How to write an annual report yourself for promotion?

        Gestation, when the annual report, although there may not be the end of the first year, but certainly is already the beginning of the second year of work. Allow themselves to be a promotion of the annual report will not be easy, but it can be summed up in the deep past and the future vision in Guashudila, come to the fore!
        Annual report covers a wide range, not only data must be complete, analysis should be thorough, but very incisive point of view, the problem also needs deep. In any case, a good annual report is a summary of past work on the basis, so that there is a more brilliant look at the development and enhancement.
        In short, a good introduction of the annual report, not to leave the following points:
        1, "that in 2004, a snow ', clearly demonstrates the annual harvest
        The annual report to summarize the whole work of the first performance. Of course, many companies are doing a monthly, quarterly, every customer, every activity, etc., the business review, but the annual report of the job performance review will be comprehensive, real, macro-year results of the work reflect . We will see sales, loans, market share, customer number, regional development and other companies are most concerned about the achievement of several targets.
        If you just use words to express, it means you'll continue to write the annual report of the "rookie ', need to refine; if you learn to use the data to express, it means you have a basic entry-a; if you already can use some comparison charts ratio, trends, etc. to express the full year and this year, this product with that product, this activity with that activity, and so the same period, the same industry of the kind of situation, then you report it is considered an expert!
        This first part of the report on the content and form are very important, but there will be even more peculiar, if the company strategy, the company's goals and then very prominently displayed on one side, so that the leadership is very clear to see that you have been Goal-oriented work, at work, not only to complete the goal, and also super-goal, that to let the leadership of more than pleased to ah!
        In short, in this part of the data and charts so to speak, so that's a good contrast with the completely positive trend shows that more thorough more! More flagrant more! !
        2, "East Wind is not broken ', where would Western Paradise of the Scriptures to go back? What are your annual work? Leadership may be aware, it may not fully understand, in the leaders know what achievements you have made throughout the year, the next, homeopathic leadership may want to know: The result is the case, then sales? leaders want your presentation to illustrate the results that they do not ask do not just ask the process of "idiot ', because in the near future, after, they may also assessment of your performance, may have to give you awards for!
        This time, whether you're in the daily course of their work is how to do, whether done a good job done bad, have refined a number of important things first, "experience, as long as willing to think about it, or others'! Does in fact been very Stick to sum up ability to very good, of course, good; but if this were not strong enough, then how should I do? It does not matter, many books and theories can help you!
        Do not be afraid to write some old-fashioned boss has been looking tired of the "company led by good planning and strategy, the company's support of various departments, marketing 4P's a good use of the co-ordination dealers' content. Anyone who has done the report, are basically these departments and regions. But the key is found from these departments and regions, some of you are different from other people's special skills, such as:
        In the company's planning, you have to do some more detailed planning and adjustment, as you found in an area portfolio of products that better withstand competition, so with the firm has made a special request, the ultimate facts prove that the new product The requirement is right;
        You have not only cooperated very well with other departments, you have also allowed a number of related departments to reduce burdens, such as equipment, transportation, financial sector, reconciliation, returns and replacement systems, etc.;
        Marketing 4P You have not only for themselves, but also learned to mix with (example), you also teach dealers how to use a particular dealer is now in the company's help, set up their own professional marketing department of the!
        The above must have a more comprehensive start, it's also very focused, let the leadership of a heart to see one on a bright, even elated: this kid has done this really good idea is also very good, if possible, , I want to study and learn from other regions; or simply to establish the company as a pacesetter for promotion, the company's marketing materials to be included in the Village! This time, then you have the edge to success!
        We can take a look at these areas from the following facts prove that, they are a great business leadership may be the particular favorite:
        FALSIFYING discovery and decisive resolution of the problem; that implementation because the leadership itself is not a good solution! So, can we not like them? !
        Distributors and channel adjustments, channel work, refinement; such leaders may think that you really did a lot of work, no doubts!
        Terminal development and an empty area of development: this kid think the problem will not only want a little more carefully, we would like in front of, it is worth cultivating!
        Increase the rate of money withdrawn from circulation: Back to sections are actually the sales, the company stand to gain much less amount of bad debts is always a good thing!
        Write here, you can build on the progress may be a little "self-interest ', must seize this opportunity to declare yourself the efforts of the team, you have to let the team leaders," an idea', easy to praise the leadership of the next step. Here, you can write something like that: you are under the "East Wind Breaks' determination, you are all targets for the company, in an effort to further efforts to put up with hardships to struggle ever since, you have the team, is a wrought-iron team!
