How to write a make satisfactory progress report by the leadership?

        A convenience food company a large area near the newly appointed sales manager Wang Gang, the recent 'trouble', what trouble? Because it has always been to combat 'known' to him, although the market is doing OK, but in the monthly progress report by the repeated 'come a cropper', leading not only to written progress report by his critics as irrelevant, disorganized, but also that he thought this unclear, the logic is not strong, therefore, a written progress report by Cici Du due to, but Guan has been 'shot', which made him very distressed, especially serious is that it is 'boring' but the matter of promotion debriefing report also triggered a human sector and dissatisfaction with their own superiors impeded his normal upgrade, therefore, became his progress report by the promotion of 'bottleneck', which make him feel very depressed ... ...
        In fact, similar to the situation in the case of Wang Gang, in real life which is more prevalent, especially the newly appointed sales manager is often the 'hands' of ability, but the 'write' capacity is poor, while the debriefing report was is that many business sales manager to be life experiences of a 'compulsory', why do I say? Because a good trip report not only be able to demonstrate a sales manager for a period of time since the performance will help sales managers to better present themselves to rapid promotion, but also a sales manager review the past and look to the future thus contributing to their gradual increase a growth platform, therefore, can say will do, good writing (trip report) is the sales manager for quick access to upgrade the 'basic skills'. So, as a qualified sales manager how to write a satisfactory so that the leaders so that they are upgrading debriefing report?
        What is a debriefing report?
        Debriefing report was sales manager, according to enterprise system requirements or the needs of job duties, regularly or irregularly to the higher-ups (such as sales manager or director), parent or related sectors (such as marketing centers, the Ministry of Manpower), presented himself in a certain time to fulfill their duties within the written report.
        Sales Manager written debriefing report, by the time the annual report on his work can be divided into the report, stage debriefing report, periodic progress report by (eg, quarterly, and monthly); by content can be divided into individual debriefing report, collective debriefing reports. A progress report by good sales manager is not only a wonderful display their style of 'window', but also a concise summary of market experience. Good trip report not only Gangjumuzhang, people see the problem clearly, plainly, and the language of organization also makes a beautiful feast for the eyes, a look faster.
        So, a qualified trip report from which the constituent elements formed?
        Progress report by the constituent elements of
        General sales manager by the first progress report by the Department of text and inscribed in three parts. 1. First. Include the title, the main delivery departments or title and so on.
        (1) Title. Progress report by the title of the single-and double-header of the sub-heading. One title is usually "trip report" can also be in the "debriefings" by adding service time and the functions performed; pairs title from the title and subtitle are composed of, plus a dash in front of the subtitle. Is the content of the title is a highly condensed summary report on his work, subtitled with broadly similar to the composition of a single title, such as 'Bishijiuxu, whitewater Yong Jin, seeking to differentiate the marketing of the road - on the first quarter of 2005 progress report by' and so on.
        (2) The main delivery department or title. Top of the first row under the heading of the main grid was sent to departments or titles. Presented to the higher authorities of the debriefing report, shall indicate the department of receipt; to supervisors and human resources departments do debriefing report, shall indicate the title, such as' XX Marketing Headquarters: 'or' Company Lee Total: ',' company's human Department: 'and so on.
        2. Text. From the introduction, main body and the end of three parts.
        (1) Introduction. Sales Manager of the progress report by the general introductory section includes two aspects: First, working introduction to illustrate the representation of their own time, positions and major responsibilities, a brief account of the content and scope of the report on his work; second tenure evaluation, since the brief office work. This part of the try to be brief and clear. For example: 'I in February 2005 he was appointed Sales Manager xx region, six months, under the leadership of the company's correct, I am diligent, self-discipline, skilled in management, the successful completion of the tasks assigned by the company's target , so that the sales of large areas of sales targets and profit targets double-entry compliance. Six consecutive months, sales reached a rate of 100% over June 2005, I lead an operations team is also marketing headquarters awarded the "Outstanding Team" title by the company's solemn recognition of ... .... "
        (2) of the main. This is the core part of the debriefing report, the main statement of discharging his duties, including the four aspects:
        First, the specific achievement of the goals during his tenure and its over. Namely the specific sales targets, profit targets to achieve status and its process, also includes new market development, configuration and build team members, distributors, training and management, channel construction and cost indicators for control of the description and so on. In this section, preferably in the form of sub-list, that is an outcome or achievement in every matter behind, to succinctly describe the results achieved by 'ups and downs' in order to allow the leadership aware of the hard-won achievements. In addition, but also for the outstanding performance and should be carefully written record of rendering and expression, such as over-the completion of the task targets, the market innovative operation, diversified channels to start, the product of creative action, etc., in order to show that you have the correct thoughts as well as the courage to explore the pursuit of excellence mental state. In this column, in the formulation to achieve rate, the number of markets, dealer networks, product structure, growth conditions, etc. accounting for the statistics, but also through columnar diagram, fan-shaped diagrams, graphs, flow chart etc. Expression and analysis, to make the content more clear and visible.

