New media age countermeasures to enhance the credibility of the Government

[Abstract] With the development of internet and communication technology, China has entered the era of new media. China in recent two years, the rapid development of new media, but the credibility of the government is faced with various challenges. Government's own management deficiencies, inadequate laws and regulations and the characteristics of the new media itself is caused by the government such as the reasons for lack of credibility. To increase the credibility of our government needs to establish a "whole of government" to strengthen the laws and regulations and establishing effective monitoring mechanisms and information disclosure system.
[Keywords:] new media, government; credibility.

With the Internet and the rapid development of communication technology, the Internet and wireless network communications platform for computers, mobile phones and other wireless devices for the rapid development of new media terminal .2010 called microblogging first year, 2011 has even been called government microblogging first year as a new media, government microblogging has become the government and Internet users communicate, listen to voice of the people of the platform and an important channel. But the new media era but also to the credibility of our government brought a severe test.
First, the credibility of new media and the status of our government.

(A new media development status quo.

New media refers to the late 20th century has witnessed tremendous progress in the world of science and technology in the context of the field of information and communication society built on the basis of digital technology can greatly expand the dissemination of information, dissemination greatly accelerate the speed of communication constantly enriched with very different from traditional media, new media, mainly including computer communication networks, large computer database communication systems, mobile phones, high-definition television, the Internet and interactive multimedia information platform, etc. The new media has the following characteristics:

1 large amount of information, the audience more than the amount of the new patterns of use of electronic media, information storage capacity greater timeliness stronger, while the new media greatly exceeded the place and did not prepare the restrictions, which greatly increased the amount of information dissemination audience .
(2) dissemination of information quickly. Same old media, and people do not want to get a message at a fixed location, fixed equipment, a lot of new media and regardless of device and location restrictions, especially the rise of social networking makes interpersonal communication range, speed and frequency greatly improved. Facebook and the University of Milan jointly issued a report that any two strangers to establish contact, the average transit associates are not six but 4.74, which also subvert the famous The "six degrees of separation theory." After a microblogging forwarded in a few seconds may spread to thousands of people.
3 more interactive. Due to technological advances, new media operation more simple, more intuitive way to showcase With network equipment in a wide range of new media applications, making use of new media sites is not restricted, easy to search, retrieval efficiency. to cloud services and Apple's SIRI voice features, for example, new media also has a store anywhere, copy and find information and voice recognition function to obtain information functions. Egypt Vance predict future changes in the world's top ten technology trends mentioned, 2020, 1/3 of the data will be stored or transmitted via the cloud. global cloud services revenue will grow 20% annually by 2014, innovation and cloud computing IT spending will cost more than l Wan billion. He believes that trend will be the fifth largest social networking technology development and seamless connectivity. In the next decade, anyone will be able to anywhere on any device broadcast information, thus providing unprecedented transparency.
The current global Internet users has more than 2 billion, has over 5 billion mobile phone users in China Internet Network Information Center (CNN · Ic) released << 29th China Internet Development Statistics Report >> show that as of the end of December 2011, Chinese netizens reached 513 million, 55.8 million annual new Internet users, Internet penetration rate than the previous year increase of 4 percentage points to 38.3%. Chinese mobile phone users reached 356 million, an increase of 17.5%. recently, new media WANA turmoil, the U.S. network diplomacy trends and the strengthening of the West are different aspects of Internet governance confirms new media worldwide influence. Scale from the user point of view, China has become a veritable new media superpower.
(Two of the Government's credibility Analysis.

