On Guangzhou tourism resources protection and utilization

Abstract: Tourism and Culture boutique strategy is a huge project, covers a wide range, planning, land, landscape, culture, transport, publicity, tourism sector co-operation and co-ordination. Limited tourism resources currently facing the tourism market the rapid expansion of the enormous pressure. unreasonable to go to development and utilization of the protection of tourism resources and become a pair of puzzling contradictions, urban construction and development of the tourism industry and therefore lead to non-renewable cultural and ecological resources wasted. therefore , the rational use of tourism resources, protect tourism resources to explore the rational development of tourism resources and the protection and use of the correct way to Guangzhou. 

Keywords: tourism resources; protection; utilization 

1 overview of the tourism resources in Guangzhou

1.1 Guangzhou existing monuments 

The Guangzhou, Baiyun Juan Hill, Pearl Silk, the city of 2200 years, in 1982, released the first batch of the 24 historical (teaching cases, papers, courseware, lesson plans) and cultural city. History (teaching cases, papers, courseware, lesson plans ) and cultural city of Guangzhou during the various historical (teaching cases, papers, courseware, lesson plans) legacy of cultural relics and precious relics are very rich, such as the Han Dynasty Nanyue King Guangxiao the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Northern and Southern Dynasties Hualin Temple, Six Banyan Temple and flower tower Nanhai Temple, the Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty Huaisheng Temple and minaret, the Ming Dynasty Zhenhai Tower, Chigang tower, sarcophagus of the Qing Dynasty, Chen Clan Modern Sun Yat-sen founded the former site of the Whampoa Military Academy, Guangzhou Uprising the Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs Mausoleum, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Lu Xun Memorial Hall (KMT "big" site), national, provincial and municipal cultural relics of the former site of the former headquarters, the former site of the Hong Kong general strike headquarters, Peasant Movement, hundred and multiple, they recorded Guangzhou Development Changes history (teaching cases, papers, courseware, lesson plans) is the mirror of the times, a microcosm of the social, environmental performance reflect a national identity, even a prominent representative of the image of the city, with local characteristics of tourism resources to adequately protect and take advantage of these special resources. 
Currently, the development of these monuments (finishing, restoration, protection) lags behind, compared with the development of other natural landscape and cultural landscape, whether it is the depth and breadth of the invested capital, the development of, or finishing, restoration, protection, and included in the tourism system were inadequate planning, coupled with distribution in the Old Town attractions dispersed, small-scale, virtually bring some difficulties to carry out the work.

1.2 Guangzhou existing tourist attractions 

Guangzhou is one of China's major tourist city by virtue of ports and transportation advantages into already, as early as the beginning of reform and opening up "Beijing - West - Shanghai - Gui - Canton State Line, tourism development is very rapid, total tourism revenues and tourism foreign exchange earnings are the province accounted for 36.04% and 37.11% (2001 data). scale and speed of the development of tourism in Guangzhou of Guangdong's tourism industry is essential. 
The very scenic Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Ershadao, Pearl River New City,, Shangxiajiu traditional and modern features arcade channel. Shangxiajiu trade and tourism area, the Chen Clan culture and leisure area, Shamian European style area and
Litchi Bay folk customs and Thirteen commercial port Cultural District the five tourist area. Guangzhou Animal Park, Xiangjiang Wild Animal World, Changlong Night Animal World and other tourist attractions. 
But for various reasons, these scenic spots are not a very good development. Xiangjiang Wild Animal World, Changlong Night Animal World, are located in the suburbs, many people do not know how to go to these key scenic spots, not to mention tourists therefore Guangzhou's tourist traffic is still room for improvement. again Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, similar tourism resources mostly in the same geographic area. located of Yongtai, Putian and Fuqing three counties combined with Ministry of Qingyunshan Scenic Area, located Lienchiang tube Town west side of Mountain Natural Scenic Aoshiba Fuzhou National Forest Park, Fuqing City, west of the banks of the the Dongzhang reservoir of Dan Zhushan Fuzhou osan, in the mountains, Minqing County Township of White rocky landscape. contrast, Baiyun Mountain Tourism Resources level slightly lower, lacks visibility.

