Contemporary Corporate Secretary of the charisma

Abstract: With China's accession to the WTO and the gradual establishment of modern enterprise system, corporate secretary of the quality of the community have become increasingly demanding. Economic and social changes brought about changes in industrial structure, will also impact in the service, colonial secretary-level positions, this position must have required a more high-quality, more personal charm secretary secretary charisma embodied in his stand point of view, ideological, moral sentiments, interests to pursue, professional image.

Keywords: Corporate Secretary, charisma, self-cultivation 

First, the definition of charisma

 In today's society, and acted one of the key factors is to have a good charisma. Personality refers to the person's personality, temperament, ability and other characteristics of the sum, one also refers to the individual's moral character and who can act as power, the qualifications of the principal obligation, while charisma refers to a person of character, temperament, ability, and moral quality and other aspects of the power can be attractive. charisma is a whole mental outlook of a person's performance, is a person's ability, temperament, personality and motivation, interests, ideals, and many of overall performance it is born from the people there and has continued to develop, evaluation of a person not just look his appearance, but rather a variety of factors, such as: language, psychology, personality, etc., from which to discover the charm of his noble character, which is higher realm, the most important thing is to have a healthy personality. a person to get others to respect him, admire him, must have their own charisma.

Second, China into the WTO, the requirements of the Secretary of the contemporary

 secretarial work, that is, doing paper work to do with the work of the three into one of China's accession to WTO, with the knowledge of science and technology and economic development, personnel secretary of the company made a higher demand, but also act on the Secretary of the functions to bring some new changes: First, the procedural requirements of higher things, and second, more stringent requirements of the standardization work, staff, think-tank role is to high-level secretarial work requirements to join the WTO, as modern science and technology development, social, political and economic life becomes more complex and becoming more international, which makes it increasingly difficult secretarial work, while the ever-increasing difficulty and complexity, the more strongly the Secretary to require high-quality adapt to new challenges, requiring the Secretary must have a strong charisma, compensation for their knowledge, energy and other deficiencies, which is contemporary secretarial staff must have, and only then will lead to better services, better handle more complicated situation, better to enhance their capabilities.

Third, the specific performance of the Secretary of charisma

 a new era of good secretary should always be aware of their country, to society, the people of noble mission, to create their own character, a sound and healthy personality. A secretary charisma, his work is easy to be led and all aspects of identity, understanding and support, he spoke of the content is easy to convince people that his personal charm to give people a sense of credibility and trust, and thus easy to be successful in their careers. Secretarial work in the connecting link between internal and external communication, coordination directions of the central position, is the leading policy advisor and assistant, is a bridge between the masses, so as Secretary of the workplace in a special group, focusing on charisma enhancement is particularly important personality of the Secretary charm in particular in view of his position, thinking style, attitude towards life, morality, sense of fun to pursue, professional image. constitute the Secretary of the charisma of the two basic elements: personal image, self-cultivation.
 1. Personal image
 Because people and businesses are alike, so the image of a person a power of attracting friends, partners and customers, employees and investors magnet .2 grasp their own image, to represent the organization's image, make image of the organization closer to the community, increase their positive impact on the public.
 2. Training
 Now the competition makes the secretary and the secretary of the difference between the skills of getting smaller and smaller, and has a good quality of training there is the spiritual leader of distributed endless charm, and even make people tolerant of some of his mistakes or fault. Training not natural to human nature, there, is the accumulation of knowledge through learning, practicing and gradually cultivate.

Fourth, the Secretary of the charisma of the shape

 Secretary of the cultivation of personal charm and shape, in addition to the appropriate professional and practical work skills, as I said before, the secretary of the training is the key, how to shape the training that is shaping the Secretary of the Secretary of charisma, from the following aspects:

 (an idea to establish a firm belief in the right

 belief is a qualified secretarial staff to do the first condition, corporate secretarial staff is generally regarded as decision-makers, assistants, because the location of a special, easy to understand the company's core secrets, could easily become the object of our competitors focus on public relations or associated with the individual companies have an interest in the eyes of the Reds, are extremely vulnerable to the interests of all affected, so are in an important position in corporate secretary must have a firm conviction, to fully understand the importance of secretarial work, the work of the company highly responsible work as the Secretary to improve the socialist market economic system, the need for the establishment of modern enterprise system, as the interests of the party and the people in the corporate and individual interests, working interests and material conflicts of interest can make the right choice. At the same time to establish the correct values, outlook on life, sense of responsibility and professionalism, so as to tide of commodity economy does not deviate from their goals in life, in order to live, work, study, a proper understanding of the value of life, so in order to have secretarial work the correct orientation. Links to free download

 (two have a good work ethic and dedication

 morality is in a certain environment, dominated in the emotional sense, to regulate the relationship with the community or others of a behavioral phenomenon. Professional ethics in professional activities in a certain code of conduct to be followed, is the morality in a certain occupation within the scope of specific performance, but also the most concentrated individual morality, the most basic expression. secretary must love the work, dedication, hard work, willing to become green, without remuneration, the spirit of courage and dedication silkworms, for the leadership to really good-government transaction services. Secretary of the work characteristics, determines the secretarial staff must have great dedication. dedication is a key component of charisma, the new image, the Secretary of the ten aspects of the dedication to do , called the 'ten heart' and dedication 'ten heart' is to enhance the charisma of the Secretary of the key, 'ten heart' that is loyal dedicated organization, dedicated to the assured leadership, perseverance dedicated to the cause, dedicated to the careful work , the enthusiastic dedicated people, dedicated to the patient and the contradictions, the hearts and minds of dedicated colleagues, the really dedicated friends, family dedicated to love, to be fair to dedicate yourself. 3 Secretary of the nexus of work, coordinating all directions, not only for leadership services, but also serve the people, therefore, secretarial staff to have a certain overall literacy. 'Ten heart' is a true portrayal of the secretarial staff, and only do 'ten heart 'in order to truly reflect the unique personality of the modern charm of the Secretary.

