Discussion on Technological Innovation and Management Innovation

Abstract This paper discusses the importance of scientific and technological innovation capability, enterprises should improve the capability of independent innovation to enhance awareness of the importance and strive to become the subject of innovation.

Thesis Keywords: Innovation Technological Innovation Management Innovation

Over the years, Chinese enterprises for the survival and development issues and make unremitting efforts to explore, although achieved certain results, supported mostly institutional reform. As more and more Chinese enterprises deeply involved in international competition, only to find our gap with developed countries is not only suited to the system, but there are still backward management concepts and methods, lack of core technology, therefore, has to compete to maintain the advantage and win the competition, it is essential that must be technology and management innovation simultaneously.

First, management innovation is the objective needs of survival and development

Advent of the knowledge economy, not only changed the contribution rate of economic growth in the elements of the structure, and the role of science, technology, knowledge and other intangible factors in economic growth has become more apparent and gradually firmer. All this clearly tells us that in the knowledge economy, the transformation of economic growth mode of economic content must require corresponding changes have taken place, and as the economic growth of the business entity and its management should be followed by its change to accommodate the new requirements of the competitive environment, and therefore the management innovation is the inevitable trend of China's enterprises.

From a historical point of view of management development, whenever the economic environment and the competitive environment changes, the management also have to follow the corresponding change or innovation in order to promote economic growth and development of enterprises. During World War II, the US General Electric Company purchasing engineer Myers, due to focus on the work and want to buy the items he has worked on functional analysis, that is, 'Why do want to buy such items', 'in the end they are needed those features, 'so successfully solved the problem of wartime substitute for scarce goods, not only to meet the production to ensure supply, but also reduce costs, and finally, the functional analysis method developed into a new management approach - value engineering.

With the introduction of foreign advanced management theory and management experience, the Chinese enterprises in the management of innovation has done a lot of exploration and practice, such as the 1980s implemented enterprise contract responsibility system, the establishment of modern enterprise system and enterprise shareholding system reform carried 1990s etc., it is a bold attempt and innovation in our country from a planned economy to a market economy in the conversion process carried out for China's economic restructuring and promote China's economic development has made great contributions.

Second, technological innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprises to enhance the objective need

China's implementation of technology and education development strategies since 1995. CPC Central Committee and State Council 'on the strengthening of scientific and technological innovation, developing high technology and realizing industrialization decision' (August 20, 1999) clearly 'Enterprises are the mainstay of technological innovation' to 'comprehensively improve the technological innovation capability of enterprises.'

Modern business is the cell of society, is the main body of the market economy. As to the profitability of enterprises for the purpose of economic organization, having intrinsic motivation through technological innovation to maximize profits; in the environment of market economy and economic globalization, the enterprise has always been faced with the pressure of competition, with emphasis on technological innovation and external pressures; enterprise in production and business activities, can make the choice of technology direction and goals are more in line with market needs; enterprises with scientific and technological achievements into commodity production, and supporting capacity. All in all enterprises with sensitive mechanism directly face the market, understand the market demand for paper has the inherent advantages of scientific and technological achievements into products, has sustained technological innovation basic conditions. Aware of the need to improve enterprise independent innovation capability, the formation of its own core technologies, in order to have the core competitiveness, gain the initiative in the competition at home and abroad, so companies should, must also best placed to become the main body of technological innovation.

Technological innovation, is an enterprise application of innovative knowledge and new technologies, new processes, new methods of production and management mode, improve product quality, development and production of new products, new services, to occupy the market and achieve market value. Technological innovation is an important prerequisite for the development of high technology and realizing industrialization.

Statistical studies show that the role of technological innovation for Chinese enterprises is very significant, Tsinghua University Institute for Economic Management for Chinese Enterprises Technology Innovation survey analysis shows that in the surveyed enterprises in 1051, through technological innovation, there are 93.2% enterprises to improve labor productivity and increased product variety, there are 96.7% of the enterprises to improve economic efficiency, 96% of enterprises to expand the market, 91.5% of the enterprises to improve product quality, 88% of companies increased production 77% business to reduce material consumption, 69.4% of the enterprises to reduce energy consumption.

Technological innovation capability of enterprises is the basis of national technical innovation capability, technological innovation capability of enterprises involved in comprehensive national strength, to national development and strong stakes.

Third, conscientiously study and to raise awareness of the importance of enhancing independent innovation capability of understanding

General Secretary Hu Jintao has repeatedly stressed the need to adhere to promote innovation in a prominent position of all scientific and technological work, adhere to raise the scientific and technological capability of independent innovation as the structural adjustment and improve national competitiveness of the central link, accelerate the construction of national innovation system with Chinese characteristics .

