Collection of chemical production management of science and technology file

Abstract: On the chemical production management technology file collection

Paper Keywords: chemical production management Science and Technology Archives

Business Archives is a true record of the development of enterprises, it carries a memory business success and development, is an enterprise maintenance history of the true face of the work is the need economic efficiency of enterprises, but also social needs. Business Archives collection is the cornerstone of the file, which directly affects the complete file, and reflect management level archives. If companies do not collect corporate archives department of information it does not matter filing, storage, identification, and development and utilization statistics. Thus, the collection of archives, archives sector is a prerequisite to carry out a series of work. Enterprise file consists of archives, science and technology files, accounting records and personnel files and other components. Here I say shallow collection of archives CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY. To better as a business complete, accurate, systematic collection of scientific and technical archives do, I think to do the following:

First, actively carry out various forms of promotional activities, improve staff, especially in the management of records management awareness, management's attention and get support

To ensure that archived smoothly, all enterprises should be based on 'Archives Act', 'science and technology archives Regulations' and other relevant laws, regulations, develop appropriate science and technology archives management of enterprises, clear job responsibilities and the appropriate archiving process, standardize tech Archives working procedures and management requirements.

TECHNOLOGY archives science and technology to save the file for future reference direct description and reflect the science and technology production activities, science and technology archives is a direct reflection of the direct recording production, construction, technology and design activities, archived technological documentation, is the people in the production, construction tECHNOLOGY documentation and other research and design work is formed by the relevant units, production technology department centralized collection made. However TECHNOLOGY archives can produce benefits very subtle, difficult to measure, not on behalf of the enterprise to the direct benefits, it is difficult to see the benefits immediately, making it easy for corporate management tech Archives collection ignored. This requires the use of various forms of propaganda department of records management regulations archives, archives of knowledge, enhance awareness of the file, so that all employees recognize the value of archives. Enable management to understand and pay attention to science and technology to do business archives management, corporate history is responsible for serving enterprises, for the sake of the company's future, in order to better enable enterprises to develop, to give management more understanding and attention .

Second, the archives department of the collection of archives to do prior intervention

Archives is the center of production equipment production enterprises, science and technology file which describes the structure, properties and management use and maintenance of process equipment. Whether the proper functioning of equipment, that equipment maintenance and management, equipment maintenance and management depends on accurate data on the device file. Archives management skill be involved in production of various devices into the enterprise. Records management staff to attend box inspection, acceptance and defects and make records, to collect raw data. Especially for chemical companies pan, volume, control, special equipment and major production equipment to be itemized acceptance device according to a list box. For example: Boiler equipment out of the box main boiler quality inspection certificate, manual, industrial boiler internal inspection reports, external boiler inspection reports, all kinds of certification, boiler strength calculation, drawings, whole (group) packaged boiler installation inspection report, safety inspection reports, quality certificates boiler installation. The main pressure vessel pressure vessel products quality certificate, equipment nameplate, boiler and pressure vessel safety supervision, inspection and certification of products, drawings and so on. All enterprises to apply for registration using the base material. Business management thesis collected incomplete if not careful, will permit companies to use on behalf of the great inconvenience.

Participating in box inspection equipment information gathering, the file must not only serious, careful collection, but also to understand the performance of these devices, understanding their principles, to understand their purpose. So as to ensure the complete archives, complete, meet the needs of enterprises to take advantage of. Meanwhile, according to the needs of production equipment and technical personnel will copy the instructions into a book distributed to production and technical departments, production and technical staff for reference. But also to help guide the department to establish technical equipment, equipment and technology to build the whole file. To achieve professional management and mass management combined. Technology management and economic management combined.

Third, the enterprise technology Archives collection to do things in control

With the assistance of production and technology sectors, in order to make the work of collecting information timely, accurate and complete. The usual collection of decision data collection integrity. Production technology sector is not a professional file management department, usually tend to pay little attention to the accumulation and storage of archive material to be archived when temporary staff set up to send collected documents and materials, resulting in some of the need to collect data failed to complete the collection. Enterprises in the production process inspection, repair, overhaul, replacement, reconstruction and so generate a large number of archives, drawings and construction records generated in the course of construction, project reports and other materials, which are reflected in the development of enterprise very specific credentials and preserve the value of the original records, which are relying on the usual collection of engineering and technical personnel to complete; there are some engineers worry about the transfer of scientific and technical information to the Archives department, or for their future use is not convenient at work some closed their own extraordinary performance technology reluctant to hand over some of the key technical material. So that the integrity of the files can not be guaranteed. This requires skill in archives throughout the production process of the production sector to provide oversight and help on a regular basis. Propaganda 'Archives Law of People's Republic of China' to strengthen awareness and archives department of engineering and technical personnel, technical personnel so that each of the archive material science and technology as their own duties and obligations. Avoid key technical data due to improper storage and archiving should be filed without causing archive missing phenomenon. At the same time file technical staff and equipment necessary for the performance of understanding the nature of engineering, master of engineering and technology-related professional basics. Outline and scope of the project to develop specific data collection, avoiding the transfer of units of the subjective transfer, so that the file content receiving incomplete and improved form of a single phenomenon.

Fourth, science and technology enterprise archives collection to do afterwards check verification and acceptance

In the collection process, not only to collect the main file, but also to collect secondary files, thus ensuring the integrity of the file. In addition, in the process of collection, but also pay attention to the effectiveness of collection, not a text file will be. Achieve precise, accurate collection of every data reflect the accuracy of the collected archives.

Fifth, pay attention to cultivate complex records management personnel.

TECHNOLOGY file management to Note train weight composite file personnel, should not only be familiar with the National Archives Information Policy and Law, and should have a wealth of scientific and technological archives management experience, the use of computer network technology, know each engineering professional knowledge and information and knowledge technologies, organization summary process and analyze all types of enterprise information file. With rich knowledge store, complete data collection, quick grasp of the information, and improve the function of facilities to enable enterprises to file management work to a new level, the major policy decisions for the enterprise service.

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