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Summary: Learn secretarial theory, enhance the overall quality of the Secretary, the Secretary of the development application to the real space to secretarial work, to improve service capabilities from proficient in Chinese politics, writing, and further on the economy, law, psychology, public policy, market dynamics of learning applications, from which additional administration, business management, marketing management, human resources, leadership science, especially the knowledge of public relations to meet the required course of modern business development and establish a good image of the unit is an enterprise inside and outside the public impression and evaluation unit. With the development of the western countries, and the world market.

Keywords: Improving the quality of secretary, reflect service capacity; rapid transmission of information

Secretarial theoretical knowledge disciplines with super-soft disciplines, cross-sectional discipline, multi-disciplinary, more discipline, integrated applications to improve efficiency, secretarial development process innovation, the daily business of the construction work of empathy, theory and practical work completely different, we need to carry out exploration and research, the main elements of reform Secretarial, 1 Office of the text from the emphasis on things, change things for the both the Office of the text, and make suggestions must be in our own areas of responsibility for leadership to provide accurate decision-making information is not given a free hand, two from the transceiver to transmit information, into an integrated approach to information, processing transactions, employee recognition programs, leadership recognition, not taking the process, 3 from alone into our empirical implementation of scientific management, theory with practice, and good corporate management system, scientific management must meet the actual requirements, 4 from passive service into active service active service pay attention to efficiency, service and business, service and staff, the service is the bounden duty of the Secretary, construction Enterprise Project Office is to convey information directly control the window, must stay in touch quickly and accurately. Secretary to have a good sense of responsibility, neither overbearing nor innovative pro-active and optimistic style of thinking.

Office automation, network skilled control applications. The paperless office, saving the cost is from the trivial, multimedia transmission of information, e-mail, electronic conferencing, with the information society development, and construction companies on-site use of network monitoring, and the use of Advanced RFID radio frequency identification technology, positioning of the tunnel operators to improve security management, combined with the secretary in the different types, must improve the overall office productivity, multimedia performance, and electronic files must have advanced security technology and equipment. advocate green office, the office equipment management system to develop a reasonable, scientific management, equipment operation, repair and maintenance. the correct method of operation is necessary to grasp the basic common sense.

Document Management document not only follow the strict format, but also issued a document procedures strictly control the procedural control file, realistic times to emergencies will sit down and make a quick right to report the responsible departments, under the circumstances the formation of written material. By the leadership intent or organization of the draft, drafted the first draft of verification, signed to write a further issued a document is responsible for leading the specific views of documents issued by the formation of political leadership power responsibility before printing office documents formally issued a document, issued department for review, strictly issued a document control file size. all departments issued a document must be personally approved by the leadership, decision-making leading basic information. Office of the Ministry project construction company to do file processing. improve the service contract management responsibilities, issued after the piece is directly facing the public social window, on behalf of the company's corporate management infrastructure and corporate culture eventually secretarial print registration and application specific way to send transfer files, fast transmission of information, must be in strict compliance <<new way>> secretary not only to correct mental attitude, and To ensure that trade secrets, tight-lipped. raise awareness of ideological education, play and team project branch branch of the advantages of good corporate secrets and human resource management. With the rapid technological development has brought the competition for talent, not only has talent, but is a high-quality personnel, hold our construction business secrets must be unremittingly, not the size of corporate secrets, the project staff in their daily work inadvertently can reveal business secrets confidential secretary has the duty to conservative enterprise, it is important for project staff to improve monitoring of education is a conservative business secret. of the contract, financial, office supplies and other important positions to strengthen management of international espionage on the increase, the competition becomes more intense, More and more commercial espionage, and these people's behavior but also to the major companies caused a staggering loss of the project at the Ministry offices are likely to reveal corporate secrets, small words, large piece of paper, with the outside world those contacts must have critical thinking in the maintenance of trade secrets, the office plans to train all employees to trade secrets, commercial secrets ideologically fixed concept of mobile workers and more projects department, the secretary is to play its role in monitoring implementation of the system of trade secrets process to pass information quickly to mobilize all employees to comply with trade secrets, fully improve their overall quality, so the grave situation facing the construction industry should be strictly the start, the business secrets related to the strict management. Links to free download http : / /
Protected by law with technical inventions, new processes, technology decisions, new technology before the pre-design, business secrets planned measures to open up new markets, material procurement plan, the Ministry supplies the material purchase contract, the financial situation the project department of production costs, profits, price adjustment scheme, the Ministry of the tender project plan, staff mobility, to discuss plans outside the project that the Department must accurately the actual situation specifically provides the scope of the project department of trade secrets, commercial secrets will leak harm, or even a disaster, while business secrets and the combination of anti-corruption, disclosure of business secrets is a corruption, protection of technical secrets secret protection and management are equally important, to improve and strictly implement security measures. For example, shall not exceed the scope of secret technical drawings borrow in foreign trade data must be strictly controlled. Customer information must be submitted short lead various departments and offices identified only after the formation of written materials in talks led by the Department at least be discussed with the project, non-prohibited Members of management information to any unauthorized access to data units in the office and reception area at any time there may be leakage of confidential, secret documents, copy, typing wax paper, computers, memory is cleared, fax ribbon, paper tape printer shall not be thrown away, technical information within the network to protect. for firewall, antivirus software applications, constantly upgrading, not over the network secret top-secret information, confidential documents circulated range clear. have the person responsible circulated reveal the secret in time to the project once Ministry informed. well, after the disclosure of confidential preparedness plans, strengthen deadlines and timely destruction of confidential paper documents.

