How to Write a promotional program of activities

        Sales promotion (SALES PROMOTION) is personal selling, advertising, public relations in parallel with one of the four basic promotional tools. Promotional activities referred to herein refers to the sales promotion for consumers, as against the dealers, manufacturers, sales personnel, sales promotion is not being discussed in this context. As competition intensifies, the promotional activities for consumers in the marketing aspects of the status has become increasingly important. According to statistics, domestic enterprises, promotion costs and advertising costs of the ratio of 6:4. As a careful operational programs to a large extent determine the outcome of the war, as a systematic and comprehensive program of activities is to guarantee the success of promotional activities.
        How to create promotional programs? A comprehensive program of promotional activities in twelve sections:
        1, activity OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the market situation and activities elaborated. How do market conditions? To carry out what is the purpose of this activity? Dealing with stocks? Is to enhance sales? In the fight against competitors? Is a new listing? Or enhance the brand awareness and reputation? Only clarity of purpose in order to make the activity targeted.
        Second, active objects: activities aimed at the target market for each individual or a particular group? What activities within the scope of control? Who are the main objective of promotion? Who is the promotion of secondary goals? Correctness or otherwise of these choices will have a direct impact on the ultimate effect of promotions.
        Third, the theme: In this section, mainly to resolve two problems:
        1 to determine the theme
        2, packaging, theme
        Price cuts? Price discounts? Gifts? Draw? Voucher? Services Promotion? Demo promotion? Consumer credit? , Or other promotional tools? Choice of what kind of promotional tools and what kind of promotional theme, taking into account activities, objectives, competitive conditions and the environment, and promotion of cost estimates and allocation.
        After determining the theme of art as much as possible to 'pull a tiger to do the banner', to play down the commercial purpose of promotion, to make the activity closer to consumers, better hit with consumers. Love more than a few years ago VCD's 'Sunshine of action' was a classic, simply put a price-cutting promotions of action packed into a love of action to safeguard the interests of consumers.
        This section is the core part of the promotional program of activities should be innovative, to make the activity with a shocking and exclusive.
        4, activities: this explained some of the major activities carried out in specific ways. There are two questions we should focus on to consider:
        1 to determine the partners: one way or another backed by the government, or hang up the media's 'sheep's head' to sell their own 'dog'? Is a manufacturer acting alone or jointly and distributors? Or joint promotions with other manufacturers? And the government or the media to help take this chance and drum up support; and distributors or other manufacturers combined to integrate resources, reduce costs and risks.
        2 to determine the degree of stimulus: For promotion to succeed, we must make the event a stimulating force, can stimulate the target audience to participate. Higher the degree of stimulus to promote the sales of the larger response. However, this stimulus there are also marginal effect. Therefore, an analysis of practice must be based on promotions and summary, and with the objective to stimulate the market environment to determine the appropriate level and the corresponding costs of inputs.
        5, activity time and place: the time and place of promotional activities will be more efficiently make the right choices, choose the wrong will be thankless. In time as far as possible so that consumers will be free to participate in the locations to provide consumers convenient, but also to advance with the urban management, business and other departments to communicate better. Not only the promotional campaign launched by the timing and location is important, how long to achieve optimal results have in-depth analysis. The duration is too short will result in this time can not be achieved within a repeat purchase, many of the benefits to be obtained can not be achieved; duration is too long, we might be too expensive and the market do not form a heat, and reduce the customer in mind worth.
        6, ad with the method: a successful promotional activity, requiring a full range of advertising tie. Choice of what kind of advertising creativity and performance practices? Choice of what kind of media hype? These are means different audiences arrival rate and cost of inputs.

        7, pre-preparation: pre-preparation of sub-3,
        A, and personnel arrangements
        2, material preparation
        3, pilot program
        Personnel arrangements, to be 'all things to do, everything was tubes', no gaps, but also no cross-point. Who is responsible and the government, the media communication? Who is responsible for copy writing? Who is responsible for site management? Who is responsible for issuing gift? Who is responsible for customer complaints? To take into account all aspects of a clear, otherwise you will chicken out of trouble, trade-off.
        In the materiel readiness, we must unavoidably, large vehicles, small screws, should be listed here, and then press a single inventory, ensuring fail-safe, or will inevitably lead to a hectic scene.
        Of particular importance, because the program of activities is determined on the basis of experience, it is necessary to conduct the necessary tests to determine whether the selection of the right promotional tools to stimulate the degree of suitability of existing channels is satisfactory. Test ways is to ask consumers to fill out questionnaires or in a particular area pilot programs.
        8, medium-term steps: the medium-term operational activities are mainly discipline and field control.
        Discipline is fighting to ensure the implementation of the program to be a perfect prerequisite for participation in the program in response to the activities of officers on the various aspects of discipline to make detailed provisions.
        Field control, mainly due to all aspects of the arrangements clear, to do and orderly, there are orderly.
        Meanwhile, in the process of implementing the program should promote a timely manner the scope, intensity, amount and focus adjustments to maintain control over promotions.
        9, post-renewal
        Continuation of the latter part of the problem is mainly media for the event will take follow-up manner in which the media propaganda? Melatonin is a master in this respect, even if a so-so success of promotional activities will be unprecedented speculation in the media.
        10, cost budget: there is no interest there would be no meaning. The cost of promotional activities, inputs and outputs should be made to the budget. Multi-year love VCD's 'Sunshine Action Plan B' to end in failure of the reason is not cost to the budget, until the activity carried out only after the company found that this scheme did not financially support. A good promotional activities, a good idea alone is not enough.
        11, accident preparedness: for each event are likely to experience some unexpected. Such as government intervention, consumer complaints, and even lead to sudden change in weather outdoor promotional activities can not continue and so on. The need for all possible accidents to make the necessary human, material and financial resources in preparation.
        12, the effect estimates: Predicting what this event would reach the effect, after the event in order to facilitate comparison with the actual situation, from the stimulus level, promotion opportunities, promotions, media, and other aspects of summing up successful point and point of failure.
        Part of more than 12 programs a framework for promotion, in practice, there should be a bold imagination, careful gathering of evidence, analysis to compare and optimize in order to achieve the best value.
        With a strong persuasive and operational program of activities, in order to allow the company to support your program, but also in order to ensure the implementation of the program to be perfect, so that promotions play a largely rebutted effect.