Coca-Cola Key Success Factors Analysis of the brand articles (2)

        Coca-Cola Company to adapt to the changes in the global beverage market in 2001 set a fairly appalled by many beverage company's strategic objectives: not just in the first carbonated beverage to be eternal, but also in other great achievements of the beverage industry, to become a full - position of the beverage company. In recent years, through the joint efforts of Coca-Cola employees, in addition to carbonated drinks continue dominating the industry leader, the non-carbonated drinks has made leaps and bounds. Non-carbonated fruit juice drinks - Queer juice, purified water - ice Lotion (water-sen live), not only shattered the original type of beverage giants of heavy blockade, but also in many cities to obtain the leading position in the whole of China is also widely Hands and success.
        However, for the welcome should be a full-beverage company has launched the tea family, is in China's repeated failures, keep on fighting, continuous introduction of a few tea beverage brand, a brand any of them have failed to step onto the national the top three brands. This has been a Coca-Cola Company's heartache. Coca-Cola operations in China, tea beverage market has five or six years, now is the season of strong sales of tea drinks soon, through the accumulated experience of previous years, this summer, sales of tea drinks would have changed the original Gray-headed gray face a situation , victory, or is still tepid, continues to be the Coca-Cola is always pain in the hearts of it?
        Let us look at a brief analysis of each of the past few years in China, Coca-Cola Company introduced tea beverage brands. At the same time, also came to Kuikan look at why these brands did not succeed.
        1, 'Heaven and Earth' tea beverage:
        'Heaven and Earth' is the Coca-Cola Company in China, developed a non-carbonated beverage brands, including tea and mineral water, two product lines. 'Heaven and Earth' tea drinks in the September 1998 launch in China, had developed, including oolong tea, jasmine tea and lemon tea, including three varieties and low-sugar, sugar-free two kinds of taste. 'Heaven and Earth' Tea is selected minerals in the water brewing tea to be made, so its duties Ganxiang tea flavor, it is a long time aftertaste.
        'Heaven and Earth' a major consumer of tea drinks group is young people in the pursuit of modern life. Drink 'Heaven and Earth' tea drinks so that they can enjoy without going through the brewing high quality tea, particularly convenient. In the thirst at the same time enjoy the kind of stylish, comfortable feeling with their pursuit of a noble life goals consistent with the spirit and trend of the times, they are sought appreciated.
        'Heaven and Earth' tea drinks aimed at young people in the pursuit of modern life, it is positioned in the high-end product prices. At a time when tea drinks in its development just before the stage, with limited spending power, consumer groups are not large, need to go to create a demand for consumers. These pairs have been very much at home in the carbonated drinks sector's operations, 'as one do one thing' Coca-Cola company, is no small challenge: First, we must in the original package to fight all consumers pulled out of the operation of the concept of looking for specific target populations; one key market focus and sales are not up shift to this new brand, the brand is very easy to bury in dozens of SKU; there are mainly tea beverage sales do not have much experience, according to Coca-Cola company to do the top three brands do spirit, seemed a bit too much from the objective reality, and thus hard to avoid branding anticlimactic ending.
        Due to the 'Heaven and Earth' is a locally-based Coca-Cola brand, international brand and co-branded with the rail operation, so that 'Heaven and Earth' tea drinks by international brands extrusion, living space is limited; the same time, when the Coca-Cola Company The bottling plant is not implemented throughout the product manager system, which represents small-the brand of 'heaven and earth' the survival of tea can not have a larger or separate space. In the end, 'Heaven and Earth' tea drinks have to move toward annihilation outcome.
        2, 'lan wind' honey tea beverage:
        'Lan Wind' tea beverage is an excellent Japanese-style taste with honey, tea, targeting high-end consumer market. Because of the brand launch of tea has become popular at the time of the occasion, but the high-grade tea was still a music high and widowed, consumer acceptance is not high, so even if the Coca-Cola company started a large-scale Distribution, but the Distribution period is over , since many terminals not sold very well, so marketing is not very wide, the end, only supermarkets in sales. Although the introduction of 'lan Wind' series of tea drinks, the known to be involved in all of China's tea varieties, and the Coca-Cola Company has also returned to within the 'Arashi Wind' tea set a target market, or more than 'Master' and 'unity'. Finally, since strategy and operational errors, the product a decline in sales, many cities had to be low-cost tie-ins, or are forced to wind up the payment of benefits to employees.
        'Lan Feng' position in the successful and young women drinking tea is a successful woman or the pursuit of quality of life and enjoy life the performance of the most decent things. The taste of its impressive performance indeed made a considerable number of successful women tempted to buy and enjoy it. However, due to price targeting high-end, successful women, after all, is limited, eventually be forgotten.
