Foreign religious infiltration ideological frontier regions of Yunnan safety analysis

Abstract: Yunnan frontier regions because of its special geographical location, the complex cultural environment and special defense significance, religious infiltration of hostile forces become major targets of this paper, an objective analysis of the current religious minority areas in Yunnan border infiltration status and characteristics, evaluation of its safety of ideology challenges and hazards, combined with the construction of Yunnan, southwest China for opening up an important bridgehead for the actual, proposed to resist religious infiltration, and safeguarding national security ideology Suggestions.
Keywords: religious infiltration, Yunnan frontier regions, ideologies security.

Guiding ideology of security including national security, the security of political beliefs, value systems security and national security and other aspects of culture. Currently China's ideological major threat to the security field, one that is hostile forces outside the religious infiltration activities. Frontier ethnic areas because of its special geographical location, the complex cultural environment and special defense significance, becoming the focus of hostile forces penetrate. hostile forces are trying to help promote Western values ​​of religion and spreading ethnic separatist remarks to religious identity and social challenges of the Chinese nation doctrine of national identity. penetration prevent ineffective if religion is bound to endanger the socialist core value system, leading to national culture and national spirit of the passage of time, have a serious national identity crisis and the crisis of belief in Marxism How to effectively resist the religious infiltration, and safeguarding national ideology safety, for the Chinese nation to provide a powerful spiritual motivation and a common spiritual home, we must seriously study a major issue.
First, ethnic minority areas in Yunnan border infiltration religious status quo.

Yunnan has a population of 26 people in 5000 than native peoples, national minorities species most taste five major religions, minority religions and folk beliefs and diverse, highly typical and representative religious relations with the neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, Yunnan, also a large number of ethnic composition, religious complex in Yunnan, 4,060 kilometers of border line, there are 16 kinds of ethnic cross-border neighbors, border residents in their daily economic exchanges, but also inevitably religious and cultural exchanges, so that the religion of Yunnan having local geographical features, it also evokes a strong international consensus. history, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, Buddhism, Christianity and other world religions spread to Yunnan important channel for example, Theravada Buddhism, namely spread to the south by the Indian native Sri Lanka, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries through the spread Dai region, Myanmar Bhamo, Myitkyina and other places, has been the Western missionaries spread Christianity to the city of Yunnan, Yunnan Nationalities due to cross-border ethnic compatriots across the border in the impact of the Christian example is very much.
Geographically, Yunnan and neighboring Southeast Asian countries are close neighbors on the human environment, minority areas in Yunnan border with neighboring countries and peoples with very prominent phenomenon of religion in modern times since the Western powers some Southeast Asian countries and regions will become colony, and tried as a springboard to expand China, Yunnan will bear the brunt. Apart from the direct use of force measures, but also indirect use of religion to engage in soft penetration. currently in the process of globalization and cultural diversity to accelerate the international context, foreign religious infiltration activities there have been many new situations and new problems. participate penetration United States, Britain, South Korea, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries and regions religious organization. According to an understanding of the situation, suspected of using Christian Yunnan overseas organizations to penetrate as much as up to 80. ① Among them, foreign hostile forces and separatist organization "tie spy old Buddha", "world culture mussels family League" "India and Burma 'Love and Action' organizations", outside the religious forces and church organizations in the "Burmese Christian Lisu would," "Myanmar Lisu Assemblies of God," "Rangoon Chinese Christian Church," the early years after foreign missionaries in Yunnan and its Mission in the United States Morse family, non-governmental organization "World Vision", "Oxfam", "LifeCare Medical Assistance Committee", etc., activities most frequently affected is relatively poor. ②.
In short, cross-border ethnic areas in Yunnan nationality and religion have intertwined international, regional and diversity combining routine utilitarian fusion with the more significant features in the whole religious minority areas in Yunnan border has a special complexity, This complexity and its neighboring countries, and ethnic and religious complex social situations overlap, so that cross-border ethnic areas become the forefront of foreign religious infiltration With the construction of open southwest Yunnan, an important beachhead process further resist confronting the religious infiltration pressure increases, we must attach great importance to and take effective countermeasures.
Second, cross-border ethnic areas in Yunnan dangers of religious infiltration.

Religion penetration and propagation of religion, religious exchanges are essentially different. Religious propagation is religious life, world outlook and values ​​as a means to cross certain boundaries of space and time to fight believers, religious influence to expand the range of religious activities in these activities , a religious belief as a resource primarily be used by religious organizations or individuals. interfaith religion itself is carried out as a series of media aimed at promoting friendship, deepening mutual understanding and cultural friendly activities in these activities, religion is a benign cultural resources and religious infiltration is carried out in the name of religion and political sabotage activities, its purpose is not to win more individual believers, but the idea of ​​ablation heterogeneous society, culture and faith foundation for different national political, cultural and social activities in the overall conduct of the infiltration. religious infiltration than obeying religious purposes but to obey political purposes. religious minority areas in Yunnan border infiltration hazards first performance in the ideological field, and then to the full spread of the social sphere, as Early removal of malignant tumors do not, will cause extensive lesions throughout the body.
