How to write an annual marketing report

Annual Sales From report is the most important document of a company, generally speaking it is divided into three parts: an annual summary: The main emphasis of marketing status and achievements; problems and responses: existence of the major annual the main problems and proposing solutions; next year's planning and program: the second year of the objectives, principles, policies, action plans and target decomposition.
        If necessary, can have a supplement, such as vision, mainly to solve the people's confidence in the future, the key moment is very necessary. Zong Jing Wen Jiabao on the global economic crisis in the face said, confidence is more important than gold, in fact, a business do they not.
        In charge of the people are the company's marketing boss, the company can organize the relevant departments of marketing departments to write a report based on this conclusion, for the lack of through the concept of subordinate departments should give guidance.
        Annual report begins with the year before you can get the right results for a general, language should be simple, to acknowledge the main achievements. If the major sales, product sales or sales-led, market share and so on. Of course, some courteous words, and inspiring words is to say.
        A company's marketing reports, large companies will surely be started in October, many small and medium enterprises to begin in December, in fact, the second year in order to have a good start earlier this year to summarize, analyze, in the coming year will certainly do a better job.
        Part I: Annual Sales Summary:
        1, 200N-year status of the content of the marketing
        (A), product sales, billing, reimbursement and accounts receivable, the status quo
        1, and 200B-year sales comparison;
        2, billing, reimbursement and accounts receivable, and 200B-year comparison;
        You can add text description above chart.
        (B), the company's products and company sales structure dosage forms structure of the status quo
        1, the company product sales structural condition in order to facilitate analysis of the risk of corporate structure, marketing and production of matching;
        2, the company structure, formulation, to facilitate analysis of the risk of corporate structure, marketing and production of matching;
        (C), market size and key product sales status quo would be marketing the product statistics, to Talib Bureau analysis.
        (D), Return Status
        Return all varieties of the ratio of total sales, the main return area and return customers, in order to facilitate market analysis. From the returns can be analyzed not only the sales of products, but also can analyze the market management and psychology and so on.
        (E), the company products distribution channels, the status quo: this is mainly to make customer analysis, such as sales proportion in order to facilitate market adjustment.
        (F), the main product's competitive position and status quo
        Can be compared to your main rival, Changsha Rainbow Enterprise Management Consulting Meng Qingliang do keep an eye No. 1 brand in general the national, regional stare first strategy.
        2, 200N-year marketing the achievements of
        This can involve many aspects of business marketing such as product promotion, the price system management, channel management and innovation, branding, promotions management, team building, basic management, training, public relations, an enterprise should be summarized to develop the first advantage , and only then sum up the lessons, we must avoid weaknesses.
        Part II: Problems and Solutions
        3, 200N years of marketing problems and countermeasures
        (A), the product problems and countermeasures: The main products should be separated to write.
        (B), the price and Countermeasures: Only a good price before the money can be divided into management, fee-splitting is always the most important thing.
        (C), channels, Problems and Solutions: China's absolute number of enterprises are access problems.
        (D), promotional problems and countermeasures: Be sure to let your team will appreciate that no promotion is totally unacceptable, and every one promotional tools should be the right place, right time to use.
        (5), training issues and responses: training is the best investment, an enterprise must train an army of Whampoa truly invincible.
        (Vi), the basic work is a normal good, but the height of the building is indeed a basis for decision.
        (7), brand and image of the language of communication is non-uniform normal small and medium enterprises, we must pay attention.
        (8), sales staff: whether the decision to sell is the key to long-term stable development of sales staff, and should therefore be a high priority. (Ix) billing and receivables: controlling risk is to do business is always top priority.
        (10), other issues: such as the macroeconomic environment, the risks and opportunities arising from environmental change is the main reason for extinction of species, many companies are so dead.

        Part III: planning and programming
        4, 200M total marketing objectives and the decomposition
        (A), the overall goal
        1, the total commercial sales target: a little
        2, the total invoice sales income: slightly
        3, the total Sales Outstanding objectives: a little
        4, the profit goal: a little
        5, the market objectives: a little
        (B), sales volume and decomposition:
        Company's product sales target: a little, the marketing plan detailed breakdown see Schedule
        (C), the market has also returned shall decomposition: (Unit: million)
        (D), 200M years of market development plan and decomposition
        Sub-quarter charge of implementation to a detailed plan in each market report.
        5, 200M total strategic direction and marketing strategy
        (A), the strategic principles: simple and clear strategic overview and objectives. (B), marketing strategy
        Mainly in the following eight start: product strategy, pricing strategy, channel management strategy, marketing strategy, target evaluation strategy: foundation work, market development, Sales Outstanding triple assessment, marketing management strategies, team building strategy, brand management strategy.
        6, 200M years of concrete action plans and cost estimates
        This can be drafted by the Ministry by the market, no market for small companies by the Ministry of marketing, sales manager or boss to write, marketing chiefs to discuss the general manager or boss after the approval of large companies may apply for decision-making body.
        7, for the specific requirements of various markets, and recommendations
        There is no specific guidance and requirements, marketing and management will be like a sheep.
        8, Sales Policy: In the formulation must adhere to the following principles:
        1, easy to know, Jane from, take the opportunity.
        2, sales growth, profit growth, while revenues have grown.
        3, many policies to maintain continuity.
        Part IV: Future focus and long-term outlook
        As the year to the American journalist Edgar Snow in Yan'an Yan'an fellow asked: 'Chairman Mao's leadership of your revolution What are the benefits? 'Fellow answer:' the recent establishment of a socialist, forward the building of communism. 'Snow asked:' What is socialism? What is communism? 'Fellow replied:' Socialism is so what Chisha, communism is Xiangshachisha. 'In an era of inadequate food and clothing was a great motivation.
        Original manuscripts, reproduced please signed, any amendments must be communication, otherwise infringement. Meng Qingliang salute!

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