About the film and television industry and tourism industry reflects the convergence of the double value

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Abstract: In view of the current status of the development of film tourism, film tourism from the film and television industry and the tourism industry for the development of the double value reflects the convergence angle, summed up the film tourism functional value for the tourism industry, the impact and role, including economic and social efficiency, while two-way force for film and television industry, pointing out clearly the significance of its dual effect, whereby both the integration and development proposed for rethinking.

Keywords: film tourism, double the value of the development of a fusion, of the problem since December 22, 2010 movies << You Are the One 2 >> Since the release, the film lens involved Mutianyu Great Wall, 798 (YI HOUSE Hotel), still 8 Creative Industry Park and other scenic spots temporarily become a tourist attraction, in fact, as early as 2008, if you're >> << first release, the film's Zhejiang Xixi and Hokkaido, Japan and other places beautiful and romantic scenery has boosted the local tourism The high, but in this sequel to the shooting of cooperation with Beijing Tourism Bureau to complete the film by adding a lot of Beijing's tourist attractions, this movie role in promoting the tourism is evident. stage due to lack of space and commercial operations awareness and serious piracy and other reasons, China's film box office revenue mainly rely on, which severely restricted the development of the film industry, while the movie is a chain operations rely on the most prominent industries, the industry chain including books stories, plays, creative , television image works, music, DVD, and some portraits authorized to play using the authorization to develop follow-up products, etc. "l1. China's film industry needed to extend the industrial chain, product development, increased post-movie profitability. tourism industry as a strategic industry, with low resource consumption, labor coefficient, employment opportunities, comprehensive benefits and good. According to its own law of development of tourism consumption, which will experience a consumer upgrade process, that is, first experienced tour (per capita income of $ 1,000 starting), then is a leisure travel ($ 3,000 per capita income from 2000 to start), and finally the vacation travel ($ 5,000 per capita income from 3000 to the start) three stages ridicule With China's rapid economic development, people's living standards and increasing income levels, consumer 's tourism demand is gradually changing, sightseeing of tourism products are no longer able to meet the people demand a higher level of tourism consumption, consumers pay more attention to the pursuit of individuality of travel products and services experiential tourism, tourism industry, which faces the ever accelerate their development and industrial upgrading challenges in the film industry need to extend the industrial chain, industrial upgrading and challenges facing the tourism industry, the film tourism as a new industry model, the perfect fusion of the film industry and tourism, the development prospects are academics and industry are optimistic. television industry and tourism industry, the integration and development of the film industry and the tourism industry breakthrough in their development bottleneck to achieve two complement each other, mutual benefit and win-win development model, has a huge role in promoting.

Second, China's film tourism development overview

Currently our video tour are now on the stage, widely recognized by academics Bin Liu Yi, Liu Qin perspective. They both rise and fall of domestic and foreign film and television tourism development as the basis, summed the film tourism development stage as well as the various stages of characteristics, pointed out that China has experienced film tourism sprouting, development, maturity in three stages, is currently in the development stage 13), that tourists are still shooting and video tours theme parks main tourist activity is limited to visits, Entertainment , although tourism has demonstrated characteristic combining static and dynamic, interactive and participatory experience characteristics, but the development is not high, tourists from the mature stage is characterized by full play to the initiative there is a big gap in short, China's budding film tourism from the initial period began, after 20 years of exploration and development, passed from low to high in three phases, namely: movie filming locations or tourist attractions, film shooting base or a movie, film festival or theme park, can be said to have made certain results and harvest, but there are still many problems and shortcomings, such as the development process is slow, single film tourism products, cultural connotation embodies not enough, it is difficult to meet consumer demand, customer loyalty is low, serious overlapping of each region, a serious waste of resources ; mismanagement, serious environmental damage, etc. These issues need further study and make us a reasonable solution, so that only a correct understanding of the double value of film tourism, in order to better promote the film and television industry and tourism industry, the integration and development.

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Third, the film reflects the double value of tourism

Film and television industry and tourism as a fusion of the tourism industry, is a win-win for both the performance of the film and television industry and the tourism industry has a double value reflected.

