writing style features corporate customers and industry characteristics. This is a fatal principle, only fully reflects the customer's style, can the project more character, and planners writing style is only a tool, is to make more distinctive feature film exists.

Five, distinct, from vicarious to the natural co-

Feature film structured, transforms it is very important. If a structured feature films, feature films can be formed so that the whole point of more memory, enabling smoother feature films, more appreciation of nature.

How do structured, it naturally transforms. I believe that:

1, the entire project to be sub-chapters, each chapter a subtitle. Sub-chapter can not destroy the principle that the overall pattern of the topic, to fit the topic name.

2, between each chapter have over-statement, so that each paragraph transforms between the more reasonable.

Sixth, at the end to grand

Why does it say at the end to be grand, have the following reasons:

1, when the customers to watch to the end, when the memory is the strongest point where the audience, because people are watching to the end of time will be more focused.

2, feature films can not run out of steam, if anticlimactic, it can not reflect the overall strength of an enterprise, corporate image will be greatly reduced.

3, the end is the embodiment of an enterprise vision, show business grand chapter in the future, it is a corporate cohesion of the people, exciting chapter, only the opening, at the end of grand atmosphere, encouraging people, even the middle chapter of passion is not enough, the entire topic of passion can also be mobilized.

Enterprise feature films, has become a business essential marketing tool! A well-made feature film business, comparable to a marketing team! Hope in the future, to create more and better for the majority of business enterprises feature films, to desire!