On accelerating the development of tourism industry in Benxi

Abstract: The Twelfth National Games for the development of tourism industry, Benxi City, improve urban quality provides a good opportunity for this to be by showing tourism image, improving tourism facilities, enhance cultural development and promotion, hosting sporting events and many other measures to promote Benxi comprehensive development of tourism.

Keywords: tourism industry, urban development, sports

CLC: F592.7 Document code: A As urbanization continues to deepen, for economic development, expanding urban influence, will host sporting events as an important means of shaping the image of the city has become the consensus of many Chinese cities. As an emerging industry, sports can form a huge consumer market, as domestic demand and expand consumption of new economic growth point ¨]. Not only hosted the Olympic Games in Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, many small cities are also strive for international or national contest organized, such as cycling road race Tour of Qinghai Lake in Qinghai Province, Dalian, Xiamen International Marathon, Sanya international beach volleyball tournament, Guangxi Liuzhou F1 powerboat race, etc. However, due to its geographical position, economic development and cultural characteristics, and many other factors, Benxi has not yet put the sports industry as a priority development projects.

Although the development of Benxi in the sports industry started late, but you can learn from the lessons of the city, and tap the potential advantages.

The end of August 2010, held in Shenyang Women's World 9-Ball Championship, ad during the game, and also found that millions of viewers are fascinated by Maple Leaf - Benxi, however this is only a small chopper pilot, 2013 will be held in Liaoning Province Twelfth National Games will be leveraging Sports Benxi City, the development of the tourism industry, to further improve the urban quality and greater opportunity Benxi, Liaoning successful bid to host the Games, Liaoning, tourism is one of the largest industries benefit, will directly contribute to Liaoning tourism industry to a higher level. How to fully grasp the use of the National Games in Liaoning opportunity to play a prominent Shenyang, Benxi City, adjacent to the main stadium of the regional advantages of tourism resources and industrial advantages, enhance the international image of Benxi City travel and tourism industry level, to promote the city of Benxi transition to strong tourism , is of great significance.

1 Benxi tourism industry faces opportunities Benxi Games Games main stadium as the second session of the neighboring cities of Shenyang in Shenyang in the context of the integration, economic competition in the Games already occupy a favorable position, the whole operation will be for the development of tourism in Benxi City Come and bring opportunities and far-reaching impact.

1) tourism infrastructure will be effective in improving

As the Games sub-venue city, its greatest impact will be to promote Benxi City Construction. Successful bid to host the Games, Benxi City in time to develop a "welcome the whole operation, creating brand image" three-year action plan in full Games venue construction, efforts to enhance the level of sports infrastructure construction, start the "three major projects": Shen River City Sports Center, Benxi City, fitness center engineering and Benxi City Stadium renovation project. these landmark buildings will be fully transformed Benxi City infrastructure, transportation, environmental protection, communications and competition venues, the objective is also an overall improvement of the tourism environment Benxi City.

2) the tourism market will be able to improve the source structure to tourists, mostly near Benxi city in the short-haul tourists, the province, foreign tourism is the weak link in Benxi City tourism. Games women's basketball, youth soccer program and highways cycling race held in Benxi City, will bring a certain number of athletes, staff, news reporters and watch events and sightseeing tourists at home and abroad, to promote the province Benxi City, outbound tourism market provides a good opportunity. 2013 National Games will make the country and the world to understand Benxi, Benxi City to create the best tourist image of the brand, thus boosting the province after the Games, the continued increase in the number of foreign tourists, the province is open, lay the foundation for overseas tourism market.

3) will enhance the quality of tourism services

Tourist service, the Games also an important part of hospitality services. Benxi rarely receive large active service experience, and therefore meet the National Games preparations, the reception is bound to board a new level. Solidly implemented industry service quality standards and service etiquette, strengthen hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tourist attractions, tour guides service quality assessment and monitoring, especially to strengthen the reception staff and tour guides hotel management training, including travel services industry standards, tourism safety and security knowledge of etiquette hotel services, hotel safe emergency management, took the opportunity to raise the overall quality of tourism services.

4) tourism-related industry will be rapid development

Tourism industry is a strong industry association, it is almost all industries and the national economy have taken place in a direct and indirect relationships.

Games will bring lots of opportunities for Benxi City with its own characteristics, the tourism industry and other related industries, integration development, the use of combined business travel, cultural tour combined tour combines body, combined with cross-brigade, engineering brigade combined agricultural tour combined with other many of the patterns to create the conditions. prompting Benxi City in expanding tourism market, the further revitalization of the steel, pharmaceutical and other industries.

