Harmonious ethnic relations on the ideological origins and its practical significance

(Abstract) harmonious ethnic relations requirements of national harmony, co-operative, harmonious development, harmonious ethnic relations The Ideological Origins of Chinese traditional culture in the hidden "and", "ceremony", "good" and thought of these ideas for the National Association process to maintain the harmonious achieve shared interests, identity traditional culture, in social life, tolerance, mutual satisfied as to realize harmonious ethnic relations has important practical significance.
A "harmony" from "and" derived as the core of one of the areas of ancient philosophy, "and" thinking throughout the history of Chinese thought and the various factions among the various periods, accumulation of the basic spirit of Chinese culture , endless, timeless, not only shining oriental philosophical wisdom, showing unique theoretical value, but also in maintaining social stability, promote national harmony and exchanges, promote social development in the historical process, plays an indispensable The important role.
A harmonious ethnic relations connotations.

October 11, 2006, Chinese Communist Party's Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee adopted << CPC Central Committee on building a socialist harmonious society >> decisions on major issues, clearly points out the connotation of a socialist harmonious ethnic relations : "conscientiously implement the Party's ethnic policy, firmly grasp the various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development, national unity and progress to carry out extensive activities to consolidate and develop the equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmonious socialist ethnic relations, so that all peoples live in harmony, co-operative and harmonious development. "[1] This will be China's socialist ethnic relations in the guiding ideology to a new historical stage of development.
Harmony, co-operative and harmonious development of socialist ethnic relations of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony based on the latest theoretical generalization, highlighting traditional Chinese culture "and" spirit, but also the current orientation of the core values ​​of ethnic relations. Ethnic Relations is the "national development process related to the mutual interaction between nations, links and role in influencing the relationship is bi-directional, dynamic [2] (p. 166 National Association of this particular practice activities must first take care of ethnic relations What is the National Association to figure out according to Mr. Jin Binggao's opinion, national exchanges are referred to as "national survival and development process must take place and experience as a social phenomenon and the social process, a contact between nation and nation, as well as exchanges and contacts coordination of ethnic relations, referring to national contact interaction and ethnic relations in the integration process, which is the development of national survival and national way. "[3] and harmonious ethnic relations means" from both sides (or multi-national in the same Status of harmony, coordination of exchanges, which is from both sides (or the survival and development of multi-ethnic common needs and common aspirations ". [2] (p. 112 visible," harmony "is the" national association "objective pursued in the current background, harmonious ethnic relations between different ethnic groups is to emphasize the political, economic, cultural, social and other aspects of exchanges guidance, unified to live in harmony, co-operative, harmonious development, working together for common prosperity and development of the concept of harmonious development , create a harmonious socialist ethnic relations.
Second, the idea of ​​harmonious ethnic relations origins.

(A and different, and real creatures.

Chinese culture very early "and different" thinking, this idea may seem today, is still the sustainable development of human society of available precious spiritual heritage, is still the era of globalization and harmonious relations between nations and common development upon which draw precious spiritual wealth. << >> Cheng Mandarin language contained Shibo Yun: "Cardiff and real creatures, not following the same. in his flat and that of his, and it could go to the abundance of long objects, terms of with Pi the same, do carry is abandoned. "[4]" and "is different things together, together, obtaining balance, coordination, and complementary to each other with mercy, so as to generate new vitality things." with "is the superposition of a single homogeneous thing, so there will be no new developments," not following the same "," best men are disposable. "<< >> Zuo Zhao Gong two years described in Yan Ying discourse" and and the similarities and differences, "he told" with "criticism:" In terms of water, water economy, who can eat? If harps are loyal, who can listen to it? "Confucius also said:

