How to write under the strict supervision of a sales force of the print ads

        Advertising bombing was once regarded as a magic weapon to win the pharmaceutical industry ( 'HaYao mode' is one of the typical representative). But after the year 2005, the wind and rain, medicine and health products industry can be said that the biggest ever encountered confusion and confused. Handy once used almost complete failure of advertising and marketing techniques. Why is it so?
        Whether the policy is not anti-factors (such as the OTC pharmaceutical management system is established, television advertising of the strict censorship, the introduction of direct rule, 'Provisional Regulations on the approval of health food ads' should come into operation, as well as the approval of new health products and the promulgation of Regulations), or a natural decline in advertising effectiveness curve, resulting in the current situation are in fact an inevitable accident. Here because there are two things:
          The first is the continuing large-scale bombing of a natural cause fatigue and reduce the advertising effectiveness of the publicity, and secondly, continuously broke the false advertising events more sophisticated consumers who sounded the alarm on the effect of advertising commitment to trust in the natural large discount. According to SFDA survey data show that in 2004 95% of the lawlessness of the existence of medical advertisements, consumer pharmaceutical advertising on the general mistrust. Another survey also shows that: the beginning of 2005 onwards, China began implementing the prescription and non-prescription drug classification management system, promotion of non-prescription drugs in the market the cost of inputs on the total sales of enterprise products accounted for 20% to 25%, of which the most important input is still an advertisement. Do not put hard to raise awareness, input is often followed by growth in sales growth can not keep up advertising costs, the pharmaceutical industry generally fall into the cycle of vicious circle.
        In the current environment of this, most pharmaceutical ads are difficult to form a business expect sales force, it is easy to see how regulation made under stringent conditions with a sales force of advertising is worthy of every person to think about a marketingIssue .
        How did advertising sales force? Advertising essence of the sales force to cater to stimulate the establishment and strengthening of consumer purchasing motivation. For consumers to read the advertisements led to his buying behavior, which formed a sales force be considered. To talk about 'How did advertising sales force' to this problem, we must make it clear why consumers to implement a consumer behavior and advertising in which the role. Psychology tells us that the people because there is some kind of consumer motivation, and your ads have seized upon this to his psychology, but also has enough provocative, finally prompted him to purchase the completion of such a motivation to purchase from the purchase the conversion process, then it really helps with the advertising sales force.
        What kind of advertising sales force do the most?
        I think that the 'say' much more than 'how to say' even more important. Advertising creative, first of all should be 'what to say,' This is the most central part, and then is how to say. Any advertising sales force, no not 'say' on the moved consumers, in order to attract consumers to purchase products.
        With a sales force of advertising, should be positioned accurately to demand a product's unique selling point of the ad.
        Best interests of the ad must be able to point is very intuitive to convey to consumers. Increasing expansion of information today, not many people will be specially concerned about your ad, let alone bother to examine the inside talking about! Therefore, your ads must be the first time aroused the audience's attention. The point is that the interests of consumers concerned about the most important point! Wong Lo Kat for example television advertising, and its slogan 'fear get angry, drink Wong Lo Kat', a very simple slogan, selling outstanding, easy to remember, very sales force! In the print ads inside the ad title as the most eye-catching phrase position, you should put your customers most want and say, you Yaoda selling point, in this simple, obvious selling point, easy to remember, a clear and direct textual representation and let people at a glance, but after reading it he would also like to make the best look down, and even has resulted in the desire to buy, which shows Nepal has already grasped the psychology of consumers able to impress consumers, advertising is a sales force advertisement .
        To make such accurate positioning, unique selling point of the ad, it has a pre-condition that the product element of the advertising must be product-specific (or that of others to do the wedding dress of), because the homogenization of the current advertising very serious, follow the trend of the phenomenon is widespread, but this also caused many consumers would not have been concerned about these seemingly identical ads, but often very difficult to tell which is which in the end, advertising of products and competitors, differentiation of very poor, resulting in a waste of advertising resources, and even cause resentment of people reading newspapers.