1. Television Tourism reflect the value for the tourism industry. Television tourism travel caused by known film, which first thought is television works reflect the value of tourism, namely through the film and television works to drive the development of tourism. As the breadth of the information contained in film and television works, neutrality, and the audience's empathy Filmography beautification role in making film and television works in the promotion of tourism destination has an unparalleled advantage by other means, mainly reflected in the following aspects: ① economic efficiency in the industrial integration process, the film and television industry and tourism perfect match, to film the economy has brought great business opportunities. most direct economic benefits embodied in the growth in tourist arrivals, followed by tickets, meals, drinks and fees buy other souvenirs on consumption growth. Riley and Baker: ~ ~ it << Movie Tours >> a text concludes: Video filming of tourism impact on at least four years, so that the number of visitors increased by 40% to 50%. Wu Jin, Ge et scholars draw on the contribution of tourism economics theorem quantitatively estimate the Qiao Family Courtyard << >> Television tourism income arising on Qixian contribution to economic growth and stimulating effects caused by tourism revenues .2006 Television on economic growth the highest contribution rate of 8.95 percent, more than the same period in Qi County, Jinzhong City, on the economic contribution rate of 6.6% .2006 exactly Joe Courtyard drama << >> air time, which indicates that film tourism For the local economy has a very significant role in driving. Secondly, film tourism has a very clear linkage effects, can bring rapid development of other industries, such as food, accommodation, transportation and other industries. Zhejiang Hengdian World Studios in 2000 began to implement the system of film free , the crew increased significantly, in 2002 a total of 47 crew entered the studio announced .2008 free, only November 17, 2010 the day had 31 crew shoot film inside the Studios, which 31 crew is brought directly 2000 Q rooms consumer. "This is Hengdian unique marketing model, in addition to tickets, the derivative consumption accounted for 40%." ~ November 2010 until light crew in the hotel consumption has reached to 4000 million revenue have 700 extras 10000-8000000 yuan. crew even these vehicles a year in the local cost of renting has more than 10 million yuan [41. ② social, promotional tourism destination image in the case of foreign scholars study found that TV dramas in short significantly changed within the destination image.

Butler (1990) believes that in the near future, video (TV, movies) in the content being played in shaping the image of tourist places are far more important than print media. Viewing audience in as the story progresses, unknowingly impressed in the destination and generate a strong idea of ​​travel to the destination. Tourism should take advantage of this opportunity to vigorously launch tourist attractions. television works compared to other marketing methods, the ability to be more comprehensive, solid and lasting publicity tourist destination. Films has a long-lasting artistic charm, so there is more time on the tourist destinations of the show, the story can make people have a strong desire to travel, coupled with the application of special effects. star effect, and most good shooting angle more enhanced image Yan tourist destination.

2. Film tourism reflect the value for the film and television industry is currently for film tourism academic research focuses on the value of tourism for the movie role in promoting tourism, film tourism seldom mentioned effects for the film and television industry as a two-way process, promoting the film and television industry tourism development at the same time there must be a reaction force acting on the film and television industries, thus affecting the film and television industries, realize the double value for the film tourism to better promote the integration of the development of both an immeasurable role. Shang Junhui and Nie Jianbo summed up film tourism for the film and television industry has four implications ridicule: ① to help improve the competitiveness of video products and enhancements. Television viewers can increase tourism and reduce the cost of shooting, rich video content, standardized video recording, thereby improving and enhancing film and television industry's competitiveness. ② help form balanced pattern of coordinated development of film and television industry. ③ facilitate the implementation of industrial integration, enrich and deepen the film and television industry chain through film and television industry film tourism development projects, the "post-video products," the development, to hotels, museums, toys, games, online, clothing, education and other areas of extension, and gradually the whole and for the cross, composite film and television industry chain. ④ film and television industry is conducive policies and improve laws and regulations.

In summary, it can be seen as an emerging film tourism industry integration model, film and television industry and the tourism industry for their development and integration of the development of both have played a pivotal role, and its value is reflected both ways, can smoothly to help achieve a breakthrough bottleneck of the development of both their goals, while promoting our country toward a more perfect film tourism and deeper direction.


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