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Abstract wetland conservation and tourism needs to coexist total development. The Phoenix Island Wetland Park tourism projects planned to take full account of the wetlands, natural resources, cultural and historical advantages, the status of the agricultural industry and the unique geographical advantages, the Wetland Park travel planning into three thematic clusters and protection, restoration, advocacy, education and so on throughout the travel behavior which makes travel pristine wetlands, to achieve the integration of the development of tourism and conservation.

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With the accelerated process of urbanization is shrinking wetlands degradation, wetland protection, ecological restoration become the most important wetlands in recent years to work, on the contrary, "Wetland Tourism" but gradually fade in, fade out of sight of the planners, it seems to protection "for the background of the current, tourism seems to" destroy ", synonymous with the sustainable development of the" interference "of wetlands. fact, a correct understanding of the relationship between protection and development, to control the good tourism degree or type of project, the wetlands tourism into the ecological protection and restoration, wetland tourism wetland protection and restoration of an integral part of the wetland park reserve force of sustainable development can not be ignored. Jiangsu Phoenix Island Wetland Park combined with the locational advantages of the wetlands, natural resources, cultural characteristics etc., reasonable, the distinctive subjectivity tourism project planning, reflecting the style of earthy green, leisure, native birds, publicity and education, and the integration of the ecological environment of the wetlands.

An overview Yangzhou Phoenix Island Wetland Park is located in the northernmost territory of Guangling Taian Town, Shaobo Lake flows through the connection point of the seven rivers are seasonal over-water lakes and wetlands. The Phoenix Island Wetland Park area of ​​2.25 km2 by Golden Bay Peninsula, poly the phoenix island Mans Rice Island, wetlands, accounting for 78.2%. 2002 Phoenix Island Wetland Park from planning and construction, has built, including the visitor center, observation tower, Phoenix Court, Phoenix TV, covered bridges, rope bridge, coffee facilities construction necessary supporting facilities such as water and electricity.

2 resource conditions

2.1 wetland characteristics, fully functional obvious habitat differentiation Phoenix Island, Golden Bay, the island is surrounded by the river, surrounded by river of poly phoenix Island, the island's lakes and marshes, wetlands, its area belongs lake wetland types (Figure 1 ) Phoenix Island with 26 families of birds, 81 species, 67 kinds of fish 9 orders, 16 families, 6 orders, 8 families and 12 species of mammals, amphibians orders, 4 families six kinds of reptiles, 2 orders, 7 families and 15 kinds of planktonic animals of 159 species, 38 kinds of benthic animals; 43 families of higher plants, 104 kinds of ① 90 genera.

2.2 rich cultural heritage Phoenix Island is surrounded by ancient canal operation and the Salt River, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, this piece of land, with the canal has the closest relationship (Figure 2 Phoenix Island Wetland Park is also bound to be a great potential for tourism development, "Canal Culture island. "2.3 agriculture and prominent features Phoenix Island as a national agricultural tourism demonstration sites, national 3A level tourist area, Jiangsu Provincial Forest Park, Yangzhou City only an ecological leisure class scenic spots.

Yangzhou Phoenix Island Wetland Park is located Guangling Taian Town in the northernmost 2.4 prominent location advantage, Shaobo Lake flows through the connection point of the seven rivers (Figure 3 the Phoenix Island phenomenon in Yangzhou have a certain reputation in the market to market good foundation annually The number of visitors is up to 60 million people.

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3 projects planned the the Phoenix Island Wetland Park tourism project planning fully consider wetlands own the natural resources, cultural and historical advantages, agricultural industry status quo, and unique regional advantages, the Wetland Park planning into three thematic clusters: Phoenix forestry with the project group, Golden Bay Peninsula leisure project group and poly the phoenix Island birds ecological project group (Figure 4. theme of each project group image, theme logo leading theme refinement planning.