        You want to find a product itself is different from other competitors in specific product interests of the point. It has several features: First, it should be in line with the interests of consumers, or can be implied; secondly, is unique; and third, the enterprise or brand can really do. To put it plainly: the increasingly stringent regulation in the current advertising situation, who sounds honest, who can easily jump out.
Policy, under pressure, how to do print advertising sales force have?
        Can not fail to study medicine and health products do newspaper ads, the product of the spread of the reason why we preferred newspapers, because in the pharmaceutical and healthcare products of publicity, compared to television and other media, newspaper ads to maximize the potential can be more direct, more effective, newspaper advertising copy can be written in a more lively, more sharp, more vividly and more sales force. So, what kind of print advertising can have the sales force? Three words: through force.
        Through the force should go through what? Should go through the target population psychology. Therefore, to write a copy through the force, we must first get a clear idea of the psychological products target population before it can be targeted. From the headline, to the cited title, the subtitle to the subtitle, to the Forum text and graphics, will be the core strategy is totally interlinked, progressive layers of the momentum of rainbow to interpret out throughout the copy, through the target customer's psychology, so that beats all competing products, so that target customers most exciting, act now! This is why there through the power of advertising copy.
        We are often the creation of ad copy can be found that some ads for the basic routines have generally been able to grasp, but missing most of them are kind of grasping the core demands of the strategy and the ability to consistently in the end, or consciousness. Reflected in the copy, that is, everything, except the core demands of differentiation is not conspicuous; Although it does have suddenly developed a fantasy title that catches the eye more, but the overall look overall too shuffling going on, undisciplined, there is no effort to create the memory point , people forget to look over, it is difficult in the target customer's mind, the information from a number of competing goods, surrounded by jumping out.
        Studying medicine and health products advertising copy, writer's skill at a glance. Forum could be a lot of layout can be patchwork, content can be rich and colorful style of writing may or beautiful, or sharp or smooth, or touching, or warm, but the real place Jiangong Li is not here. If the creative director's skill is to identify and improve the force that runs through the heart of the most demand strategy, then copy the skill lies in ability to tightly grasp this strategy has always been in the end!
        To do this through the force needed in the following three steps to make efforts to:
        The first step, from the target clients, consumer psychology, combined the characteristics of their own products, selling advertising against competing products, three passers-by Tonggui for their products to extract the core of a differentiated demands. The second step, the core of this differentiation strategy appeals up to the height. Strategy height is not to be comprehensive, there must be 'playing penetration point, less than the rest of' courage.

        The third step, through the size of the title, commanding the full text through in the end, all in one. At the same time to do two things, first, avoid using piling up material, put together the practice of Forum, to be the main line clear, non-sticks is not Man. An analogy that is to make a progressive layers of 'thread' feeling, rather than exhaustive of the 'parallel' feeling, because 'in series' only through the force; Second, we must grasp the rhythm, to fast-paced, do not not clear-cut. Finally, like him to watch television who have direct advertising sales force to see how they grasp the rhythm, to control the audience, learn them, the newspaper write ad copy that kind of rhythm, that kind of momentum, so the firm, which will have run through force newspaper ads, there is this newspaper ad sales force! For example: Oxygen is enacted, the TV ads is as follows:
        Nie Weiping in Chinese chess grandmaster is suddenly locked brow, suck the oxygen is enacted, after a few mouthfuls, he began to start playing chess - Chinese grandmaster is a weak man, his heart is not good, has repeatedly in critical Go Competition due to extremely weak failed. Now he has a good way, oxygen is enacted to protect heart to support the brain, providing oxygen, to solve the problem extremely weak. Nie Weiping Li grandmaster of oxygen may have to be able to find the best in China, as the spokesperson. Oxygen is enacted, successes, not only picked the right image voice, it copied the planning experience in health care products, according to the situation of target consumer groups, the Chinese consumer spending psychology, designed persuasive television commercials. Oxygen-li was also introduced television shopping way strong sales, and achieved great success. Comment: As the oxygen supply of emergency equipment, 'oxygen is enacted,' is clever shaping their own treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become the product, it uses strong sales of TV shopping way to convince health care products-type techniques is that it's success .