1.3 Tourist accommodation facilities in the continuous improvement 

In the 1980s, the five-star hotel in Guangzhou is the leading domestic hotel development leader from the late 1990s, but the overall level of development of the hotel industry in Guangzhou slowed Since 1994 Guangdong International Hotel (63 layer ) by the National Tourism Administration as a five-star hotel, Guangzhou has 10 years have not added a new five-star hotel. 
Guangzhou plans in the next 3-5 years, the construction of the proposed high-star hotel close to 30, is expected to add nearly 8,000 rooms to before the 2010 Asian Games, Guangzhou star hotel from 203 increased to 300, about half for high-end four-star hotel, which also means that, since 1994 Guangzhou 10 years have not added a new situation of a five-star hotel will be broken, Guangzhou hotel industry, especially high-Stars will usher in a second-class hotel industry investment boom. bring a better future for the tourism industry in Guangzhou.

1.4 catering industry 

"Eating in Guangzhou" famous, you can taste not only in Guangzhou Cantonese dishes, snacks, and other domestic factions and local dishes you can taste. Guangzhou snacks make the trip into the city, such as the popular snacks, famous congee, specialty soups fruit meter cold drinks, fresh fruit and vegetable products, etc. In 1998 the first national assessment of Chinese snack, the China Cuisine Association awarded Guangzhou 21 kinds of Chinese snack ", of which 11 are Xiguan. 
Guangzhou countless restaurants, day or night, you can eat all over the world, throughout China, various grades of cuisine and snacks with the increasingly fierce competition in the restaurant industry, the uneven quality of practitioners now have more than three ten thousand size restaurants and food, and every day a steady stream amounting to hundreds of thousands of Guangzhou, serves gourmet cuisine, but there have been guest complaints, individual unscrupulous boss for MU profiteering actually long-term disregard of neighborhood physical health, recycling used soup disposable tableware, cutlery full cleaning with detergent, without disinfection, greatly endangering the health of customers. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

2 problem facing the development of tourism resources

The 2.1 travel resource management 
The late start of China's tourism industry, a lower starting point, in 1978, China's tourism industry by the power of the reform and opening up 20 years of sustained and rapid development. 
Essentially, the core issues of the tourism resources management system is the development of tourism resources, so that the the tourist attractions internal development between different stakeholders and local government - between the central government to establish reasonable mechanism for the separation of powers and interests.

2.2 natural tourism resources development 

Natural tourism resources is fundamental to the survival and development of tourism resources, the sustainable development of natural tourism resources is key to the development of the tourism industry. Located in Haizhu District in southeastern mu orchard, for example, such as: it is made by the Pearl River alluvial after the centuries land reclamation, embankment kinds of fruit, forming a creek aspect, trees and lots of mince fragrance artificial ecological beautiful scenic long time, not only tens of thousands of farmers living out the fundamental provides a good foundation for ecological Guangzhou, Guangzhou "Southern lung called 
However, after the mid-1990s, with the Guangzhou urbanization advancing to the southeast, where once the unreasonable development, illegal buildings to become Si Zairou hideouts; unreasonable farming on the ecological environment caused great pollution and destruction of fruit trees area and production are beginning to significantly cut the problem once caused widespread concern in Guangzhou City. many NPC deputies and CPPCC members issued not Let the the "Southern lung" become "Southern Waste calls for .1998 in This built the Yingzhou eco-tourism park; April 2001, Haizhu District, announced the launch of "public works", intends to invest 1.1 billion yuan in five years this transformed into eco-tourist orchards.