        Second, work problems and ways to improve it. A good trip report does not just results list, which means not just say your results while avoiding the shortcomings of the so-called not just glossy. Sales Manager in the debriefing report which must be Xianyanghouyi, that is, in the 'showing off' sales record, we must also clearly indicated that problems, such as the practical operation of the market among the dealers problems, personnel issues, product issues, market issues There's even before the remaining issues, etc., sales manager only in the debriefing report which sets out a number of problems the objective point, in order for the relevant departments and leadership understand your keen insight, as well as some objectives to achieve no better reason and thus lead to emphasis on leadership, access to the company's support, prompting the company come up with a better solution, the target towards the established direction.
        Sales manager laid out the problem, the remaining solution to the problem at the same time but also turn to the leadership of 'reporting', because any one leader in the end not want to see what the problem is light, but rather depends on the ultimate improvements and solutions. For example, if a team the quality of personnel is not high, can suggest a way through the strengthening of the training to solve; if the product is a single species can be through the development series, a wide range of products to be making it up; and if the dealer layout flaws, you can through the development of The new network, sub-food items, sub-channels are operating the way for settlement and so on.
        Third, work experience, up and extraction. Among the debriefing report that not only lists the 'glorious' for the boss or leader 'visit' and 'enjoy', but also to sum up the way through, the successful experiences of previous qualitative and set-piece and precipitation, such as the successful development of the market the experience, excellent marketing team to create the experience, the control flow of goods washed management experience, distributors control the experience, etc., including the above elements in the process of experience in practice and experience, so that leaders know that you are a good at summing up and upgrade of people, but also easy to derive the leadership inspired to discover more of your strengths and 'glittering', to promote your successful experience.
        4, the next step of work envisaged and planning. After reporting on the results, described the process, summed up the experience, the progress report by essentially came to an end, the next part of the mainly that the future work plan or a direction for future work, goals or plans and so on.
        It includes the following elements: 1, the future of marketing ideas for some time. 2, the next period of time marketing objectives. 3, achievement of objectives of the plans and programs. 4, the request business support projects and so on. In the work plan, the programs listed in the operation and support issues that the working assumption must be practical, we must meet the enterprise's development direction and the situation.
        (3) at the end. The debriefing report made by sales managers are generally used the phrase to end the habit of formatting text, in the debriefing report writing among the humble style at the end, sum up the end as well as the inductive type at the end of the table and others are determined to progress report by the end of the form used.
        1, modesty and style at the end: that the language of a more modest end of the debriefing report in its entirety. For example: 'above debriefing report, because I Caishuxueqian, irregularities, but also look criticized the leadership of corrections' and so on.
        Second, summary-style at the end: that the final chapter to sum up in the form of integration to carry out a final statement, thus ending full text. For example: 'In short, through the operation of the market six months, both achievements and shortcomings, but I believe that in higher-level leaders to lead, we will be able to make persistent efforts, courage and innovative brilliance'.
        Third, determination of type at the end of the table: namely, to the leadership of 'each of the offerings' table in the form of commitment to a lofty sentiments and aspirations-style ending. For example: 'In short, we have the determination, but also confidence in the company's strong support, to overcome all difficulties, all means for the company's hand in a most satisfactory answer ... ...'.
        3. Inscription. The final progress report by the end of a content is the text of the inscription, specifically also includes a signed, written report on his work hours, or two kinds, namely, when the progress report by the end, do not forget to sign the name and date of report will be submitted or written, of course, can also be will be signed on the headings. With regard to this part, this article will not repeat them.
        In short, a good debriefing report, must be illustrated, with a strong readability at the same time, but also vision and reality, the data compared with the facts against the background, thereby to increase the credibility of the report, persuasive. Debriefing report is only equal emphasis on form and content, text and figures simultaneously, a freshly baked good debriefing report will only win the recognition and appreciation of the leadership before the beginning of the case to avoid the kind of embarrassing situation, Wang Gang, so that the leadership of satisfaction with so that they are benefiting.