On the core competence theory based hotel management mode

Abstract: China's hotel industry is the first with the international market and the introduction of foreign advanced management mode in hotel industry, with the accession to the WTO, the domestic market, international, domestic-based international market trend increasing, China's hotel industry should be based on core competence theory Construction distinctive hotel management model in order to obtain long-term competitive advantage.

Paper Keywords: core competitiveness; hotel; business management

First, the connotation and characteristics of core competence

Core competence, also known as core competencies, strategic management by the American scientist Prahalad and Hamel in 1990, 'Harvard Business Review' for the competition between enterprises is first proposed. They co-wrote 'The Core Competence of theCorporation' in that the core competence of the company is to give customers the interests of a particular class of unique skills and technologies, particularly in business have to coordinate different production skills and combine knowledge of a variety of technical schools. Core competence theory emphasis on internal factors than external conditions of business enterprises are more decisive role in the accumulation of internal capabilities, resources and knowledge, is the enterprise to obtain excess returns and maintain a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Core competence has the following basic characteristics: 1. Value of. Core competencies to achieve the value of the core values of the user, in addition, also include business-to-customer value maintenance and appreciation, but also include the value of security, enhance the value, the value of innovation. 2. uniqueness. Core competence is unique not easily imitated by competitors, with high barriers to entry. 3. ductility. Core competencies can bring many competitive advantages, to produce a series of competitive products, after the formation of the core technology through the core business competitiveness, core technology will penetrate into the core product, the core product is also derived from a one or more of the final product, has opened a variety of products potential market, develop new industries role. 4. interconnectedness. Core competence is a set of skills and technology assembly, rather than dispersed individual skills or technology. 5. cumulative. Core competence is accumulated through learning obtained through the respective elements of the market can not get the sale. 6. temporality. Although the core competitiveness of enterprises sustainable over a period of time, but this continuity is relative, not fixed.

The basic characteristics of core competence determines the enterprise's core competence is the source of sustainable competitive advantage and the foundation, is the driving force behind the development of business operation. Therefore, companies have to keep to foster innovation and core competitiveness in order to obtain long-term competitive advantage.

Definition Second, the core competitiveness of the hotel

After the reform and opening up, China's hotel industry has imported equipment, the introduction of management, the introduction of talent and the introduction of a world-class hotel in the advanced management experience, after selection, absorption, many hotels gradually formed its own management style, the hotel industry has made considerable progress. With China's accession to the WTO global economic pattern formation and a growing number of international hotel management group to greatly expand our penetration and hotel industry, coupled with our internal competition in the hotel industry is also growing, China's hotel industry is facing increasingly intense living environment, only by creating their own unique and difficult to imitate core competitiveness in order to obtain long-term competitive advantage.

Hotel Core Competence refers to the hotel to obtain sustainable development and survival advantage in the international and domestic competition to participate in the core of sexuality, language teaching papers whose main elements include management mechanism, hotels culture, human resources, quality of service management, brand building, marketing network, the Group of market competition strategy. Hotel synthetic core competence is the ability of that synthetic products, management, marketing, decision-making, information, culture and other capabilities of the hotel, is rooted in a combination of knowledge, skills and experience in-house operations of the organization, the hotel is internal organizational learning ability and the ability of the resulting integration of the entire hotel industry resources and create value for customers, enhance the capacity of customer loyalty, the hotel is through long-term accumulation, deepening of sublimation of relative stability and systematic organic whole .

Third, the hotel management model based on core competence theory of hotels Construction

Meaning (a) hotel management mode

Hotel as a tangible space, equipment and consumer products and services in the field of independent economic entity, which benefits from the scientific management and flexible management. Hotel management model is based on the management philosophy, management style, service characteristics, operation mechanism as the core of the operating system, it is a certain philosophy or management under the domination of the concept, in practice, the hotel operation, which reflects its management style with customized service characteristics and systematic management procedures and operation.

Mechanism (b) Hotel Enterprise Core Competitiveness

Construction of the hotel enterprise core competencies help companies achieve sustainable competitive advantage. In the hotel business operations, the core competitiveness is the foundation of the hotel enterprises to participate in market competition; in business operation, the core values of customer concerns materialized for the hotel core product is the driving force, the end product innovation is formed as a carrier hotel marketing GVC transfer the role, so that customers get the value of psychological feelings agreement to form a practical choice, and the performance of customer loyalty, and ultimately the formation of long-term competitive advantage of the hotel business. At the same time, the hotel business by proactively get customer information and strategic review, continuously updated, strengthen the core competitiveness so as to form a dynamic role in the process.