Clear in the project department of trade secret protection period. Perform file management process will establish a separate business secret document files, create a file organization. And read permissions clear. Should be read to know the scope of secret documents to a minimum, top-secret documents In the secret room only safe place to conduct an internal inspection, are not allowed to read secret documents should not be reading the project the Ministry of copying confidential documents must be registered in the project department, who must have specific management responsibilities within the powers granted read, SECRET level documents may not be copied, must be replicated, and shall be subject to corporate approval on behalf of himself personally, have signed the project leader. classified documents must be immediately cleaned up and returned when no longer needed or destroy the right of approval and complete the destruction of records. These work the best we can totally be done, how to handle the work is not satisfactory, there is a completely free space on stage is not to say on the fixed lines in the performance process, we can play to their potential. To insert words, can achieve the highest artistic effect depends on their perception.

Control the scope of circulation of papers, both hands, "need to know" and split the original measured, with the scope of the specific reading knowledge. From different areas, different parts of the line when you read the relevant knowledge, the establishment of three two unknown secret, the secret is divided into three parts will be saved in the process of implementation of management systems to be strictly enforced. What kind of leadership is not in law, employees of the points.

Espionage, hackers use modern technology to obtain trade secrets means very much, for prevention is a modern enterprise can not be ignored important issues, training of personnel, improve the technical prevention. The use of office automation equipment, network monitoring, or the classified site zone alarm installation, electronic monitoring system, the implementation of the physical screen, configure the intelligent firewall to protect your computer video machines, selling porcelain disk, encryption, security and information security measures, set the password is strictly prohibited birthday, name, etc., to improve safety awareness. The project within the Ministry from time to time to modify the mailbox password, trade secret management of internal staff must be trained staff of trade secrets related to the assessment, whether they have to comply with the quality of trade secrets, from the individual's psychological assessment, an unhealthy psychological person to prevent trade secrets close to the content. on the individual workers involved refused access to trade secrets. to create safe business invisible, hold the secretary of trade secrets, to establish a correct outlook on life, to enhance their own professional ethics. Secretary of not only their compliance with, all employees of the Ministry to supervise the project. Each department is responsible to oversee the various departments of the staff, form a good management system.

