Discussion on how to strengthen the cost management of the highway

[Abstract] To improve the the highway management thesis "target =" _blank "> Cost management level, first to seriously carry out cost projections, planning level cost for a certain period and cost targets, comparative analysis of the various options to achieve cost targets, to make the most effective cost decisions. then cost decisions, prepare cost plans, and as a basis for cost control, enhance the day-to-day cost of the audit work, to discover and to overcome the loss of waste, establish and improve the cost-accounting system and the basic system, the strict implementation of the range of costs to strengthen the work of analysis and assessment of cost and fair evaluation of the various departments of the cost management performance, encourage enterprises to constantly improve cost management methods, and improve the overall level of enterprise cost management through high-speed The highway cost estimates, implementation of cost management systems, so as to effectively reduce costs, achieve cost targets.

[Keywords] highway, cost control, cost management.

And roads, highways unique modern communications, monitoring, charges, and rescue system facilities, efficient, safe, and economic characteristics of the construction investment is much greater than the ordinary road, huge repayment pressure. Therefore, the highway management must pay close attention to the real office continue to improve economic efficiency. Increase economic efficiency mainly two ways: a toll increase revenue and reduce costs. Increase toll revenue by increasing traffic volumes and increases in toll prices are influenced by the development of regional economic conditions and the external economic environment. Therefore, improve Expressway economic efficiency is the most effective approach is to strengthen cost management, and reduce costs.

First, changing concepts, improve cost management awareness.

Province highway management mode using managed separately from the balance of payments, that income is all turned over spending allocated by superiors planned this management mode, the employees will have the erroneous belief that the high and low cost with them income has little to do with the in-depth reform of our transportation system, highway management began to implement enterprise management mode, the level of economic efficiency of enterprises directly related to the employee's income, so in order to adapt to the need for reform, the staff must change our wrong concept of consciousness establish a new market concept, cost concept and effective concept, improve cost management awareness.

Second, the implementation of a comprehensive cost management, and reduce costs.

Cost management involves broad, so to reduce the cost of comprehensive cost management.

The various components of a comprehensive cost management cost management aspects including cost forecast, planning, decision-making, control, accounting, inspection and appraisal. Implementation of a comprehensive cost management, from management links to the full implementation of these aspects, and runs through the entire management process. tap the potential to reduce costs so that we can more timely and effective manner.

2. Internal cost management. Implementation of a comprehensive cost management, including comprehensive cost management space and time on a comprehensive cost management, while the latter is on the impact of the cost of the whole process of management, in highway cost management, not only to manage the whole process of the formation of road maintenance costs, but also to manage the whole process of formation of the levy cost.

Highway we should start at the design stage to predict the cost of all aspects of mining the potential to reduce costs in the the purchased construction of facilities on cost management, in addition to considering the purchase cost, and should also be the period of use of the entire facility repair, maintenance and other costs taken into account, the comprehensive comparison of what the costs are to choose the best option.

3 of all members of the enterprise internal cost management. Comprehensive cost management space, refers to all members of internal cost management. Managed object in addition to the full-time staff of the finance department, also including the various departments of the facilities department, collection department, personnel department full-time cost management and all the staff. highway enterprise departments each employee's work performance will directly or indirectly affect costs, it is necessary to mobilize the enthusiasm of all the staff of the various departments, to guide them to participate in cost management this economic responsibility must be implemented within the enterprise, responsibility cost management, cost indicators combine management and economic responsibility, the responsibility to reflect the economic cost points fall on the departments, teams and individuals, so that in this motivation, partially responsible for the cost, so that we can better explore the potential to reduce costs.

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Third, do the analysis of the cost projections to improve the level of planned cost.

Planned cost forecast analysis is an important part of the cost management, cost projections into the unknown factors in the operation and management of known factors, help managers improve alertness, reduce blindness plan to continuously improve the level of cost management , managers at the same time easy to choose the best option to make the right decisions.

1. Well formulated plan stage cost projections must be carried out in order to formulate the right plan costs, and a clear direction and ways of reducing costs, the cost projections. In developing the plan, it is necessary to make a correct assessment of the external economic and operating conditions, predicted on the basis of cost levels and trends. Example, in drawing up the annual cost of the scheme, to take full account of the traffic volume of the external economic development changes and equipment, materials, impact of price changes on the cost of collection, facilities maintenance cost.

Plan the implementation of the process of cost projections to the smooth realization of the cost of the scheme to achieve cost targets, it is necessary to plan the implementation of the process of cost projections For example, in the course of the implementation of the scheme, to conscientiously sum up the previous cost plan completion of new situations that may arise in the next stage, the gap between projected costs and develop appropriate measures to ensure the completion of the planned cost.

Fourth, strengthen cost control, cost targets.

Cost control is the cost formation process to detect the problem and take appropriate measures to reduce the waste of loss phenomenon, so that the business process consuming controlled within the range of the original plan, and, in the process, constantly sum up experience, and constantly improved control measures to reduce costs, in order to ensure the greatest degree of cost targets.

Correct formulation of the target cost. Formulation of the total target cost through cost forecasting analysis and fixed targets in accordance with the overall goal of cost to the various departments, various aspects of decomposition. Example, cost projections, the total cost of the development of a highway management at year 1000 million, of which the cost of collection 300 million; special conservation project cost 2.8 million yuan, facilities maintenance and road maintenance costs 2.7 million yuan, the cost of administrative expenses of 1.5 million yuan. continue disintegrated before the various cost items, subdivided fixed targets.

2. Establish a responsibility system for target cost. Target cost accountability, clear personal responsibility and authority to implement the responsibility cost index, and do a good job in the responsibility for the cost calculation, recording and incentive.

For example, the decomposition of the target cost management department, management department and then target cost decomposition to the toll station and the relevant departments to implement the target cost responsibility system of management at every level, the cost of collection is broken down to each toll station, the cost of maintenance engineering decomposed into conservation at the cost but also progressively broken down to personal management, who manages to who is responsible, and executed by the target cost is directly related to the economic benefits of the responsible person, rewards and punishments, the goal to reduce the cost of implement.

. Strict approval procedures of the costs in the cost of the process to strict examination and approval unreasonable expenditure of disapproval, to put an end to overspending. Strict implementation of the project cost of the project to open bidding system, the implementation of financial, conservation and other multi-sectoral joint project budget the audit countersigned by the acceptance of the completion of works to strengthen the inspection of the project amount and quality of the project. oversight mechanisms to invest in large projects, it is best to implement third-party supervision, in order to improve the quality of the project and reduce the cost of the project.

4. Strengthen the analysis and assessment of the costs, rewards and punishments. Regularly compare actual costs and planned cost gap analysis of cost savings or cost overruns, to determine the attribution of responsibility, on the specific responsibilities of the department or person responsible for assessment and evaluation results with responsible departments or persons responsible for the performance-related reward outstanding results, insufficient punishment. lessons learned in a timely manner, to promote good experience, to correct the problems and deficiencies promptly find the cause and take effective measures, in order to achieve reduced cost.

V. Conclusion.

Cost is an important indicator to reflect the level of production and operation management of the personnel involved in cost management is not limited to full-time management staff, should be spread to all sectors of production and management personnel, but also to play the whole grass-roots enthusiasm of the staff, implementation of a comprehensive cost management, the only way to maximize the potential of mining enterprises to reduce costs, and improve the overall level of cost management.


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