How to Write a PR Event Planning Case

        I think the event planners to understand the case to do the following five problems, as the 89: the
        1, to understand to whom the case was planned
        2, and planned the event to resolve any problem
        3, the case is clear, we should plan out the activities of the three stages of
        4, come up with vivid recollections of the point of activity
        5, attention to detail to explain the following to the above question 11:
        1, to understand to whom the case was planned. According to the properties of a certain business activities to determine what to do.
        Oktoberfest beer production company put forward a very appropriate, the University of New Year party is not suitable for modeling of Health which serves, villas promotional tall wine tasting will appreciate diamond pull a violin is very appropriate, hire a third-rate singer singing on be appropriate. The reason we all know, writing when the other cases can be confused, and also the sponsor must adhere to the principles of their own tastes, not because the university there are ready-made models cost to improvise the provincial team, and Qi do not know the details of each practitioner accumulation were usually their own credibility.
        2, and planned the event to resolve any problems. Why do events, activities, what is the purpose? In planning the whole case in the moment like this, every detail closer to the target, with the goal of no relationship, nothing amputation, so as to subject-specific. The activities of no more than two purposes: to sell their products and enhance the corporate image, is a products and business services, not into an individual's show courts, all bindings disgusting narcissistic.
        3, the case is clear, we should plan out the activities of three stages. Planning case, there is suppression there is Yang, the best clear the activities of the three stages.
        Fiction foreshadowing a climax, the four seasons are brewing rewarding life learned from a bloom, activities that, if we are all high-profile players will be tired. Of the three phases is the bedding period (also known as transmission period); implementation period; cooling period.
        Bedding period. Tell the participants what to do, what benefits they can get, and slowly spread the benefits of each time more slowly heating up, this time off to seduce a variety of ways, hook aroused interest in the participants as much as possible so that they can look forward to.
        Active phase. Looking forward to, the climax came. Hungry for a long time, to bowl fried rice, delicious. The main stages of this activity must have a ten-good ideas, this idea is as rosy as it depends on who is the master or a bad hand.
        Cooling period (follow-up phase). This phase is also very important, through the activities for the participants of the products or businesses had a good opinion, this stage is the completion of purchase stage, still hot to give the following benefits, you can achieve the purpose of the event.
        4, come up with the activities of a distinct point of the three stages of memory have a clear memory of points, one point for each stage of the memory is like. To give an example shows that the bedding period - issued tickets, and by virtue tickets also receive gifts; active phase - that song really sounds good, reminds me of my love or let me back to the past; cooling period - the organizers say Product Discount will continue for 10 days, next Sunday to go shopping mall to find, buy back.
        To sum up memory point is: the first stage (the target consumers seduced to) - where to receive a good performance tickets; second phase (seduced and came to have so that they can never forget the things) - must be the participants have a favorite color points; the third stage: (to use their good will to complete the sale) - goes on the hands of votes are still not willing to stay to the mall to see if they were discounted case, buy one back.
        5, attention to detail in the proposal process, the customer can not judge a short time of your great wisdom and strategies, so the details become the key to success. The details of the proposal documents, including the format, whether the space segment at the outset, the wording is accurate, there is no typo and so on.
        Another detail is the case execution time, process, and whether the division of work and meticulous scientific. I have had this experience: I put the implementation of activities into a clear form, down to the customer will be able to get this form at a glance know what to do every day matters, it is to dismember the program to the calendar, the customer is very pleased that he thinks I have been very professional, this is a very pleasing to recruit.
        Of course, to ensure the implementation of the exciting, we must take into account every detail, and truly make every detail of the table, to remind themselves and other departments do a good job with every detail, program implementation there would be no big problem.