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Abstract Centennial scientific management process to build a large amount of management science system, management of scientific knowledge is constantly applied to the management practice, to some extent, improve the efficiency of management science and management disciplines. Discusses the attributes of management and management science reality, and eventually properties, as well as the challenges facing management point of view.

Keywords Management Management Sciences attribute artistic attributes

The 20th century is a century of Management Development, has been formed in a short span of 100 years, a lot of genres, such as the experience of school (empirical school, also known as Case School group behavior in school management science school, manager of the role of school, school of management process active, etc. .20 century management thinking, many schools playing a solid foundation for the subsequent build management science knowledge systems, and greatly improve the management efficiency, bred and Development Management and Management Science from the ideological, but also to manage and management development laid the initial direction - and scientific management. especially after World War II, with the post-war revival of Western society and the rapid development of the productive forces, management education and management research has boomed. At one time, the team engaged in the research and education constitute a significant change in management theory school buildings a hundred schools of thought contend, to enter a period of unprecedented prosperity stage.

A "peaceful rise" Call of Scientific Management Management

Since the reform and opening up in 1978, with a new attitude appeared in the world. During this period, records the ups and downs of the Chinese people, but also carries too much responsibility and mission of the Chinese nation from the "Yellow Peril", "Rise on "threat" theory, "collapse theory" comments "low profile" transition to 2003, China's leaders to the outside world for the first time clearly let the people of the worldwide startled China's peaceful rise. Peaceful rise theory put forward on behalf of the formation the country administration theory and foreign policy of the major strategic thinking, for people more hope and requirements in terms of the economic, cultural and political aspects need to actively support this major theoretical.

Management is associated with the development of human practice, where there is human activity, where you need to manage the Communist Party of China led the Chinese people to fight against imperialism in the more demanding aspects of the economic, political, cultural, scientific management and management science scientific. Kuomintang reactionaries, the establishment of the new China, the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Communist Party of China's wealth management knowledge in that particular era, the Communist Party of China is facing a complicated situation at home and abroad to the later construction of the development, management and coordination batch by feudal thinking and modern imperialist capitalist oppression "hodgepodge thinking" people (the peasantry, the working class, the petty bourgeoisie, how rich scientific knowledge and social development to the period of building a moderately prosperous society , China's comprehensive national strength has been greatly increased, more new topics for management and management science, the country peaceful rise, countries want to develop a strong guide scientific management thinking is hard to accomplish something.

To adapt to the current trend of globalization, the country's political, economic, cultural and other aspects of art smile, humane management, need creative development mode, these are dependent on the management of scientific management has become the "baton" of national governance, economic development, cultural accumulation potential.

With the richness of human social practice, the success and failure of the accumulation of experience and summarize, there is a growing respect for the objective laws formed a set of scientific management theory and the gradual maturity of the market economy along with the increasingly fierce international competition, the systemic market more standardized, political, commercial, cultural data, as well as the corresponding logic play a very important role, "racking our brains decision-making, gamblers thinking" is bound to fail, so that more and more scientific management, management discipline accordingly more scientific. continuous development of human civilization, so that each person has their own values ​​(has its own personality and social values ​​to follow (socialist value system, making high-quality, scientific management has increasingly become the people's lives learning important part of the work, the proportion of management workers, the State Peace and Development mode growing need for innovative management theory, it is getting closer and away from the goal of the development of our country.

Management Management two realistic attribute - social times

With the development of social, scientific and technological progress, put forward new requirements for Management hundred years this has been the development of a discipline, but also gives the sense of a new era of management science, and the special needs of the community, but also to manage the school network on the deep social imprint. 30 years ago, China's reform began in the victory of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party convened, to date, the Third Plenary Session of the Communist Party once again deploy a new round of reforms by rural Faren on food issues, land management system, rural financial system, integration of urban and rural construction, and many other breakthrough sparked attaches great importance to the problem of Land Management, which the people of the whole country, especially for the majority of farmers, is undoubtedly the biggest wedding in a life At first glance, this agricultural issues, but go deeper look, this is a management science practice gradually applied to the proverb: "Agriculture stability, world security, farmers rich, the country is strong." as early as In the beginning of the founding of New China, Chairman Mao reality from our country, "Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, the food is based on the basis of" well-known thesis, and led the people to carry out land reform, promote rural productivity development, the recovery of the national economy and the socialist transformation of the Chinese Communist Party since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China comprehensively grasp the overall development at home and abroad, respect for the pioneering spirit of farmers, first launched in rural reform and majestic trend across the country the great practice of reform and development in rural areas, greatly liberated, and the development of social productive forces in rural areas, to improve the material and cultural life of the majority of farmers, but decades of development, has exposed a series of various management issues related to land, land resources management scientific issues questioned by more people, thinking: so rich land resources, such huge human resources, why the current problems? A long time, people focus more on the integration and distribution of land resources, but ignored the scientific issues, land issues in the software issues - land management, 30 years after the Third Plenary Session of the Seventeenth CPC Central Committee gave vast The land has brought a new lease of life, but also brought new scientific management knowledge.

