Human Resource Outsourcing Problems and Solutions

Abstract human resource management can effectively promote the upgrading of enterprise management level, encouraging employees to forge ahead, to enhance the overall unity and cohesion, improve their market competitiveness advantage. Enterprises do not have advanced human resource management and team management tools, it will be regarded as human resource management outsourcing enterprises to reduce costs, improve management, promote good policy sustainable development of enterprises. However, in this stage of the outsourcing service immature mode of operation, will enable enterprises and outsourcers appear a little friction, while outsourcing itself will manage certain issues that affect service effectiveness, this paper these aspects were analyzed and propose corresponding solutions in order to improve the quality of human resources outsourcing service purposes.
Paper Keywords: business, human resources outsourcing, and solve problems when their lack of management capacity Policy 1.1 Outsourcing 1.1.1 Principal cause of business enterprises in the human resources management showing powerless state, it will be human resource outsourcing. Such companies exist to outsourcer greater psychological expectations, so in other administrative aspects of the performance of a certain state of relaxation, but to make outsourcing to reduce the enterprise management level. Allowing companies to outsource business regulation is also a mess. Human resources outsourcing services generate loopholes in management nor the ability to promote their improvement.
1.1.2 human resources outsourcing business cost accounting errors enterprise human resources management business outsourcing direct purpose is to save money for the enterprise, to achieve low-input high-yield purposes. However, due to corporate outsourcing business cost accounting is not considered comprehensive, some implicit costs forgotten, such as to create a relationship with the outsourcer investment, emotional engagement, and employee well-being and the like to obtain feedback. These costs spirit of cohesion has an important role. Companies will ignore it is bound to grow their own disadvantage.
1.1.3 Enterprises grasp of the market allowed companies want to outsource human resources, it is necessary for the respective outsourcing market certain of the test and analysis, outsourcing risk effectively circumvent. However, due to certain obstacles to their access to information on the presence in the market, or a short time can not fully grasp market trends, market information can not be objectively evaluated, thus making some poor outsourcer chances.
1.2 human resources outsourcing services side problems in the current phase, human resources outsourcing services recipe made two kinds of domestic companies to foreign parties. For the foreign party, due to geographical differences, differences in national conditions, cultural differences make overseas serving difficult to demonstrate high status in China Enterprise Human Resource Management. Domestic parties and related services in different ways, different quality management team, service means relatively mediocre, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. There is a current stage, human resources outsourcing services Party in the country is still an emerging industry, the industry service charges no uniform standard, subjective large price changes. At the same time there is no appropriate third-party oversight bodies supervise its standard practice, so that no competition outsourcer bottom phenomenon often occurs. In addition, human resources outsourcing services is no corresponding supporting regulations for the support, the right to violate the principal difficulty, will stimulate the outsourcer disregard the principal issues arising from the quality of service.
1.3 human resources outsourcing business itself immature human resources outsourcing business in our country belongs to a new rise of the short history of its development, adjusting means than a single, then advanced management measures are difficult to implement seamless in service. Outsourcing can only achieve the basic cause of the desired effect, for employees spiritual motivation, knowledge and technology enterprise core upgrade no way involved. In addition, with the implementation of the human resources outsourcing, employees of personnel changes will produce a greater change, so that employees of enterprises decreased satisfaction, employee well-being without work, cohesion will be affected. There is a need to carry out outsourcing certain amount of time to make the transition, effective immediately want to lower the possibility that the enterprise has brought certain outsourcing risks. As for the contract, there are some shortcomings, incomplete or no written agreement agreed to be outsourced, allowing companies to know where to begin to urge the parties to outsource dedicated management.
2. The current strategy for solving the problem of human resources outsourcing 2.1 to enhance the purpose and content management level 2.1.1 Principal clear human resource outsourcing. For enterprise management level is not enough, make full use of human resources outsourcing services to enhance core competitiveness of enterprises is very beneficial. Due to the limited enterprise management level, it is difficult to outsourcer oversight, human resources management papers published at this time the best practice is to outsource service provision and the purpose clearly defined. When the contract to develop thoughtful, clear outsourcing content. For enterprises involved in the management of the particularity of the best content management by the enterprises themselves. During outsourcing, outsourcing can be achieved to quantify the effect of services classification, for the outsourcer to reach contract targets ordained corresponding breach of contract. In addition, the outsourcing contract should reflect the goals of sustainable development, allowing companies to obtain more long-term development interests at outsourcing, enterprises can carry out their own development to enhance the strategic management perspective.
2.1.2 to conduct a comprehensive cost accounting. Fundamental sustainable development of enterprises from the efficiency of enterprises. Enterprises in the human resources outsourcing, also need to obtain the desired savings, improve the core competitiveness and corporate cohesion. Therefore, when outsourcing business, companies need cost accounting from physical capital to take full account of intangible capital cost accounting, and long-term benefit analysis. Participation in decision-making to the outsourcer cost budget considerations go for cost accounting outsourcer to conduct a comprehensive understanding, and for their own interests and outsourcing parties to develop a reasonable cost. In addition, companies also outsourcing side for the entire supervision and cost control, identify problems resolved through consultation, development strategy and adjust accordingly, so that the human resource outsourcing remarkable.
