Brand value perspective enterprises enhance its soft power strategy

Abstract: The era of economic globalization, competition between enterprises is a growing tendency Competition in soft competitiveness, brand value largely reflects the soft power of an enterprise from the perspective of brand value by building brand value - enterprise soft power models, you can explore the link between soft power and brand value based on the model of the enterprise from the lofty vision to build the specialty core values ​​and excellent corporate culture, and to strengthen the sense of social responsibility, and to improve their own hard power and plus big communication platform and product distribution channels, building and enhance their soft power to enhance their competitiveness.

Keywords: soft power and brand value; value recognition.

Since the reform and opening up, Chinese enterprises have ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development, and develop rapidly. With the deepening of globalization, foreign-funded enterprises continue to enter, as well as local enterprises to go abroad to open up overseas markets, intensified competition between enterprises, single by the rigid traditional competitive advantage has been difficult to guarantee the win in the fierce competition. hard competitive advantage companies have ownership time is growing short, and easily copied by competitors, the competition among enterprises is a growing tendency Competition in the soft competitive environment with the times change, and also change the proportion of soft power and hard power in the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, soft power has increasingly shown its unique charm and importance. At the same time, brand building are also increasingly subject to the attention of corporate leadership, brand value largely reflects the soft power of an enterprise. Consequently, brand value can be integrated into the research enterprise soft power to enhance the proposed measures as an entry point to the brand value enhance soft power, which stand out in the fierce competition to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises.

A theoretical overview.

1. Enterprise brand value .20 1980s set off a worldwide wave of mergers and acquisitions, caused widespread concern of the people of the brand value brand has a high value for enterprises to bring high returns, the value of the brand has been an indisputable facts. main sources of brand value enterprise value, customers, stakeholders three perspectives, theory and research on the value of the brand are also based on this traditional theory based on the value of the assets of the enterprise value perspective by more and more challenges. of domestic scholars for the brand value mainly in customer brand value. Zhu Ruiting [1] brand itself as well as the brand has helped enterprises to maintain the personalized features of their own products and to improve the direct impact on consumers in a vertical competition (manufacturer - brokers / dealers - retailers in the status of functions and strengthen corporate brand has value. Wangcheng Rong [2] starting from the "differential rent" theory and commodity two-factor theory that the brand value of production by special labor with the input factors and market acceptance of elements the stakeholder value theory is that branding is not limited to the customer, should all brand interests into account, because each of these stakeholders branding the success or failure has a significant impact. ZHANG Yi [3-4] that the essence of the brand value is the value of the integration of the stakeholders, the enterprise should meet the demands of stakeholders in the value, to "brand" brand - customer relationship - stakeholder relations "to enhance brand value. comprehensive previous studies, the paper argues that brand value is based on the perception of the brand stakeholders, and thus produce a recognition of the value of the corporate philosophy and business behavior, performance and the support of corporate behavior giving the brand value. brands on behalf of the entire organization, not just products, not the "product brand" is equivalent to "organizational brand. [3] The product brand customer, and organizational brand for all interests stakeholders. brands of stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, government enterprises must value to stakeholders needs commitment and honor, brand value, enhance customer loyalty depends on the stakeholders, hard work, cooperation and support high quality materials behavior.

2 soft power soft power (Soft Power term produced in the field of international relations by the American scholar at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School Dean, a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Joseph Nye (Joseph S. Nye 1990 first proposed he thinks Soft power is the ability to achieve their goals by attracting. [5] soft power produced in the field of international relations, but it has a wide range of applications.

Foreign scholars on the study of soft power is more concentrated at the national level, little research enterprise soft power. Domestic since Wang Huning [6] first soft power research has set off a soft power heat, many scholars, respectively, from the national, regional all levels, enterprises conducted in-depth research. domestic definition of soft power is yet to reach a consensus. Jinzhou Ying [7] from the soft capital, soft technology integration point of view of the soft environment "soft power potential soft capital form of soft power, the soft technology innovation ability, the strain of the soft environment, the creation and innovation capacity of the three core soft power is defined as the integration and integration capabilities of the three abilities. Luo Gaofeng [8] identity from the value perspective soft power defined as the ability of technological innovation factors, sunk capital factors and environmental integration capacity factors of integration, is to obtain benefits related to the value of recognition, ability to generating enterprises expected behavior. Huang country groups such as [9] believe that the formation of soft power must by enterprises potential soft power of ideas, values, etc. through interactive communication to the reality of soft power conversion. different understanding will result from a different point of view to build soft power. IMAGING [10] starting from the context of the international financial crisis that integrity culture is soft power The core to build enterprise soft power around the culture of integrity. Luo Gaofeng [11] that soft power is based on the core values ​​of the soft power of real ones, reflects the respect for the individual, teamwork, corporate culture, and these three aspects to create soft power.