"Gentlemen and different, and not the villain." [5] "and different" is a gentleman "Shangyi", both live in harmony with people, working in cooperation with, and abide by their own moral beliefs, can not agree on others , "with and without" is the villain swayed by interest, to their advantage to disagree on others, when interests conflict is a dispute. << Yi Chuan >> There goes: "terrain-kun, the gentleman Virtuous. "[6]" Virtuous "is to follow the example of KongDe gentleman with broad spirit of tolerance. << >> Zeyue moderation:" Everything and without harming, said parallel without contrary to the little Tokugawa stream of big Middletown, this world is also the reason for the large. "[7]" Little Germany "is about difference," Dade "is about unity between heaven and earth" Everything and education "," Road parallel ", although there are differences, but its" not with harm "and" not inconsistent "with its unity in diversity and harmony. nutshell," and different "is the respect for differences, respect for harmony, opposition to engage in a single homogeneity, also opposed the conflict between different things, confrontation this purpose manifested in ethnic relations, that is << Shang Yao Dian ", mentioned in" Harmonizing ", meaning that love peace and oppose aggression, arguing that national mutual respect and peaceful coexistence. "world Tonggui while passers, consistent and one hundred consideration." [7] (p. 196 inclusive, quite the contrary would be used for the benefit of such a thought today's exchanges between different ethnic groups, that is, To recognize and respect pluralism, both agree on their own culture, but also with a broad spirit of tolerance towards other cultures in order to "dialogue of civilizations" instead of "clash of civilizations", in the dialogue to reach a consensus and harmony, gradually toward human culture "diversity and unity." Only "and different" in order to promote the prosperity and development of human culture, which is "and real biological", "converge" If we engage in a kind of cultural hegemony, or of different cultures conflicts between confrontation, that is, "without and with", "with not following the" a.
(Two) Kejifuli benevolent.

In traditional Chinese thought, "ceremony" the spiritual essence is the "King." Mutual respect between people, is the "ritual purposes." "Evil action", "stand ritual" are aimed at "deacon King." Confucius said, "Misinterpretation of benevolence." [8] "self-denial", the first self-aware of the existence of a self-conscious awareness and have freedom to act so self-consciously prevent flow in the self-willed, so that "self-denial". "Fuli" First, "gift", mutual respect, mutual equality and maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships, "Fuli" is more that of others respect, so "Oneself" is through the individual's conscious action to achieve self-consciousness and self-discipline, respect for the principles of practice, thus achieving the "benevolence" realm. This is the essence of human benevolence caring, loving human endowments highlight doctrine and dignity, "the essence of human commonality as the philosophical foundation for all opened the way for self-improvement." [9] Confucius say "he seeks standing upright man, he seeks to reach people, have behaved, do not impose on others ", Mencius called" little children, "Mo-called" strong should not weak , the public does not rob widowed, the rich do not insult the poor, the proud not cheap, fraud bully ignorance "embodies the spirit of benevolence are Zhongshu that" benevolence in love, not love me do not by their love, though thick self-love, not for Humanity. yourself then its life, so that others will also advance their students, to make everything all then its students, Makes benevolence. "Dai-called" one person then its students, pushing and in the world of then its students, jen "and so on are all adhering to the pursuit of virtue and morality to achieve spiritual harmony. [10] Confucius said:" Within the four seas, all men are brothers. "[8] (p. 208 be extended kinship love and expanded into a full social relationships universal principles. "benevolent" is both self-awareness, self-improvement is not only self-discovery, but also self-realization. assertive is a broad concept and lofty realm, imagine, intersubjective exchanges of mutually self- benevolent feelings and life consciousness to take care of each other, is it not the world we live in harmony and peaceful beautiful world.
(Three of charity, tolerance is.

