How to Write a layoff notice CEO Mark Murphy with
        The following layoff memo is real (which is the world's largest magazine publisher, one of the chief executive written). This is better than many other layoffs memo worse (it is actually quite typical), but it is a big layoff announcement how to write a memorandum of excellent examples:
        Cheat sheet to all staff: We all know that the past year has been the ABC Press transitional period. While we continue to invest in our core magazines, we are also committed to transforming our workforce and expand our digital capabilities in order to become a truly multi-platform publisher.
        We have made great progress. Many of our sites ripe for access to the powerful and popular brand vehicles, while others re-design of the new fresh content. At the same time, our magazines still are some of the most popular and to the point of the lead newsstand.
        But the development has brought change, we need to continue to develop to meet the challenges posed by cost pressures and our ever changing industry.
        Today, I share the feelings with you, had to announce that we will be layoffs throughout the organization
        These layoffs, which is in a number of business areas, and at the same time in the editing and publishing some of the titles, is a necessary adjustment in order to maintain our progress.
        You may have heard from the media speculation about our company, so I encourage you to continue to pay attention. I know this is a difficult time for all of us, it is never an easy task to see distinguished colleagues to leave.
        A difficult time and opportunities, I believe we have a great potential for innovation and development. On behalf of the entire management team, Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
        The Memorandum has many problems, but let me emphasize four.
        First, the memorandum required in paragraph 4 after the said it would be laid off. Announced layoffs, before talking about is not entirely bad news, and. In fact, I am very pleased to hear what we have done all this wonderful progress achieved. For this reason, as I have for our progress, new content, digital evolution, etc. are happy, but eventually I heard the news I have been hurt by layoffs. Wow, this is great! Let me excited about how we are doing is wonderful, and then tell me not to be a part of it.
        Of course, in today's era of exhausted, most employees are very skeptical about this memorandum is only a vague meaningless things, you know. Thus, they read it just looking for 'but' (for example, we are doing well, but we have to cut our workforce). Thus, when they get the hard news, they are thinking about is' What kind of coward there is no guts to tell me that Chief Executive Officer, we are downsizing. 'Rao Zhaowan child say that these just let the written memorandum of people feel better, while filling the people who read these memos are very angry.

        The most important point here: If you are a CEO, you must lead the remaining 90% of the employed are persons. You need their trust and respect you. However, if they think you do not have guts to talk to them directly, they will never trust you.
        Imagine that your doctor give you the diagnosis has brought bad news. You will believe that this doctor, if he / she spent five minutes messy nonsense, no guts to look at your eyes tell you the truth? Next time think before you write a good memo before your answer.
        Second, the Master of Business Administration relieve some of the words and phrases, such as 'developmental changes' is meaningless nonsense. Development has brought the change? Wow, no doors. Next, you will tell me that the rain will bring moisture.
        Third, do not start writing a memorandum on to write 'As we all know. 'If we all know this, there is no need to take a while to tell me. (This is a super-specific criticisms, but about 50% of the layoffs memo, we believe that these words actually start).
        Fourth, the memorandum said, 'You will hear a progress in the conclusion, the company's press release', but never provided any details so that we terminate the speculation. Of course, people will speculate. They have no real facts in mind, do? Imagine, if you have an important medical test, your doctor said: 'I have your results, but I do not want to tell you until the next one week. But I do not want you to guess. You just only need to focus on your current life, the next week we will discuss how long the day you still live. 'In fact, this phrase start).
        In the history of the most highly respected leaders of the evaluation is authenticity, honesty, and trustworthiness. Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt as hesitation, and cowardly people who can not provide a direct response or direct that the person will be the truth? Further details said that in the Gettysburg Address is only 271 words, this speech saved the United States of America. Save your organization, how many words do?
        So, how do you write a memorandum laid off? Although I can not do everything, but let me provide a few simple ideas.
        First of all, pick the focus. You can start to write two until you say the word redundancy, that's it. Your employees can receive bad news. Do not be worse, after hundreds of empty nonsense, and then tell them the truth. Do you have a large number of words shows your decision, the next step and so on, but only after you say the focus.
        Secondly, in the possible use of hard data. If you are laid off 10% of the labor situation, say so. Do not say 'We need to is based on our market, downsizing, by the way, please do not speculate on how many people will actually be dismissed. '
        Third, the human nature point. If you do not like the usual cliches about business school, do not like this. Make your own (the most honest, courageous, direct, take into account others as well).
        Yesterday, about 50,000 people were laid off. And most of the announced job cuts are the same as the memorandum insulting and without effect. Keep in mind that in the future at some point, you will have to lead everyone left. The question now is how to handle this difficult task is to determine the future leadership of your work is very easy or very difficult.