The so-called credibility of the government refers to the government to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations, honor the commitment to the public to gain the public mind on the mode of operation of the government, government executives and government administrative behavior as well as the whole social system behavior related to the understanding and trust From fundamentally. credibility of the government is the people's trust in the government. credibility of the government reflects the level of trust in people and their government, thereby affecting the government's image in the eyes of the people and influence the Government's credibility is a measure of modern government is is not an important indicator of effective government, and building a harmonious society and promoting our service is closely related to the government building.
My Government is fully aware that the new media in the construction of an important influence as one of the forms of new media has become the government government microblogging users to communicate with, listen to voice of the people of the platform and an important channel .2012 February, National School of Administration Research Center for e-government authority issued ((2011 Chinese government micro blog assessments "The report shows that as of last year, the Chinese government micro-blog a total of 50,561, representing an increase of 776.58% in early 2011. Sina certification only government agencies microblogging 12103, party and government cadres microblogging 10,652, the total number of 22,755 government microblogging only from the figures, indicates that China's government departments at all levels have joined the microblogging craze among. government microblogging widespread establishment of our country promote the process of democratization of the highlights, but the implementation of the efficiency and effectiveness has yet to be further improved.
2011 Xin drug house case, 7.23 Yongwen line motor car accident, a small Yue Yue events, the reason why things happen the first time to become the focus of attention is a widespread social and new media inseparable, it is also With new media platforms, the general public can keep abreast of what's going on. If 7.23 Yongwen line motor car after the accident, the public accident casualties, causes, and there are questions such as the rescue held in September .201 a CPA exam, judicial examination, physician examination, examination and other four countries, the construction division national qualifying examination in a series of online events exposed declared yesterday, the public and the media widely called on the government investigation into the truth, give clear findings. recent cheating incident initially Sanya tourism ie from tourists microblogging exposure, then quickly caught the public resonance in the pressure of public opinion, the Sanya government began the investigation, but the local government prior to exposure why things do not take proactive measures to regulate it? many tourists have suffered losses in the case, by the majority of the people in question and then take measures will no doubt make the government fall into a passive These events reflect the government once again, the lack of response mechanisms and the lack of credibility of the government.
Second, the new media context reasons for lack of credibility of the government.

<< An adverse government regulation, government officials, corruption, lack of accountability.

In a series of food safety incidents, major traffic accidents, mine, etc., fully exposed some government departments lack of effective supervision and management mechanism. Government administration does not act, act absence and some government officials lack a sense of crisis. Their own lack of responsibility and morality heart some government officials entrusted by the people of their rights to their own profit as a tool, abuse of power, corruption, poor style in the new media age, once the scandal broke and rapidly causing public discontent, while the public seriously questioned the credibility of the government .
(Two government information disclosure is not in place in response to low efficiency.

FOI is to protect the citizen's right to know, to promote interaction between the Government and the public to enhance the credibility of the government's foundation. But some government information and make sure the sun is not transparent and often the information to their advantage before a public, adverse information is deliberately withheld or false information when major emergencies occur, it is often the first to respond to the majority of the time public through new media, these events will be the first time broadcast out the Government's response is often to wait until after the event has caused heated debate conducted. inadequate disclosure of such information and to respond will not only lead to inefficiencies in the negative impact of the event and the seriousness of the situation to expand, it will result in the general public questioned the credibility of the government.
(Three new media to bring awareness of citizens' rights.

New media so that the public is no longer simply the passive acceptance of top-down information indoctrination, and let himself standing source of information dissemination through new media to access and publish a variety of information resources. General public is no longer a relatively isolated individuals, but new media through exchange of views on the new role of the media, the public and further enhance awareness of the rights to express their views more obvious demands. New media allows ordinary people to become opinion leaders, can make any comments on the public can express themselves and to arouse the concern of these factors to the credibility of the government has brought great challenges.
(Four public opinion has no stability.

By the new media extending from the media, so the general public can provide their own facts and share their own news. To microblogging, for example, which is a form of self-media, microblogging, users can post, forward, comment, but the information on the microblogging difficile true. information gathering public opinion judged from the point of view of the object, the amount of information a sharp rise, microblogging users "heavy experience, light the truth" personality easy to make and easy micro rumors Bo flooded platform, coupled with the right information gatekeeper down, increasing the amount of information was infinite "node diffusion" Forward, which gives the competent authorities or parties to collect information about network public opinion and judgments brought great challenges in public opinion an unstable trend. Sometimes, a special event held on the public view of the grounds of a very weak when an event later asked the same question, many respondents did not remember their earlier answer, and give the exact opposite answer pollster in recent years occurred such as "Mei-US events", "grab salt storm", "car of stored water will cause cancer", which are typical of the public will be attracted by the special information widely disseminated, to the government credibility would be a very serious consequences later been proven to be false information.
(Five inadequate laws and regulations.

