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[Abstract] composition teaching is a complex and difficult systems engineering, and how in a short period of time by greatly improving writing skills, many who made the bold exploration of the earth and practical, to pay a lot of effort. Specific How to write an essay, I think from the following aspects to make some attempt must be useful.

[Keywords:] telling the truth skilled mimic changes

1 can form a good imitation of Pham Van

Practice has proved that imitation has the following advantages: addresses what and how to write essay writing problems. As well Pham Van associations can cause students to enable them to select the subjects in life. For example I taught a <<Spring>> after This text for students to follow written <<home Spring>>, the majority of the students have written their home long grass flowers, birds bees fly a different spring. Another example is the talk of the <<Poplar Praise>> then, let the students We Imitative <<Willow>>, the majority of the students wrote the willows a good plant, easy to live, is very common, but extremely useful features, the effect is quite good. to consolidate the students knowledge. students to accept the existence of objective knowledge rather complicated, but in any case complex, often working as long as the composition can be a good master. For example (analogy argument) is a difficult problem. In the study of the <<good at building a new world>>, we have to imitate writing, students They can easily grasp the essence of analogy argumentation. can learn the language of model essays. For example <"From Herbs to Sanweishuwu>> there is a scene description, and I accordingly so that students write <" What I park>>, students to use "Needless to say, do not have to say ... ... ... ... ... ... alone" to paint a portrait, not only structured, but much more lively than usual.

Since there are so many benefits to imitate, then in reality they do it? to follow the principle of gradual and orderly progress, who started the first Imitative narrative, two days of major Imitative exposition, the main Imitative three days of arguments, this is a step by step on the style, which is meet the requirements of junior high school curriculum, in imitation of a particular genre, also should be simple to complex, and gradually increased. such as writing and made a portrait, language, action and psychological description of individual pieces, and then integrated, or a bad person to write a good man . Another example is written arguments, the first demonstration Imitative various ways, and then integrated Imitative Refuting the argument, and so over time, you will master the essentials of various articles written. selected Thorn. every article on textbook are good, but not each text are easy to imitate. This is necessary screening. At the same time, you can choose newspapers, magazines, articles on the good, each engraved print writing before the turn, distributed to the students, for students to learn when writing the object of imitation, an idea.

Imitative behavior is worth noting that not a panacea. Because we can only imitate some of the interesting sentence or clever strict layout, imitation is just an outward form. Write an essay that truth is more important moving.

2 requires that mental content, saying the truth

We all know the story of Cao seven-step into the poem, which certainly reflects his quick thinking, rich experience, I think is that he was telling the truth, why they moved to his brother, from killing disaster. Visible effects to tell the truth extraordinary. Qing celebrities Dyke said: "All your words are true, the truth of poetry moves people," telling the truth really is writing a recipe. So tell the truth in the end fortunately there? First of all, the truth out material, so long as you photo, family, state, and the world can do everything on; as long as you spit the truth, family, friendship, love, "passionate" flying. Second, the truth of passion. You see a comprehensive reading of <"The Last a lecture>>, full of much love, full of how much hate. He is useless script, but every word from the heart, so that each word has a great conquest of power, deterrence, appeal. Lenin said: "Our strength lies in telling the truth." composition of forces that is telling the truth, the three, the truth out of skills. life is colorful, rich and colorful. Life itself is a clever article, then for middle school students, learn writing skills should start from the truth, life simple, and simplicity is a rare skill, and it is should permit the "article is not difficult in the clever and difficult to clumsy, difficult and hard on the song straight, it is easy to thin and difficult rough, not Chinese and is difficult to difficult to mass, "the old saying, you see Sun Li <<Lotus Lake>> more interesting, and his technique is simple. When the perception of a thing, cause with its nature and characteristics of the association, said the opposite, contrast association. This association mainly lies in strengthening the relationship between the two opposite things, feeling and understanding. Du Fu's famous line "while the rich wine and meat smell, the road with frozen" is a strong contrast to the harsh reality of that time people get clear deep feelings. I ask students to cf this example, recall the lessons learned in the last segment is about how to use this method to achieve the purpose of �¹ʶ�֪ imagination, Marx called the "advanced properties of mankind," a . If we say that the purpose of observation to solve the content of the article - object, then, "Legend" is to understand the article, thoughts and feelings - Italy. Where there is a certain depth in the article, are inseparable from the imagination of the rich. No association, article also does not have the flexibility and profundity. So, for students to write a new conception, the realm of high-good article, teachers guide, be sure to start students thinking machine.

Therefore, I always encourage students to speak the truth in the composition. For example students who learn this year, I was out of a traditional subject <<Opening of the first Sky ">, in the classroom, I have repeatedly stressed the benefits of word pictures, and to students Commitment: photo, even if not to the low score poor language and writing lies, even if the rhetoric could not score high gorgeous, so encouraging, most of the students have something to write that, well written, and can be a Church complete and high quality.

Practice has proved that if pictures are the best people teaching writing, only it can open the Source of Creation. Encourage students to improve photo composition, then one of effective ways of teaching quality. However, to get a good composition, well change can not be ignored. Links to free paper download

3 after completion text bold choice, good at change

Lu Xun once said: "a good work out is changed, not written." This is indeed wisdom. Jia Dao order to use "push" or with "knock" brains, donkey wall, so that writing actually Luting to "Yin security of a word, the number of roots twist-off" stage. Therefore, the students writing not to do it for a good, overnight. In this spirit, the theme for the relationship between text and tight dare not give. This is see one or two can be found and resolved. As the verbal imprecise, inappropriate language, and the "gas has not ring true" place, can read the law carefully modified. I say here is "reading" rather than "meditation" , which is "read" and not "see", the text is not easy to see that some small problems, the first reading to be found.

Often used in the writing metaphor, symbol and other techniques, are similar to the association from the form of this mental activity. Therefore, in order for students to learn similar to Lenovo, I pay attention to the texts in language teaching metaphor, a symbol of the appreciation of such practices. students master the skills of a similar association, I set up some easy to use essay questions for students to repeat training. If <<Wish>> this subject, just before the students the desire to write some very common, and now through the association, students not only think of their own future, but also think of the country's past, think of Taiwan and Macao's return, think of the world and equality, and their thinking is very active. Then, I guide students to think more training in the similarity point of view, to foster their divergent thinking and creative thinking, I <<Kite>> the title of associate students from many angles, and some recalled their childhood innocence, beautiful spring; others think of the familiar home and lofty sky ; some of the kite metaphor of life. to <<clay>> for the title, they thought of their native land, homeland, and then think of the parents, relatives and friends, while others think of how people in a foreign land who treasured home soil wells expression of patriotism .

In summary, proven, knowledge, values ​​and teaching in composition from the above three major aspects, to guide students to write an essay is not much problem. States have a similar or close to, and thus the resulting He objects to associate objects outside to the inside to start the imagination, be a matter of course material students, were intended by objects. Links

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