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[Abstract] human resource management is the source of power of enterprise development, is the fundamental guarantee for sustainable development of enterprises. Human resources management based on present and future of the enterprise, planned, targeted work for managers, employees proposed work requirements. Strengthening of human resources management by strengthening the building of enterprise culture and improve staff quality.

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Human resources are the lifeblood of enterprise development. How to maximize the good human resources management, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, every business manager must consider.

I. Overview of Human Resource Management

Human resources management is the source of enterprise development power; is the fundamental guarantee for sustainable development of enterprises. Human resources management involves a number of disciplines in management, law, economics, psychology, sociology, etc., is a complex management.

1, the meaning of human resource management

Human resources management is a specific social organization can promote its own sustainable development, reached a series of management activities conducted by members of the organization's objectives, it is through the management of people and things, deal with the relationship between people, with the people and things, in order to give full play of human potential, and human activities shall plan, organize, command and control, in order to achieve organizational goals.

2, human resources management features

Human resource management is an essential function of business management, has its own uniqueness in business management. Mainly: the management of content people-centered; management in the form of dynamic management, emphasizing the overall development; management take humane management; focus on management strategy overall human resources development, forecasting and planning; the use of active development mode on the management system; management in the decision-making level, directly involved in the planning and decision-making.

Second, the importance of strengthening human resource management

Highlights the importance of human resource management is the result of competition in the market. With the rapid development of the socialist market economy, the role of human resource management in the enterprise management has become increasingly important. Can a business healthy development, depends largely on the quality of staff is high or low, depending on the degree of attention of human resource management in the enterprise management.

1, human resources management for enterprise management personnel requirements

Human resource management as an important human resource to the development, utilization and management, focuses on the development of human potential, to stimulate people's vitality, so that employees can actively work creatively. For business managers, managers are required to work in full nexus, through a link on the role assigned to help companies deal with and coordinate the various relationships.

2, human resources management can improve the performance of employees

According to corporate goals and personal circumstances of employees, human resource management businesses can use to create the ideal organizational climate, employees make career design, through continuous training, job or position horizontal longitudinal adjustment, only the amount of use, their talent, their individual strengths in specific operations staff to implement job rotation, by rotating staff found the fittest type of work, organizational structure and ensure rational division of labor and flexibility, thus improving work performance of employees, improve enterprise efficiency.

3, human resource management is the need of enterprise development

People are the most fundamental elements of corporate survival and development. This is because corporate management objectives are set by business managers, implementation and control, but in the course of their work, managers through the efforts of staff to achieve the objectives, which requires employees must have good ability and quality, the successful completion of managers intent, the successful enterprise intended target.

4, human resources management is an important element of the core competitiveness of enterprises

People are important resources of the business, but also the core competitiveness lies. As enterprises use and development of human resources, corporate decisions are increasingly influenced by human resource management constraints. Economics and Management of Human Resources Management at present thesis gradually be integrated into the enterprise development strategic planning, development and expansion of enterprises seeking to become a core element, a crucial factor is that the enterprises remain unbeaten in the competition in the market.

Third, to strengthen human resource management approach

Sustainable development of enterprises, with emphasis on comprehensive human development. Improve the quality of employees is an accumulation from quantity to quality leap in the development process, but also a self-renewal, self-improvement, self-transformation process. I believe that strengthening the human resource management, improve staff quality, you should do the following aspects of work.

1, adhere to the people-oriented, strengthen corporate culture, corporate culture is a spiritual motivation and cultural resource, is shared values formed in the long process of development, ways of thinking and behavior, is a new modern enterprise scientific management theory and management. What kind of a business spirit, values and business philosophy, the companies have decided what kind of organizational structure, mode of operation, management systems, staff and quality of service. Good corporate culture, that is humane management based on corporate values in order to achieve the purpose, regulate employee behavior and way of thinking, constantly correcting bad habits of employees. It contains not only embodies the deep content business development ideas and goals, but also on the quality of the staff put forward higher requirements. With the improvement of living standards, the urgent need to further integrate employees career and quality of life, they need to work not only economic interests, but also psychological needs. Through the influence of corporate culture, cultivate team spirit and style of selfless work, courage and dedication of the work attitude, to ingratiate themselves with enterprises and employees, so that employees have a sense of belonging, enterprise cohesive, full play to their enthusiasm and creativity, to maintain the development of enterprises power and stamina of sustainable development.

2, through training to improve the quality of managers, good human resources management

Quality managers directly affect the success of Human Resource Management. Human resource management tasks every business manager must fulfill duties, business managers should have good political and ideological quality, with a strong sense of professionalism and high sense of responsibility, a sense of innovation, good at learning, with professionalism, It has the ability to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff. Knowledge of these, and more specifically the enterprise managers through self-improvement, self-improving quality, human resources management work helps managers to implement the responsibility to ensure close contact of various policies, systems, organizational performance between maintain coherence corporate personnel policies and institutions. Promote better business growth and expansion.

Human Resources Management to expand in the field of management and in the management part of the advance, such as performance, human resources management plays an increasingly important role in business management. Human Resources Management in the actual operation requires constant innovation, the core is how to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees in business management. According to their own circumstances, the establishment of effective mechanisms to encourage employee innovation competition is the essence of human resource management.


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