        Oxygen is enacted, then take a look at the latest newspaper ads, and its headline is this: to take emotional appeals to guide consumption patterns to remind consumers: buy a car, bought a house, the parents 'oxygen equipment' also the replacement of a. Subtitle: No, no filial piety, blame no action. This is also some strong inside sales mean. The following text is also very soft throughout the force, the introduction of direct 'oxygen is enacted,' has a new product, many parents send their children have to buy. The following text is divided into two parts: the first part will still be 'not that filial piety, blame no action' as a subtitle, the text in order to argue with their methods and objectives of purchasing groups - majority of sons and daughters to communicate facts and reason, and reasonable that all of us of the things around, it seems plain, but can say the people go. Then the second part of the subtitle is straightforward: 'select oxygen is enacted, and get the forest to the parents', 'forest' is a word I personally think that it very well, the first is implicit in the product efficacy, that is breathing fresh, but also very visualize, followed by the 'forest' is a relatively shocking word, sending a forest to the parents, feel-good thick, but also some bright spots, this is also a way to impress people.
        At the same time oxygen is enacted, the ad will be placed in each version of Nie Weiping's photos, although not a testimony of a text, but it has played to let consumers know that oxygen is enacted, Nie Weiping image of the role of advocate, but doing so is also suitable avoided the policies and regulations set forth in the various allowed. Copy of communication with consumers through from start to finish, a good target population through psychological, that is: It is not no love for no fault, action, and then gives recommendations, which is advertising to promote something - oxygen is enacted, a new generation of electronic oxygen.
        Suggestions on print ads
        First, the News asked to speak with facts, I think the ads should use the market speak, to avoid exaggerating, for example, has recently come out of the 'Ricci' weight-loss products, they set up a slimming club for public activities in order to live news coverage in the form of Expand product promotion, a large number of images confirmed that the real situation of the market, please note that the market actually has been mentioned here is not our common drugstore, transfer to the club, enough to show a basic situation of the market, it has done to speak with the market. It is worth mentioning two points, first, its layout, there is no routinely put the box into the bottom half of one end of the layout, but interspersed with pictures and other news, it is based on the form of news photos , the picture element in several important product that contains them all: The basic design for the box background, the above additional price, buy four get one free information on the activities, as well as spokesmen for photos, a small picture to convey a number of product information, and the other one detail, it was announced in the club Note on the column 'depressed obese, nasty fat, please call: 65,513,373', and I'm sure this is the product advisory phone, it appears that the form of innovation is not at blunt, and will encourage consumers tempted to consult, as long as a telephone call is likely to sell products, which is exactly what we said: 'there is communication, it is possible. '
        Secondly, in order to avoid the effects of failure of the status of advertising continues to deteriorate, re-establish consumer trust in advertising, the future of advertising, especially print ads pharmaceutical and healthcare products and consumers should start to communicate, since rational consumers, and we The ads should be more sensible to talk truth, of course, the text still have to try to be brief and clear, direct and easy to understand as far as possible, put it plainly, is to say that consumers want to hear, because many people still are not seeing the ads when complete distrust, more is uncertain, and we give them that confidence. Proposal will draw on some hospital-used 'soft-text image advertising' in the form of brand concept, for a status knock on the hearts of consumers.
        Third, the present medicine and health products are popular print ads to consumers using the testimony, but because of advertising regulations, many of which are against the wind and on the fact, if we should get on the testimony that allows consumers to run, but it does not show specifically who is to say, using colloquial language of expression, be fooled into thinking that it is an individual that such testimony could be clever to avoid the imposition of giving the kind of feeling, so very fake. It also can be implied from the negative side, such as a company's own Web site to do the ads in the advertising slogan is this: 'refusal to wealth, do not click', it gives a hint to seize a number of strong curiosity people's psychology, to prevent points, non-point, again, and who refuse to wealth?