Comprehensive Review. Above research literature, the paper argues that "soft power corporate body through the possession of firm-specific resources, translation and dissemination, to attract corporate stakeholders and other objects, and get their value recognition, so that they produce enterprise the expected behavior, and ultimately achieve the business purpose of a capability. "definition of soft power formation process and mechanism of action contained in the which favor deep understanding of soft power, and also increase the operability in reality build. Luo Gaofeng [11] and Gu Jianping [10], respectively, to the core values ​​and culture of integrity as the core of soft power to build soft power, just given from a single study, although seize the key, but there are some limitations. enterprise soft power enhancement should focus throughout the formation and role in the process. stakeholders is the role of soft power object, enterprise soft power is an important part of the role of stakeholder value recognition. interests related to the object, the brand value theory into the study of soft power, build brand value - the soft power model, trying to make recommendations to the soft power of the enterprise to enhance the overall.

Second, build brand value - soft power model.

Soft power is the sum of the competitive enterprises in market competition the hard competitiveness relative to the economic strength, equipment, technology, and other soft relative to hard power, soft power is difficult to copy, and the competitive advantage of soft power longer duration. The brand value is the intangible value of the enterprise, and the strengths of the entire organization. both the formation of overlapping, brand value is the concentrated expression of soft power and promote each other.

1 brand value formation. Brands are the promises and assurances of the needs and expectations of stakeholder value. [3] brand value from the corporate philosophy and its business under the guidance of behavior as well as the consequent products and services the expected value of the demand of the bear with the interests of stakeholders. corporate philosophy is mainly constituted by the core values, ambitious vision, corporate culture, social responsibility, and the specific rules and regulations in the day-to-day production and business activities, and several factors. the corporate philosophy conversion spread two ways: direct transmission and indirect transmission. [8] directly spread that the enterprise directly to stakeholders publicity and marketing their own ideas and values. indirect spread indirectly through the business activities of enterprises that its philosophy, corporate philosophy through internal transformation condensation provide products and services for the enterprise, to enter the market to accept the consumer's perception and compare the carrying value of the products and services reflect the value of consumer demands of consumers recognized the value of the interests of consumers are met is to customer loyalty as the support of corporate behavior, the direct result of the rapid rise of sales and income and other stakeholders, the individual needs to be met by the behavior and product will demonstrate cooperation, work hard to provide policy support support behavior. spread of corporate philosophy is a two-way interactive process, enterprises not only dissemination of ideas, access to information to reflect the value of the aspirations and expectations from stakeholders as well as their support acts. strengthen awareness of their own philosophy, behavior of these feedback grasp and correction, so as to better meet the needs of the stakeholders. would all these organizations support behavior eventually each way from all aspects to the enterprise value of the formation of the brand value.

Formation of soft power. Entire formation process of the soft power that is formed from the possession of a particular resource potential of soft power and play a role in the process of conversion to the reality of soft power. [9] These specific resources hard Resources and soft resources corporate philosophy as soft resources, and recognition of its value, after the transformation of the basis for the use of a variety of ways and carrier propagated to stakeholders to produce attractive, marks the company ultimately the formation of soft power to hard power.

Relationship between soft power and brand value in the formation process of the brand value, the value of the corporate philosophy to the interests of stakeholders agree that this part of the cross coincided with the formation process of the soft power of coincidence. Role of soft power interests by the support acts, which will bring the brand value and brand value with this soft power associated with it from the overall soft power on behalf of an enterprise, brand value is a concentrated expression of soft power brand value enhance and bring stakeholders more positive perception, recognition, trust, and then rose to a value of identity brought enhance soft power, on the other hand, the role of soft power play will be a beneficial impact on the brand value.

The foregoing analysis, we can draw the following model:

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three soft power to enhance brand value perspective based measures.

1. Lofty vision, enhance employee motivation vision is a visual expression of the corporate mission, the blueprint for the development of the company's future, indicate the direction of the development of enterprises, depicts the future like to get a wide range of stakeholders agree a shared vision has powerful attraction and the driving force, which is the basis of soft power. the most successful companies have an excellent vision, such as Ford's "Let the public to have the car" Apple "so that everyone has a computer. ambitious vision helps increase employee self-efficacy, motivate behavior, so as to provide consumers with higher quality, higher-performance products and services, and enhance brand value. era of economic globalization, a still taken the opportunity-oriented enterprise is dangerous. Therefore, enterprises should be the basis of its understanding of the status quo, based on the area of ​​operation, analysis of the future business environment, presented a challenging vision, First of all, it is necessary to listen to the demands of stakeholders, looking a key factor in the last refining summed up a common vision that can reflect the parties' intentions. expression of the vision must be concise, clear, unique, complex and lengthy declaration can only stay in the wall, and can not produce any real effect. addition, The vision is not just as a slogan, corporate strategy and tactics should focus on this goal to develop and strengthen the communication of the vision, the vision of effective incentive guide employee behavior, play an effective vision effect.

