Based on enterprise strategic environment of the anti-competitive intelligence strategy development

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Abstract: enterprise competitive intelligence department has gradually become one of the decision-makers of enterprise management, and anti-competitive intelligence to prevent or hinder competitors access to the enterprise competitive intelligence information. Therefore, anti-competitive intelligence work is particularly important article expounded the meaning of anti-competitive intelligence as a starting point, combined with the analysis of the strategic environment of the enterprise, to develop and implement programs to study the anti-competitive intelligence strategy.

Keywords: competitive intelligence, anti-competitive intelligence, intelligence activities; strategy, defense, confidentiality

Anti-competitive intelligence for competitive intelligence, also has been called a "counter-intelligence, counter-intelligence technology, and trade secrets protection" means for a competitor or third party reasonable, legitimate intelligence-gathering behavior. a full analysis on the basis of competitive intelligence activities of the competitors themselves take an active defense measures to protect the enterprise's own information, in particular, is the key to the secret information, and by means of masking and confused reduce or offset by competitors or third parties on the enterprises themselves some behavior, plans, intentions, and other intelligence-gathering activities, in order to ensure their own enterprises in the competitive advantage of intelligence can be seen from this definition, good anti-competitive intelligence work should first be concerned about the competitive intelligence gathering process anti-competitive intelligence strategy the focus should be based on the intelligence-gathering process, obtained by acquiring competitors Competitive Intelligence ways and means, to organize anti-competitive intelligence team, to sum up the way to collect the core secret information may leak from the enterprise's own point of view, to establish the object of protection, and then through discuss research and develop anti-competitive intelligence strategy.

1 Enterprise Development Strategic Environmental Analysis

The 1.1 competitive market environment analysis
Macro market environment mainly refers to the outside in the enterprise, from corporate control, but be the enterprise competitive activities impact factors. Macroeconomic environment of the competitive market is a common space for all kinds of enterprises survival, including political regulations, the economic situation, industrial concentration, the supply of labor and capital, and social and cultural industry market environment mainly from industrial concentration, maturity and the competitive situation facing-based, focusing on analysis of the scattered-based industries, emerging industries, has become a mature industry, declining industries, and global industries such as basic environmental information. Such analysis can determine this are not competitors of the enterprise through a multi-channel business strategy or core competitiveness transformation to become competitors to become potential competitors the possibility of potential major competitors including the following scenario: an extension of its strategy will inevitably lead to competition in this industry enterprises; those that may be carried forward or backward integration customers or suppliers, possible merger or acquisition of industrial enterprises and industrial enterprises outside, etc..

Competitive environment from the time point of view, including the past, present and future environmental point of view from space, including domestic and international environment. Analysis of the competitive environment will be very beneficial to carry out anti-competitive intelligence activities. Often study the market competition environment provide the basis for judging whether competitors enterprises to participate in market competition, in order to find out who is to prevent objects due to the timeliness of the counter-intelligence activities, it is necessary to also be able to figure out the problem of Information and Protection of time.

1.2 enterprise information analysis

As two aspects to be like competitor analysis, analysis of the enterprise's internal information, including the business organization, resources, business strategy, business objectives, corporate culture, aims to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of their own enterprises, and strengthen the advantages protection of information on the enterprise information Chen can not be completely closed, so to make clear the enterprise information what intelligence needs protection, what information should be disclosed through what channels. fact, the competitors information analysis of competitors will be the same of the enterprise information analysis, the purpose of starting the implementation of the protection of certain intelligence Knowing this it should be clear from this information analysis.

The main purpose of the two aspects: know your opponent's advantage but it is also its own disadvantages, to clarify the direction of competitive intelligence, grasp the opponent behavior to take competitive strategy and respond to the enterprise competition program mode of thinking. An enterprise's competitive advantage can not be hidden, it is the company's core competitiveness, the key attraction for consumers and agents, so not only will not be closed for the competitive advantage of the enterprise information also vigorously publicized. The need to protect this part is to generate and maintain this competitive advantage of intelligence, in the vertical process from production to sales-related information on the need to closely guarded from the purpose of the latter point of view, to obtain competitive intelligence technology business leaders and competitive intelligence staff personal information is not a problem, the advantage of the loopholes in order to prevent opponents between individuals or teams of internal conflict (including internal and external should have appeared blockade, and as soon as possible mediation, conflict continued The longer, more Murder in the eyes of the competitive intelligence personnel. sure to be signed a confidentiality agreement on the protection of core information for third-party mutual restraint.

1.3 competitor information analysis

Competitor information, analysis, mainly three aspects: competitors in business operations, competitors corporate competitive intelligence agencies and personnel information, as well as third-party information.

First, on the basis of full investigation and study as much as possible to determine all of the competitors, and then expand based on analysis for the former, the purpose of each of the competitors in all aspects of the vulnerable, or urgent want but also there is no information, but only have the advantage of competitors because competitors gaining access to competitive intelligence focused direction in these areas.