1, and vigorously promote religion, challenging the mainstream ideology of Marxism. Various indications that the current focus of foreign religious infiltration in the ideological field, more diverse ways, means, more cunning, more subtle purpose, "direct penetration" "hard infiltration" is gradually transformed into "indirect infiltration", "soft penetration." There closely with hostile forces "peaceful evolution" strategy to increase the party members and cadres, intellectuals, white-collar workers and other "social elite" so-called " brainwashing project ", a basic religious people against so-called" ripper project, "I have the western development strategy for the so-called" gospel westward plan ", targeted cross-border ethnic groups in Yunnan called" Ha Nisa kind of plan, "and so on, organized, planned, and vigorously promote religious thought, and I fight for the masses, challenging the dominance of Marxism.
2, divisive, challenging the Chinese socialist system identity and recognition. Western hostile forces on China's "peaceful evolution" policy, one of the developed areas in China "Westernization", one of the western minority areas "differentiation" "Westernization" and "differentiation" are holding religious fuss. Yunnan is an important frontier provinces, but also the long-standing ethnic conflicts manufacturing reactionary forces at home and abroad, the motherland of the key areas of the Republic of the early missionaries prepared Lahu Bible text << >> Reading the first sentence is "God, Han came, I was afraid", ③ with political tendencies in the foreign missionaries publicity, some ethnic minority Christians "only know English is good, God is good, Bhamo, dense Shina good ". ④ liberation, Yunnan Nationalities in some Christian believers cross-border public response to the call of the missionaries, soil requirements and China cut boundaries, under the United Kingdom, some of the Christians, encouraged the missionaries at home and abroad under the planning reactionary, hostile new people regime, launched an armed rebellion and collective defection activities. Some infiltrators outspoken about the proposal, "the Christians organize themselves against the government and the Communist Party, and in the end, do not listen to the Communist Party, to listen to God." In 1994, Chiang Mai, Thailand Christian Church in some Western countries with the support of religious organizations, set up a "world culture mussels clan Alliance", an attempt to use the Christian faith unity of all ethnic groups, including the establishment of Jingpo, Lisu, Nu et the "Kachin Independent State". ⑤ Some Christian Jingpo people across the border into northern Burma secretly conduct religious activities, and some also participated in various activities of the Kachin Independence Organization, if we neglect to resist penetration of foreign religious work, must weaken our borders ethnic national identity, nation identity and socialist identity.
3, spreading reactionary remarks, shake the party's mass base. Overseas religious infiltration with obvious political overtones, against our mainstream ideology, spreading reactionary remarks, in order to attempt to discredit the party's image and divide the party-masses relations and damage the party the people, especially the influence of religious citizens. For example, Yunnan border county rural party members have 224 people to Christianity, accounting for 22% of the total number of party members in rural areas, where 179 people are joining the party after the religious, while another 45 people to join the party before the believers, but the party never out religious activities after Due to the spread of religious activities within and outside the religious forces of propaganda and agitation, so that some foreign religious forces with the religious background of the very influential religious people, some of the believers do not accept the leadership of government workers, but obey the religious authorities arrangements. Meanwhile, some foreign religious forces tried to instill Christian religious citizens to me originated in the West, but to accept the Western church leadership can be God bless the idea, but also do everything possible to usurp the legitimate activities of religious groups and religious leadership. outside the church due to the impact of individual citizens of the recent Christian customs and traditions of this nation as Xiemowaidao all, do not participate in the nation's traditional festivals and other activities, does not support the public welfare, to provoke the masses disputes, create ethnic conflicts, hurt national sentiments and national self-esteem, the masses of believers and non-believers is formed between the barriers, undermining social stability in ethnic minority areas border and national unity.
4, endanger the normal religious order, undermine religion and socialist society on the basis of religion in the form of direct challenge to penetrate not only the ideological and political beliefs of a country, but also indirectly through the control of existing religious achieve this goal, for religious normal activities very great impact, so penetration is not only a religious enemy of the people, but also the enemy of religion. religious infiltration is an important goal is to control our church, destroy me "autonomy, autobiography, self-support," the "Three-Self Patriotic approach "interfere in China's religious affairs, endanger the normal order of religion, so that normal religious activities disrupted, causing confusion believer religious life, erosion of religion and socialist society ideological and social basis, therefore, we must soberly , foreign infiltration often compete directly with our existing religious believers, religious infiltration due to substantial material benefits are often used as bait, combined with provocative, confusing preaching, and also making some discrimination is not strong civic and orthodox religions steering infiltrated religion, which is China's religion constitutes a serious threat to safety. These steering penetration religions would be forced brainwashing foreign hostile forces, transformation and control thought, was to make use of endangering national security and social crimes. These Christians to be controlled, very difficult to return to a normal social life and religion lives.
