America Enterprise Human Resource Management Difference between

[Abstracts] With the development of economic globalization, intensified competition among enterprises, competition among enterprises as an important tool for human resources entrusted with the task to create value for the enterprise, as well as increased competition for enterprise human resource management have a huge impact. Based on the differences between Chinese and American enterprises in human resource management comparative analysis, identify gaps Chinese enterprises in human resources practices that exist in fully integrated on the basis of the actual situation of Chinese enterprises, Chinese enterprises human resource management practices recommendations .

Keywords: Human resources management; Comparative Study; China and America; difference

The current development of society based on people-oriented, science and technology information as the core, the information era of great development of information sharing on a global scale, and in this environment, talent is a major enterprise competitiveness, so companies have to pay attention development of senior human resources management. The purpose of modern human resource management is the rational use of personnel, give full play to the potential of a variety of talents, improve work efficiency, corporate profit maximization goals. With the continuous development of social economy, companies want to better human resources management, accomplish these objectives, we must advance with the times and constantly improve the development of human resource management practice, in the process, we learn from US companies advanced experience in human resources management activities, its essence, as I used to better achieve our corporate human resources management reform.

First, the connotation and significance of human resource management

Human resources management, enterprise is at present in the human thought and economic theory guidance, through recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits and other forms of management of human resources for the effective use of development to meet future business needs, to ensure that members of the business development goals and development the maximum range of activities in general.

As the socialist market economy, human resources across the enterprise competition gradually highlight, a business can maintain a good momentum of development in the current environment, it depends largely on the reasonable use of talent, enterprise good human resource management practices, the enterprise has an important significance. First, human resource management can improve employee productivity. Enterprises according to their own development goals with employees, the rational use of human resources management method for enterprises to create better organizational climate, by the staff deepening understanding makes the best use, staff talent to play, and to mobilize the enthusiasm, help improve work efficiency; secondly, human resource management needs of enterprise development. Companies want development is inseparable from the people management, business development and planning the route are made by the manager, and to carry out specific work can not do without joint efforts of employees, so that all aspects of a business are inseparable. ' person 'elements of human resource management system to create fresh tissue, and coordinate the relationship between managers and employees, so that everyone working in a good working atmosphere, ensure the stability of enterprises in the development of practice; and finally, human resource management can ensure that enterprises with core competitiveness. Talent is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises, the current society is more frequent flow of talent, use of effective human resources management so that people can better circulation, more suitable for the development of enterprises to retain real talent, growing the enterprise personnel.

Second, America Enterprise Human Resource Management Difference between

(A) Personnel practicality. US companies during the use of personnel, usually pay more attention to the consideration of the overall business development strategy, human resource management papers published more emphasis on practicality talent, they work in the initial recruitment, the focus on assessment of overall quality of staff, and in the process of applying for talent, with full respect for the staff's creativity and initiative in such a relaxed atmosphere to create a democratic and staff shared values and corporate culture business, hiring such a principle and mode of development, is more conducive to enterprise employees and a together to achieve corporate strategic goals.

While Chinese enterprises in absorbing talents mostly follow the traditional personnel management planned economy within the system, focusing on business management to address the problems facing enterprises today and the specific matters as the main purpose, does not really start from the personnel point of view, there is no will this important human element as the focus of business development layout, do not develop a more comprehensive training, incentives, many companies are still leading to a 'person Shegang' embarrassing situation, making it more difficult practical talent talent cast, this greatly limits the employment pattern of play to their ability, it is not conducive to mobilize their enthusiasm for work, a serious impediment to the healthy and orderly operation of the enterprise.

(Ii) human resource development. Human resource development is an enterprise in the existing human resource base, in accordance with corporate strategic objectives, organizational structure changes, human resources analysis, planning, integration, in order to raise the level of corporate human resources and human resource efficiency, in order to create greater value. From the point of view of human resource development, US companies pay more attention to the implementation of this project than Chinese companies, for employees in areas such as literacy training place more than Chinese companies. In the US, companies attach great importance to human development efforts, through the development of a planned, continuous training and education to achieve a reasonable use of talent. US companies training staff carried out, not simply meet the immediate needs for skills training, but targeted implementation of a series of purposeful training, aimed at potential employees the ability to tap its global concept to grasp, understand corporate culture development strategy of the overall quality of special attention, and the employee in learning exhibited by various advantages for the next talent utilization.

Our corporate training is usually all business sectors themselves alone held separate and human resources departments, and the content of the training generally has the utilitarian, that is, only established to meet the current needs of short-term training, and did not establish a long-term development goals, the company's personnel department in this the process did not work out more in line with business development needs, in line with the flow of talent from the law of human development planning human development perspective. Therefore, the current Chinese enterprises has not really been developed human resources, the development of enterprises and employees to display their abilities are not on the same track.

(Iii) the work environment and culture. Good working environment and harmonious atmosphere will make employees feel comfortable, but deciding whether a relaxed working environment depends on the relationship between employees and enterprises, companies and employees are able to build up a good bridge between human resources management issues part. US corporate personnel management departments in enterprises and employees to communicate at work plays an important role, they passed a series of specific work to help companies familiar with the dynamic staff, but also to help employees better understand the status of business development and planning, so that employees in enterprise development has a sense of security. For example, the HR department will contact US employees to participate in all kinds of celebrations, parties, through specific communication with every employee, to help them solve puzzles current work or life, to narrow the distance between enterprises and employees, and enhance the enterprise cohesion.

At present our personnel department is not clear delineation of functions of state-owned enterprises in the personnel department is not responsible for building the business and employee relations work was basically carried out by the enterprise trade unions, women's federations and other departments, the personnel department for the link to work absence, can easily lead to personal goals and business development concepts incompatible workers, both the lack of timely communication, can not build trust so that people can not be able to display their company a serious brain drain.

Perfection (iv) reward mechanism. A corporate welfare system, the development of incentives can motivate employees to better mobilize staff enthusiasm for work. In the United States, enterprises in human resource management work focused on building incentives of different enterprises in different environments formulate a standard incentive programs have their own characteristics, but in general, incentives in the highly competitive society today, more one's potential. In China, in recent years on the pay incentive system is being developed, but there are still defects, such as quantitative criteria for performance evaluation of objectivity, etc., can not be better achieved real encouragement.

Third, China and the US human resource management differences

By contrast, we find that the American Enterprise Human Resource Management both from theory or application development practice are ahead of us, at this point, giving Chinese companies a lot of inspiration. First, Chinese enterprises should focus on the overall quality of staff training and development, the long-term development goals and strategies combined with staff training, not only instill theoretical knowledge, but also to focus on training employees for lifelong learning and self-development of consciousness; Second, establish and improve human resource management system, through institutional norms to guarantee the smooth progress of human resources; and finally, strengthening the role of performance and salary incentives, allow enterprises to get rid of the working environment 'more or less a-like' bad situation, so that each employee can actively participate in the competition, allowing employees to display their talent to enjoy, and be rewarded, in order to encourage more people to dedicate themselves to the work of the enterprise.

The two countries have great differences in human resource management, we also find a lot of deficiencies. In recent years, Chinese enterprises have made progress in human resources management in a good performance, but by comparison with developed countries, still has a lot of defects in the future path of development, we should continue to maintain this positive trend forward, and keep a clear mind recognition of the gap, trying to learn more advanced experience and methods of the present situation of domestic enterprises in the future be better applied to human resource development work, so that our enterprises to maintain long-term development in the competition.

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