Similarly, in the issue of food safety is also exposed the health system of food safety management system issues. With the September 2008, the Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Co. infant formula milk powder food production license is to stop using the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced: cancellation of "infant formula milk powder Wei Chuan Foods Co., Ltd. and other 872 companies, 910 food production licenses. melamine detection has been hidden the cheap competition lead to add rife. feed and product four to send samples for testing difficult situation even after the outbreak of the Sanlu incident - - because limited testing organizations have been "full of the laboratory milk". Meanwhile, to eliminate large citrus fruit fly, Sichuan Guangyuan events impact "will not trigger a consumer panic", the relevant departments to take a series of decisive measures blockade of the fight against the epidemic contingency measures in the first place, however, is "further intensify propaganda, harmless to humans and animals scientific knowledge popularization of large fruit fly and other plant pests, eliminating the fear of consumers." We must admit: This the lack of consideration of measures is an invalid on the Yangzi Evening News >> October << .2008 Song Guifang the experts wrote << condescending theory has been to explain management theory and practice out of touch not save innocent orange >>, one of the main points the reality of the phenomenon, can not help but ponder the basic necessities of life "in the list of" food "actually has developed to such an embarrassing situation, raised concerns about the problem of human existence, appeared on the supervision and management of food such a big loophole, which had to let people think of social development away countries in the end the management of food hygiene supervision pendulum how a position is undeniable, has always been in the country in terms of food hygiene efforts, but the traditional management not coordinated. strongly era social science, or management of the scientific process and scientific management practice speed in more urgent need for effective management of scientific achievements, and be able to solve real-world problems or to prevent management and management of knowledge is what we need but to fundamentally resolve or alleviate the occurrence of similar cases, need to rise to the height of Management, up for the safety of people eating management to go from scientific management science "escort", so as to ensure the standardization of the other people that comes to the practical problems of life, scientific and humane.

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3 weak science and light art complex - Management and Management's final attribute

Science is to reflect the objective laws of nature, society, thinking of knowledge management of science is to process management as an activity, during which there is a series of basic objective laws After numerous failures and successes, from a lot of practice and abstract summarizes management theory and method of objective laws in the series reflect management activities process management purpose, however due to some unexpected problems "and appears to weaken due to subject characteristics on the management of the research process and weaken or even reject the logic reasoning, the management of many schools and consistent basis in reality difficult to maintain the status quo, so that management can only be labeled as a weak scientific "hat", at least now.

Art there are three definitions, One image to reflect reality, but typical of the social ideology than reality refers creative ways, methods, refers to the shape of the unique and beautiful look. The art of management is to emphasize its practicality and creativity, and indifferent art practice and create. Not entirely artistic artistry of this management level from the definition of the study, the methods, the art of management charge from the amount a short art managers mainly rely on charisma, inspiration and innovation potential of the art of management , the art of management is not the optimal solution, at best only satisfactory solution how to manage by the impact of favorable factors, more influenced by the manager's own values, style and preferences in short, a kind of art, a manager. should be a short art of management.

Management of science is the premise and basis of the artistic management. Many cases want to do a good job, if only to recognize management is an art, rather than admit that management is a science, it will inevitably lead to administrative arbitrariness. under management artistry supplement and improve the management of scientific art of managers in the system is not complete, you need to be able to say, the art of management management system. weak science only when management combine with short artistic complement each other in order to play the "1 +1> 2" effect can exceed the value and efficacy of a single management science and parochial management artistic, give full play to the advantages of Time Management.

4 Management faced challenges Century

Management in the 21st century facing many difficult to evade the issue. Resources of the organization of labor, land, capital, into the traditional knowledge-and information-based resources such as labor, land, capital, and natural resources, the support of the entire 20 century, but the 21st century knowledge and information will be the greatest resource for development. If this is so, the existing resource management model should give up, how should future resource management model? members of the organization to the community by the Economic Man people, self-realization of people changing the substance is not very rich and in the gradual rich 21st century, the people forced to livelihoods more plays a role of economic man pursuing the interests of scholars in order to construct a theoretical system and the reality of the economic management system, however, is very rich in material, human life has been a big step to improve, people began to emerge from the economic title, this time not only the economy need to refactor driver source management system for the people's hard work. need to be reconstructed. many managers now known as the "people-oriented" management, but also seems to be looking for a scientific management paradigm, and better reflect the people-oriented management thinking.

The ethics of the people in the 21st century, the new changes will occur .20 century mental models and ways of thinking is a product of the 20th century, many constraints under these constraints, starting as a management change in the 21st century, its value , ways of thinking and other natural occurs unpredictable change, however, "materialistic Shigeyoshi 20th century ethical behavior should be converted to the new ethical behavior, social and economic future in order to construct Management system .21 century must cover the new management ethics, management values ​​and behavior. therefore to explore the future of management ethics, and will give managers more ideological inspiration. explosion of information will lead to difficulties of information search , the 21st century is the information explosion of the century, the information more rich people are the harder it is to search in a timely manner to the information they need people in the information society is like a boat and alone rafting in the rivers from the required information point of view, one of the producers and consumers are not fully get the owners of the information, and how to bridge the communication gap, looking for new concepts and expand the system in accordance with the information field of the 21st century the direction of the management and controlling them, these are management learn the need to study the subject.

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