Of the "good" yearning and symbiosis concept of ancient Chinese thinkers relentless pursuit I say, "charity", [11] water nourish all virtues, it makes things get its nourishment, but not with all things for profit, so the world maximum goodness Mo water. "tolerance is a big", from >> << chancery Jun Chen: "Er no anger at the stubborn disease, without seeking preparation for one man. 'must endure, it is a Franciscan. tolerance , Germany was big. "[12] This means that, for stubborn people, do not anger and jealousy, for a person not to demand perfection. must have patience to succeed must be tolerant, Germany considered large. << Quran Proverbs >> Lane said: "From Allah's mercy because you kindly to them, if you are rude arrogant, they must go away from those around you; you should understand them, ask for forgiveness and pray for them to deal with things to keep So they decided, if you have been decisive in respect of dependent care by Allah, Allah is indeed for those who rely on joy. "[13] MA Zhi Qing Hui scholars in his book Guide >> << Muslim pointed out:" It Called the flesh alone Tsz Shan, who can teach the same mercy that the bi-lingual, can kindly teacher who said that the public good, to Ci animals, insects, vegetation Called the general good. "[14] This" good "thoughts and its inclusion symbiosis concept tells us: contacts between peoples relevance of national development, every nation should learn from the wisdom of different ethnic and cultural excellence, for the various ethnic cultures from each other, seek common ground in the development of positive significance, and only through the exchange of and integration, national culture have a chance in the world to establish a proper prestige and status, and intellectual civilization of every nation also possible to be shielded from the state Langin showing the benefit of mankind. "history of human civilization that the The development of national culture and exchanges extended synchronization and any one country, the nation as long as good open communication, absorption of other countries and cultures, will be able to walk in the forefront of history. "[2] (p. 106 ethnic harmony requirements will make it a more perfect ethnic relations. "harmony" in recognition of differences and diversity as a precondition, and strive to achieve different individuals, between the interests of local and global adjustment, emphasis on the interests of all ethnic and cultural diversity and the recognition and respect, as well as on the basis of common interests and goals of each ethnic equality, unity and prosperity, develop consistency. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com
Third, harmonious ethnic relations practical significance.

Harmonious ethnic relations is to achieve social members of all ethnic groups, between groups, ethnic and harmonious relationship between the natural environment and smooth, to build a democratic rule of law, justice, sincerity, amity, vitality, stability and order, harmony between man and nature The unity of all ethnic society. excellent traditional culture is the harmonious inter-ethnic trust ideological origins in the national exchanges to maintain and carry forward the fine traditional culture has important practical significance.
(A harmonious harmonious ethnic relations is the practice of the foundation.

Harmonious manifestation of a harmonious society. Harmonious society is a prominent feature of political stability is reflected in the National Association of Public Opinion patency, China gas Shunda, the people stability, simple folk, folk harmony To achieve this goal, we must first strengthen minority social democracy, should pay full attention, the real recognition of minorities in democratic institution building and equal political participation in the dominant position, under the overall guidance of the country, respect for all ethnic groups in the National Association of self-selection and creative spirit, respect for different the existence and development of national culture right to establish conducive to national culture and modern culture butted and adaptation of institutional mechanisms and policy environment in which the minority traditional culture and modern culture to achieve organic integration and proactive adaptation, while mobilize the broad masses of minority participation politics, political participation and interest as smooth channels of expression, so that minority political participation can be achieved according to the system, reduce or eliminate non-institutional political participation, in the normal way and the channels to solve social transformation due to the emergence of minority interests and the interests of the protection of adjustment For the same nation and between people of different ethnic groups, between man and nature, a conflict of interest, we need to make full use of benefit distribution mechanisms, the natural ecological balance of interests mechanisms and regulatory mechanisms to coordinate the conflict of interests between them, promote the interests of cooperation in order to achieve a variety of national interest requirements have been reasonably met. followed to achieve the harmonious state of law must fully rely on the construction of the rule of law is also an important guarantee of harmonious Ethnic harmony is the purpose of the rule of law, rule of law is a means of building national harmony , the two are complementary dialectical unity from the current domestic economic and social development in practice, China has entered a critical stage of transition, it is both a strategic opportunity period with various conflicts, institutional barriers, structural contradictions, real problems presentation focused on the construction of a socialist harmonious society poses a severe challenge to this time, the rule of law commitments to promote national cooperation and coordination of national interests conflict task more urgent. "equality before the law and adhere to the principles of the rule of law, ethnic (national problems ...... all citizens regardless of ethnicity (ethnic composition of equality of all citizens enjoy equal political rights, all citizens are entitled to free movement within the country, migration, life, the right to work, ...... all in strengthening the economic and social lagging regions and civic development assistance, to promote better sharing of the National People's reform and development achievements. "[15]" protection of minority rights issues only in the principle of equality does not leave completely democratic countries, through the enactment of national laws can be resolved. "[16] according to the law is the rule of law, national law is to ask the people of all nationalities under the leadership of the party, in accordance with the Constitution and the law, to ensure the work of national affairs according to law, and gradually institutionalized and legalized , truly there are laws must be strictly enforced, violators are prosecuted, and thus further promote ethnic harmony exchanges. our contacts and relations between different ethnic groups to some extent the performance of a contradictory unity : This relationship is highlighted in the ethnic differences in communication psychology, there is awareness of this difference, there are also practical aspects. Regardless of which level are likely to lead to ethnic conflicts. This illustrates the need to strengthen the importance of building national legal system, through legal implementation of the system, reasonable ease conflicts between various ethnic and friction, and effectively protect the equal rights of all ethnic groups, to achieve a real sense of the various ethnic equality, to further promote and facilitate the harmonious ethnic relations.
(Two benefit-sharing is the practice of harmonious ethnic relations of power.