        From here, Coca-Cola product imported from Japan, hoping to bring the product image of the product better and higher international image. This 'lan Wind' honey for tea, but is not a good selling point. Because, in China, the local tea culture has a long history, consumers believe: the vitality of foreign tea, tea, than the vitality of the local community will be even shorter.

        3, 'Sunshine' Icy tea drink:
        Youth shine when the sun next generation. Acid bit by bit the growth of those sweet, like 'Sunshine' Icy tea, Youziyouwei, it is difficult to forget. 'Sunshine' This influenced a generation of people in Hong Kong and beverage brands, in the nineties of the last century, to a new external, new content appears in front of consumers in the mainland, becoming Coca-Cola entered China's tea market in force .
        'Sunshine' Icy tea with Coca-Cola's strong product development capabilities, successfully fragrance tea flavor and the perfect combination of fresh fruit flavor to create a unique sweet and sour taste of a grid. 'Sunshine' has a black tea, green tea, 2 Department of lemon, and plum flavors taste a variety of options.
        'Sunshine' Icy tea can be said that the main reason for the failure attributed to the tastes bland and is not to attract 'the sun a new generation of' young people packaging. With the two previous unsuccessful lessons, Coca-Cola in the subjective will 'Sunshine' Icy tea attaches great importance up. Increased costs of inputs, hired a high popularity in Asia's 'Muji' spokesmen for the image; product prices have also been re-positioning the brand of tea is no longer the same as the previous two people feel is nothing ordinary people. Consumers feel that, Coca-Cola Company's products should be like 'Coca Cola' as approachable.
        As the product itself is not attractive, so soon unmarketable products. In early 2002 in some cities such as Zhengzhou, etc. The second listing, or not to change the people of their impression.
        4, 'Nestle' Icy Tea Drinks:
        In 2002, Coca-Cola to use its strengths in the global sales network and brand advantages, Nestle to use its strong product development capabilities, the two companies strong alliance, formed a joint company BPW (Beverage Partners Worldwide). After the marriage of two companies, cooperative company's first crystallization is 'Nestle' Icy Tea. The tea is sold at the beginning the conduct of a global unified design, you can say that the two companies are ambitious, anxious to be bigger and stronger.
        This tea is defined as 'Western Icy Tea', defined as 16-29 year-old consumers to the pursuit of western lifestyle of young people. Therefore, the Coca-Cola Company to vigorously implement localization in the same time, where advertising has enabled Westerners. Each listing the city's market, input costs an average of nearly 10 million, are in order from the two main competitors to win a certain tea drinks market share as soon as possible for consumers to understand, familiar with the purchase of the product.
        Beijing belongs to the world's first city listed on the product can be said that the global Coca-Cola system are concerned about their sales in Beijing and hoped it will be an instant hit, to the global 'Nestle' Icy tea sales with a good start. So Coca-Cola (China) Company may at cost, held a very large order will be in Beijing subway stations in some key free drinks, even in the winter in December, are still large and entitled 'cool to the complete 'The television commercials. In the sales cycle, purchase channels, promotions, price discounts, promotions, promotional gifts to buy one after another, the terminal point of sale displays activities, purchase incentives for continued. But in the end or dry thunder, little rain, not much improvement in sales. Had by the end of 2002 to obtain a certain market share, but still tepid.
        Coca-Cola Company after nearly two years Nestea sales, can be said that the Chinese did not achieve the original goal of the expected market share. Originally intended to creative a 'Western-style Icy Tea' concept ultimately did not firmly establish the minds of consumers. However, China is a tea consuming country, there are far-reaching history of tea culture, consumption potential is very large, so Coca-Cola will definitely not stop there either.
        Through the above analysis, it can be drawn to promote Coca-Cola Company in the tea beverage indeed there is great depth to be tapped, certainly there are many areas for improvement. While the consumption of tea drinks stronger brand loyalty, but the launch of Coca-Cola brands are ringing, as long as the promotion appropriately, should have a good market performance, consumer loyalty to Coca-Cola Company will not become impediments to the promotion of tea drinks.
        Recently Coca-Cola is not only the original Nestle tea, PET packaging has been redesigned, using Coca-Cola company has extensive design experience of the special-shaped bottle, the original promotional strategy will be to re-planning, preparation before the arrival of the Olympic Games in China, had an outstanding performance . As a result, in April launched the first office in Beijing in mid-Nestle 'Ice pole' drink, this drink Nestea in the original, based on the composition made by adding a new cold drink.
        Coca-Cola as long as the introduction of new products for the long-term development dollars are generally generous. This is said to carry 80 million to build this new flavor, so if the extension properly and to learn from the original sales experience, then the market will be the one tea waves!
        Although Coca-Cola China has been published several times in the tea drinks are not successful, but after all, there are some good market performance, as long as a good regeneration, and in China's vast tea beverage market, it should be good as. We also hope that this new listing, will be able to make up this piece of tea sold short board, a real beverage industry 'The Godfather'.