Competitors corporate competition analysis of the intelligence agencies and personnel information, including rivals intelligence agencies constitute their usual behavior, aimed to grasp competitors how to compete, what kind of competitive strategy, as well as the competition program of the enterprise possible reaction. which the key is to understand the quality of the competitors, including groups morale and group cohesion, norms, corporate structure, corporate culture is very important, because it is the flag opponents competitive strength is an important aspect. quality characteristics will produce different competitive strategies, understanding can take a different response for different qualities competitors.

The so-called third-party, organization or personal contact with the enterprise, including advertisers, suppliers, distributors, customers, business executives, departments, banks, advisory bodies, securities firms, industry associations and other business, they understand all aspects of corporate advertising strategy, capital structure, product structure, sales channels, and even operating. analysis of third-party information is a way to understand the competitors.

Positive measures 1.4 anti-competitive intelligence work should focus on the active monitoring of the behavior of suspicious intelligence, analysis and tracing
In the fierce market competition in the globalization, multinational corporations and some financial consortium in order to obtain the core intelligence of customers and competitors in the field of business intelligence devoted more and more resources, which not only reflect the quality of personnel engaged in the business intelligence work increasing intelligence analysis capacity has been greatly strengthened, more focused increasingly embodied in the means of intelligence gathering covert and professional, large enterprises and consortia widely used third-party professional companies or directly set up their own front company to carry out the gray even illegal intelligence gathering has become a common phenomenon these professional companies and cover companies often consisting of professionals, fully into account in the process of establishing the counter-check the link after the specific intelligence-gathering activities. tend to use the cover of the identity and professional and technical means, the widespread use of illegal and a line called "gray means of intelligence gathering, covert way, means professional, it is kind of hard to be aware of the intelligence activities.

Practical experience in a normal competitive intelligence, there are also a lot of gray intelligence means the use of such intelligence-gathering activities are often carefully planned, with a strong hidden, is more difficult to separate a channel to discover or identify all are anti-competitive intelligence work becomes more challenging.

Most of the domestic anti-competitive intelligence from a security vulnerability assessment to strengthen security education and control to know the scope of secret plugging defensive level to carry out, because the companies overall security involves comprehensive physical security, information security, and human risk security system import involves broader implementation costs requirements, prevention and control system of the overall security situation is not imported, the the mere defense often become a mere formality, but also the lack of specificity the one hand, in the face of increasingly professional and increasingly the more offensive, illegal intelligence activities by the saying goes, "nothing is prepared, nothing is widowed", simply relying on prevention is very hard to detect, and can not fundamentally curb these malicious intelligence gathering behavior from competitors enterprise competition point of view, industrial espionage and other illegal intelligence activities is actually a double-edged sword, on the one hand, it may bring great benefits (although it is illegal or at least unethical, on the other hand, its costs and risks also alarmingly high, illegal intelligence activities to be found and gathered enough evidence, intelligence gatherers and behind are likely to face severe criminal sanctions and huge financial penalties to effectively protect the enterprise's own knowledge property rights and trade secrets, such gray, illegal intelligence activities only take proactive monitoring, analysis and tracing measures to be possible to be truly effective competitive intelligence activities opponent malicious.

Anti-competitive intelligence strategy formulation

For different competitive intelligence access to different types of anti-competitive intelligence strategy can be developed, the following avenues for anti-competitive intelligence strategy to collect such intelligence.

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2.1 leaked from internal sources talk about anti-competitive intelligence strategy

Mainly including: the establishment of sound and complete set of confidential system, enhance employee security awareness at this stage, most of the employees sense of confidentiality, the enterprise's major commercial secrets easily consciously or unconsciously leak out staff exchanges Therefore, enterprises should establish a complete and specific secrecy system, signed a confidentiality contract with employees, severely punish employees leaked the same time, we should strengthen the education and training of staff ethics, culture and enhance employee security awareness, and to install the necessary facilities for monitoring enterprise mastered major commercial secrets personnel. secrecy system of rules and regulations only to a certain degree of constraint from the ethics of the employees have a strong sense of confidentiality for personnel to grasp the major corporate trade secrets but not guaranteed, so enterprises should take appropriate coercive measures, equipped with the necessary facilities, such as the installation of a full set of anti-theft system, setting the 24-hour monitoring system, the installation of listening devices, to prevent major corporate secrets leaked, and safekeeping of documents, files, drawings, CD-ROM, disk internal information these data if they are competitors to obtain will lead to a major intelligence leak, widely used file shredder. thorough destruction of abandoned documents of the enterprise, in order to avoid competitors from the analysis of the competitive trends in the enterprise.

2.2 anti-competitive intelligence strategy for third-party channels

The so-called third-party channels indirectly through various industry personnel dealing with competitors to capture information about competitors and third parties, including competitors, customers, suppliers, distributors, advertisers, media, banking, advisory body, the transport sector these institutions is an important competitive agent, so companies should be careful to deal with a third party, formulated the following strategic measures: signed a confidentiality agreement with the certified public accountants, lawyers, market researchers, corporate advertising to protect themselves. ads enterprise effective means of product promotion, but its length, language, price, pattern reflects the goals and strategies of the promotional market, so be sure to pay attention to the language of advertising, the enterprise brief leak valuable intelligence; sensitive corporate news leak control. Companies held a press conference, seminars or media interview process where involving trade secrets should be strict review visit visitors strictly business visit for visitors should be appropriate restrictions, they are not allowed a camera, sound recording, nor any of its travels, in the case of unaccompanied avoid to visit the venues and facilities for corporate secrets.