(C) Construction of hotel management mode

China's hotel industry from scratch, at an alarming rate of development forward, and accumulated a wealth of valuable management experience. On the one hand, absorb and learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries; on the other hand, combined with Chinese characteristics actual hotel management, the establishment of core competence based hotel, explore and create the international advanced level, Chinese characteristic modern hotel management model.

1. System based management model

The main mode system 'work-centered' or 'job-centric' through a variety of norms, rules and standards for effective management of the hotel. Our hotel take four vertical management system, namely the traditional pyramid of four management modes: General Manager - Department Manager - Supervisor - foreman. Superior to subordinate unified command of the leadership to do, the relationship between the various departments collaborate employees follow a straight line - functions of the system, avoiding multiple leadership. Hotel management needs to set a number of sectors of its work, set up sector agencies to specialization principles. This pyramid form of organization management, which increases the authority of managers, facilitate the development of systems and regulations, the implementation and completion of tasks, help managers make work policy, planning, management objectives.

2. This type of people management model

This type of model is based on people 'people' as the center, through employee self-management, democratic decision-making, establishing team spirit, team spirit, a sense of ownership and other concepts, give full play to their initiative and potential managers mainly from the macro-control and oversight role a management model. Hotel essence of competition is the talent competition, the quality of staff reflects the hotel grade, grade. We have a well-trained and experienced staff, to maximize the mobilization of staff enthusiasm and passion, using advanced scientific methods of personnel management, and enhance cohesion. This mode requires the hotel organization more streamlined, more performance, transfer of modern information requirements and the use of increasingly high.

3. As a link to the public management model

For management purposes, there are all walks of life management, such as central administration, local administration, city administration, rural administration, education administration, etc., and Modern Hotel Management is involved in all aspects, it is with the who deal directly with every type of integrated management. With the development of society, social progress, civilization and human living standards improve, people are increasingly demanding emphasis on hotel management, which had led to further the healthy development of the hotel industry, to further improve the quality of service, which hotel management must establish new ideas, new standards and new requirements.

4. To the quality of service as a link management mode

The model emphasizes service to clear the characteristics of the hotel, a clear connotation and the importance of service quality, thus ensuring better quality of service. At this stage, the standardization of China's hotel industry is a general increase in the level of service recipe. From a development perspective, China's hotel industry to be implemented nationwide standardized quality of service, whether it is the introduction of advanced Western management mode, or create their own models, must be standardized management, from the emotional stage to standardize the service as soon as possible stage process service, the quality of Chinese hotel management to a higher grade. Standardization addition, first-class hotel management also have characteristics that can learn from some Western Hotel Group management experience to build in line with our distinctive management mode.

5. Marketing as the core of modern management model

Application of the theory and practice of modern marketing to develop tourist hotel, always and everywhere really easy, everywhere and always offering quality services. We must understand the market, segment, select target market, timely adjustment combination hotel products and services, continuous communication to the public service of the hotel features, price, and timely follow-up service and do all kinds of information feedback, etc., play a positive business cycle effects.

With the advent of modern information technology and the development of the information society, the introduction of modern marketing network of information technology to improve the efficiency and scientific management of the hotel, and bring a new hotel the way they compete to bring new strategic opportunities for the hotel, This requires that hotel strengthen information management, namely the establishment of information technology in the hotel industry, the network based on the information-centric management model.

6. In group management as the core management model

Hotel Group is one kind of highly developed hotel industry on the basis of the formation of the parent company in the hotel business as the main body, the relationship between capital and operating through collaborative relationships, etc., from a number of hotel composed of economic union. The comprehensive advantages of group management in market share, corporate image and scale of operation and other aspects has, has become the restaurant business in the 1990s the dominant phenomenon, and this trend is further strengthened. Prerequisites Group Management Group hotel lies their markets mature and expand market space requirements, economies of scale and become the market leader.

For the Chinese hotel industry, on the one hand to choose their own development model according to their actual situation, on the other hand to take a different development strategy. Practice many Chinese hotel business is still in the early stages of development, which requires follow-sided mature international hotel group is not realistic for them, to write undergraduate thesis expanded scale as soon as possible, the accumulation of capital and experience is a priority.

IV Conclusion

Open to further expansion of tourism hotel industry has brought great opportunities for development, but on the other hand foreign hotel group 'unrestricted access' China's hotel market, the mature management, quality service, strong financial competition advantage of China's hotel industry will pose a huge threat and challenge. Faced with broad international and domestic markets and fierce market competition, China's hotel business only fully tap their own potential, implementation of differentiated business strategy, the creation of characteristics, establish a brand, build the core competitiveness of enterprises in the hotel and meet the challenge, to build with Chinese characteristics the hotel management model, and according to its own particular circumstances and criteria to select a business model, so China's hotel industry has leapt to a new level in the management, gain the initiative in the fierce market competition in an invincible position .


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