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[Abstract] we only have to code of conduct for employees, effective grasp of ideology, our team can be effective to accomplish or tend to target, among the individual an effective team to achieve the desire, this desire is our guide, the master, so that these individuals desire to meet the needs of the team, this is the real, high-level personnel management! Of course, we are not simply consider how to meet the desires, but to consider the added value brought by the desire to meet!
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With the social development and progress, a word more widely accepted by people, that 'management' of the word also describes the more people the more mystical, ancient times, from the outside, East to West, the success of all Case study analysis has been over and over again, summed up a set and a set of models and methods. and a beautiful crown on a number of names, and even many already out of profound fundamental; some of the more simple things are the more complex research, or back the opposite direction: for example, I am here to talk about personnel management in modern management is always between the people and things back and forth, but more and more people are aware of the importance of personnel management. So on personnel management of the model, the method is endless and now I just want our management The source of the mysterious, back to nature, stripped of layers of gorgeous coat from human nature to be discussed!
The first thing we think about personnel management, what we in the end the manager? Of course we all know, we manage the staff code of conduct and ideology! And rely on our behavior is to generate awareness and control it? In fact, small think about it is not difficult to understand, people in the time to do anything, we must first have an idea, with this idea and ideas, will dominate our thoughts to control our behavior and our thinking is a desire , popular to say this is the desire, the desire is general to govern us in all acts of consciousness, so it plainly, our personnel management in the final analysis, but the desire is for the management!
Many success stories in ancient and modern, many experts will be used to summarize from a different point of view, even in the business community to apply for bulk copy, the real success can there? Common pitiful everyone! But there Many people fought, sorry ah! have a correct understanding to what is fundamental to their success! In fact, the success of their model or intentional, unintentional satisfy a condition that the desire of people had a very good management and guidance.

So let's take a look at what features people desire it!

The desire to reach a person do? Not necessarily, some people pursue a lifetime, but also failed to reach their own aspirations, but this desire gave his efforts with the direction of the power it generates is infinite, many large or a better target, and many people even fought efforts by several generations to pay, especially in the religious and political goals.

Person's desire is to meet it? Obviously not, because since ancient times, 'people lack Tunxiang' argument. If people desire to be able to meet, our society will not progress to today look like it! In our lives This is obvious in, in one of our goals are achieved will have another goal, the desire to reach it breeds with another higher desire, such as food and clothing is resolved we will expect a certain quality of life .

People's desires are the same? Of course not, people living with the condition, space environment, the time of transfer, the desire would change it! Old saying there is 'rich raw lust, hunger and cold from the Pirates of the Heart!' We When the poor expect the rich, when the hope of learning to improve performance in a variety of environmental conditions, space conversion will have different expectations!
People's desire to have almost the same? Absolutely not, the above two points of view, people at the environment, the spatial location of different, naturally produced by the desire of thousands of miles apart! We can not have everyone in the the same environment, space, location, exactly the same point, even some similarities, there will be some other factors causing the difference of human desire, such as the same two positions because certain conditions may influence the expectations may be different or improved grades, or money to increase and so on.

See us on the above characteristics on people's desire to be and will have a certain degree of difficulty, but also different because each person's desire, if we can not grasp it well, our management is very difficult, which is reproduced in more successful model of its effectiveness will not root!
Currently we do business are also many success stories, but not everyone can see, feel get! So we find some people from a wide range of life among the well-known success stories to do some research: some of which has been widely Some religious groups to accept that they did not have advanced management mode, but many people are consciously followed him, the obligation to work for, spread! why? it captures the human desire to explain the meaning of life, that survival desire, he has designed to give people a fantasy world, so that the continuity of people's lives, even if you are not sure, but you can not deny, from the point of view you prefer to believe that desire it, such as their life cycle that heaven that are meet the expectations of life-sustaining human desire! Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Influence China for thousands of Confucianism, Taoism, and so the people, is touted to be the conscious of it for people to explain the meaning of life, success gives way to provide that, to meet the desire of people to pursue fame and fortune of the way and Guidelines So he has successfully captured a man! Maybe you would think that the concept of Taoism is not to get people to restrain the desire to promote natural? we might reflect on the real nature of human desire of view, to truly achieve comes naturally, which is is a very high desire too!
Similarly many cases, ancient and modern use of these methods have things such as the United Kingdom have advised all the people reading activities, many Chinese Buddhist or Confucian emperors to have access to the state for a successful management!
Our personnel management over how to proceed? How should people's desire for effective management, we are allowed to use? We may appropriately according to human characteristics to be some desire to ease the management, summed up in nothing more than the following points!
A guide desire: Since not a desire to not change, we not on people's desire to be guided, as far as possible let the desire to reach the value produced by the process to converge, so that everyone in the same time the desire to achieve different produce an identical result! like Journey to the West in the apprenticeship of four holding different purposes (Atonement, Gao Village, Buddha, etc.) without fear of the tough learn together to complete a great cause! While each person's desires are not the same However, to guide through Fozu Jia, experienced the process of the result are the same!
Second, the impact of desire: the desire of human beings can be due to environmental changes such as changes in space, indicating the desire is malleable, then we can use the features can affect the desire to take a variety of ways and means to create an enabling environment, affect their desire to give the hint, so that they desire as much as possible in line, such as to promote a corporate culture so that all employees affected, to find their own goals, so that employees desire the same thing, reached in the given At the same time stimulate their motivation to achieve team goals! reached at the same time to give play to their power, to achieve a common goal! some powerful ambience desire to mobilize the public, such as our Anti-Japanese War, the people against the common enemy; In times of hardship, people have the desire to want to rich well-being, had to forge ahead the Olympic Games period, the number of people to mobilize the mood of excitement, according to the real shock, you can see examples of touching people's herd habits, we can create an enabling environment to stimulate our common desire!
Third, set the desire: to give a common pursuit of ambitious goals, instilling the concept, I believe it can reach, use it to guide the direction of the effect, to allow people to follow. It may be used to illustrate both positive and negative case: a Our party, setting the ultimate goal is to complete communism through strong advocacy, the number of martyrs to their faith to shed blood! dying! b, there is now a direct sales organization, through their strong advocacy use of people's desire to pursue fame and fortune, so many people are willing to suffer it, although they are not illegal, but in terms of the desire of management, they are successful! example, we can effectively use a number of human characteristics (sense of responsibility, caring heart, pride, etc.) to set some goals to stimulate the social responsibility of our employees, etc.!
We only have the staff code of conduct, effective grasp of ideology, our team can be effective to accomplish or tend to target, among the individual an effective team to achieve the desire, this desire is our guide, the master, so that these individuals desire to meet the needs of the team, this is the real, high-level personnel management! Of course, we are not simply consider how to meet the desires, but to consider the added value brought by the desire to meet!

Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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