Corporate Secretary job on the design based on the Secretary-based teaching

Abstract: With the rapid development of market economy, the secretary of the industry, and gradually develop and expand it as a social class, occupational groups, Secretary of the post is almost ubiquitous. Offered in vocational schools <<Secretary of the base> > course, is corporate secretary for the posts on the future direction of education is to train students to conduct a comprehensive secretarial combination of theory and practice of teaching a new direction.

Keywords: Secretary-based practice, quality

With the development of society, the industry secretary, has been gradually from general clerical classes from the open, has formed a separate discipline, we are in vocational schools to train students in the discipline not only professionalism, but also with basic moral qualities, in the new industry, business sector, business sector, can be applied freely, and enable them to apply their knowledge, have a good combination of theory and practice skills through professional courses for the Secretary of the overall development of students lay the foundation to develop in line with the market economy needs high-quality personnel secretary.

1 Secretary of the foundation courses in the need for experimental set up

Secretary of the basic course requires students to master certain documents should be writing, office automation, research and other basic skills very nature of their courses is the Secretary of the profession's demands. Secretary of the foundation courses related to management and secretarial many content management in the Secretary of the reference and reference management in the basic theory, basic principles, the basic way to learn from management theory, knowledge of nutrients through theoretical knowledge and practical training to enable students to understand the Secretary of the preliminary work of the history and development, basic grasp of the nature of secretarial work, characteristics, master secretary staff consultation, assisted decision-making, communication and coordination, management services and other basic functions, familiar with research, information processing, Conference Management , Drafting documents, letters and visits, communication etiquette and other secretarial practice the theory and methods, proficiency in office automation tools and methods, eventually, to enable students to achieve the corporate secretary of the job requirements of a range of students, doing secretarial work for the future lay a solid foundation of theoretical and professional skills, therefore, from a professional training objectives, personnel services and programs for nature, through the Secretary of courses set up experiments to enhance the practice of teaching is very necessary.

2 Vocational-Technical Secretary of the professional proofreading training objectives

Secretary of the training objectives of modern, in full accordance with business unit needs and adapt the model to the development needs of modern teaching, a lot of basis in vocational schools full of talent in today's society needs and personality types of vocational courses to be ordered , and by building an open curriculum of theoretical knowledge to achieve their training objectives.

2.1 with a wide range of theoretical knowledge

Secretary of people's knowledge of modern innovation structure with wide multi-disciplinary multi-channel theory of knowledge, to build a new system of open foundation courses. Secretary of the professional knowledge and work skills, mostly from personal experience of social work practice and the accumulation of this demands that we continue to provide for the secretary of the discipline of practice, learning, students are to achieve true knowledge can be used in the purpose of the work we are trained professionals mainly for Secretary of the future into the business engaged in the adjuvant management The staff secretary, then secretary need to set up a large number of related professional courses, such as: Secretary of the theoretical basis of science, science instruments, file management, linguistics, literature, psychology, public relations, writing, science, computers and networks, This secretary is also the basis of extensive absorption of the students asked the administration, marketing, economics, law, sociology and information science and other subjects of theoretical knowledge and technology to enable students not only understand but also apply their knowledge, through the use of all of the subject knowledge to strengthen the Secretary of the profession.

2.2 has a strong social adaptability and ability to work

In today's society, only those who can survive the truth is more evident, we can train people to adapt to society's secretary, was accepted by society, depends not only on their knowledge of how much also depends on their ability to work which requires the secretary of our foundation theory of continuous improvement, general, diversity in order to optimize the capacity of the structure of modern secretarial personnel, strengthen professional skills training, to build multi-level, cross-industry open professional (skills) courses new system for us to re-open secretarial courses in the weight due to the nature of corporate secretarial staff is in contact up and down, inside and outside the hub of communication, a direct impact on the functioning of the organization, therefore, requires the Secretary of the professional students should have a high level of planning, measures and arrangements organizational capacity to implement actions to ensure that future work can be highly efficient in operation.

2.3 proficiency in certain skills

Secretary of the expertise is not only a professional basis, but also the future Secretary of the professional development of professional skills not only benefits for the enterprise, the same secretary of our professional needs of students in the future rely on the expertise of skilled job seekers in the community, development For the modern professional secretarial training on our students, not just a theoretical basis can be applied to today's social development, because these theories is only a preliminary understanding of student secretary of the discipline-based, and can not fully grasp the Secretary of the subjects the true meaning, and use, so in vocational schools is to achieve professional (vocational) training as the goal of the school, we pass a large number of more specific, standardized, technology-based training to develop the professional skills of students to achieve proficiency control purposes. In short, the Secretary of the professional (vocational) skilled personnel able to master their skills is the Secretary of the professional training curriculum and the basis for the construction of important goals. Links to free download

2.4 with high-quality professional talents

Secondary vocational education as an important part of our education and training is not only a worker, but a full person, to master the necessary basic cultural knowledge, expertise and professional skills of more skilled, innovative spirit and practical ability, but also with physical and mental health, good values, ethics and attitudes, self-reliance, responsibility has proved that students are only in professional practice to feel, experience and training in order to form a good work ethic. so that students in vocational practice in the recognition of professional ethics, strengthen the moral choice, is the inevitable choice of professional ethics education in the <<Secretary of the base>> the teaching of specialized courses, you can take the following approach to ethics education into courses teaching.

2.4.1 with Secretary of the history of the human spirit

For the students to engage in cultural and historical education so that they read the publication by, watching movies during the baptism of the spirit of thinking, so that a correct understanding of their own, to understand their own and therefore, with the fine cultural traditions to nourish the human spirit Secretary, is improve the overall quality of the secretary is an important process.

2.4.2 with case teaching, vocational and moral education

Not only requires excellent secretarial knowledge, practical skills, excellent, qualified people is reflected in the Secretary of whether you have a good work ethic. Then we carry out professional training for students at the same time, students should focus on the ideological and moral education, professional ethics the influence, so that they can dedication, love and dedication.

2.4.3 The combination of simulation training, vocational education and values

In teaching, we must vigorously carry out simulation training, so as to establish the correct values ​​of the students, their characters via analog to subjective feelings of their social position, in the feel continuously improve the understanding of the Secretary of the industry, improve their initiative by comparing training to enable students to understand the importance of professional values, professional values ​​is only a good future for the Secretary of the industry, the correct orientation.

3 Conclusion

In short, to cultivate talent for corporate secretary secretary will need to train personnel in the process, continue to strengthen the moral education of the students so that they can establish the correct values ​​and ideas, but also to equip them with good professional skills, so toward the future social, into the enterprise, can calmly with the matter. qualified personnel secretary for the enterprise not only assisted the management staff, but also for business growth advice. This is high-quality training in vocational schools adapt to the economic development of the compound personnel secretary the direction and goals.


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