        If the leadership that: they are really worthy of the backbone of the company, they are businesses waist, although they can continue to improve, but has so I am more satisfied! At this time, you are also a step away from the success of the past!
        Third, while we all sang the "Song of Pig ', but we are very sacred!
        In fact, the leadership has already been mentioned above, may be particularly fond of some aspects of the contents of the report, in fact, are basically the business of marketing or specific things. If we can, "both inside and outside ', add the internal management of the content, will be more abundant the structure of this report, it is possible to lead a more admiration for you.
        Line of work bitter, Kuzhongzuoyue is the basic quality of operational staff, but more importantly, set up your organization, team building, employee development, have achieved very good results. Difficult to say that business management team, you do not believe that you have made achievements to prove that!
        This regard, often not very good writing, but careful excavation, or from the following aspects:
        A low turnover rate, employee satisfaction is also OK; bit though humble, but the high aspirations!
        Team operation, we work together, this is corporate soul!
        Getting higher and higher quality employees, because focus on the training.
        Of course, if problems in this regard, how should we do? Such as the fact that a high turnover rate, staff complaining more, then how should I do? It does not matter, leave the matter to the back repeatedly said, this aspect can start to talk about you is how to solve some of these outstanding issues, which do not have very good?
        We have done a lot of basic work, we know that the basic work will bring a better competitive results, gain a competitive edge, we start from the most basic)
        4, the channel on the "no romantic thing ', how do we" Ebb Tide'?
        In fact, the actual operation, the business sector or the most willing to talk, I hope that is changing the content on the channel, including: channel management, dealer operation, FALSIFYING to tackle the problems, the price of the application, channel promotions and flexible , channel snatch, terminal development and regional development and so on. So, here again focus on what will be its extension.
        Many businesses on the channel contents of the report can borrow, but the following is most appreciated by the leadership of:
        Channel structure and channel structure of reasonable adjustment results;
        The number of channel customers change and develop it;
        Channels, the reasonableness of the price system application and channel marketing experience;
        Channel sink to carry out the work;
        Of course, there can also add some content, such as the analysis of key distributors or customers to arrive next year, the channel may be the policy direction, which is very desirable.
        5, "Sister Furong '," Super Girl' such as marketing tool we need more!
        In a comprehensive annual report which is always not good to talk about himself. So, where can be the most relevant business sector out of a department to carry out some of the two sectors benefit analysis and evaluation of the two departments to facilitate a more friendly cooperation and coordination.
        Here, you can right some good marketing analysis of market activity, finally, very grateful, while the market sector with the hope that the market in the coming year the Department to provide more and better weapons to support the hard line of the sales.
        6, "to know the hurt is always inevitable ', though we are a Bird, but want to fly higher!
        By this time, leaders may have been thinking, this guy has been writing achievements, how could no problems or lessons? It seems, "纸包不住火 '," bright ugly' time has come to!
        This is quite a key part. I think it is to focus on thinking part. Many foreign companies because it hoped that this report is the "retreat 'report, hope that this report would be" retreat', because the results represent the past, the problem still involved into the future. With the analysis of the problem and thinking, will it be possible next year's work is to be improved.
        Mention the best two or three major problems in reality, it is best in a very sincere request to jointly explore these issues, it is best in a very practical planning program for the leadership to assist in the analysis, provide support, which is what I this part of the writing advice.
        Generally speaking, business marketing is still so bad but some problems to resolve and hope in the annual report mentioned, including:
        Channels, changing the policy with the company lagged rebate, etc.;
        Slow market response the company in support of departments do not understand and does not support;
        The lack of marketing resources and sales of pressure does not match;
        Your shortcomings often include:
        Executive power is not strong;
        Operational capacity is not high;
        Communication problems with the dealer;
        "Problems and difficulties such as springs, you are weak he must be strong '. You are confident to overcome the difficulties and shortcomings, but want their companies to focus on problems and difficulties are also right!
        7 "ONE WORLD, ONE DREAM ', for next year's fight!
        Finally, the analysis of the market throughout the year, with expectations for next year's work and mastering, but also made a commitment to continue fighting, but also to prepare the system to the plan, a more successful completion of the annual report be considered. But this time, your department a list of all persons attached to the back, first as a letter of determination for the time being, then, this annual report on the merits and virtues of the! A department, a dream, one for the leadership's determination to be assured that with this, we have been invincible in!