The 3.1 phoenix forestry with the project group

1) theme image: amusement Wangsimni ecological corridor, to enjoy the fun of the farm in country. 2) theme logo: colorful trail. 3) dominant function: the appreciation of natural beauty in fruit picking and vegetable cultivation. 4) theme project colorful trail: in tour on both sides of the road to create a different season of the a colorful pastoral landscape pattern and sculpture give visitors a strong visual feel. the Baiguo: on the basis of the original orchard, add strawberries, grapes, cherries and different seasons of the Thematic fruit garden vegetable garden, and harvest festival held in the quarter of mature fruits, vegetables, and experience the joy of harvest. flowers nursery: building a large-scale flowers and nursery base, Yangzhou city flower supply base, while visitors in viewing, cheaper price to buy flowers to take home and garden fragrance: on the basis of the original tea garden, scale up, supporting the construction of a processing base of tea and teahouses, visitors can enjoy the tea garden, pick their own produce tea experience which the fun. village museum: China is a large agricultural country, farming culture has a long history, farming galleries picture kind to introduce a variety of agricultural production and agricultural scientific knowledge, and clean energy use of knowledge. museum is the young people to carry out agricultural knowledge education an important place. Folk Art Square Group: into a "Square" style buildings, intends to select a representative folk arts and crafts workshops, including meters Square, oil mill, curb Plaza, sugar Square Wine Shop, weaving Square, woodworking the Square, ceramic Square, the papermaking Square, dye, the homespun Square, papermaking Square, Chinese knot Square, carving workshops workshops in addition to show Mingei can undertake external orders. reproduction was hand workshops scenarios on the one hand, the formation of the unique tourist attractions, On the other hand these folk craft as southern culture unique performance to be spread.

3.2 Golden Bay Peninsula leisure project group

The 1) theme image: leisurely Golden Bay Island 2) theme logo: Phoenix artful sculpture. 3) leading functions: allowing visitors to enjoy a variety of leisure and entertainment, water playground space. 4) Accessibility: tourists Phoenix Court, accommodation and center, water sports leisure, sports fitness and amusement center of tourists, business travelers, conference center. 5) theme project: a loft building full of national characteristics, both cultural ornamental but also pay homage to enjoy the scenery, so to become a landmark Golden Bay Peninsula. Taian Resort: partition construction of luxury villas in Lakeside, to meet senior business guests, team guests and family needs of tourists. lake (Xian Food World: construction some upscale restaurants, Huaiyang cuisine and local flavor characteristics to attract tourists to come to enjoy dining center should highlight style Cuisine varieties of fresh aquatic products, supplemented rustic the pastoral fruits and vegetables as well as of the surrounding farm Village Game developers inspired dishes. leisure centers and sports and music tea room: sports fitness center, tennis training field, outdoor swimming pool, a bandstand and a musical tea Hall Conference Center: to build a mid-range conference center to meet the needs of business, official tourism Wharf: the construction of leisure watch boat dock.

3.3 poly the phoenix Island birds ecological project group

1) theme image: return of the original ecosystem, to enjoy the natural fun 2) theme logo: egrets, blue sky 3) the dominant function: allowing visitors to experience the natural rustic charm of a return to nature, to understand the ecological habits of birds, culture tourists bird lovers bird protection ecological consciousness. 4) theme project: Waterfowl Park: island lake, stocking ducks, swans and mandarin ducks and other waterfowl. fishing areas: for visitors to leisure and fishing in the lake was built Diaoyutai. Water Zhulou: the island side of the construction of a small bamboo house for some tourists. birdwatching platform: allowing visitors to climb birdwatching river crossing rope bridge: both for transportation and for visitors to add play fun.

4 Conclusion

Phoenix Island Wetland Park tourism project planning overall tone is more simple, three tourism group project planning, ecology, forest, agriculture, birds, leisure theme mainly from the point of view of sustainable tourism development, resource protection and planning, there are still many lack, such as the amount of development as well as tourists really be able to control the capacity limits of the environment within the wetland ecological environment degradation. Wetland Park tourism planning and planning to be closely around the wetland resources advantage, as much as possible protection, recovery, advocacy, education, tourism activities throughout the total development of wetland conservation and tourism coexist.

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