How to write the text can be quickly soft-sellers?

        From the last century in the late 90's until now, the soft paper dictionary market in China, occupies a very important position because it had a lower cost of sales of multiple products to create a miracle.
        In many industries, soft man, who is very popular with the preferred marketing tool for. Appliance industry, Haier, Ochs, cosmetics in the Cheng Ming Ming can be taken ... ... and so on, and even the auto industry will also be soft, invited on the guest of honor, such as a car accident the day after Diana, with security as the appeal of the Wo turbo car would lose no time in launching a soft-wen 'If Diana was riding Volvo', attracted everyone's attention. But the real strategy of pushing the soft peak is the text of Chinese medicine health products industry, the soft text in this field has created a myth Melatonin; This makes the subsequent marketing of people jumping on medicine and health products to talk about the soft paper, soft paper craze swept of medicine and health products industry, and even the entire marketing industry.
        Overtaken by events, as consumers of soft paper identification capabilities, consumers gradually moved toward the other extreme, the soft paper produced a strong immune system, resulting in gradual loss of function of soft paper. Many products in the launch of several full-page ad still only received a few phone poor or no telephone, shining white silver failed to be implemented, with Melatonin era of soft-Man simply can not in the same breath, some people even said that the soft Wen era is over.
        However, we are still surprised to find that some products still rely on the sales of soft paper to create miracles, such as OZing, intestinal tea, CES learning, wood dried capsules, etc., which conforms to changes in the market as the big waves of soft-wen Huang淘尽 After sand gold, in the sparkling light.
        So, the new environment, crazy sellers what is the soft text Tempered it?
        One of sellers genes: Function Visualization
        Many years ago, the great master of the ads telling us - 'Do not sell steak, sell Zizi sound', I believe that the surface meaning of this sentence is easy to understand, but to truly understand Master's words is not easy, in practice the application of the more difficult. We found that only a deep understanding of people who can write a master discourse for consumers pocket soft paper. Given the inherent drama of products so that consumers interact with the copy will only result in a product easy to complete the 'thrill of the jump'.
        In the health care products function in the administrative approval, is some insignificant words, such as' antioxidant ',' immune regulation 'and so on; the same medicine attending functions there have been some very difficult to listen to ordinary people to understand, such as' kidney qi ',' Onyang kidney '; these words tend to make ordinary consumers' Zhangerhushang - scratching their heads'.
        Therefore, the product features visualize the whole text of the layout of the soft guiding strategy.
        For example, a Runchang laxative products, can not just stop at the simple instructions on how to purge, otherwise it will foam weakness. 1 sellers of soft feces before and after the text should take the color, shape changes are described, consumers will secretly lying in the toilet stool to observe changes in the formation of interaction with the copy, consumers are naturally 'into the Council', is not convinced that the product effect suspect.
        Such as the wood dried capsules '8000 million years of human bone plug cutter 'soft paper, it vividly points out the pain of bone crowd -' bone pain and suffering, even in patients with family members and friends could not bear to witness, common people who suddenly fell ill a few absorption I air-conditioning, the sound of teeth between the slightest - spur reoccurred! As the saying goes: got bone like a knife inserted where bone ﹍ ﹍ ', such a great accuracy the image description, and consumer psychology had a strong resonance, triggering a high degree of consumer recognition. Concluded that the wood dried capsules 'bone-ri Ba Dao' unique effects, compared to plainly and say, 'to remove bone spurs' a hundred times stronger! The results of soft paper in Harbin, the Japanese phone market to create the amount of more than 500, the first day of advertising sales of more than 90 boxes on the market for a miracle!
        In fact, the effectiveness of visualization products have been the core of product planning, not only in soft paper, is also the core concept of refining products and many other links, such as 'washing the lung', 'colon hydrotherapy', 'washed blood' are planned will be fresh examples of the effectiveness of visualization products.
        Genes of the two sellers: Writing language easy to understand
        The famous Tang Dynasty poet, wrote poems including women and children, is widely sung. Because he wrote a poem for each must be read to the culture around old mother who does not listen, if they did not understand, Po Chu-i will be revised up to understand so far, and thus, Po Chu-i left a lot of language easy to understand, widely held poems. Soft Writing and Po Chu-wen writing style in common is the language popularization, to take care of most of the readers ability to understand.
        Soft-text readers are ordinary consumers, they are generally cultural level is not high, so I decided to soft-text is not poetry, prose, its refusal to modification of rhetoric and refused to lengthy descriptions of ideas and inspiration it needs to be popularized , commercialization, sharp-based.
        A can of soft paper sellers who must be easy to read and understand, which is the prerequisite and basis for, there is no language, reader-friendly, soft, could only highbrow, there is no response, not to mention the natural drive product sales.
        For example, a certain class to lipid products of chitin, chitin can be adsorbed to illustrate the function of blood lipids, soft paper with a 'abducted lipids' argument, so that the complex mechanism has become easy to understand the medical, vivid.
        We write on behalf of a lycopene soft paper products, in order to explain lycopene in removing oxygen free radicals in the capacity of the powerful, we will be fighting both sides both sides of metaphor, 'a lycopene molecules in the battle to the enemy too thousands of the enemy - oxygen free radicals', will be simple and obvious truth of difficult, in the copy test and in-depth understanding of consumers that will not only remember this statement.
        In order to pop, can avoid using the phrase not to use the phrase when he must, be as brief as possible to avoid the rhetoric of the modification, as consumers are familiar with the elements of life to talk sense. For example, Wuhu in Anhui Province to start the market on the use of the common people are familiar with the Yangtze River, with the Yangtze River to illustrate the need for comprehensive management of the human body also needs a comprehensive conditioning truth.
        3 sellers Genes: The Golden Rule
        Golden Rule is a mathematical geometric law in daily life and awareness that has already been applied. For example, the human body (lower body height: body height) if they meet the golden rule, such a body is very beautiful. Scientifically proven, people both in the aesthetic, or receiving information, the most receptive to meet the 'golden rule' pictures and information.
        Crazy sellers of soft paper the structure is very scientific.
        First of all, in the advertising software and hardware as far as possible in line with the proportion of the golden section rule. According to market reaction, the market most sellers are soft soft-text ads with ads hard ad the appropriate image text to say that such a soft upper body like a woman - soft, lower body like a man - hard, this combination of soft and hard soft paper with the best of mass destruction.
        Second, the ratio of the picture and text in line with a soft golden rule text is not easy to allow others 'Shenmeipilao', visually read them more comfortable.
        Third, dissemination of the contents of the text they have to meet golden rule, such as product mechanism and the ratio of cases to be appropriate, said the case throughout the entire reasoning, or not as good as a combination of both is more and more lethal; Another example is the appropriate combination of emotional and rational .
        Of course, the soft-Man's success there are many other reasons, such as soft-Man title, the length of the size of the text, as well as soft-soft combination of strategies between the text and so on, these allegations have been discussed in a number of people in the trade, in this not going to repeat .