How to write marketing program sales manager

        Every marketing staff in their working life will inevitably face the marketing program of writing and reporting, in particular, the annual year-end end of the year, the marketing program of writing and reporting into the Regional Manager, Region Manager, an essential task to write a good program train of thought clear, not only in exchange for the effectiveness of the actual operation, but will win the boss's love, be raised with the award-winning opportunities; programs written in general, both will be blamed for their superiors, in the practical application is difficult to be effective, so , prepare a good program, actually the growth and development of marketing personnel is critical. Particularly at the regional manager, region manager for the program to deal with almost everyone can not avoid content.
        A good marketing program should focus on well-organized program with the actual operational and program analysis should be well-founded, focusing on figures to speak, the program is the core indicators and cost analysis and forecasting.
        Excellent outline of the program about include the following content:
        1, the overall analysis: market characteristics, industry analysis, competitor analysis, consumer trend analysis, sales analysis
        Second, this product (company) SWOT analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
        Third, marketing strategic planning: market tipping point, the market layout, ideas-led operation, mode of operation, market access and operation of thought and design
        4, the marketing tactics planning: product strategy, product positioning and segmentation; pricing strategy; channel strategy, channel selection, channel development order, channel planning, channels of proportion, channel sales prediction analysis, time to market plan.
        5, promotional ideas and marketing and promotion of fine summary of the case: listing of channel marketing plan, listing the end-consumer marketing plan, the listed terminal promotional programs, media marketing arrangements, post-marketing follow-up plans.
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        How to write marketing program sales manager