Analysis of corporate secretarial work

Write papers network: Abstract: With the rapid economic development, business continues to grow, companies have become increasingly demanding of the Secretary, this paper how to carry out secretarial work for the new era are discussed. Hope for a better corporate secretarial work to provide some help,

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First, the definition of secretarial work

What is the Secretary, the Secretary is a job title, or a social profession, the role of the main functions of the Secretary assistant staff. Secretarial work in the 1980s used to be a normative work, their leaders for their respective services, stick to conventions, limitations of relatively large. In the 1980's on a kind of drastic change, the party's ten years after the Third Plenum, China secretarial work with a leap of development leaders advocated repeatedly by the Secretary of the central departments should give full play to staff assistant role of staff work, is constantly evolving needs of the new situation, is leading efforts to improve the scientific level of the work and performance needs, the functions of self-improvement is the Secretary of the department's needs. around the Secretary of the department of practice also shows that good staff work, secretarial work is the key to a breakthrough. staff work in a prominent position, not artificially Tuishang Qu, but Secretary of the department's special status and tasks of the decision.

Second, the company secretary must have the quality and ability

1 excellent political quality

Secretarial work is a political and policy work are strong. The nature of secretarial work, the role of the decision of the Secretary must have a high level of political theory and policy, there is a high political consciousness in the face of major sober mind, the use of science, the correct way to handle daily affairs, not guilty of the work principle, policy errors. Therefore, the Secretary must conscientiously study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, in particular, to learn Comrade Jiang Zemin's "Three Represents" important thought, study the party and the state's line, principles and policies, learn more about the international situation, continue to accept new information , new ideas, with dialectical materialism and historical materialism to observe and analyze problems, through the phenomena of nature, play the role of advisors and assistants.

2 solid writing skills

Have some writing skills is the most basic requirements of secretarial staff, writing materials, the basic duty of the secretary. Writing this is not an easy task, written even more difficult. A context of clear, concise language works, people look after glance, but can not be achieved without some foundation. Document Writing as a special style, format, or in terms of words and language, have certain requirements, like poetry, novels, essays and creative freedom, as can be arbitrary. writing, require long-term effort the practice of life, profound cultural accumulation, the system of writing skills, the key is to achieve the "three hearts": First, pay attention to writing. ground line to service line, pay attention to the works of a variety of structure and format, to read, fine chemicals, Fine diamond, fine research, take people long for my own use. Second, concentrated writing. Secretarial staff have long written materials prepared and habits, the pressure from the Canadian writing, at any time ready to accept the task, writing materials, preparation and habits. Third, carefully writing. Specifically intended to concentrate on writing materials, meticulous, well- writing, writing clearly represent their identity, the kind of highly centralized under the ideological aspects of deliberation on matters specific to a particular aspect of insights when embarked, and the predictability of certain matters before they occur imagination , as a logistics or defeat but in the run-off at arm's commander should not perfunctory, to cope with errands.

3 excellent technical quality

With the popularity of modern office equipment, corporate secretary certainly can not be satisfied with traditional ways of working and quality, imagine a modern company secretary if not the computer, the operation will not copy, fax, e-mail will not take, do not access online information, how to do well at their jobs. Secretary of the modern enterprise must take the initiative to adapt to and master of modern office technology to improve the level of practical application, make a firm stand, good style, a new era of corporate skilled secretarial work.

Third, the secretarial staff working Awareness

The deepening of reform and opening up and development of people's thinking has changed dramatically. Modern management methods for improving the efficiency, effective means to promote career development in the party and government organs and enterprises are widely used. Secretarial staff in the management plays in government, the role of management services, to strengthen the professionalism of the construction of secretarial staff, not only to strengthen the traditional sense of service, research awareness, but also with and enhance self-awareness, sense of responsibility, so as to adapt to the market economy and the domestic outside the situation and development needs.

1 self-awareness

Secretary means the Secretary of the self-consciousness of its own personnel and the environment in which understanding of the relationship and feelings, it is secretarial staff one of the modern consciousness, although the Secretary has a very strong obedience, service features, but they are secretarial staff is an independent personality and independent thinking ability of individuals, especially in the reform and opening today, secretarial staff on the one hand affected by the environment, should have strong initiative and dynamism, on the other hand, most of today's secretarial staff have received more high levels of education, they should have the independence to think if there is no self-consciousness, He made "participation in government"? how words "management services"? Therefore, as a secretarial staff should exercise and develop their own independent thinking and ability to work independently in order to provide effective leadership decisions based on the former of whom, in the leading decision-making, to correctly understand and execute their intent. Links to free download

(2) a sense of responsibility

Secretary of the personnel work attitudes and quality of work is good or bad, to a certain extent, a direct impact on a unit of work style. Only by establishing a strong sense of responsibility, secretarial staff in order to maintain the unit at any time pay attention to the image and reputation, to be done is to seriously the right attitude, diligence and determination, any person in the front, in dealing with any matter, have shown good ideas and culture and professional ethics, in order to truly improve the quality and level of secretarial work.

In the building of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in all walks of life, party and government organs at all levels need to have a large number of smart and capable secretary, to adapt to the efficient management of modern society, although secretarial staff at different levels of different industries, "Wen said There has, specializing in surgery industry ", the Secretary must have the consciousness and temperament, can not but deepen. have a higher awareness of the secretary of the training and temperament, the secretary function to get the best play, and secretarial functions will operate efficiently, so secretarial staff in the continued expansion of the theory, application of knowledge, the ability to improve a variety of things, we must consciously strengthen the Secretary of the consciousness and the cultivation of temperament.

After China's accession to wTO to the enterprise's survival and development has brought new opportunities and challenges, the new situation and tasks to the new era of corporate secretarial workers put forward higher requirements, the Secretary must have a forward-thinking workers, to meet the difficulties on, motivated and sense of responsibility and mission, establish a strong professionalism, starting with me, start now, start small, work constantly to improve their quality, improve self, a qualified business Secretary. Links to free download

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