Construction company project department office equipment, purchase to qualified paid registration number should be responsibility to the people, office equipment, regular maintenance repair, the damaged parts of the equipment even if the replacement does not affect the work to ensure that office equipment needs material goods must be strictly managed to ensure qualified to meet the normal office equipment applications, eliminate waste, goods distribution must be registered to develop solutions for hospitality items for the reception level, the cost of entertainment control. secretary warm diligent seriousness from ambiguity in interpersonal communication is to overcome the personal emotional , emotional, and we have much space in the end, from their own subjective, the objective is to project the Ministry of Environment. But you can take the initiative to overcome the objective reasons we have a strong feeling with the road, someone said: the more people is the way to go, they should go first piece of rough road. Links to free download http://

Of literary writing skills, strengthen their own political civilization, material and spiritual civilization, the study of law the law, for <<Law Contract Law >>,<<>> deep understanding to establish a correct outlook on life, the face of society development, and evaluation of their objective reality, strict demands on themselves living habits, mental health knowledge to master and overcome the adverse psychological factors, depression, low self-esteem, arrogant, jealous heart disease, psychological setbacks, to release the stress state of mind. to show their amateur artistic hobbies, overcome bad habits, with the knowledge to overcome their own. profound knowledge of human cultural strong feelings towards work, maintain a positive optimistic attitude, as the Secretary of the employees to be concerned about the mental activity in this era of our different impulsive times people must have a generation gap, but we need to have a good faith touched the hearts of others, work in the care, work in caring for others and our space is not it a beautiful world?
Secretary to serve as the main leaders and the masses of workers. For leadership services for the department's services for the construction team for the company's services, reflecting the good service capabilities. Improve public relations etiquette, logistics services which protect the functions of improving service quality, full use of the project branch, branch groups, trade unions, self-organizing group activities and projects, carry out a staff entertainment culture. As the saying goes troops and horses, forage first, first ensure the basic living standards of workers, care workers and the leadership of meals, lodging for needy families. For troubled employees to the company's rapid transmission of information, the project office secretary at the Ministry to investigate the views of staff and recommendations, to maintain close contact with the staff leadership, careful layout of each stage, the project release detailed records of the Ministry of items found item when paid less, leak, bad, bad phenomenon timely manner. correct attitude to serve the leadership and staff. human management over the employees peace of mind to work or can not maximize value creation, and with labor conflicts may undermine the development of tools, sharpening the contradictions. resulting in the project department of the work can not function properly, the project department of economic loss can not be predicted, so that enterprises continue to loss of iron in seven innings as well as our three companies. Supervision and inspection functions and supervise the implementation of leading scientific forecast → → feedback, the second decision-making, decision-making cycle of the application form information. Secretary of the transition from the three services, four service principles and limited endless, infinite is the specific work of the transaction, there are large, have small, miscellaneous hope others how you like, on the first of how others like you, no matter who said it, do not forget how to treat their jobs, their life. complex interpersonal communication is the lack of sincerity .

From the knowledge of Chinese, politics, writing, and further to the economic, legal, psychology, public policy, market dynamics to study the application, from which additional administration, business management, marketing management, human resources, leadership science, especially the knowledge of public relations to meet a required course for the development of modern enterprises and establish a good image of the unit, inside and outside the public impression of a business unit and the parity. With the development of the western countries, and the world market. enterprises to establish their own corporate culture Customers leave a good image among the masses to build brands, a huge asset to promote enterprise invisible high-speed operation, in order to increase consumer credit insurance, recruit talent for the enterprise, focused on human build leading companies. make free priceless corporate advertising. to establish a common goal, to increase human resources for enterprise development, to increase investor confidence. secretary actually engaged in public relations, corporate responsibility and promising to create a good image.

In short, in the development of our space in the hard work, heart communication, perception of space to your heart, afraid of their own work space is small, but of a spiritual life becomes narrow, the contradictions between the intentions of the public sector to resolve and strengthen their own ideological and moral, to establish a correct outlook on life, work down, talk about research theory and practice of 'war', to overcome their erroneous ideas. systematic management of the affairs of the work, doing paper work in process-oriented, rational application of the Secretary ideological theory, leadership and organization consistent with the final goal, to improve their quality Fen offer their career. The spirit of perseverance and enterprise counterparts, the Ministry for the project management system in the implementation process fully implemented in this fickle mind of the people in need of unity era, this era belongs to dare to struggle, dare to challenge us!


[1] Liu Zhonglin Modern interdisciplinary science (Chapter IV [M]. Hangzhou: Zhejiang Education Press, 1998 (2.

[2] August 24, 2000 by Department of State released January 1, 2001 implementation of the <<state administrative organs document processing method>> called <<new way>>.

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