How to Write a work plan for sales manager

        Sales Manager How to write a work plan? First, we must first understand the concept of the work plan, getting the sales manager's work plan:

The concept of the work plan
        1, the work plan that is right about the vision and work arrangements, such as proposed by the task, indicators, completion time and steps for methods.
        2, the work plan is an effective means to improve work efficiency.
        3, the work plan is the starting point towards a positive style.
        4, the work plan the level of capability is a manifestation of cadre management.

        Why write the work plan

        Ancient Sun Wu said: 'use of forces of the channel to the total US-led. 'In fact, both the units or individuals, regardless of the situation Banshimeshi in advance should have a plan and arrangements. With the plan, work will have clear goals and concrete steps, we can coordinate our actions to enhance the work of the initiative, reduce blindness, so that work in an orderly manner. Meanwhile, the plan itself is the work progress and quality assessment standards, we have a stronger role of restraint and supervision.

        Plan to guide the work of both, another impetus to do well the work plan is the establishment of normal working order, an important means to improve work efficiency. Plan to guide the work of both, another impetus to do well the work plan is the establishment of normal working order, an important means to improve work efficiency.

        As a manager, you must know your department's tasks and goals, clear direction, knowing the content of their work, how to do this work well and what people to do these tasks, how the progress of work arrangements, which can be used to master the resources of ?

        A work plan for management personnel through the use of available resources, overall planning, in accordance with pre-set strategies, methods, completion time and requirements to complete the work objectives. This reflects your level of management and ability.

        Write a work plan actually work on an inventory of our own. Do yourself clearly, plainly.

        Two forms of the work plan
        1, negative style of work (a stop-work: a disaster and error has occurred quickly after treatment)
        2, positive style of work (fire style of work: predictable disasters and errors, plan ahead to eliminate errors)

        Written work plan for the requirements of
        1, the work plan is not written out, but do things.
        2, contents of the plan than the form of important. To reject the rhetoric, welcome to real content.
        3, work plan calls for concise, specific, word sentences must be accurate, no ambiguity.
        4, simple, clear and actionable is the work plan to achieve the basic requirements.

        Sales plans to introduce the steps in
        1, according to the instructions of the higher spirit and the reality of the market, determine working principles, tasks, job requirements, and then work accordingly to determine the specific methods and measures to identify the specific steps of work. Interlocking reality.
        2, according to the work of possible deviations, weaknesses, obstacles, difficulties, to determine methods and measures intended to overcome in order to avoid problems, the work thrown into passivity.
        3, according to the needs of the tasks, organization and distribution of power, resources, and a clear division of labor.
        4, after the enactment of the draft plan, due to discuss the personnel associated with.
        5, in practice, to further amend, supplement and perfect the program

        Manifestation of the work plan
        1, the provisions of the form: a detailed plan to use more general provisions of the form.
        2, in tabular form: a simple plan to use more in tabular form.
        3, File Type: time-bound plan to use more long-documentary form.

        The general format of the work plan

▲ Title
        1, program title, there are four components: the name of the program units; program duration; plan summary; name of the scheme.
        2, program units name, use the standard call.
        3, planning time frame should be specific and indicate the general time limit is not obvious, and can be omitted.
        4 the content of plans to mark the scheme aims to address.
        5, name of the scheme should be based on actual program, the exact use of the name.
        6, as set out plans also need to discuss the finalization or superiors approved, should be in the title or below in parentheses behind adding the word 'draft', 'draft' or 'discussion paper' words.
        7, if it is individual work plans, you do not have to write in the title name in the text to be named on the bottom right of the date.

▲ text
        1, the situation analysis (the development plan is based on).
        Plan before the research work to analyze the status quo, the next step is to fully understand what the basis is on what basis to develop such projects.