If the religious sanctity kinds of evil always exploited by political activity, then, religious believers and the image of the masses will be greatly reduced in modern Chinese history, though often with a sincere heart friendly missionaries spread Christianity, However, because fundamentally Christian is still being used as a tool of aggression against China, the Chinese people has brought great disaster, so Christianity in modern Chinese society's reputation is not good. missionaries before the Opium War in the " conquer the world for Christ "began under the slogan incentive to create public opinion for the armed invasion, gather intelligence, advice, and actively participate in the war, became colonizers" special forces ", played a secondary role in the imperialist aggression against China after the Opium War, Christian get the privilege to preach in China, from the "illegal stowaways" to have many privileges of the "foreign culture disseminator" of. they run hospitals, schools and other kinds of "charity" is also all over the north and south China, and its fundamental purpose, Zeng Guoquan with the brother's words in order to "steal the hearts of the Chinese people". ⑥ 1877 held in China missionary meeting some people said: "The spread of Christianity worked very properly be compared to the work of the army. military purposes only is to try to kill or capture of the enemy, is the conquest of all enemies ...... Christian goals is the same, it is not possible to recruit the individual believer, is in the conquest of the whole of China. "⑦ old China many Christians long" foreign religion " under the influence of enslaving ideas accepted, the original national consciousness weakened, so popular in the community a heartbreaking words ": one more Christian, one less Chinese people." ⑧.
Some foreign Christian organizations in Yunnan, infiltration, grab me some poorly educated ethnic minority population characteristics, hype "doomsday theory", causing great panic to the community, someone to listen to later, abandoned property, or to sell their assets , does not work, do not work, eat, drink, waiting for the arrival of doomsday and some places because of the emergence of foreign infiltration, the original church was split point groups of believers formed a faction Knock disunity, seriously interfere with the normal religious order. If our religious leaders can not take a stand and become hostile forces outside a tool for political infiltration, endangering China's socialist system, it is difficult to obtain their independence and normal development of a series of positive cultural religious and social functions bound to gradually diminishing gradually loss of social trust, loss of believers, religion is bound to endanger their own survival and development, which is the religious infiltration of the social ideology of religion itself is the greatest harm. Links to free download
three , against religious infiltration, and earnestly safeguard national security countermeasures ideology.

Currently, the field of ideology is the focus of foreign religious infiltration, and the dangers of religious infiltration from the ideological field is always extended to all aspects of social reality. Therefore, against religious infiltration, and safeguarding national security ideology is linked.
1, to strengthen the socialist core value system, foster national identity and political identity and the socialist system. Religious infiltration from its very nature, is a heterogeneous cultural infiltration, therefore, to effectively resist the religious infiltration, fundamentally speaking , it is necessary to improve the height of ethnic identity of their own culture. cultural identity refers to the individual and the outside world, as well as individual and individual consistency between individual and group recognition, which includes identity and cultural identity, ethnic cultural identity, political and cultural identity, International cultural identity, and several other aspects. cultural identity for the nation's survival and development of great significance, is the basis of national sovereignty and independence, national security, an important part of the comprehensive national strength and through cultural identity to strengthen awareness of China national culture and socialist cultural self-confidence and pride, is effective against important for foreign religious infiltration barrier, while as a cultural core values, is a unique social culture, civilization spirit and distinctive signs, the party's ten Seven report clearly pointed out that "building a socialist core value system, and enhance the attractiveness of socialist ideology and cohesion. socialist core value system represents the essence of socialist ideology To consolidate the guiding position of Marxism, unremittingly using the latest achievements of Marxism in China arming the whole Party and educating the people, the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics and gathering strength for patriotism as the core of the national spirit and to reform and innovation as the core spirit of the times encouraged by the fighting, with the socialist concept of honor Leading fashion, consolidate the party people of all nationalities united struggle common ideological foundation. "in the socialist core value system under the guidance of the entire population by obtaining extensive and profound recognition of the value, so that people beyond geographical, kinship, customs, habits and even ethnic, religious and other differences, highlighting the culture of the Chinese nation as a whole sense of belonging and solidarity, fostering national identity, nation identity and recognition of the socialist system, will be able to withstand in the ideological field to build a religious infiltration of hostile forces outside steel wall.