2.1.3 enterprises to grasp the multi-dimensional considerations outsourcer market capacity. Responsible party outsourcing, service level and management tools as well as market reputation and so have a major direct impact on the development of enterprises. Human Resource Outsourcing goal is to invest at low cost to a larger market competitiveness. Therefore, the ability to market the outsourcer is critical. In this case, the enterprise through a variety of channels to outsourcing market research analysis, the method is not only to stay in business intelligence, but also from the service case, user feedback, the network information, market evaluation, the outsourcer teamwork, management tools and so on all aspects of multi-dimensional survey, a complete evaluation of outsourcing capabilities, thereby reducing the risk of outsourcing, outsourcing companies improve effectiveness and contribute to human resource outsourcing objectives.
2.2 human resources outsourcing services to enhance the management level side 2.2.1 establish industry standards, improve the management system. Management outsourcer directly affect the completion of the effect of outsourcing. Although the current human resources outsourcing business mode of operation is not perfect, but corporate self-regulation is directly reflected in its management and outsourcing capabilities. Therefore, companies do outsourcing professional management at the same time, starting from the internal management system reform, the exclusion of unhealthy competition abuse, ordered the establishment of a competitive mechanism. Improve the internal management system and charging systems, and promote the establishment of close industry standards, provide good protection for the enterprise commissioning party, which is the self-improvement process.
2.2.2 improve human resources reserves. Outsourcer addition to the use of advanced human resource management means taking care of business, but also need experience, solid theory, the flexibility and high professionalism of the management team to implement. Talent proactive role in the implementation of the entire business process, outsourcing to achieve effects play a decisive role. Therefore, outsourcer and reserve personnel team building is critical. Outsourcing companies in the normal management, to be adjusted on the talent and training, so that the team age span reasonable, normal psychological expectations, and ongoing professional skills training, so that people promoted or demoted, can be said to do, to be able to put the tube. And in practice outsourcing in the ongoing exercise. To ensure that everyone is a team of elite, all the good will, in order to provide personnel to ensure good realization of outsourcing.
2.2.3 The development of various forms of human resources outsourcing service mode according to the survey 'HR outsourcing' has demand in various industries, but in some projects work more industries the most common, mainly in IT, finance, marketing industry. Mainly in the form of services employment needs of project-based classes, as long as two or three years time, as short as a few months. Therefore, in order to expand the human resources outsourcing market, as human resources outsourcing services side, we must first have a good work ethic, which is the key to sustainable development of the company; secondly to have a clear positioning, and to play a good bridge for the talent and the Principal link. The final step is to have a scientific, rational and sound management system and operation mechanism to work, there must be a distinctive talent service measures, as HRO Principal and personnel to provide personalized service, so that the healthy development of human resources outsourcing .
2.3 Government to fulfill its human resources outsourcing services administrative regulatory functions in order to improve human resources outsourcing services, which led to standardization, mature stage, the Government must assume oversight responsibility for regulatory functions to third parties. Participation in government policy on the one hand to provide protection, it can also make the outsourcing business cooperation between the two sides on a fair platform. In addition, government supervision is relatively tougher to avoid unnecessary disputes, improve customer satisfaction for bilateral cooperation. Therefore, the government put the appropriate systems and industry standards, to provide enterprises with a certain degree of security, encouraging outsourcing companies, into a standardized industry sectors. At the same time to promote legislation that would increase in human resources outsourcing services to the legal point of view, so that the two parties have a legal basis.
2.3.1 The government guidance and propaganda. As an emerging outsourcing industry, government guide its maturity, standardization, standardization is necessary. Can ensure the development of industry does not deviate from the market economy, without departing from China's national conditions. Therefore, the government needs from the concept, thinking, advocacy and guidance on the action and effectiveness, and promote the healthy, rapid and stable development of human resources outsourcing industry.
2.3.2 the implementation of human resource outsourcing market access system. The so-called access system is outsourced parties certification, outsourcing only obtain qualification has just qualified to undertake human resource outsourcing. Such a system could facilitate the outsourcer self-restraint, self-improvement and self-improvement, so as to effectively prevent the use of outsourcing companies to undertake unhealthy competition means business problems and improve the standardization of enterprise outsourcing the operation.
2.3.3 the implementation of human resources outsourcing permission system. The government should take advantage of the market access system to guide and regulate the outsourcing business, it is necessary to perfect and improve institutional approval. In approving the request outsourcing services, service capacity, service levels, etc. to report on the composition of the team record, reached the approval criteria required by the Government was allowed to enter the market and issue a certificate once a year a comprehensive annual assessment.

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