Recently, environmental organizations apply for public financing of polluting enterprises in Yunnan Information rejected chrome chromium pollution incident has caused wide public concern, but in the 'trade secrets', 'government functions Range', 'information network technology limited' safety net built Next, the citizens of chromium residue pollution incident is still no more right to be informed, which also reflects the level of laws and regulations, many of our system is not perfect. many respects laws and regulations do not explicitly indicate whether the information should be made public, nor are given for non-disclosure appropriate treatment options, therefore, particularly in relation to the government or government officials own negative news, the government and officials often deliberately obstruct or attempt to conceal information public the truth, even in the public use of the new media, after a variety of resources to find out the truth , but also attempt to justify, prevarication or "pass the buck." In addition, since the reason why the media easily lead to rampant rumors on the one hand but also because of the lack of public awareness of the law, do not understand the dangers of spreading rumors and legal responsibilities, on the other hand the lack of self-protection. therefore , China's laws and regulations needs to be improved. ensure credibility of the government must be constrained from the legal system.

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Third, to enhance the credibility of the government's proposal.

(A) establish the overall government response mechanisms and integrity.

Pollitt noted that overall the government is a means of horizontal and vertical coordination of thought and action in order to achieve the expected benefits of governance mode. This theory emphasizes the use of information technology and inter-departmental cooperation, unity of purpose and one-stop services. To ensure the credibility of the government, on the one hand, the government departments to integrate their respective duties, in the face of unexpected problems to a concerted, co-ordination, to share information resources on the other hand, the government should conduct public-private partnerships, the establishment of inter-agency information handling mechanism. government can be combined social organizations, opinion leaders, the new media terminals organizations on social issues promptly investigate and timely disclosure, in time, to tell the public the truth in the new media age, the government even more with some of the "Network fake elite "cooperation, which can be institutions or individuals, their work is mainly directed against a variety of information posted on the Internet, there is a scientific basis or on the basis of the facts distinguish between true and false, to clarify all the rumors, maintaining the stability of the network, to the public a clear and credible answer. through cross-border cooperation and communication, to achieve the government's integrity in the new media era governance model.
(Two to strengthen legal construction.

To expedite the development of new media based on the relevant laws and regulations, government, business, network behavior of individual citizens have a clear definition and description. Many sites now implemented real-name system registered under the premise of the necessary real-name system can be expanded range of applications on the other hand must be strictly real-name authentication in information disclosure institutionally, to further clarify and refine the scope of publicly available, while clearly no information disclosure law penalties for personal use of new media publish a variety of information act, the law as to whether to release further rumors, tort, leaks, etc. clearly explained, the punishment of wrongdoing should be rigorous and clear. Moreover, the government should increase for the new media-related laws and regulations of the publicity and education efforts, so that every citizen living in the new media age to understand the code of conduct to be followed to safeguard the credibility of the government to lay the foundation.
(Three to establish an effective monitoring mechanism.

Government should establish a good credibility, it is necessary for the community and the public for their effective supervision. Firstly, the government should make good use of new media devices, such as the official website, microblogging, mobile TV, etc., the establishment of specialized supervision channel, in time to receive masses of feedback and give a reply in the first time, can not let these new media resources has become a decoration. Secondly, the government should encourage the media and the public to supervise the government can not intervene too much media coverage and publicity, from the past "seal", "block", "push" model, in order to encourage change, communication, collaboration model. New Media era, government, the media, the public and organizations mutual supervision following figure shows the relationship can be here only that in addition to government organizations and enterprises outside, public institutions, mass organizations, etc. The government should accept the supervision from different sources, the public should play a major supervisory functions, monitoring the government, the media and organizations operate. monitoring the government media on the one hand, on the other hand organizational oversight; while organizations to monitor public network behavior, especially the citizens of screening spreading rumors and malicious remarks published on the state and society negative impact on individual citizens, while also monitoring the government and media organizations.

(Four to establish an effective information disclosure system.
First, we must improve the spokesperson system news release should be timely, the norm. Government to grasp the leading edge of information dissemination, authoritative, master the principles of agenda-setting, as Thomas · R · Dey opinion, the policy has to decide which will be the issues relating to the decision making process is a key issue will be to decide which policy issues even more than deciding which solution will become more important, therefore, the government should take the initiative in emergencies after the incident, the government should in the first time initiative to publish information, can not wait for the event has a wide impact or rumors then released, allowing the government into a passive position. press conference can not be confined to sudden major events, the government should always focus on people's livelihood issues FAQ. Secondly, to strengthen the system of public hearings into the ~ step. late start our hearing system, the main existing public participation is not high, narrow face a hearing, the hearing results are not public, the information is not timely respond to such issues in the new media age has become an important factor affecting the credibility of the government, therefore, should strengthen our country, and improve decision-making hearing system into the range.


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