Building Features core values, excellent corporate culture to guide the behavior of business core values ​​and corporate culture internal guidelines and standardize the behavior of employees, external display with excellent management style, is an important source of soft power enterprises can not be copied be the key to sustainable development. outstanding corporate culture can unite the wisdom of all employees and motivate employees to make unremitting efforts for the development of enterprise and our enterprises high rate of staff turnover, low staff loyalty, culture construction work has quite urgent. enterprises should be based on their own industry, to establish a line with the characteristics of the core values ​​of their own development. Secondly, the the culture construction work should be integrated into the day-to-day work of the senior leadership, strengthen staff understanding of the corporate culture. integrity of the business, can effectively reduce transaction costs, improve corporate reputation, so we must first establish a culture of integrity. addition, under the background of economic globalization, the only innovation and teamwork is the business survive. innovation and teamwork but also as a cultural construction one of the core content. addition, each facing enterprises operating environment and customer needs, enterprises should also build other outstanding culture to meet their own development needs, to form a unique competitive advantage.

3. Strengthen the sense of social responsibility, and to enhance the image of a good corporate citizen. Enterprises as members of society, is an important part of the society.

Enterprises can not develop without the support of the community, commitment to social responsibility is a corporate obligation of recent years, a large number of damage to the environment and harm the interests of consumers and health of Zijin Mining, Sanlu Dairy enterprises have been exposed by the media, social strong reaction to the lack of social responsibility not only cause great harm to the corporate brand, and even lead to corporate bankruptcy. enhance public awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development concept, the loud voice of corporate social responsibility in the community. corporate social responsibility 's commitment to enhance the corporate image, enhance consumer recognition of the enterprise, then identify their products and services. First, companies should provide consumers with quality and reliable products, can not be false advertising, and exaggerated product efficacy. products are the basis of soft power aside quality, soft power out of the question.

Secondly, the enterprise spirit of "people-oriented" concept, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and provide a reasonable return on corporate career guidance staff development, increase investment in staff training, creating opportunities for the promotion of employees of enterprises and employees common development of harmonious labor relations can reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs, enhance the attractiveness of external talent. Finally, companies must enhance their environmental awareness, and take the road of sustainable development, enterprise development can not be built on the basis of environmental damage above. commitment to corporate social responsibility is bound to increase the cost, the impact of short-term benefits to the enterprise, but deals with the support of government policy can bring the trust of consumers and other benefits, greatly enhance the soft power of the enterprise.

4. Enhance their own hard power, the formation and the role of soft power play to provide a solid foundation for the final formation of soft power transformed from potential soft power, and this process must be the hard power as the foundation to a successful transformation. Hard power carriers of soft power, soft power role to play in providing relying on soft power will enhance hard power, the two promote each other. [9] in the same time focus on soft power to improve their own hard power, to enhance the soft power of play effect. enterprises to introduce talents to enhance their own technological advantages, to update the equipment, plant, and many other enhancements to the hard power, to create more value for stakeholders.

5. Increase communication platform and product distribution channels-building efforts to ensure that the value of the spread. Dissemination of values ​​and ideas to achieve brand value and enhance an important part of the soft power. Stakeholder value recognition built on to bring their value to the enterprise the positive perception of the foundation, which requires companies to build a platform to interact, to ensure the full dissemination of their own values ​​and obtain stakeholder needs and the rapid development and wide application of the Internet, it penetrated into all walks of life to become universal platform social media era, enterprises should actively use social media to strengthen interaction with stakeholders, and to expand its scope of cognitive them to actively participate in corporate brand building. addition, enterprises culture and core values ​​of the final condensation products and services, enterprises should strengthen the construction of product distribution channels, brand value in circulation to consumers in the process will not be impaired.

IV Conclusion.

Soft power as soft competitive relative to hard power, an important position in the global competition is increasingly prominent. Acceleration of the process of information, bring convenience to business management, but also adds a lot of challenges. Purely rigid advantage more and more likely to be replicated beyond, the enterprise is more difficult to do business only hard power and soft power, the two promote each other in order to better play the advantages of hard power, soft power to enhance a long-term process, short rapid formation period is difficult, but its benefits are immeasurable. enterprises should enhance the construction of soft power to a strategic height and long-term planning, the implementation of the construction of soft power to the operation and management of all levels.


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