2.3 The use of information technology, anti-competitive intelligence strategy

21st century, information technology, the rapid development of network technology, many companies combine intelligence collection and enterprise information construction enterprises with more quick access as well as new ways of information storage, such as the establishment of an internal database publish corporate information via the Internet and obtain competitive intelligence database role in economic intelligence growing competitors from the database, especially Offers database important competitive intelligence. the competitors website excavation and monitoring enterprise basic skills to compete in the Internet age, because a competitor's site not only provide products, services, and other basic information, but also to its research and development, new product features, new technology, social activities, and trends in the online, these learned that the company's strategic direction in favor of competitors thicket Therefore, enterprises should take advantage of these state-of-the-art information technology to take appropriate measures: the settings database access privileges. internal database can not be open to the public, only allows staff to access internal, so as few people as possible to grasp the significant confidential record collection Login attention to the competitors of the enterprise. Most Internet service providers for the enterprise account login data, enterprises can from learned who visited the site of the enterprise, to discover the attention to the competitors of the enterprise product, which makes the anti-competitive intelligence work becomes "defensive" offensive "; rigorous review of the information available online to ensure that it does not involve the corporate secrets to online publication of false information to confuse competitors for anti-competitive intelligence is an effective method, but also hit important means to combat even beat competitors. >> << Art of War called "death room", that is, the deliberate creation of leaking false information to the enemy spy in order to cause the enemy's major decision-making mistakes.

2.4 Based on some of our competitors will stop at nothing in order to gain competitive advantage, the use of improper means to steal the patent information, trade secrets, copyright infringement, enterprises should make full use of legal weapons to protect themselves, including the registered trademark, patent protection and litigation protection, but also in accordance with the relevant legal requirements unfair competitors to stop infringement, and pursue their legal obligations.

Of course, competitive intelligence gathering methods flexible, different companies have different kinds of intelligence-gathering methods, enterprises must be flexibility in the use of a variety of anti-competitive intelligence strategy and the continuous development and innovation.

Anti-competitive intelligence strategy for intelligence gathering process should not ignore the anti-competitive intelligence strategy in the information dissemination process. Competitive intelligence officers gathered intelligence after finishing forming correct intelligence passed to the intelligence user If the mode of transmission is fragmented, there may cause distortion or intelligence leaks. internal information transfer order, brings together information gathered by intelligence officers to the intelligence agencies, then by the intelligence agencies to send someone directly unified communicated to the form of a report must be standardized decision-makers.

3 set enterprise specialized competitive intelligence services to carry out anti-competitive intelligence

Mall is like a battle, to know ourselves in order to know yourself. Competitive Intelligence and Anti-Competitive Intelligence is the sword and shield of the competition in the market, the two aspects of a problem, complementary and indispensable enterprises to carry out intelligence work must be of good anti-competitive combined with the competitive intelligence process modern competitive intelligence work is not simply to collect the information, but to literature information clustering, knowledge, reasoning, and comprehensive analysis in order to more accurately grasp the competitive situation., enterprise competitive intelligence first To set up a special competitive intelligence department, its members must have professional knowledge in the field of high-level talents, and anti-competitive intelligence work is a major focus of the department. social environment in China today, the lack of professional and industrial espionage anti-commercial espionage personnel, the establishment of the intelligence agencies is necessary.

The increasingly fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets, the high-tech theft technology and means endless, that businesses maintain our competitive edge in the market competition, "Know thyself" is not only to do, but it should "Paul has Zhibi corporate anti-competitive intelligence competitive intelligence around carried out, so we must first clear competitive intelligence work steps: First, planning and orientation. established the goal of competitive intelligence process. intelligence gathering appropriate information collection methods to collect information inside and outside the enterprise. Information Processing preliminary collate the data and information collected, classification, sorting, storage, so orderly. Intelligence analysis. Use of intelligence analysis techniques to in-depth analysis of the processed information to produce intelligence products. Fifth, intelligence dissemination of intelligence products to take proper dissemination of intelligence passed to the intelligence of the hands of users, to provide the basis for their decisions.

Chinese enterprises not only faces competition from domestic industries and enterprises, but also faces severe challenges of competition means the strength of foreign enterprises, emphasis on competitive intelligence work, urgently need to enhance their competitive intelligence capabilities. Enterprises attach importance to competitive intelligence work, who are more emphasis on anti-competitive intelligence activities will come to have higher efficiency and better profits, and counterparts in the leading level only the importance of the implementation of the anti-competitive intelligence strategy, to promote the development and growth of the corporate competitive intelligence departments of an enterprise to It is possible the survival and development of competition with foreign enterprises.

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