How to write conclusion?

        Line in the market, often encountered in very good branch managers and business executives lament: to do the market easy to sum up is difficult to write! When the command to do a market like millions of soldiers and high-spirited, Hui Fang Qiu denounced! Write a summary encountered, then grimacing, 'Who is a hero the world knowledge Han, emotional seven points two-thirds worry' over-cautious, not fun at all to express their views, 'the pot boiled dumplings', which goes cargo is 'down' does not out!
        See other people doing the general market may have continued to rise higher and higher positions, think more about their pay and rewards, a few really happy few unhappy, very yes sigh! Therefore, I write this purpose is: to tell you that written summary is very easy to hope that out of the written summary of the fence, at the same level of business colleagues, the promotion when you get a strong competitive edge!
        1, sum up the importance of
        1, for its part, the conclusion is that the knowledge accumulated by the previous phase of a systematic summary and carding, is a thinking exercise and self-improvement as a process, but also is an upgrade from the practical to the theory, a qualitative leap.
        2, written summary and doing business is an interactive process. Starting from the first day to do business, if you care to sum up, pay attention to the accumulation of common lessons learned to guide their work, make yourself constantly surpass themselves, so that continuous improvement of their own; and the higher professional level, the more able to write good conclusion.
        3, sum up an important means of upward communication, how to make a higher level by word awareness and confirm their own career design is of great significance. In other words, how to make the text on the upward communication is an essential quality of a good marketing person. Of course, a good summary for promotion of the Road for achieving an effective way!
        4, sum up the overall quality is also an embodiment of operational staff.
        2, How to Write Summary
        1, do a good job summing up position. Where according to their own department, where the posts are engaged in the business to write, it is best not to exceed the scope of their own. If you sum up the contents of written corporate CEOs should write about the content, if you sum up the contents of written subordinates, you should write the content, these are not appropriate positioning. Especially in its conclusion, but also pay attention to this point.
        2, to find out who the main audience for such and secondary audiences such as who, as well as the summary or the purpose of the meeting.
        Such as the annual year-end summary of a National Sales elite gathered to accept the overall review of the whole group. Here, the main target audience is the corporate CEOs, marketing director of a secondary target audience is one of many marketing officers and other departments. Purpose of the meeting is to boost morale, win over the people. Therefore, the summary of the main content should be more than sum up the experience, sum up results, use more inspiring militant statements and inflammatory conditions of the statement (such as 'Diaopi out did not lag behind the meat, blood sweat no tears'), in order to achieve The purpose of morale, so that everyone can see companies hope to see a company's prospects, this is the top priority.
        Conversely, if you say anything, if the company would have any serious problems exist, how worrying, or even whole article does not point to encourage the people of the statement, although you say the problem is really, but your summary and this meeting contrary to the purpose, then you have this wrap-up failure. To keep in mind: You can not violate the purpose of the meeting.
        3, an effort to make data-based, icon-based, so that texts and pictures, to professional standards.
        To make a summary of their strong specialization of some Members might find it very difficult. In fact, if you have mastered some of these techniques, it's very simple. Some people look very professional, in fact, to produce a few slides fills but nothing more. To establish their own professional image of the summary:
        First of all, do a good job of summing up the data, because of general concern to company CEOs is the big picture, because little time, so usually the area of micro-and fine-cut paid little attention. He therefore anxious to know what some of the details in order to balance their own psychological needs. In conclusion, multi-purpose writing some of the data or quantify the argument text to do is to make the sum up one of the ways professional.
        Secondly, multi-use icon-based tool, if you can skillfully use the word choice of graphics, is sufficient, there are a lot of good tools for drawing, can produce various types of flow, channel control chart, the price control charts, organizational charts and so on.
        In addition, if if you already know of these cases, you can learn about an array of two-dimensional analysis, swot analysis, tree analysis, fishbone diagram analysis, excel charts (such as histograms, trends, graphs , pie chart, etc.) analysis of the use, you must make a summary of major slack!
        4, refined eye-catching title of
        The title is 'eye', how to let everyone see them eye-catching, I feel Tingyou new ideas, and interesting to read on or listen to it a written summary of this another way.
        a, multi-purpose phrase. Such as 'the same fate, Figure survival and development'.
        b, multi-purpose lines. Such as' dare to teach new ones days sun and the moon --- remember *****'.
        c, with the couplet, or proverb, and so.
        5, sum up the contents of the
        There are a lot of business people often say that I would like written summary of material and information may be too little, and how to collect more information? In fact, this is easy, here, give us a few ways. As long as you have mastered, and on all control their own destiny in.
        a, normal attention to gathering a number of writing knowledge and professional knowledge, and subtotal data.
        b, cultivate the habit of reading all directories. Such as reading a book, first of all look at directory, and then they want to write directory how to make their own content, from what he himself wrote? Methods of analysis and then and book contrast, find their own inadequacies, and to improve their writing analysis.
        c, attention to the problem classification. There are several aspects to a problem, then one aspect is further divided into several categories. Not only coherent conclusion, but also further enrich the contents of the summary.
        6, the use of rhetorical devices.
        If you want a magnificent sum up, then use multi-purpose parallelism; if you want the summary easy to understand, it multi-purpose metaphor; If you want to tone and strengthen the conclusion to draw attention, inspire thought, then asked, and asked the question whether multi-purpose ... ...
        7, written at the beginning, at the end.
        'A good beginning is half way to success', written summary as well. The following brief summary of several common at the beginning and end of methods.
        a, at the beginning of law. 'Suspense at the beginning of the Law', grasping the people, exciting, step by step to attract your attention; 'time at the beginning of the Law', like 'time flies, time Rusuo', 'Autumn in October, Tan Kwai fragrance'; 'poetry at the beginning of the Law', such as' One year spent similar, but each is different from year after year '.
        b, the end of the law. 'One end of the law', such as' short ... ...; in a word, etc.; 'poem at the end of self-reform law', such as' Today is Xiao-he was exposed sharp corner, tomorrow will be flying lotus fragrance fill the ponds'.
        8 In addition, if it is a meeting with a summary of speakers also need to have a good acting, this is not the content of this article highlighted here will not repeat them here. Also, in summing up the headquarters on how to lead to policy and so on, which had already been devoted, there is no longer described.
        In short, when it comes not as good as done, to be done all the best. As long as the ground thinking, often brain, a good summary can be almost certain! If the above aspects that you can play a good, you will never again worry about the conclusion. I believe that excellent business skills, a good summing up the dream of a stage = Success!