Secretary of the modern enterprise and media effects

Abstract This paper describes the important role of the media for the enterprise, and a preliminary study of the pros and cons between business and the media as a modern corporate secretarial staff, more need to understand and use the media to serve corporate profits, as much as possible with their own reality, to expand their market influence.

Keywords Corporate Secretary media effects

Media as an important communications tool for the community, the importance of its unmatched rapid with the advent of the information age has become even more prominent, modern enterprises to better adapt to the market economy, we must give full attention to the role of the media in which, while As a corporate secretarial staff, the more need to understand and use the media to serve corporate profits.

For the media effect, I believe both are deeply understands the business or the public on the market There are many ways the media, similar to newspapers, magazines, television, advertising, Internet, radio, etc. Every day we get from these media a lot of information, which is essentially a materialized media tools, communication activities can be referred to as the "hard intermediary." As human technology advances, the close interaction, communication tools of the invention and use of more and more frequently, the human activity areas to be expanded further to expand social horizons, a gradual increase in the level of interaction can be said that each of the emergence of new media have "opened the way for human perception and the door to new areas of activity".  Bi phase with the material tools corresponding to the spread of another intermediary, that is, a spirit of "soft intermediate", which from the tool at all times material impact on people's daily life as a modern corporate secretary, natural and should be of concern to the use of media effects services to enterprises and through the media to attract public attention, in order to achieve the promotional role of enterprises in business and media to explore the pros and cons between the same time, as secretarial staff, we can try to combine their own reality, expanding the market influence.

The media, simply, is an information campaign, is the social center of information and ideas, to some extent, it relates to people's values, attitudes and even behavior choices. The implementation of market economy, the media toward more tend to market-oriented, or that the current commercial media sector as a whole, in accordance with the laws of the market for business-type operation, so that a change is brought about by the close integration of business and the media, business and culture combine together to seek profits. Secretary, as corporate decision-making support staff, to determine the leadership and play a more superior effect, therefore, secretarial staff should be a good time to collect market information and resources related to the recent concern for the media, market dynamics, specifically the development of media relations for the company's future close nature of their decisions make the necessary preparations.

Modern companies need media publicity, which is a marketing strategy - and the media also need business, by means of a series of publicity for the business activity to make a profit. In essence, more modern media is a marketing activity of the . business is the most important means of advertising to promote their brands and products, the corresponding advertising is a commercial communication. advertising or by providing a forum to bring advertisers to radio and television programs to tangible economic benefits and business profit as secretary for the role of modern advertising propaganda should not be overlooked in the daily arrangement or public relations activities, should communicate with the media in a timely manner and communication work, to borrow the media system, and expand the influence and shape public image, holding various business development and help benefit a variety of commercial or promotional activities, public events, to further narrow the psychological distance business and the public, to create a good social interaction, more public acceptance of our products, trust Our products, good marketing, promotional products, expand market share strength, of course, the same need for activity costs and benefits of the activity can make a more rough estimate, after all the publicity will eventually have to serve the profit obtained, only a profit, media advocacy function to get the most play.

Since the expansion of media effects, there were many on the market is not true of false information and commercial advertising. Frequent false information will obviously enhance the public's distrust. More frightening is that negative overall if the case, then would have to deny all of the information currently known channels: television as the representative of the traditional media, web and SMS as the representative of the new media, there are deliberate deception of false information. further said that behind the media and television Internet and mobile phone from behind the media, are not trusted. Of course, the public might not be so gloomy psychological, but still obvious to the general feeling of disappointment and frustration. This disappointment and frustration from the public have the original look forward to. False information to the public ads increase distrust, this phenomenon will undoubtedly give us new media industry and business difficulties. The public no longer as fully listen to the publicity and advertising, and the resulting media market effect down to say that this is a challenge. As a modern enterprise of secretarial staff, we first need to remain ready to meet the challenges of the mind, in a timely manner to market analysis, for the emerging market conditions can apply for a meeting, do the preparation work and recording, unite employees, transfer employees enthusiasm, good communication and exchange in all aspects, in a timely manner mentioned below, to reflect the higher the better views and opinions and do auxiliary work. Links to free download

Mentioned above are the media can bring business benefits, of course, will have good and bad. When the enterprise as a result of corporate negligence within the external public image is damaged, to some extent the media will expand the company's negligence, resulting in the worse affected. At this time, the market will focus on business aspects of the dynamic and relevant information for the public , this is not much harm, but can be more understanding and aware of some of the insider within the enterprise are unknown. the public media effects can also be used to monitor the development of enterprises, survival of the fittest at this time the company secretary is facing How to solve this crisis situation, if handled properly, the result may be very serious, business development may be the future step by step difficult. Secretary should promptly make public relations duties, to learn the lessons of other companies and experience, take advantage of the media and external communication and timely exchange of good and timely reflection of the status quo, to maintain an open, to regain the trust of the public, once again achieved market.

In short, the secretary should be a good grasp of the media can bring market effects, the use of commercial advertising to persuade the effect, to exclude the public in promoting the process of reverse psychology, communication and coordination in a timely manner, establish a corporate image and strengthen the brand, assist companies to maximize the development and planning.
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