3 resource utilization and protection measures

The 3.1 full advantage of tourism resources

3.1.1 The use of traditional commercial district 

The earliest historical (teaching cases, papers, courseware, lesson plans) city in the Pearl River Delta city of Guangzhou, capital of Lingnan. Since ancient times, the most developed cities of Guangdong's economy and culture. (Teaching cases, papers, courseware, lesson plans) long river after more than 2,000 years of history, leaving behind a lot of the traditional commercial district neighborhoods not only have a strong business climate, and the accumulation of a rich cultural heritage. 
Beijing Road, located in the city center of Guangzhou, the transportation is very convenient, is the location of the beginning of the Guangzhou Urban Construction, is also the history of the most prosperous commercial valuable place in Guangzhou. Brought together six over a thousand years history (teaching cases, papers, courseware, heritage lesson plans) which are the sites of Beijing Road, the Millennium Trail, Millennium the Kurau sites, South Vietnam State Gyoen ruins, the sluices ruins of the Western Han, Qin Berth Site and Millennium temple, the largest Buddhist temple. We want to take full advantage of this unique tourism resources, the Guangzhou Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology excavation, research, historical monuments developed (teaching cases, papers, courseware, lesson plans), so you can attract a large number of visitors tour the same time, we want to play to the advantages of traditional commercial district in Beijing Road, the establishment of a large number of shops to meet the needs of the visitors. 
Guangzhou Shangxiajiu pedestrian street there is called "Xiguan supplier Gallery, is a distinctive Street, but, after all, is the Old City Old district we must be upgrading to fully tap local history (teaching cases papers, courseware, lesson plans) cultural resources connotations, to go the route of the culture of competitive differentiation. should not blindly go model, to clone other regions or countries, and to make it unique Lingnan culture, the integration of rich folk culture of the West off and well known for the diet of the Shangxiajiu the business. government must repair the veranda, and restore some of the old shops with the cultural characteristics of traditional commerce, such as nylon Hall repair finishing for textile industry investment, commercial prosperity through business culture.

Travel agencies can be set up in Beijing Road, Shangxiajiu traditional commercial district tourist shopping spot, to promote the traditional culture of Guangzhou, to promote consumption, the Guangzhou economic take-off.

3.1.2 continue Guangzhou Millennium context 

The old Chinese intelligent wit of the Chinese nation and make unremitting efforts accumulated rich material and cultural wealth, is the unique identification of the national industry and commerce for centuries precipitation. These has a century-old cultural heritage of the national commercial, they differ from the assets of the West stage, experienced history the most tortuous extraordinary sharpen their experience has been beyond the commercial and industrial development in the general sense of the law, with a deep historical imprint (teaching cases, papers, courseware, lesson plans) with ethnic characteristics. therefore, fundamentally speaking They have become the contemporary precious material and non-material cultural heritage. 
Currently, some of the old in Guangzhou to face restructuring, reason is that with the development of society, some "old" to keep up with the development of the tide, the year a loss of several million, it was argued to give them up altogether, however, they have become a cultural symbols printed on people's minds. abandon their mean giving up the context of the Millennium in Guangzhou. dramatic changes due to the development of society, the environment, those old must advance with the times, and to adapt to the laws of the market economy to constantly adjust their As for their premises to carry out renovation and decoration. "old" are based on the market, continue Guangzhou Millennium context. 

3.1.3 take full advantage of the Golden Week 

Since 1999 "11" up to now, China has implemented a three year long holiday system has entered the seventh year the Spring Festival, "51", "11 three" golden week, allowing people to enjoy the holidays the joy of Golden Week is a leave system, because he is family, relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues rare Total long holiday, is also a paid vacation, people will choose the Golden Week travel. 
Now, the people of the long holiday arrangements not only more and more diverse, individualized, but also more and more rational, not only know how to take advantage of the holiday and enjoy life, and actively use holiday arrangements related to the promotion of health, growth caliber , homemaker home ownership, care for their children, caring for the elderly, and many other activities. friendship Friendship So we adapted to local conditions, and the time in a variety of festivals, the combination of the different needs of the people, and development of different tourism products. example, ecological agriculture as the basis for the implementation of the planting combination of maintaining ecological balance and ecological cycle of green products for tourists Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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