On the local resources to the transformation of the tourism product strategy

[Abstract] tourism products to support tourism development based on local resources an important role in the development of tourism products from local resources into tourism products according to market demand, the development of urban cultural tourism products, role of the government The three aspects of the development resources of a leading role to prove the local resources to the tourism products into strategy.

[Keywords] tourism products of local resources tourism product

Tourism product is the sum of the tourism development and the use of tourism resources, tourist attraction and tourism services to tourists, tourists sum of all travel services to tourists. Tourism product development, tourism resources, tourism, human resources , tourist facilities, such as planning, design, and developed into a tourism product process local resources is an important way in the development of tourism products, local customs, history and culture, the cultural landscape of these resources, and so on, can be transformed to the tourism products become rich tourism resources, the development of local tourism services. This paper will discuss the following three aspects of local resources to the tourism products into strategy.

According to market demand, local resources into tourism products

Tourists come to travel to watch and visit a foreign country natural scenery as well as heritage. According to the demand of tourists, local resources can be flexible transformation of tourism products can take full advantage of the natural landscape and cultural landscape of the place scientific and rational planning of the attractions, tourist attractions and services combined into a comprehensive tourism product should be the development of tourism products to adapt to the needs of people travel on local resources into tourism products. now is the rapid development of China's tourism period, travel and tourism products should grasp the needs of the market, the upgrading of the tourism products, tourism product development for future market development. Now tourists like when tourism participatory recreational activities., On the development of urban tourism products should be combined on the basis of tourism resources, focus on the needs of the market to grasp, good tourism product In addition, you can also use a variety of resources to the deepening of tourism products. tourists, tourism products are generally charming natural scenery and the combination of other tourism products, giving the tourists in the attractions at the same time, enjoy other recreational activities. and the appearance of the city to attract tourists, psychological adventures met tourists, the grass is always greener emotional, eyes will turn to other local attractions. the city sightseeing tourism products often have to re-visit low, short residence time of tourists defects in order to overcome these defects, design sightseeing tourism products, you can increase investment in intellectual, technical and cultural travel type of update, at the same time sound and perfect tourist destination supporting infrastructure to increase tourism entertainment , which can meet the freshness and excitement of the tourists. addition to enrich the content of the tour, you can also run through the education activities of tourists sightseeing attractions monuments in aesthetic for tourists, should carry out cultural and historical connotations of deep mining, the purpose of education to tourists, and this will increase the added value of the tourism product.

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Second, the development of urban cultural tourism products

With the continuous development of the social economy, people to solve the problem of food and clothing, are increasingly concerned about the spiritual satisfaction people in the travel process, no longer satisfied merely sightseeing activities, more hope to the appreciation and understanding of the historical and cultural attractions as well as customs, as well as some tourists, more tourism into local folklore, local folk culture, leisure and vacation travel and cultural tourism products, but also become the hotspot of the tourism market. as this place on the development of tourism resources, should focus on the product development of cultural tourism class resources, so as to expand the market, to meet the needs of tourists in order to better the local resources into cultural tourism products, the local tourism sector should be targeted at the tourism market characteristics, integrating local resources to design cultural tourism products. because the needs of tourists each has its advantages, some ornamental, some entertaining, some learning, etc. Faced with these needs in the market, the tourism sector should be integrated into the city's multicultural resource designed to meet the demand for tourism and cultural tourism products. Design of tourism products, you should dig deep cultural connotation of the product. Regional characteristics because of the cultural, tourism products should be strengthened and the prominent regional cultural characteristics. Meanwhile, in the geographical and cultural resources development should focus on seeking common ground while reserving differences, prominent local advantages and characteristics, should not imitate to do so. proved, tourists rushing in a similar attractions tourism projects have been tired and abandoned., cultural tourism products should have a clear theme in order to achieve this goal, the tourism project on the development from the attractions to the facilities, as well as attractions wearing and the quality of service, should show the theme of urban culture. In order to develop a tangible material and cultural resources, should continue to enrich and develop the tourism resources of cultural connotations, so as to continue to increase the vitality of the tourism activities continue to attract tourists to come to the face of the intangible tourism and cultural resources, can dig deep cultural connotation , to create the atmosphere of tourism activities, cultural connotation reflected through tourism facilities and activities, so that visitors really feel the taste of the culture in the local resource development of cultural tourism products should follow the principles of cultural protection, so as to ensure cultural tourism sustainable development because of the development of local resources, is bound to the conditions and environment for the survival of the local residents or cultural resources affect the original cultural basis for the survival of the loss, and thus lose the cultural authenticity of so on the development of local resources into cultural tourism products, can not destroy the cultural survival of the environment and the culture itself, should increase the protection of intangible cultural heritage, to take measures to protect the original culture morphology, not the local culture by foreign cultural alienation. development of cultural tourism resources, related to the vital interests of the local residents, and many people. cultural tourism awareness education should be carried out in order to better development of cultural tourism products. should get the understanding of the local residents and the masses layers of people and need to mobilize all sectors of society, and vigorously promote and actively participate in cultural tourism product promotion, cultural tourism awareness education into tourist literacy and advocacy activities. In order to shape the tourist culture, to promote the protection and development of cultural resources.

Third, play the leading role of the government development resources

The facts prove that the government plays a leading role in the development of tourism resources. To this end, the development of tourism products, the government should play the role of the service, to guide the development of local tourism resources. Government a leading role in the play, first manifested to create a good tourism environment for tourists. To this end, the public security departments of the government should crack down on the activities of criminals, and to create a safe environment for the consumer entertainment of tourists. While the business sector technical supervision departments to regulate the tourism market management activities for visitors to create a comfortable environment for consumption. transport sector should be adjusted and planned bus routes, and create a convenient travel for tourists References: Ma Xiaolong, Wu Bihu, Jia Yuanyuan. Xi'an city travel product portfolio research [J]. Areal Research and Development, October 2004

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