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Write a thesis network: Abstract: Project Cost control is an important part of the project construction management work, how to determine reasonable and effective control of the project investment is a major problem in project management. In this paper a systematic analysis of the entire process of project cost control of the main factors, and effective, practical and cost management measures.

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In the establishment and implementation of the project, how the effective use of manpower, material and financial resources to invest in construction projects, in order to minimize labor and material consumption, to achieve a higher economic and social benefits, is a very important project management problem. project cost management. The purpose of the project cost management lies not only in control of the project investment cost does not exceed the approved limit, but also because the rational use of human, material and financial resources, in order to maximize investment returns from the overall interest of the project.

A construction project is put into operation from brewing, planning, design to include the following procedures: the project proposal stage, the feasibility assessment phase, design phase, construction phase, the final acceptance stage. Accordingly, the determination of the project cost with the construction of a stage adapt, generally divided into the following phases: First, the decision-making stage of Cost Management, Cost Management for the design and planning stage; cost management is the implementation phase, four of the stage of completion of Cost Management.

A decision-making stage of Cost Management

Decision-making stage of the investment estimate is an important part of projects pre-preparation of project proposals and feasibility study report is an important basis for investment program selection is one of the main factors in the decision-making stage of the project cost: the level of construction standards, the choice of built-up areas, construction sites (site selection, project economies of scale, process selection, equipment selection.

Decision-making phase of the project decision-making is the basis for determining the project cost, a direct impact on the identification and control of the project cost after the construction phase in the decision-making stage whether a scientific and rational in the decision-making phase of the project must prepare a viable investment estimates. may take the following measures to control the phase of the project cost:

(I do basic data collection

Cost personnel need to collect the location of the project water circuit conditions, geological conditions, the price data of the main materials and equipment, procurement of bulk materials to, and has built a similar project data and information accuracy, reliability, a careful analysis to ensure that the investment forecast, economic Analysis of the accuracy.

(Two to do the feasibility study stage of technical and economic feasibility

To do a feasibility study on the need for adequate market research, including domestic and foreign markets in the project period the demand for the proposed product, the construction of similar projects, the national policy of the industry and future development trends .

(Three to do optimization

Technical and economic staff should be close coordination and designers, multi-program of technical and economic dynamic analysis methods, optimization, the process is as simple as possible, a more rational selection of equipment, thus saving a lot of money.

Second, the design and planning stage of the Cost Management

Based on large projects and cost control, analysis and research, the merits of the entire investment program for its engineering project planning and design stage the greatest impact can be as high as 80% or more. Level of planning and design, investment, engineering physical progress of works and construction quality has a very large impact on the design and planning stage of the main factors of the project cost: total graphic design, space combination (including storey layers, the height difference of indoor and outdoor to determine project funding, type of building structure, building materials, construction site (the site and design the professional level, and so on.

Thus, only in the design work is not completed, the design drawings are not delivered before the first hurdle of good project cost management in order for the overall project cost control to lay a solid foundation in the design process, we can use value engineering design The economic analysis on the unreasonable design, so as to achieve the purpose of control costs, save investment in the project, the stage, we can take the following measures on the project cost management:
(One to establish the necessary rules and regulations, clear powers and responsibilities of various departments and positions, a clear division of labor, rewards and punishments
The only clear document management system, engineering and technical personnel and economic and technical staff responsibilities, rights, benefits and project cost management process is linked to mobilize their enthusiasm to do meticulous design and planning stage, cost management and accurate.

(B strengthen technical training, and continuously improve the overall quality of all aspects of personnel

Design and planning stage of project cost management is a comprehensive work, design and economic and technical staff to have better overall quality of the job.

(Limit of three design as an important means of project cost management

Implementation of the limit design in engineering design, who can carry out a quantitative analysis of the design and by computing, technology and economy combined with the data speak, the design should take full account of the possibility and economy of construction, and design unit adapt to technical and management level.

Cost management, the implementation phase

Project implementation stage, the longest occupied in the construction of the project cycle, the amount of the money is the value and use value of construction projects to achieve the main stage, the monetary funds into the critical stage of the construction entity. The implementation stage impact The main factors of the project cost: project bidding, contract signed with the management, construction design review, materials management and completion of the settlement audit. Share Free paper Download Center
project implementation phase the proportion of investment in conservation is relatively small, but for various reasons resulting in the possibility of wasted investment, because the construction entity formation process is irreversible, if the failure to achieve the effective control of the project cost at this stage, the economic losses caused by will not be able to restore and make up. At this stage, we may take the following measures of project cost management:

(I do a good job of economic accounting for construction projects

Construction project economic accounting refers to the construction of materialized labor (labor, machinery, materials) and the activation of labor consumption analysis, identify gaps and seek a solution.

(B strengthen contract measures

Conclusion of the contract is the basis and foundation of the contract management and construction project is costly, involves a wide range of individual differences, long time for performance, the objective requirements of the contract should be content complete, clear terms of rigorous, detailed, accurate, terms closely as possible to do everything in order to ensure contract performance, contract management is carried out smoothly.

(Three to do the control and management of material costs

First of all, to the preparation of material requirements planning, and secondly, to strengthen the use of materials management, reducing the amount of material loss.

(Four to do the work of construction claims

As a construction unit, strengthening the claim control should strengthen key aspects of the management and control, to avoid subjective human factors caused by the construction unit claims to do the construction process a variety of field notes, reports, logs, meeting minutes, memos, and receipt procedures, notice of the Commissioner of the progress records, inspection data, project photos can be used as the claims and counterclaims of evidence, data collection, collation; fair, reasonable and timely processing of claims, to avoid the greater the losses claimed, according to the bidding documents, Contract Documents, the national laws, regulations, standards, rational and restrained counter-claims.

(E) to do the completion of settlement

Accounting records have detailed sound, such as rising material, engineering change due to project the amount of increase or decrease, as well as the hidden works acceptance. Measurement of quantities, the amount of material accounting should seek to calculate accurate project cost.

And completion phase of the Cost Management

The completion stage is to control a key part of the total project cost, at the end of the project stage, the construction unit to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the entire construction project, but also a summary of the project cost. On the one hand are summarized in the whole process of management throughout the project construction period cost experience, on the other hand analysis in controlling the cost of the deficiency, as far as possible to find out the factors that affect the whole process of cost management due to subjective reasons, and to overcome them. have the main factors affecting the project cost: in the editorial process of the settlement the status of the editorial staff, different positions, different purposes, and the editorial staff at different levels of the differences also affect the project cost estimates for this stage, we can take the following measures on the project cost management:

(Collecting, collating well completion data

Completion include: completion of the project map, the design change notification, various types of visas, the main material certification, unit price.

(B) exploring the site, a comprehensive master works live

Estimators in the stage of engineering calculation must be in-depth site-site checking, measuring, recording can be accurate.

(C familiar with the expertise and attention to professional ethics

The budget not only familiar with fixed terms, to grasp a variety of documents to higher authorities but also a comprehensive understanding of the fixed component of the project budget, for a fixed conversion and additions, but also acquire a certain amount of knowledge of construction specifications and building construction. Share in the free paper download center

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