In the current context of the times, as the development of a harmonious socialist ethnic relations of the norms and principles, that is, people of all nationalities in order to make mutual exchanges, contacts, communication process, enhance mutual political, economic, cultural and other aspects of development recognition and respect for coordinating individual interests and collective interests, national interests and national interests of the close link between at the stage of socialism, the fundamental interests of all ethnic groups is consistent, but in non-fundamental interests, still exist between different ethnic groups with contradictions and conflicts, especially in resource development in the practice of benefit-sharing mechanisms, shared interests in the final analysis is a problem of the distribution of benefits. establish such a mechanism to overcome the interests of existing resources development and resource allocation mechanisms in local government neglect and resources the interests of local residents ills, forming the main interests of all parties to develop a resource allocation model symbiotic win-win. both conducive to narrowing the gap between rich and poor, but also help to strengthen the stability of the society. material benefits that the economic benefits for the economy is that people activity is the direct cause, "In ancient times, every nation and material interests of the material relations are united." [17] "For the true unity of all ethnic groups, they must have common interests." [18] this common interest is the social basis of national equality in economic relations that form the bond. Only by achieving shared interests, can continue to develop common interests. Overall national interests, including national interests and national interests of individuals from ethnic individual members, the overall interests of the nation is more abstract, difficult to understand and discern, and national self-interest is a direct feel and easy to identify. Precisely because of national self- members are stakeholders in economic activities, they feel more clearly conscious and practical significance of national economic exchanges proved that only by establishing an equitable sharing of benefits based mechanism is related to the vital interests of individual members of national economic activity to maintain and extend, and in practice the gradual optimization of stable manner or content, in order to promote harmonious ethnic relations increasingly consolidated and developed.
(Three cultural identity is the practice of harmonious ethnic relations oriented.

Current movement of persons of all nationalities, mixed phenomenon increases, the coexistence of diverse ethnic culture become the norm. Various ethnic harmony multicultural exchanges, co-existence and co-prosperity is to build a harmonious ethnic relations in security, multi-ethnic heterogeneity of cultural harmony, prosperity , but also to build a harmonious ethnic relations of the basic requirements and important content. inclusive national culture itself is also strongly supports the coexistence of various ethnic and cultural development while cultural coexistence of all ethnic groups live in peace with the surface, but the deeper values, thinking and often hidden psychological conflicts and cultural changes that may occur with the feeling of dislocation caused by psychological imbalance, causing social problems, therefore, fully aware of the national consciousness as a "national historical development of the cultural heritage" [3] (p. 110 所demonstrated the relative independence and huge reaction, which is an aspect of cultural identity on the other hand, paying particular attention to the public nature of traditional Chinese culture influence, give full play and rely on the public nature of this influence to promote and facilitate inter-ethnic trust and harmony in the May 2010 meeting of the central work conference in Xinjiang communique explicit proposal to "enhance people on the recognition of the great motherland, the Chinese nation's identity, the identity of the Chinese culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics roads identity ", [19] This policy advocate for the promotion of the Chinese nation and the protection of national security integrated blend provides a powerful theoretical weapon." In modern times, the Chinese nation's identity can be divided into three levels, the common national history origin, two main ethnic culture is common to the three countries --- China are common, these three levels agree indispensable, together constitute the nation's identity. "[20] on the Chinese culture that is against China traditional culture. Chinese history is the history of all nationalities together to create China's various ethnic groups together to create a culture is the culture originated from China five thousand years of civilization, rooted in the great cause of socialist modernization contemporary practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics culture of the Chinese nation status symbol, is to inspire people of all nationalities build great motherland, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation powerful spiritual pillar of development in the history of civilization for thousands of years, the Chinese people of all nationalities to form a common national psychology and coexistence prosperity consciousness, with a strong sense of cultural identity and belonging. history of the formation of the Chinese nation is constantly contacts and exchanges between China's ethnic blend, common development and prosperity in the history of the Chinese nation affinity, solidarity, cohesion growing history. identity of the Chinese nation's history, is to agree with the Chinese culture that is the subject of traditional Chinese culture, modern national crisis of unprecedented magnitude in the case of traditional Chinese culture and link aggregation further sublimation and full play, withstood of the test in the "rise and fall, everyone is responsible," inspired by the spirit of the nation, thousands of Chinese people at home and abroad, shed blood, to fight for the Chinese nation's bloody struggle for independence and freedom. Among these, the traditional Chinese The basic spirit of culture, such as the national overall awareness, sense of urgency, and China became the awareness to promote national unity, national unity and rejuvenation important tradition and psychological basis for harmonious ethnic relations is China's growing importance to get the ideological foundation and public opinion.
(Four tolerant symbiotic harmonious ethnic relations is the practice conditions.

