Thinking secretarial students how to improve the professional competence

Abstract: This paper will change the orientation of training, reform the curriculum to strengthen campus training, strengthen vocational training of professional teachers and the strengthening of cooperation with enterprises to discuss how to improve the the secretarial students professional competence, so that students can adapt faster and better the requirements of the job.
Keywords: clerical, professional teaching vocational ability.

First, the need to improve the professional competence of the secretarial students.

Over the years, the training model of the secretarial professionals focus on the ability of the Office of the text culture, especially the language of students writing ability too much emphasis on curriculum closer to the traditional Chinese professional, and the main classroom teacher to teach more than the actual work process-based student training and vocational ability development. reality, secretarial graduates can not find jobs, but the companies can not find satisfaction secretarial staff paradoxical situation. "oversupply" The embarrassment of the emergence of "short supply" in the final analysis is due to the lack of excellent professional skills students can not meet the requirements of employers.
Train secretarial professional students become both stronger act, the Office of the text and the ability to do will have public relations ability, coordination ability, market capacity and marketing capabilities, both team spirit but also the spirit of innovation, both honest and trustworthy, love Gang professional, have good psychological quality applied career, it is particularly urgent in the current.
Second, improve the ability of secretarial students career strategy.

Schools in the educational process, only the professional ability in the first place, right market positioning, pay attention not only to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability, but also pay attention to the cultivation of the ability of students to professional positions, in order to embark on a healthy long-term development of the road I believe that to improve the professional competence of the secretarial students from the following aspects:

1. Adjust the orientation of training, the reform of the vocational ability development goals.

Over the years, the secretarial personnel training has been based on document processing direction of the main the scholar type "of culture-based, targeted at the party and government organs, institutions services, and set the teaching system. With the rapid development of the market economy, the traditional training model can no longer make students adapt to the needs of society professional competence, the scholar type "secretarial staff can not meet the needs of the majority of private enterprises Moreover, the party and government organs, institutions the secretarial workers is limited. in educational articles "target =" _blank "> vocational education process, only to adapt to the professional competence of the community and give top priority to training objectives, has paid attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability, but also focus on the cultivation of students' professional competence so that students acquire a certain amount of theoretical knowledge based on, the focus is to master the skills of operation engaged in clerical work, strengthen vocational ability, and training them into advanced comprehensive secretarial applied talents, in order to adapt to the market economic development needs.

2. Reform curriculum, and strengthen the professional competence of the secretarial students.

Secretarial professional curriculum only emphasized the the routine secretarial professional courses, such as the Secretary of the foundation, word processing, public relations etiquette and the more theoretical courses, professional-caliber relatively small, serious impact on the student's career adaptability, employment of graduates weaker after the reorientation ability in professional settings, according to the economic development of the region, in-depth industry and company research to keep abreast of changes in the demand for talent in order to determine the teaching plan, selection of teaching content, science building courses system, so as to meet the training needs of students' vocational ability.
Author of schools in the Minnan triangle, many small and medium-sized private enterprises in the region, which is the main destination in recent years, the school secretary graduates. Kind of small-scale enterprises, and secretarial division of labor can not be too thin. Feedback According graduates, this type of companies often require secretarial staff both when the clerks, but also oversee financial, statistical work, or even involved in foreign trade, business, photography, and other aspects of the work, secretarial staff that is required is "eclectic," "generalist" can be a specifically pluripotent, so the school increased accounting, marketing, trade, foreign language and other aspects of the curriculum or lesson the amount according to the industry, market demand, secretarial professional career can not stay in the document processing, document management, transaction management based vocational ability culture, but also additional practical courses in e-commerce, English writing, financial management, and attention should be paid to photography, video, shorthand, driving courses, to strengthen the culture of career-related abilities. posted in the free papers Download Center

3. changing teaching methods, to lay the foundation to enhance students' professional ability.

Vocational education is a professional education, quality education. Overall, the traditional teaching of the secretarial profession widespread emphasis on imparting theoretical knowledge, teaching is not ideal.
So, use a variety of teaching methods in the classroom teaching, such as case teaching, simulated teaching, role-playing to mobilize the emotions of the students of the school, and tap the potential for student learning, leaving more time for the students to analyze, to perform, to play the game use of modern teaching methods, the use of a intuitive multimedia education technology, such as playing video associated with the course content, the exhibition of pictures, objects, the classroom multimedia teaching time and space, students learn the migration of emotion and thinking, enhanced perceptual knowledge and experience, enable students to master knowledge in a pleasant learning atmosphere, so that students "learn music, music secondary school" at the same time improve the discovery, analysis, and problem-solving abilities. urge the students to learn to use modern network means access and analyze information, but also enhance students' learning to participate in an effective way and practicality. way, the interaction of teachers and students in teaching and learning and common progress, to lay a solid foundation to enhance their professional ability.

4. Strengthen campus training to enhance the practice of professional competence.

Strengthen the training is the only way to cultivate a secretarial skill talent.

Practice has proved that the traditional theoretical teaching mode can not meet the actual demand, highlight the application and practice of teaching, banning purely theoretical teaching, so that students in role-playing scenarios through training, analog processing all types of sudden onset events to master the process of dealing with things, to strengthen the practical skills, the students preliminary experience the secretarial work characteristics and professional orientation, so that the theory of learning outcomes preliminary consolidated.
Years secretarial experience in teaching, according to the author, the cultivation of students' vocational ability, in addition to the training room simulation training, also with school activities, such as culture and arts festival, the Games, welcome students, graduates theatrical show a variety of activities to guide students students involved in preparatory work, such as bear drafting an opening statement, information typos, stapled relevant information, let the the secretarial profession students assume the organization of meetings, arrangements and reception work. school also takes advantage of the school-based resources, secretarial profession the school mimeograph room, archives, libraries and other departments take turns internships allow students to receive training in a real work environment, and know how to solve problems found in the course of practice, and strive to "learn by doing" school ", theory and practice combine to improve the professional capacity.

5. Strengthen the professional teachers of vocational training to enhance the professional skills of teachers.

In reality, the lack of teachers in the forefront of the secretarial profession teaching professional practice experience, practical experience and skills of teachers and leaders of professional teaching was poor.
Even some professional teachers came from the Chinese professional transformation, not engaged in clerical or related work, the understanding of the secretarial work is confined to books, the lack of real experience of secretarial work. Therefore strengthen the vocational training of professional teachers to enhance the practice of professional teachers, one both solid professional skills and rich experience in teaching professional teachers to train students with excellent professional competence.
Therefore, under professional teachers, the enterprise experts into the classroom, "mode realize the theory, practice integration, and lay a solid foundation for the training complex secretarial talents to meet the needs of the community with the quality of innovation.
6. Strengthen cooperation with enterprises, rapid culture secretarial professional career of students.
In cooperative enterprises, secretarial business part-time teachers to guide students to complete real tasks in a real-life situation of society, and allow students to test their knowledge, develop their own career awareness in a specific social practice. Course, secretarial graduates The work is not fixed in the office, you can also organize students to go into production for internships organization management model and corporate culture, and interpersonal learning in practice, improve interpersonal skills. practice in the enterprise exercise, students can test the professional knowledge and skills, enhance self-confidence of the students, training students the ability to integrate into the community, and to lay a solid foundation for students to go to work and through cooperation with enterprises, schools can keep abreast of the company's talent needs to constantly adjust the curriculum system and professional orientation the secretarial students internship quantitative assessment summarized Syllabus of the system. posted in the free papers Download Center

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