2 Games seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of tourism Benxi City, Benxi Tourism Strategy 2.1 show "Three are five city" tourism brand image is the image of modern tourism is one of the most important means of competition. Games is currently the country's most influential major sports events, CCTV broadcast the enormous effects of the media is to establish a regional tourism destination image is the best carrier, so to fully understand the Benxi City Games to the enormous opportunities Benxi travel to establish good brand at home and abroad. Benxi City Games should allocate special funds to increase tourism promotion activities, efforts to promote the municipal government of the "three cities are five" plan. "Three are five city" is both the characteristics of Benxi, Benxi is the goal, but also Benxi accelerate the reform and opening up and modernization measures to build "three are five city" that is, the characteristics, objectives, measures the Trinity. "Sandu" refers to the steel capital, both pharmaceutical and maples are the "five cities" refers to the National Forest City, China Excellent Tourism City, National Garden City, National Sanitary City and the National Environmental Protection Model City by the National Games will Benxi, "three are five city" style show to the world, show the world a harmonious and civilized New Benxi.

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2.2 expedite Benxi Benxi tourism infrastructure should seize the opportunity the Games, hard work combining modern and traditional, combining cultural and natural tourist city development goals, should increase investment in the transformation of urban infrastructure, transportation, information service system, to enhance the taste of the city of Benxi in Benxi City, transforming the old areas and new urban development and construction should be in accordance with the high standards and requirements of moderate advance, construction of modern, rational layout, complete functions matching system, should focus on planning and construction Pingdingshan Park, Prince Edward Rivers Waterpark, Benxi Iron and Steel Industrial Park, Xihu Park, the city has built a real landscape, landscape garden city in the city should build five-star hotel, an international conference center, in the enhanced tournament reception capacity at the same time enhance tourism external reception capacity, improve service levels and if budget allows, you can open the national trend of the first question in Benxi Aoyama clear water building a road bike. The 2013 Games in Benxi City, the development of tourism to play the best benefits, and promote the overall progress of tourism in Benxi City.

2.3 Strengthening Benxi urban culture and propaganda Culture is the soul of the city, but also the soul of tourism, but also with the development of tourism symbiotic companions, so it can be said that cultural tourism industry.

Benxi City has a rich historical and cultural heritage, such as eco-geological and cultural, Prince Edward River culture, Manchu culture, Koguryo culture, religion and culture, but to explore, organize, and research is still relatively low, the market is far from being formed, are "kept in purdah did not know. "So should strengthen cultural tourism Benxi packed and east by the Games for publicity and promotion, such as five women should learn from the successful experience of mountain inscription, start World Natural Heritage Benxi, Benxi National Geological Park declared world geological park, should be fully demonstrated, represented by the Manchu Folk Culture and so on.

2.4 establishment of specialized research institutions

As Benxi City, the only universities, Liaoning Institute of Technology has tourism as a priority the development of key disciplines, and has set up a "two for a while," that is, "Human Resource Management", "Regional Institute of Benxi folk" and " Benxi Tourism Society. "as a professional research institutions should Benxi City Games Tourism as a special research project to conduct a comprehensive investigation surrounding the Games, the organization held a" National Games and Benxi tourism "and other aspects of theoretical seminars, design set of local characteristics and physical characteristics of the combination of tourism products, tourism promotion strategy formulation Benxi National Games and the specific implementation measures, etc., and the results reported to the relevant authorities. coordination Benxi City Games promotion of tourism products outreach work, so Games effectiveness in Benxi City tourism is maximized.

2.5 build their sporting events with the Benxi City Tourism format changes, the traditional static scenery tourism and cultural tourism has gradually slightly monotonous, dynamic sports tourism and other leisure tourism has become the era of tourism fashion. Benxi City if positioned itself as a modern international tourist city, they should strive to create the spirit of sport and culture of Manchu culture meet only through sporting events in order to highlight the vitality of a city, in order to highlight one face of the city. Because sport is a way of life, it can represent a city's image, style and unique spirit. Choose what kind of brand events, it should be unique and Benxi City, Benxi city geography and culture unique to meet, through Such events can show the city's overall style, such as Benxi City in recent years, remarkable achievements in cycling, whether it can be considered as an exercise bike Benxi City landmark leisure sports brand to entertainment, participation as one prominent sports and leisure , public participation, stylish travel characteristics. held regularly every year and can include events, the opening ceremony, fashion events, trade fairs, training seminars, design contests, etc. can be arranged venue spa resort in Benxi, tunnel area, closed Hill area, five female mountain area, Daya river rafting area, the Xihu Scenic other famous scenic spots in Benxi, Benxi geographical indications will most mountains, rivers, Qidong, leaves, forests, hot springs and other elements, through television event broadcast, spread every corner of the country.

Benxi need to sporting events as a business card, to build a city card, sporting events also need Benxi unique tourism resources to shape the events of the brand, the two complement each other, are indispensable. Equalizing charge, but due to maintenance reasons, not timely inspection battery single cell voltage and fill with water, resulting in a 632 diesel locomotives in 2006 appeared the phenomenon of thermal runaway, and to a group of VRLA batteries scrapped, other groups have also emerged diesel locomotive battery thermal runaway early symptom, As promptly remedy the above process, has yet to appear batteries overheating out of control, battery life is higher than the design requirements, and the battery capacity has not changed much. ensure reliable use of diesel, while reducing the use of locomotives costs.


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