2, strengthening the ideological basis of Marxism, and enhance the cohesion and solidarity of the Chinese nation. China is a socialist country, Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide. This guiding ideology draws all of human civilization essential part of human history by far the most scientific theories, and has constantly advancing precious quality of the Chinese Communist Party combined with China's national conditions, in the process of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, with a pragmatic attitude constantly discovering new situations, solve new problems, and vigorously promote theoretical innovation. religion from primitive society to the ideology of survival so far as the core part of theistic religion has been falsified for science, but religion is still also has a very fine outlook, values ​​and outlook on life, This is it for thousands of years of human civilization in the history of incense constantly an important safeguard, we can not because religion is theism considers it a barge on the back. In the specific case of the scope and religion have the ability to challenge mainstream ideology. Therefore, we must strengthen the socialist core value system, consolidate the ideological basis of Marxism. Promote the theme in the whole society, with emphasis on youth, poorly educated masses and the Communist propaganda of atheism, in accordance with their own characteristics, so that Marxist ideology firmly occupy the ideological position, so that all citizens have the least penetration of anti-religious consciousness, allowing foreign religious infiltration by hostile forces have no place.
3, the protection and development of cross-national traditional culture, to build a cultural barrier against the infiltration of religion with Christianity as compared to minority religions and beliefs of their own civilization quality and low quality, self-adjustment ability to adapt to society is weak, so we must take strong measures to gradually improve the quality of minority religions and civilizations qualities that make minority religions to adapt to social development, attain their own positive and healthy development in the coupon on the basis of physical response to the challenges of the spread of Christianity Religion is an important part of the national culture, the loss of nationality and religion, the nation's own will know what to do? This is not only a nation's own losses, but also the loss of a country, or even the loss of the world also. Countless facts prove that the retention of traditional culture better, more difficult to enter a foreign religion, therefore, according to the development needs of modern society, a reasonable abandoning guide including primitive religious minorities, including the healthy traditional culture and rational development, will help to resist foreign the forces of religious infiltration activities.
4, the implementation of specific measures, relying on its own strength to overcome the socialist foreign religious infiltration. First, increasing religious policy advocacy efforts of the whole society can recognize foreign anti-China forces to use religious divisions, westernized Chinese sinister firmly establish resist and prevent the infiltration of religious ideology, religious infiltration increasing discrimination and religious exchanges, the ability to spread.
Meanwhile, we must take further necessary technical means, the air broadcast and online distribution of religious infiltration speech control and filtering, multi-start some promotional theme of our policy of religious freedom of the media, through various channels to overseas publicity, so that the international community understanding of the status of respect for religious freedom, for the understanding of international public opinion. two is to formulate and improve relevant laws and regulations, to make laws to combat religious infiltration activities, party members and cadres to us, religious people and religious people legal education, while actively towards foreigners inside and outside of religious propaganda laws, regulations, make them aware of the relevant provisions. third is to establish a sound government management religious infiltration specialized agency to develop a stable staff, skilled anti-religious penetration professional team, standing in the public security department or, a religious authority or, in short, so that citizens can once immediately report suspicious circumstances, in time to stop religious infiltration activities numerous religious infiltration channels, foreign economic and cultural exchanges are often hidden religious penetration, therefore, to establish and improve the coordination of network reverse osmosis institutions established by religious, public security, national security, national, civil affairs, economy and trade, culture, education, health, religious customs authorities to participate in the coordination (leading group, can be internal manage religious affairs according to law, criminal acts against religion, foreign promotion of religious friendly exchanges and jointly resisting foreign religious infiltration. anything involving religious infiltration activities illegal and criminal activities by the department responsible, accountable clear natural efficiency is high, it is against our religion penetration organizational guarantee. Fourth, establish a sound system of foreign religious affairs, so that everything may be related to religious infiltration activities of the organization and individuals can stand firm, including religious groups, organizations and individuals of foreign reception and visit system, study abroad, academic exchanges, visiting friends and staff involved in religious issues should follow a system, which is anti-religious infiltration system to ensure Fifth, improve working methods, increase funding because of deep religious consciousness frontier regions, border activities arbitrary large, Therefore, pay special attention to the working methods, avoid simple and crude, which requires us to build a politically strong, fine, good management of religious administration workforce in actual work, should be "sparse lead", "Sophie clever" as Lord, "cut block", "solid", supplemented avoid hurting the feelings of religious people, causing misunderstanding of international friendship organizations, to continue to increase funding for the work of religious administration, and in particular consider the establishment of special funds to ensure that the anti-seepage infiltration work smoothly. Sixth, to take effective measures to improve cross-border national economic, social and cultural level of comprehensive development. should actively guide and encourage religious groups in particular, cross-border ethnic areas of grassroots religious organizations, led by religious people engaged in economic development , improve their lives, to promote the socio-economic and cultural power of religion into the building, smashing through its own strength outside the socialist religious infiltration conspiracy.

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