        2, objectives, tasks and requirements (do something).
        Which is the soul. Plan is to complete certain tasks drawn up. Goal is to program guide produced by, but also plans the direction of the struggle. Thus, the plan should be based on needs and possibilities, provided within a certain period of time to complete tasks and should meet requirements. The tasks and requirements should be specific, and some even set quantity, quality and time requirements.

        3, work methods, procedures and measures (how to do it).
        After the defined tasks, but also according to subjective and objective conditions to determine the work methods and steps to take the necessary measures and strategies to ensure task completion.

Written work plan for the four elements of
        1, job: what to do (WHAT )-------- work objectives and tasks.
        Plan should provide for a certain period of time to complete within the objectives, tasks and should meet the requirements. The tasks and requirements should be specific, and some even set quantity, quality and time requirements.

        2, methods of work: how to do (HOW )--------- to take measures and strategies.
        Must be clear when to achieve the goals and tasks, it must develop appropriate measures and methods, which is the guarantee scheme. Measures and methods to refer primarily to achieve the objectives set what measures need to be taken to mobilize the forces which and resources to create the conditions, which exclude difficulties. In short, the objective conditions, according to co-ordinate arrangements for the 'how to do' written in clear and specific and practical. Especially for summing up the work in the analysis of problems to develop problem-solving approach.

        3, division of labor: Who do (WHO )----- accountable.
        This refers to the implementation plan of the work procedures and schedules. Each task, the completion of the process are stages, each stage there are many links between them are often interwoven. Accordingly, a plan must chest the overall situation and make proper arrangements for which the first dry, dry, after which, should be a reasonable arrangement. In the implementation of them, there are priorities of the points, which is the key, which in general, it should be clear.

        Arrangements in time, there must be the total time, but also has time requirements of each stage, as well as manpower and material arrangements. In this way, so that the relevant units and officers are aware of a certain period of time, under certain conditions, to what extent the work in order to gain the initiative, coordinated in an orderly manner.

        4, Progress: What time to do (WHEN )------ deadlines.

        Note the work plan writing

Written work plan for five main principles:
        1, right on the principle of accountability. We must resolutely implement the directives of superiors, subordinate to the overall interests against nativism.
        2, practical principles. From the actual conditions set goals, assign tasks, and standards.
        3, the principle of collective wisdom. Listen to views from Bocaizhongchang the crowd participation, against the subjective assumption.
        4, highlight the key principles. Prioritized and focused in order to point to face, eyebrows and beard can not be grabbed.
        5, the principle of a precautionary measure. States related to protection or preparedness measures.

        Plan calls for the preparation of the overall situation in mind, program objectives should be scientific, advanced, and was able to jump to the peach Zhai, Zhai easy to stay if they did not jump that is not conducive to enterprise development, is not conducive to the mobilization of enterprise managers and staff enthusiasm, Conversely, if the enormous effort to jump also will not find any peaches, then, such a business plan it will have a false deceptive, incomplete operability.

        Implementation plan should be specific protection measures and the emergence of 'accidental' remedies. Not achieved as specific safeguards and remedial measures, but plans on paper, and then perfect the only one 'yourselves'

        In addition, the work plan should be able to be adjusted. When the work plan for the implementation of deviation from or violation of our purpose, we need to make adjustments to its can not be planned in order to plan.

        Also, the sales manager of the implementation of the work plan, the sales manager should regularly check the implementation and progress tracking. Discovered this problem, local solutions and to move on.

        How to ensure effective implementation of the work plan?
        The work plan in writing, the purpose is to carry out. Of implementation is not that people usually think of 'My programs have been put up, and the Executive is the executive thing. A problem is the level of its own executives' plan can truly be implemented, not just enforcement personnel issue and a written plan in the question.
        1, first, to investigate the actual situation, according to the realities of their enterprises in this sector to make the plan will only be well executed.
        2, followed by all departments of the work plan should receive a monthly regular meeting for open discussion.
        3, finally, the revised work plan for auditing and business leaders should have a signature, and is responsible for tracking the implementation and inspection.