Analysis of the pension tourism product development strategy

Abstract: With the rapid development of China's aging population and economy, as well as older people's demand for high-quality pension life, pension for different demand levels stand out, travel pension as a new way to travel and a new pension model public, but are still in the exploratory stage in the theoretical study and practical definition of departure from the pension tourism concept, the feasibility of the development of pension tourism market analysis, and then proposed for different aged tourists high low-end pension tourism product development strategy. 

Keywords: elderly tourist market; pension tourism; product development 

Definition of a pension tourism 

No.4 Pumping pension Tourism elderly to leave their place of permanent residence in order to find a more comfortable pension, to other places of leisure, vacation, health, continuous time is not more than one year of activities. 
Zhou Gang that pension tourism vacation travel essentially belongs to the elderly, elderly tourists occurred offsite pension in the form of the general term not to work, settlers and immigrants for the purpose of travel and excursions. 
Both definitions are standing tourist point of view to define, I believe that the pension tourism as a travel, should be based on the definition of the tourism-based tourism is a short-term way of life of the human society, tourists in the sum of all the phenomena and relationships caused by the travel and temporary stay, so I think that the pension tourism is elderly tourists in continuous time not exceeding one year, and not for the purpose of obtaining economic benefits the offsite pension process occurs The sum of all phenomena and relationships.

A developed pension tourism market feasibility analysis

2.1 huge market capacity pension Tourism provides a substantial source 

According to the National Bureau of Statistics released on February 28, 2008, the 2007 National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin, the end of 2007, the population aged 60 and over 153,400,000, 11.6% of the proportion of the total population, of which 65 years of age and more than a population of 10,636 people, accounting for 8.1% of the total population and population experts predict that the number of older people are entering the peak period of growth is expected to reach 280 million by 2025, China's 60 years of age or older, total population 18.46% in 2050 to reach 420 million, accounting for 29.8% of the total population, making it a high degree of aging-oriented country. China has the largest aging population in the world, and, according to some travel agency findings, after the retirement of 70% of the elderly have a tendency to travel, so the pension tourism has a huge consumer base.

2.2 older consumers have considerable purchasing power 

According to incomplete estimates, the sum of the different categories of income of the elderly has reached 400 billion yuan, the value will continue to grow and with the improvement of living standards, may exceed 1 trillion by 2010. On the other hand, with the job in youth population compared to the many children have married and less burden and our elderly tend to live frugal heavy accumulation of light consumer, accustomed to saving money, they tend to have ample savings, savings deposits will produce larger recent or the forward purchasing power, which has laid a solid economic foundation for our pension tourism development.

2.3 shift in attitudes of the elderly consumer with a strong tourist desire 

With increased leisure time, the daily lives of the elderly can get tedious, they increasingly focus on improving their quality of life and health, I hope to enjoy life in their lifetime. They are eager to enjoy a quiet, back to nature, relax, travel It is a great way to meet the needs of the elderly such, it is a combination of material life and spiritual and cultural life, is a novelty, curiosity, find music experience combined with some of the traditional concept of change, but also enhance the travel for the elderly desires. tourism has gradually become an important way for older people to improve the quality of life. pension tourism as an emerging elderly, pension and travel organic combination of elderly tourists in the tourist pension tourism in the pension must will be the senile elderly tourists of all ages.

2.4 four hundred twenty-one the emergence of the family model provides a good opportunity for the development of the pension tourism 

The so-called "four" families, have four grandparents (and grandparents), both parents shared custody of a child's family. "A four hundred twenty-one" Family is the process of China's reform and opening up in the late 1970s arduous practice of hundreds of millions of people well-off .20 since the early 1980s, Foster has gradually entered the aging of the first batch of the one-child parents with the children are married, the one-child parents family will be core to nurture the development of the final form The family evolved into the empty-nest families, many children have been unable to independently assume all pension of life of the elderly, the traditional mode of raising children in old age "is facing difficulties.

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3 pension tourism product development strategy

3.1 take full advantage of the existing pension resources 

Our existing social pension institutions such as homes for the elderly, welfare homes, elderly apartment, these services are specifically designed for the elderly, not only the facilities and the price is reasonable to make full use of these facilities for the elderly, in the process of the development of pension tourism, both to meet the special needs of the elderly tourists, but also reduce the cost of the pension tourism.

3.2 moderate development of good quality and inexpensive pension tourism products 

Property Hotel appeared in Europe in the 1970s, it passed to the people is a new type of real estate investment and consumption concepts hotel developers every room of the hotel is divided into independent property sold to investors, investors generally not hotel living rooms commissioned by hotel management company but unified rental business
Obtain the annual room bonus, the right to stay free for a certain period of time donated by the hotel management company at the same time can help yourself, can also be used to transfer, gift and inheritance. 
Timeshare is purchased by consumers for the needs of the future tourist resort hotel or resort property in the next few years and even more each year for a long time the houses use rights for a certain period of time. Timeshare places in the pleasant environment of the city or scenic, very conducive to the Elderly in elderly tourists to buy the right to use for a certain period of time it can enjoy the quality life of the pension. 
Spa & Wellness pension tourism products can be developed for health as the core needs of elderly tourists, hot springs, rich in minerals, often the elderly rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic bronchitis, arteriosclerosis elderly patients with essential hypertension and other diseases have a certain effect, but also the effectiveness of health, beauty, skin care, such as the name Tanggangzi rehabilitation therapy center (the Anshan Tanggangzi Hospital), spring water, mineral mud and in Western-style therapy, more than 60 kinds of treatment for rheumatism, lumbar disc herniation, ankylosing spondylitis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sequelae have a significant effect.

3.3 focus on developing a cheap pension tourism products 

Although China has emerged groups of elderly tourists with higher purchasing power from the entire elderly tourist market, with a strong ability to pay is not large proportion of the crowd. Addition, older consumers in China, most of them experienced a low level of productivity stage of the low level of consumption habits and frugal lifestyle, and develop a plan carefully, against the lavish spending habits, so to say, focusing on the development of inexpensive endowment tourism products, can be rapidly accepted by the market to stimulate the market further matures . 
Nongjiale pension tourism products, farmhouse generally located in the beautiful environment and natural scenic, clear the air of these places, and pleasant environment, and affordable and attractive to the majority of elderly tourists: the desire for longevity desire for the elderly in some significant longevity village development Nongjiale pension tourism products, allowing older people to integrate into the local life, experience the local cultural customs. 
Another development cheap pension tourism products can also take full advantage of the elderly welfare institutions of welfare institutions are government-funded construction, a more complete supporting facilities, the elderly tourists can stay and spend less money at a lower price can feel the offsite beautiful natural scenery, tourism and travel in the pension, pension for the financial difficulties, but want pension, elderly tourists who travel in a pleasant environment, elderly welfare institutions is feasible tourism products. 
In short, the pension tourism market in China is a market with great development potential, and its development in China has just started, there is a big market space for the tourism industry, is not only an opportunity but also a challenge we should be fully aware the status quo of the country's aging tourism market, intensify efforts to develop to develop rich endowment tourism products for consumption characteristics of the special nature of the market and the elderly elderly, to meet the needs of all levels of elderly tourists, in order to seek fierce competition a broader space for development. 


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