Facing the new situation, we must seriously study and implement the central series of important instructions in enhancing the capability of independent innovation, encourage enterprises to accelerate the increase in the capacity of independent innovation.

(A) improve the capability of independent innovation safeguard national security

Our country is developing country, in relation to the national strategy of high-tech, industry and important national and economic security in the field of high-tech's core technology, we must grasp autonomy. The key core technology can not be bought. Adhere to independent innovation is the cornerstone of our national strategy safely.

The facts tell us that only technology independent, have economic independence, to political independence.

(Ii) improve the capability of independent innovation, is to deal with international competition, the independent nations of the world need

The world has entered the era of knowledge economy, relying on resources, capital and labor as the traditional model of development is leading to Reliance on scientific and technological knowledge and talent-driven innovation and development model. Innovation Nation has become a national economic development, participation trend in international competition. Compared with developed countries, the competitiveness of our industry is the largest gap is the lack of innovation. Industry Competitive Advantage of the decision factors from the past conditions of natural resources and cheap labor to create strength and capacity, technology and management, intellectual property has become an important competitive tool. Innovation and intellectual property ownership has become the measure an important indicator of overall competitiveness.

We should bear in mind that General Secretary Hu Jintao, technological innovation is a decisive factor in the development of national science and technology is the core of national competitiveness, is the foundation of national prosperity, national security is important to guarantee.

Fourth, efforts to promote enterprises to become the mainstay of technological innovation and management innovation

Establish a business-oriented, a combination of innovative technology and management system has a strategic significance for improving comprehensive national strength, international competitiveness, this is a complex system engineering. Enhance independent innovation capability is also a long-standing labor-intensive process, by no means little effort, the work day and night. The establishment of 'innovation' countries need more long-term perseverance, perseverance. Enterprises have become the mainstay of technological innovation and management, there are a lot of hard work to do.

(A) implement the scientific concept of development

Adhere to study and implement the scientific concept of development to implement the central government to improve independent innovation capability indicators. Take resolute measures, in accordance with business requirements become the subject of innovation, down to earth, hard skills, improve innovation capabilities.

(Ii) establish a learning organization

In order to meet the complexity of the knowledge economy and the market for denaturation, enterprises must be configured as a learning organization, to enable enterprises to face the changing world in order to constantly adapt, survive and develop. Learning is not only for business but also for enterprise decision-makers, managers and every employee, it is also this challenge of knowledge economy and sustainable development for our requirements.

(Iii) strengthening or building technology center

Solidly carry out the work, combined with the actual business, built around the core competitiveness of enterprises to determine the problem, increase investment (as soon as possible to enable enterprises to technology development investment accounted for 2% to 5% of total annual sales), in close connection with the implementation of research development innovation.

(D) the concept of transition from management to maximize profits in the direction of sustainable development of enterprises

Enterprise is the main configuration of human and physical capital, is the efficiency and effectiveness of the suitors. Traditional enterprise management only as 'profit' and management, the lack of the concept of sustainable development is their premature decline reasons. Only through only their own profit out of the narrow single small systems, from the environment, including greater system starting to consider the idea of enterprise development strategies, (for example, there are now some companies for domestic and foreign competition in the life and death or suffer, 'tolerance strategy' in order to seek long-term sustainable development of enterprises and proposed 'win-win strategy', 'benefit sharing' strategy, are changing the traditional competition to create a cooperative and harmonious atmosphere) is possible It is its own advantages and potential to be fully developed, greatly reducing operating costs and business risks, forming a virtuous circle of sustainable development of enterprises.

(E) scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented

Human resources are the core and key scientific and technological innovation. Enterprises should conscientiously do a good job to attract and retain qualified personnel and personnel training work.

For a long time, since only attach importance to the administration of things, while ignoring people's thoughts, feelings and adjust their behavior, resulting in rigid enterprise management, low productivity, and business process information slow, slow decisions, lack of flexibility, and thus We will lose the competitive edge in the market. In order to meet the challenges of the knowledge economy and the information age, to gain a competitive advantage, companies must shift from management to object to the center of the 'present' to the management of human-centered 'people' management up to business people as the most important resources, give full play to the 'people,' the productivity of the most active, the most active role in the fundamental factors, the re-establishment of human understanding and position in enterprise production and management, emphasizing workers are masters of their enterprises, respect for employees ownership status, value and dignity .

Enterprises to truly become the main body of innovation, we must insist on promoting tough. How do we from the height of a comprehensive and strategic to a profound understanding of the significance of innovation, the innovation and development of enterprises, national prosperity and the rise and fall of the nation closer together, work together to improve the capability of independent innovation, which we need to work together in thing. To be prepared, work hard. History is future-oriented, hard tenacity, perseverance, pioneering people forward. To write thesis

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