 (C develop open-minded tolerant attitude toward life

 open-minded is a virtue, tolerance is a moral character. Secretarial work is a work dealing with people, because secretarial work is in the upper and lower connections, communication around the key position, as Secretary of the personnel of this special place, often at work encountered some internal or external interference in complex relationships, it is inevitable and leadership, colleagues, and contradictions between people, conflict of interest, will inevitably lead to misunderstanding and dissatisfaction in the work will inevitably encounter criticism, inevitably will be a lot of unpleasant experiences, leading inevitably to be criticized, so secretaries of personality is a very important aspect Duirenduishi open-minded, cheerful, that is the premise of adhering to the principles of tolerance, the attitude of patience, for the services leading to more understanding, active warm, attentive, enthusiastic co-workers, care, helpfulness .4 This requires secretarial staff to adapt to the environment, to the overall situation, to be more tolerant leaders and colleagues, to learn to install, 'silly.' This is the 'to be asked to not to ask and few ask to be absent, real Ruoxu.' rhetorical performance to others a chance, as he himself knew the whereabouts of his advice, know they know a lot but the It is buried in the bottom of my heart, on the surface do not understand anything to make an appearance. With these, plus he is not offended people to care about tit for tat, not tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, in turn, they would be reducing the number of attacks and slander of others. hold on everything just normal, quiet heart of all things hold, hold loving heart for people, naturally with a sort of gratitude to dealing with people. Gentleman expansive, villains often sad. Almost all the psychological state of good people, our hearts naturally open-minded, and can in this state to infected and affected supervisors and colleagues, so that we have the pleasure to enjoy the harmony.

 (D trained to tough hard-working and positive attitude will

 tenacity is the soul of secretarial staff and security guard. A blazing, burning his boats, at any cost, no expense should be determined to achieve its goals, perseverance, confidence, tenacity is the center of the will, it is the secretary to overcome, the key to lift all difficulties in the face of difficulties and setbacks, there is an optimistic attitude, so that their feet from the setback, become stronger, to make their own grow up gradually. In addition, Corporate Secretary as a kind of special and sensitive job, work pressure natural way there will be hidden and to a certain extent affect their mood. Many times, companies on both sides of the Secretary's approach is often to act, then a big grievance, then the sufferings of large, then large bored, you can only forbear, but had nothing had happened on the surface, calm and even happy to treat people, which is a psychological adjustment ability, also requires secretarial staff, cheerful character, do not worry because of grievances and affect the normal work and in life which should have the optimistic, positive attitude, develop a wide range of interests and hobbies, self-confidence to face life, enjoy life, make life more fulfilling, interesting. a healthy personality is not itself have the need to accumulated bit by bit. usually pay attention to cultivating a good attitude, an optimistic attitude towards life, to shape their own charisma.
 (five have a good professional image and strong affinity and sense of humor Links to free download

 as secretary to have Huodataiduo, optimistic, cheerful, humorous and generous, vibrant spirit in public to show sufficient self-confidence and passion, and actively interacting with people, not pretentious airs, pioneering courage and spirit of the people infected with the same time pay attention to etiquette, manners steady decent, respectful, generous conversation, wit, humor, wearing a timely fit, such as a sense of humor is an important part of the charm of personality, the content of complex secretarial work, a lot of pressure, sometimes inevitably Secretary irritable, tired feeling. Secretary with a sense of humor, the wit of the language can diffuse the situation, beyond frustration, get a good mood, to ensure the smooth progress of the work. Secretary of the department known as the company's window, the window first, because it is internal and external contacts' to the visit, with most of the parties by the Secretary of the governance of business organizations to come forward. People tend to Secretary of the department as a leading spokesman and therefore, the Secretary institutions secretarial staff and a great image of how it affects the environment elegant .4 If the Secretary of the department, the image of a good secretary, secretarial staff, conscientious, friendly, can give a good impression thus enhance each other's business, the environment if the Secretary of the department messy, staff tension, work to push each other lure passing, people feel 'human microscopic ugly face, something difficult task.' is bound to give a bad impression on the leaders and businesses and thus have a negative impact because the people of It is focusing on exchanges between the emotional, the feelings of people likes and dislikes of objective things, reflect the inherent tendency among people to establish a good emotional relationship, will be able to produce intimacy.

 In short, the personal charm in a modern civilized society has become increasingly important value and significance, charisma is a reflection of people's overall quality as a connecting and coordinating all directions of the Secretary of the work should focus on the cultivation of charisma, ability to make their work more good play, for business development and make greater contribution.

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