"The relationship between the various ethnic groups depends on the productivity of every nation, division of labor and the degree of development of internal communication and this principle is recognized". [18] (p. 270 harmonious ethnic relations "pluralism, coexistence, complementarity" structural has become the contemporary Chinese society harmonious development of endogenous mechanisms. "diverse" is the logical premise of social harmony, "symbiosis" is a necessary condition for social harmony, there is no symbiosis, harmony does not matter, "complementary" is the driving force of social harmony and vitality of . "diverse symbiotic, complementary" structure means that all ethnic, social forces, Department of Health and copolymerization of various resources, complementary hand proved that the ethnic diversity of the interaction is to stimulate creativity and social vitality source structure is the ethnic diversity of national development, social progress, an important resource, it is our important driving force for building a harmonious society. [21] economic and trade exchanges between the peoples of national economic development between material life and learn from each other's major exchanges, also mixed various ethnic lasting fairly well-off first living needs. commerce interaction, exchanges, various ethnic groups living achieve organic complementary to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. "national language is a national culture, history of the carrier, the language of inter-ethnic exchange more to promote mutual understanding between peoples more likely, more mutual respect between peoples, ethnic establish a good interaction between the more likely ". [2] (p. 259 verbal communication is communication and exchange between nations can not be separated even for a moment conditions, population less populous nation national initiative to learn a language is a necessity, more populous ethnic language used in many situations, it is very convenient natural language populous nation there are some limitations, particularly Some involve other areas of national identity may be expressed specifically the lack of suitable expression vocabulary, then the characteristics of ethnic groups with small populations can be borrowed terminology to more populous ethnic language, to language complementary to deepen inter-ethnic feelings members of the different ethnic groups ethnic intermarriage is mingled with an important way towards convergence of different peoples through marriage, differences in historical backgrounds, different customs, will be in daily life, each other, love each other affection in desalination, especially as the next generation of children. After birth, his upbringing, both harmonious blend of different ethnic and cultural bearers, but also a continuation of life as a parent undertaking and hope for the future who will help dilute parental ethnic differences, but also to achieve complementary advantages, and thus blends decisive factor in the Chinese family, 56 national inter-ethnic harmony is of one mind, harmonious development of the most strong foundation. between various ethnic groups in the trade, through language, on the basis of marriage to naturally deepen "macaroni" before the "three direct links" Yes "macaroni" bedding and transition, "macaroni" yes "before the three links" result of the development, inter-ethnic "is inseparable from the Han ethnic minorities, ethnic minorities can not do without the Han, the ethnic minorities of inseparable from each other, "the key is the" heart "is inseparable from that common psychological, common spiritual, cultural factors common form to make the whole nation" with a common fate, heart to heart ", and ultimately achieve national between mental harmony. [22] In short, to achieve harmonious ethnic relations at the political level will highlight the harmonious pursuit "and the real biological." benefit sharing at the economic level, at the cultural level, the emphasis on China from a strategic height traditions cultural identity and cultural diversity of all ethnic groups live in harmony and common prosperity in the social aspects of life will have to give full play to the advantages and potential of ethnic, tolerant coexistence, to achieve "Stone", building a harmonious ethnic relations in our society.

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